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Looks like a job for…

Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Sam Cassell can stay, but if Flip Saunders is going to turn these Wizards around, he needs to clean house with the rest of his assistants and bring in the likes of Coach Carter, Joe Clark from Lean on Me, Gene Hackman, Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka. Basically, coaches who won’t take any nonsense and won’t accept some of the iron-headed decisions the players are making. The Wizards had a chance to beat the Celtics last night and stay undefeated in national TV games this season, but they gave it away with their own curious choices … You already know Antawn Jamison was involved. Dude can slap up 20 and 10 on anybody, but sometimes he plays like he has absolutely no idea what the score is and how much time is left. After Jamison tied the game on a crazy over-the-head, back-to-the-basket putback with 1:20 to go in the fourth, Rajon Rondo (21 pts, 11 asts) put Boston back up with a baseline dunk, so Jamison decided to run a heat check on one of the most important possessions of the game and bricked a three way too early into the shot clock. Gilbert Arenas later scored to make it a one-point game with 17 seconds left, and when Washington needed to foul, Jamison was too busy arguing with a ref to wrap up Ray Allen, allowing precious seconds to tick off the clock … So now Washington is down three with 14 seconds left and Flip decides to run the “Let Gilbert do what he wants” play. Normally you’d expect a guy to milk the clock and take a shot with maybe two seconds left, but Arenas (25 pts, 8 asts) takes a step-back trey right away. Randy Foye chases down the rebound in the corner – remember, there’s still like 10 seconds left – and throws up a wild, off-balance three when he could have either reset the offense or handed the ball to Jamison, who was standing right next to him. Foye’s shot didn’t come close, and that was it … Credit Jamison for even making it to the end of the game, though. In the first quarter he took a nasty fall where it looked like he could’ve broken his wrist, forearm, shoulder or hip – or broken all of them at the same time. He got up and didn’t even leave the game … Anyone else catch that tense exchange between Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello? After Fratello pointed out something on Boston’s bench, Reggie got on him for watching the bench instead of watching the game. “Point guards have to see the entire floor,” The Czar shot back. “You were out there with your hands up looking for a pass the entire time.” … For the second week in a row (last time during Celtics/Spurs), Reggie went into a bit about Kevin Garnett not being able to get out of the first round in Minnesota because he ran into Tim Duncan so many times. We looked it up, and out of KG’s eight postseason appearances with the Wolves, he actually only faced the Spurs twice. In order, starting in ’97, the Wolves lost to Houston, Seattle, San Antonio, Portland, San Antonio again, Dallas, the Lakers, and the Lakers again … Anybody would have understood if the Jazz folded up like a tent at halftime on Thursday. One night after Kobe and his goons ripped the heart from Utah’s chest with that 20-0 run in the fourth quarter, the Jazz were at home facing the Magic and getting waxed in the first half. But Deron Williams (32 pts, 8 rebs, 15 asts) led the comeback in the second half, where Utah didn’t just make it respectable, they grabbed the lead and hung on for a big win … Thursday was the second annual Unofficial Chauncey Billups Night at the Palace, but in the end, Ben Wallace was the old-head who conjured memories of the Pistons’ recent glory days. In the final two minutes, Wallace (7 pts, 16 rebs, 3 stls) scored on a tip-in, stole an outlet pass to buy Detroit another crucial possession, and after Chauncey went for a potential game-tying shot, Wallace challenged him enough to force a miss and tapped the ball away while the clock ran out … Carmelo scored 40 in the loss, most of it on Jonas Jerebko. Forget Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans; no rookie has been thrown into the fire as harshly as Jerebko. The second-round pick is only starting because Tayshaun Prince got hurt – which nobody expected since Tayshaun is a robot – and since then has spent long stretches guarding ‘Melo, Kobe, Vince Carter and LeBron … According to their sideline reporter, the Pistons have an “ankle epidemic” with Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon and Will Bynum all sitting out yesterday with ankle injuries. Does that mean the Knicks (Eddy Curry, Jerome James, Q-Rich, Malik Rose) had a fat epidemic a couple years ago? … We’re out like not knowing the school song …

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    Agetn Zero has got to go, dude is a choker!


