NBA / Dec 11, 2009 / 1:41 pm

Kevin McHale Doesn’t think LeBron’s Riverdancing Would Fly In The ’80s

Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale is old school. He comes from the era when the Bad Boys could be bullies, hand-checking wasn’t invented yet and David Stern wouldn’t throw out a five or six-digit fine every time a little scuffle would arise. After LeBron James started to riverdance on the sidelines during the Cavs blowout against the Bulls last week, Joakim Noah took exception.

While Noah’s stance was limited to just words and a stare down, McHale believes if such a move was done during his time, somebody would’ve been put on their ass. Even if they’re The King.

“If a guy was doing the Riverdance like that, coach would come over and say, ‘Who’s got the fewest amount of fouls of my big fellas?’ ” the ex-Celtic and TNT analyst said recently. “If you raised your hand, he would say, ‘We will let him drive and then we will throw him on the ground.’

“When he is laying there we would say, ‘Do you feel like dancing now?’

“And that pretty much solved the dancing problem.”

You got to love the good old days.

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  • NTstateOFmind

    i miss the good ol day, sometimes i cant stand to watch this watered-down version of the basketball

  • NTstateOFmind

    …league known as the NBA

  • len-e

    everbody misses the old days. even those that never witnessed them first-person (i.e. me).

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Thats str8 G-shit.

  • jmg

    i cant even remember too many role players that dance, yet alone a superstar. LeBron..chill out and be professional and save the dancing for the pre-game intro’s.

  • hahns

    what a clown.

  • Promoman

    While LeBron is Bo Jackson since he’s a sore winner & sore loser, Joakim Noah should shut the fuck up. When the Gators were winning titles and when he makes a play, he’s the first to scream, beat his chest, cheese, dance/jump around like a fucking idiot. The only difference between LeBron & Joakim is that Lebron at least has the talent to strut and back it up. Joakim, while a quality player, is a role player.

  • Blue

    haha…f McHale, but he’s completely right!

    what do you think Queen Stern would do the guy who did something like that to his ‘King’?

  • The Cannon

    I dont see anyhing wrong with the dancing. Like DA U used to do back in the day. shit if you dont want them dancing dont let them win. And what is wrong with guys having fun out there. Basketball is a game that everyone USED to have fun playing when they were younger.

  • jryu

    NTstateOFmind, i totally agree.

    they do everything to prevent real rivalries anymore. they want everybody to be friends and have this be like a local church league. any foul that looks bad is automatically a flagrant. it’s ridiculous…

  • phongalong

    Yea, I miss the old days too, when you actually had to win to prove you were great, when things weren’t just handed to you. I miss the days when players actually had to earn their money and respect on the court, not because you were overhyped in college or highschool. MJ got better because he got his ass kicked by the Pistons. Even Dr J. tried choking Larry Bird. Those were REAL rivalries, not this made for TV ratings crap you see nowadays. What ever happened to the days when a player scored and they acted like they did it before not jump around scream and pound their chests like idiots. God I miss guys like Barry Sanders…ran into the end zone, turned around, handed the ball the the ref and walked back to his sideline. Boys and girls thats called class!

  • mrhadoken

    if he wants to dance let him dance. but i def will agree with mchale that someone should’ve knocked his ass to the ground and then tell him “i don’t care what the score is, you’re not gonna dance on me, bitch”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I don’t mind the dancing, it’s funny cause some dude’s are horrible and be out there trying to do only GOD knows.

    I also love old skool though, in that they knew how to handle that ish.

    Like someone said before if you don’t wanna see LeBron 2 step, then do more than yelling while you on the bench and he is at the free throw line.

    MAKE him stop. Otherwise…enjoy the show.

  • ERIC

    Mark Jackson applauded LeBrons dancing on his ESPN broadcast wed night. I’m sure Antoine Walker would also approve.

  • http://n/a Heaven is a Playground

    Welcome to the new era people. Kevin should understand that his days are over, guys like LBJ can dance all they want.

    Anyway, much love and respect to people who did put players on their ass if they got out of line, but what type of example are you sending kids or youth who are watching the basketball game? What you can’t have fun and compete at the same time? It’s ok to choke someone on the court because they were trashing talking to you or dancing well your team was losing? its ok to push them down to the floor and possibly end their career alot sooner then the player expected?

    Suck it up Noah and make sure you lace em up tighter the next time you play the Cavs, I was always told “to wait until the next you play them, until than mark your next game against them on your calender.”

