NBA, Video / Dec 17, 2009 / 9:30 am

More Proof That Kobe Bryant Cannot Be Guarded

Wow. Kobe haters are going to have a tough time hating after what went down last night in Milwaukee. Five seconds to go, down by one, basketball’s Mariano Rivera took it right to Charlie Bell, gave him a little fake before shooting a fadeaway as the clock turned zero. Game time. If I was a Bucks fan, I wouldn’t even be mad. Bell played him the right way and had a hand in his face, but Kobe is just unguardable – especially in a game-winning situation like that.

This made me wonder: Is there any single defender in the NBA right now that would have prevented Kobe from making that shot?

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  • Bizz

    Paul Pierce….maybe lol

  • SWAT

    umm…maybe puttin a big on him but really like u guys said bell didnt play bad d. i think battier wld hv made it a tad bit tougher for him tho.
    but really why did so many people cheer? LA fans in Milwaukee? dickriders-i can understand if u lived in LA and moved or something like tht but i hate bandwagon jumpers. their reasoning for cheering for LA is beyond me.

  • karizmatic

    Shane Battier probably had the best chance of making him miss on that play, the only other guy is maybe Ron Artest and he plays on his team.

  • the_don_mega

    Shane Battier comes to mind…

  • spursfan

    “Is there any single defender in the NBA right now that would have prevented Kobe from making that shot?” – Isn’t the whole point to try to get the ball out of Kobe’s hands and have someone else take the shot? Or, at the least, double team him and make him take a tougher shot. Giving him the shot the Bucks gave him, might as well have let him drive in for a dunk. Didn’t the entire arena know Kobe was taking the shot? You could have asked a casual fan and he would have known Kobe was shooting. And, you wonder why so many coaches get fired every year in the NBA.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Luc Richard Mbah Mute should have been guarding him. Maybe he fouled out or something. But if now the Prince, then they should have doubled Kobe or at least run a man at him. you don’t let him go one-on-one with 6’3 Charlie Bell. Esp when he has 37pts and is murdering your team. The Bulls did the same thing the night before with Kirk Hinrich. and once you allow Kobe to dribble to the elbow or post up on the elbow, you’re done. It’s just a matter of if he misses or not.

  • QQ

    Ruben Patterson.

    He’s the Kobe Stopper.

    He can surel… OH SHIIIIIIIT.

  • bigdoggchad

    Thabo Sefolosha

  • Dre

    Ron Artest is a Laker now so hmmm… maybe and these are big maybes… J. Howard, M. Pietrus, P. Pierce (if he still plays D on him like he did 2 years ago).

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The Kobe haters are just going to say in a league where the game is officiated fairly with no star calls, the Bucks would have been up and he wouldn’t have been in the position to shoot a game winner.

  • Dre

    Oh yeah and Battier does a decent job… maybe Luol Deng.

  • Dre

    I won’t say there are no star calls in the League but I think that game was officiated very well.

  • memememememe

    uhh…. at least double team with 3 seconds on the clock. you already know kobe is going to get the last bucket. ilyasova was somewhat near the 3, shoulda doubled him with ilyasova.

  • calvin brodus

    “Kobe haters are going to have a tough time hating after what went down last night in Milwaukee.”

    gerald, wtf are you talking about? i can assure that as a full fledged kobe/laker hater, that shot only brings my despise for him/them up another notch. for gods sake, i had to smoke an extra bowl before bed i was so heated about that BS and 1 call kobe got. and then this game winner?

    sweet jesus, i sure do hate kobe bryant.

  • Brown

    I just can’t understand why they didn’t double him to get the ball out of his hands.

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    I was at the game, Bucks had numerous chances to close it out and couldnt, all they and the fans did after was crab about the calls. They gave Kobe 2 chances to beat them and he did, end of story, thats why he is the greatest player in the L right now.

    I have to get one more thing off my chest, to all the Bucks fans crying about people being there rocking Lakers gear and cheering for Kobe….If we want to pay money to come see Kobe and the Lakers and wear Lakers gear, there is nothing wrong with that!!!!!! It’s a game, it’s entertainment, lighten up and get a freakin’ life, seriously.

    Kobe is amazing to watch and his effect is similar to when Jordan and the Bulls came to town. Just so sick and tired off all these trolls crying about people liking the Lakers, get over it. It was an awesome game and the atmosphere was electric, thats how it should be. But all these trolls that live in their parents basement and spend all day on message boards and forums crying about Laker fans last night need to give it up.

  • travel?

    What was weird is that the spread was 4.5pts for the lakeshow…How did they predict the game would be a tie? Up 6 with a minute left and Kobe scores 7…The and 1? BS SUPERSTAR CALL…DUDE CHARGED THEN TRAVELED…BUT IN THE NAME OF GAMBLING AND MAKING MONEY THE BUCKS COULDN’T WIN…NO THEY HAD TO TIE. THE REF’S..NO COMMENT….

  • Captain Jean Luc-Picard



  • Taj

    I dont even think Jesus and his disciples could’ve guarded Bean on that shot.. That was buckets from the second it left his hands!!

  • buffalo balla

    no. that is all.

  • Rizwan

    Raja Bell would have taken him out!