    Mr. Big Shot — You were suppose to take that 3. Why did you drive?

  • Josh Tha roc

    ^ whose that dude.

    I know y’all don’t think with one mind but last yr Austin I think, made severL comments about getting a game winner up with time to spare so. U have a chance the rebound. So I think that decision was sound. But what about hibachi bricking 2 clutch free throws.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    hibachi played about 10 minutes of NBA basketball in the last two years – I’d give him a couple months before I started calling him a choker – but that’s just me – the guy has had one or two game winners in his day.

    i wish college refs would call nba games, maybe then it wouldn’t be such a joke – I saw three clean swats in about 12 minutes of time watching NBA hoops last night, 3 fouls – had to turn the shit off.

  • Fish

    Yeah, Arena’s has always been many things, but choker wasn’t really one of them. In his last good season he seemed to throw up a game winner every second game. In fact: isn’t that why he is called Agent Zero? No time left, game.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Who gave Ben Wallace the fountain of youth juice? 16 rebounds? Wow.

    For real I think Washinton needs to get some trading going on. I mean they have a nice squad but they will always come off as that mediocre playoff team with the same pieces.

    I mean who’s team is it anyway? No clear cut leader.

    All eyez on the Jazz. Seems like they are a major player, but I think what many forget is that they have to win best of 7’s.

    If the playoffs were 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 (did I put to many 1’s lol?) then in all honesty, the Jazz might have already had some ring(s) by now. I think that is the case for some other teams too possibly (Suns and Cleveland come to mind).

    I just don’t see them being that best of 7 team.

    Anyway TGIF, took Friday a long time to get here.

  • the dudley

    he’s called agent zero because people around him said he couldn’t play college or the nba. i don’t remember which….might even when he played in highschool. not sure though.

  • That’s what’s up

    DIME – you should have hyper-linked to yesterday’s article:


  • fallinup

    Ben’s been killing it. Like pre-Larry Brown Ben. A ton of rebounds, maybe a few steals (he had 3 yesterday) and blocks. And shitty FG%/FT%. :)

    Welcome back Big Ben! Where were you for Cleveland. Haha

    Every time I see or hear about Gilbert Arenas trying to win the game…. I think back to the 06 playoffs, last game between Was vs. Cle where Gil was on the FT line to seal the deal. Bron comes up and says some shit like “You miss these, you lose.”

    Boom… Gil chokes two free throws… Damon f’ing Jones sticks a 3 in the following play with Jamison 8 feet away from him. Wiz lose, the young Cavs move on.

    Ever since that series… and how they lost that last game.. it has never been the same in Washington. But still they roll with Jamison and Arenas.

  • That’s what’s up

    Tiger Woods should be awarded the Congressional Medal of On Her.

    What are the odds Tiger’s first round back he shoots a 69?

    When Tiger tees off again I want to be in the gallery to yell out “Get In Her Hole !”

  • The other Aj

    why was chauncey taking that last shot…Hello George Karl, Melo had 40! Didn’t know if you realized that or not…

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @luckylester…I agree I saw all those clean blocks myself and couldn’t believe the calls. But that type of stuff happens all day in the NBA. They want the game to be more exciting so offense always beats defense. I just wish one time they would let the defense dominate games. I think a low scoring grind out game is way more exciting than a 150 point game but that’s just me.

  • the Allrights

    The Pistons are not a team that gives up any ground easily, in spite of injuries to Rip and Prince. Ben Wallace is leading a group of unknowns for the most part and they are hanging in there in every game. If the Pistons make a trade and move Prince or Rip for another big that can play some D, watch out East.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE


    I find it to funny that McGrady and Yao are on pace to start the All-Star game. Can’t recall a country backing their player (Yao) so hard and McGrady is sure reaping the benifit also. I mean neither will play of course but still. Crazy!