  • ejay

    lebron shouldnt have been dancing. hes full of bs

  • JBaller

    @9…See 12

    Dancing may be fine and dandy, but dance at your own risk. I’d love to see someone put him on the floor, but it might give Stern a heart attack.

    ‘Bron should get serious about winning a ‘chip – maybe come on over to NY and bring his A-game. I wouldn’t mind so much if he was dancing at the Garden!

    Knicks can’t suck forever!

    I’m out like the “lord of the dance”…

  • http://dime eyes

    After the hard foul on the floor. How about an even harder punch to the face or stomach. Oh hell then the player would be wrong. This watered down league has nothing to do with the dancing. He’s having fun. He’s a kid. He isn’t paid to be a robot. Showboating is all part of the game. Everyone showcases it different. What you don’t like doesn’t mean the person should like. Everyone just worry about the real problem. The league is terrible because of the lack of overall talent. You can’t hang on the rim. Throwing off the backboard is too much. Crossovers. Let alone any dribbling moves that seem to fancy or similar to streetball. LOL. Showing emotion. I’m suprised players don’t have to wear ties or bowties. Jesus Christ.

    I for one love the dancing. Once you respect the game it’s players and the fans. Vice versa some fans should have more respect for the players that entertain some of you miserable people. Their all overpayed,dumb,black,
    ghetto etc. Some of your opinions are just plain useless. Embarassing me quietly and loudly is still shameful. Heck Stern,Coaches and some of these past retirement refs show their power & $%^ all the time. Let players be. Change what really needs to be changed. Me as a fan want Stern and some of the scouts to understand the game better. To allow real fans to be able to afford going to a game. All of these people who are rich and own teams who dont know basketball should run something else. It’s not going to happen. I can’t wait for STERN TO RETIRE.

    Last note the N.B.A. changed from a certain fan(Which race) took matters into his own hand and did something of utmost stupidity. If someone threw beer on you anywhere? What should be the reaction??

    Also lets try to embrace some of the good things about the new game. How do you want the players to respect the good old days. When they have no kind of respect for them. Respect is earned not given. Do unto others. I hate hearing old people talk about the game. I only like the ones that embrace what’s good. There’s a lot more good than bad. If it wasn’t run like a money making business. The players would care more. Jordan,Magic,Bird,Dr.J played for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. They were exploited at all time High. Why do you think a lot of them get into coaching or stick around the game other than the love. The way it’s going the 50 best is going to be the best ever. Not possible. The Future can’t be told. Kobe could win more rings than MIKE. Lebron could win 6 back to back chips. Records will be broken. Embrace and stop hating or just close your eyes when you see something you don’t like. I think flopping and European players who aren’t deserving who take jobs from deserving american players. Are the biggest cause of foolery in the league????

  • Roman

    @Promoman-that’s a weak statement you just made. So no one can say anthing to the “King” because they are role players. Joakim was the only one with balls to tell the “King” to stfu and play ball. dude is a clown plain and simple. Like I said before Magic should of danced on his ass when the beat them in the playoffs.

  • Promoman

    Reading’s fundamental, dude. The 1st thing I said was that LeBron is a bad winner & a bad loser. He’ll dance, cheese, and will make sure that people acknowledge him when he wins or accomplishes something. As we all saw, he’ll refuse to shake hands and even try to blackball footage of himself looking bad when Jordan Crawford dunked on him in the summer. Joakim Noah does most of shit that LeBron did/does. He’s a hypocrite. Hell, Dime has articles and posts from readers where he’s getting clowned for screaming and beating his chest all the time. He just got a dose of his own medicine.

  • flegman

    I said before: U may dance as u want… at your championship parade.

  • flegman

    @ eyes: “I think flopping and European players who aren’t deserving who take jobs from deserving american players.”

    rotfl. google “basketball fundamentals”

  • robmo35

    I’d like to see the old days come back, and my suspicion is they will soon

  • Guitar Hero

    Oakley or X would kick his arrogant ass into a pulp.

    @ eyes: “I think flopping and European players who aren’t deserving who take jobs from deserving american players.”


  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Kobe don’t dance all he do is this (win rings).

    K.G. got a ring, ain’t seen him dancing. Seem him do a lot of weird stuff but dancing ain’t one.

    Wade got a ring, I ain’t seen no dancing.

    Just thinking perhaps LeBron should focus on getting his ring and learn like those before him to focus more.