  • Roman

    the haters are in full effect today. all they keep talking about is the call the refs didnt make. but my thing is why put the game in the refs hands. bucks need to be mad at themselves for not putting the game away when they had the chance. kobe and company sealed the deal.

  • Ian

    mariano rivera of basketball? so u r sayin kobe is overrated?

  • LakeShow84


    He got long arms and usually guards that spot pretty well when he D’s up Kobes.. but Kobe probably wouldve realized it was AGAINST Battier and still hit it..

    You know he hates that man lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    I think u just hate ANYTHING Yankee lol

  • Colton

    maybe melo? i know hes not known for his defense, but him vs kobe last year in the playoffs was pretty tough, hes got a body so that kobe cant just move him. but still. kobe will go from making that shot 7 out of 10 times on charlie bell (which played good defense) to maybe 5 or 6 out of 10 times on any other defender. haha

  • karizmatic

    For all the people who say double Kobe isn’t that much easier said than done when they have Odom, Artest, Bynum and Gasol (or Fisher I’m not sure which ones they had out there) on the court with him? Who do you double off of a Bynum and Gasol Odom or Artest? who will just dunk it on you or Fisher who is just as likely to hit the three in your face? I suppose you double off Fisher if he’s on the court and take you chances with that, but really doubling in that particular situation is way easier said than done. What they definitely should have done was got someone besides Charlie Bell to guard him though. But the fact is Milwaukee has no answer for Kobe.

  • karizmatic

    Just to add I don’t think Kobe would have tried that same shot against Battier. He knew exactly what he wanted to do against Bell and he knew Bell had no hope of stopping him at all. He would have tried a different move against Battier, probably same result though.


    Whoa Ian, just like Kobe, Mariano got rings. You should fallback on the overrated comment, and quit hatin. Kobe is just a beast. Doing what he’s doing would be huge for anyone. When you add in the fact that he’s got a broken finger. . .mama there goes that man lol.

  • hahns

    hahah i love how the HOME crowd erupts after he makes the shot. bucks were pretty much playing away.

    anyway- everyone talks about shane battier’s patented way of sticking his hand in your face. that junk doesnt work….try doing it to yourself. when youre eyes are focused on something as far away as the hoop, 1 hand directly in front of your face doesnt do anything. maybe if battier used two hands, one for each eye, then it might do something. but try it. stick a hand in front of your face and focus on something 15 feet away. you can still see it.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Hahns

    Yeah when me and my boy match up he face guards me all the time and it NEVER works.. shit sometimes i think i shoot better when he does that lol..

    It just makes me focus more on the rim.. and even if u cant see it at ur release, u see it when u first started elevating so unless ur falling 2-3 feet to the side it doesnt really affect ur shot..

    But Battier looks like hes about to slap Kobe in the forehead all the time when he does it so its probably the distraction.. Same thing with Artest.. he always looks like hes about hit someone in the face when he does it..

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I wonder if that girl from Colorado ever wishes she had just gone with the flow.

    Sure it exposed Kobe and he lost a few dollars and had to come back. But dang he is BACK. Championship, endorsements (video game cover), still married and hitting game winners.

    Meanwhile she is probably somewhere still with different sperms in her pannies.

    I’m just wondering.

    Anyway only person who could stop Kobe is Don Cheney (sp) if he was coaching in the L. Cause he would have sent a GOON to take care of all that last second shot business. Plus he would have tried to fight the other coach after the press conference and say he would kill him.

    Gotta love Don!

  • ThaKing253

    Derick Rose
    We See What Happened When Rondo Tried That

  • Chocohazed

    Ni99a had lil ass charlie bell on him, and from that spot he shouldnt have missed the first one. Get off his meat wit unguardable sh!t. ive seen Ariza, Sefolosha, and the Truth give him fits so…. Get off that!! Good shot though.

  • sh!tfaced

    “basketball’s Mariano Rivera”

    WTF… giving the haters more reason to hate with the Yankee comparison.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Man, if I was at my home arena and the crowd seriously cheered after the Lakers beat our team in overtime, the closest person to me to cheer would find themselves with a beer in their hair. Oops. I tripped.

  • emcee x


    Notice that they inbounded from the Bucks’ sideline, not theirs. Sending a trap or a double team at that spot would leave a couple of guys open for a dunk. Thank goodness that you’re not coaching the Spurs, at least with GP at the helm they can give the Lakers a good warmup for the real contenders.

    PJ drew up a pretty play for Kobe to get the shot 1-on-1. Look at all great spacing which gave him options if he was doubled. I’d bet the Bucks were surprised.

  • Seven Duece

    Kobe can’t be guarded one on one to the point that he can’t get off the shot he wants, but that game was not the one to highlight as for his purely skilled abilities. And the Bucks didn’t put the game in the ref’s hands; the guy charged AND traveled. Those are regular plays that should be called regardless of the player or moment.

  • wtf


    Well Kobe wouldn’t have taken that shot if the Bucks made the two FGs they missed before the shot correct? And I remember Bogut missing the freebie after the And-1 call.

    Debating whether calls should or should not have been made is stupid. Both Lakers and Bucks had no-calls that should have been calls. All of these would have had an effect on the game.

    Everybody stop hating and realize what happened: A great player made a great shot. I hate LeBronze but if he crams one in someone’s crown or makes a buzzer-beater, I give him his props. All this hate is just ignorant.