  • sh!tfaced

    Fuckin’ Hibachi been choking so much it’s gotta make you wonder weather the The BIG Cleveland Steamer has been in his head this season. And with all the Tiger Woods taLK being a Playa… Damn. Any guy who’s suspected his girl of being bitch n’ blond has got the Paranoia Meter pedel to the metal… LOL

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    wow, short write-up about Utah. not like they beat the east champs on the 2nd night of a b2b or anything . . .

  • LakeShow84

    @ BIGSHITBOB & LuckyLester

    Watch a Boston game.. Those foos get to play D anyway they want.. See Game 2 of 08 Finals for further proof lol

  • Brian

    D Will was playing out of his mind the second half. 32 with 15 assists and 8 rebounds… if he doesn’t finally make the all star team, I don’t know what more you can ask. I agree with amar. For such an amazing comeback (they were down by 18 in the first half) against one of the best teams in the league, there was not much attention given. Best game of the night, even when almost every game was great.

  • Tim

    Pistons are playing good solid hoop. Like the good ole days

  • Dave

    the difference between this Jazz team and the best of Stockton and Malone’s years isn’t ability level, it’s mental. Utah has the ability to physically play with nearly every team in the league and beat them just like Stock and Mail, but this Utah team thinks it’s a major achievement to go out and beat Orlando once whereas the old guys expected to beat everyone they played regardless of where they played and elevated their game nightly. These guys collectively are weak minded players and need to grow a pair.

  • mules

    No love for Syracuse? Come March, that team could be a problem.

  • Reddi Red

    @ allrights:
    I agree with you!! I think Joe D. is gonna pull the trigger on something becuz rip has been out too long with his “ankle sprain”. I was kinda thinkin Rip & Kwame for Gortat………? or…..Gortat & Rashard Lewis for Rip/Tay/Kwame…..yeah, I like that better.
    I think Rashard and coach may be having some problems….

    For Detroit: (starter – bench)
    1. C.Atkins – W.Bynum
    2. Stuckey – B.Gordon
    3. Jonas Jerebko – Austin Daye
    4. Rashard Lewis – J.Maxiel
    5. Ben Wallace – Gortat

    hmmmm….. kinda nice squad there.

  • QQ

    During the BOS-WAS game, Hubie Brown was commenting on Caron Butler’s statement on how his team will win again. Then Hubie said, in effect, ‘That’s a good statement because Caron is one player who ‘gets’ it. He knows what it to win. He gets it. You know that some players, whatever you do, they just don’t get it’

    Then the camera proceeded to zoom in on Gilbert Arenas.


    Best moment in the game.

  • QQ



    Our offense relies on three point shooters.

    Rip is a mid range shooter. Never been a good 3point shooter.

    Prince can shoot the three, but that’s not his best asset. If we’re gonna go for a player, it should be for one whose strength is primarily shooting.

    Kwame? Fuck that. For all the shooters, we need big men that can rebound. Kwame? Rebounding? Fuck that?

    And we would never trade Shard for crap like that. Out top 3 player, made big plays for us in the playoffs, can defend 2-3 positions. Dudes too good.

    PS: No.

  • QQ

    @ 23:

    Oops my bad.

    It’s Mike Fratello, not Hubie.

    Fuck me.

  • D.H.

    China should not be allowed to vote in all-star selections. Why is T-Mac even eligable? I would much rather see Chuck Hayes than T-Mac, at least I would get some laughs out of it.

  • jzsmoove

    fat epidemic! thats prolly the best liner Dime came up with. EVER!!!!!

  • jzsmoove

    fat epidemic! thats prolly the best liner Dime came up with. EVER!!!!!

  • johnsacrimoni

    The thing that really makes it bullshit is that we are talking about the Western Conference guard position here, where 8 or 9 deserving players (Kobe, Nash, CP3, D-Will, Roy, Monta, TP, Chauncey and possibly Kidd) and at the most 5 spots. Now say T-Mac does hold his lead and starts, now you’re snubbing 4-5 deserving guys.