    Even Kobe’s kids knew what the deal was. Let me win first and then we can play later. That is focus.

    Perhaps LeBron should focus more. I mean he might be the one to be able to dance and win it all. I doubt it though. It ain’t like he be dancing while pointing at the opponents way. Still dude should get serious instead of other teams making him get serious (as someone said earlier) when he loses.

    Also a little dance is 1 thing too, but come on when you are all out ya seat with routines? I am thinking that is a bit much. Still again if you don’t like it then stop him.

  • Dre

    What McHale is saying is true but he also failed to mention that the player u know down might get up and whoop your ass. Iam not to keen on all that dancing and stuff but my take is two fold. If you do it to others be able to take it when it’s done to to you. Also if you don’t want them to dance… don’t get your ass blown out. Problem solved.

  • Dre

    Also… I don’t mind the guys having fun… who wants to see people being not having fun and enjoying the game. Damn… can people have fun. Also if you are beating someone down enough to be able to dance… u r focused. U r handling your business. That is what people failed to realize.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I think this also involves the team too. Again Kobe wasn’t on no sideline dancing, he was teaching, showing how to or fussin a teammate out for losing a defensive assignment.

    I think if you have blown someone out then sure have fun, but again doing a routine like going from the kid-n-play to the Roger Rabbit to the Stanky Leg well that is a bit much.

    I say it’s not focused because you sending a message to the scrubs on your team hey it’s dancing time when they should be watching the game and paying attention to what they need to work on.

    I say it’s not focused because why aren’t you teaching your teammates what they could do better.

    Just because you took care of business early doesn’t mean it’s soul-train line time.

    Again most dudes I have seen with rings don’t have full on dance segments. Perhaps LeBron will be the exception.

  • polo

    lebron a total ATTENTION WHORE every year its something different last year was the powder shit now dancin with the rookie… every time he dunks he acts like its the first time anyone has seen a FUCKIN dunk…as far as Noah he doesnt have to bow down to that BITCH…poor sportsmanship acts like a douche when he loses a game…How many players do the Cavs have to go through for this DICK HEAD

  • Dre

    Poppi, I agree a lot of what u say but he wasn’t doing a full routine… it was all of 10 seconds long. They can have fun every now and then. If he did it every game then I would be right in line with you on that. There are several things Kobe does to get attention. He hugs Josh Powell for 20 seconds after each time out and before every game. KG doesn’t dance but he curses and demeans players after every block, jump shot or dunk. He loves getting into people face… he does it much more now that he is older. Lebron danced one time… Shaq dances and does many things on and off the court and he has rings. Lebron doesn’t show off after every dunk. I rarely see him show off after a dunk… that is BS. My point is… if you are not taking care of business then either you are losing the game or in a nail-bitter.

  • Dre

    Plus.. polo u have to be hating on Lebron period because Noah has a piss poor attitude. he can’t hold Lebron’s jock. If you don’t want him to dance… win the damn game!

  • Roko

    LeBron needs to slow his roll, he’s feeling himself a little too much these days. Having fun when your winning is cool, dancing around like an idiot when your blowing somebody out is a little much.

    But I bet his answer would be “Well if I can’t dance then nobody can dance” just like if he’s not rockin 23 anymore nobody else is worthy enough. Pump the brakes Lebron.

  • QQ

    “And that pretty much solved the dancing problem.”

    I know Mchale’s an annoying fuck now, but that quote pretty much summed up how badass he was on the court.

    That quote was straight killer right there. Fucking G.

  • jOv

    Nobody was hatin’ on Mark Madsen when he was dancing at the championship parade. LoL!

  • QQ

    @ 34:


  • Dre

    He danced in one game for a few seconds the only one so angry are Lebron haters. If he did it after every game, after every play I would have an issue but is was one game one time…. get a life. No one can dispute my answer to the dancing problem… win the game. How many of you think that wouldn’t solve the dancing issue?

  • Dre

    Mark Madsen… lol… Isn’t he the guy who screams like a wild an after every dunk or rebound?

  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    wtf dime the score was 87-101 cavs, thats not a blow out, 14 points

    “riverdance on the sidelines during the Cavs blowout against the Bulls last week, Joakim Noah took exception”.

  • fLaVa

    LBJ should follow the foot steps of Mark Madsen.. DANCE DURING Championship parades or else just play…

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    I think the only people who have a problem with anybody dancing out there on the court are either: (1) haters, (2) basketball purists, or (3) on the opposing team.

    LeBron was dancing, big freaking deal, let them have their fun.

    However, I also will say I agree with McHale and wish the NBA could be as tough as it was back in his day. Let LeBron dance, and let some dude knock him on his butt for doing it. To each his own. Don’t be a bitch and cry about unsportsmanlike conduct or being a sore winner or whatever. If you’re out there on the court and you don’t wanna see that shit, go do something about it. And by something, I mean either put him on his ass or get some fucking buckets.

  • Sweet English

    Ay I’v been tellin you for months. McHale (a.k.a M.C Hale) is an OG.

    I’m pretty sure he shot Carl Landry.

  • Sweet English

    and Pakman.

    101-87 is pretty close to a blowout.

  • Tom

    I gotta say that I am very tired of all of LeBrons antics. The throwing of the baby powder in the air, the “mock camera” shots of his team before the game, the dancing around. LeBron…you have not won shit since coming to the league….grow up dog and make that your focal point….not being so immature and attention seeking. Meanwhile out West a guy buy the name of the Black Mamba just keeps on rolling like a true pro…kickin ass and taken names. that is the difference between men and boys. Who is the best??? ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!

  • polo

    what so special about the cavs they lose to grizzles and rockets and win against the walkin wounded in Portland only 9 players….are u serious….U CANT HATE ON SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER WON ANYTHING…..unless ur countin the high school championship in that case lebron is the shit (LMAO)

  • Junior Lopez

    while David Stern has made the NBA softer than it was in the 80s, he has made it more popular. the only people who want to see 80s basketball are die-hard basketball fans. the casual fan is fine watching the type of ball they’re playing right now. Stern cares that more people watch. once again, it’s all about the money.

  • Dre

    Oh yeah u can hate on someone who hasn’t won anything. I am so sick of people dogging Lebron because he hadn’t won a championship yet. These are one of the dumbest statements every made. MJ was considered the best player in the game a good 3-4 years before winning his first. You have hall of famers like Barkley and the G. Gervin who had mad game… plenty to hate on… so yes. Lebron can be hated on. Unless you are playing in the NBA yourself and unless you are Kobe, D. Wade, there is plenty to hate on.

  • Dre

    Check his numbers… he brings it every game. He can’t win it alone… no one can. He lead the League last year in triple doubles last year and he had less scores on his team then any contender. That speaks volumes about his game… that means he puts the ball in such a position that a handicap baller could score. That is great skill! He is a baller… stop hatin… Period!

  • polo

    lebron a camera and ball hogging whore straight up….Ive never seen a player who needs this much attention…if u stuff ur stats your numbers would look good 2…since lebron has been in cleveland every player they brought in stats went down so that his could go up…..and tell ya boy lebron stop beatin up on the guards if his big ass suppose to be a forward…

  • Dre

    If he wasn’t doing his thing the camera wouldn’t be on him. Also I knew you wouldn’t be able to answer my response with logic. News Flash… you have to have talent to stuff your stats… think just a little bit. Every players stats have gone down… wow! Say no to drugs. Tell the guards not to bring their ass out there and he won’t beat up on them like he does the forwards. I knew you wouldn’t have anything logical to say. Mo Williams has gotten more press playing with Lebron… plain and simple if u r open he will get u the ball. No one in the league draws more attention. Hate if u want… u would have to be a complete idiot not to see this man’s talent… therefore not worthy of any real basketball conversation.

  • Dre

    Oh yeah Genius… you can’t be a all hog and have that many assists… damn! Please say no… a litle logic goes a long way.

  • Dre

    The B didn’t print… that was “ball hog”

  • polo

    i really hope lebron does somethin soon so u nut hugging bitches have something to brag about…okay dummy assist are also a part of ur stats and u can stuff them by just passing…so yeah he can stuff his assist stats easy…u name one person in 6 years….what a dick head…please stop responding because ur blinded by lebrons dick hanging in ur face…lebron is the only so call forward that spends more time fuckin with the guards mo and delante spends more time on forwards because that bitch wont man up and hold his position

  • Dre

    You and your mom loves Lebron’s junk not me. Hey dummy the thing about an assists idiot is you have to put the ball in a position where they can score. Damn kids getting on that don’t know jack-shit about basketball.

  • Dre

    I’m going to roll over and tell your mama to take your computer time away. Only an idiot would think Lebron doesn’t have game… a hater is too good for u.