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NBA Hit List power ranking, 12.8

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Ranking the NBA from worst to first…

30. New Jersey Nets (1-19) — Brook Lopez is going to be this season’s Al Jefferson. His numbers should be enough to be an All-Star (18.9 ppg, 9 rpg), but his team’s record will ultimately keep him on the outside looking in.

29. Philadelphia 76ers (5-16) — The delirium of Allen Iverson’s return took about 40 minutes of game time to go back to the depression of a now 10-game losing streak.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves (3-17) — We would have paid Kevin Love a small bonus to keep wearing the WWE-style “loaded glove” all season. Especially if he pulled the glove out of his shorts and cracked Brian Scalabrine one good time.

27. Indiana Pacers (6-12) — Going back to Nov. 17, the Pacers are 2-9, with the only wins coming against the Nets and Clippers. They get the injury-riddled Blazers, the Nets again, and the inconsistent Wizards this week, so things could be looking up.

26. Golden State Warriors (6-14) — Anthony Randolph put in work against Orlando over the weekend with 28 points and 13 boards, but there was a play where Dwight Howard casually tossed him aside before a putback dunk that reminded everyone why Randolph still has a lot of work to do.

25. Chicago Bulls (7-11) — Seven losses in their last eight. Upset prediction: The Nets knock off Chicago on Tuesday night.

24. Memphis Grizzlies (8-12) — Do you realize Jamaal Tinsley has led Memphis in assists in three of their last four games?

23. Detroit Pistons (8-12) — If they still had the Comeback Player of the Year award, Ben Wallace would be a front-runner.

22. New York Knicks (7-15) — This contract year thing isn’t quite going the way Nate Robinson planned. He’s been Starburied as of late.

21. Milwaukee Bucks (9-12) — It’s hard to say they’re short-handed when the Bucks often seem to play better without Michael Redd and Joe Alexander, but something has to be behind this stretch of seven losses in eight games.

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas

20. Washington Wizards (7-12) — Three national TV games in the next two weeks: Celtics at home this Thursday, then at Sacramento and at Golden State next week. By our count, Washington is 2-0 in national TV games so far this season.

19. Charlotte Bobcats (8-11) — They had a nice little four-game win streak going until the Celtics came into their gym and waxed ‘em, then the ‘Cats dropped one to the Nets.

18. Los Angeles Clippers (9-11) — Marcus Camby has averaged 16 rebounds and three blocks in his last five games, and the Clips are starting to sneak up on some folks.

17. Sacramento Kings (9-10) — Every time you think Donte Greene gets it and is ready to put together a string of consistently good games, he disappears for a week. He dropped 21 points on the Heat on Sunday; let’s see where he goes with it.

16. Toronto Raptors (9-13) — Chris Bosh is playing like a leader. Snapping a five-game losing streak with wins at Chicago and Washington while posting 28 points and 14 boards per, Bosh is full of energy and committed to playing defense.

15. New Orleans Hornets (8-11) — Chris Paul is back. And just in case Darren Collison had dreams of challenging for his job, CP handed out 15 assists and notched EIGHT steals in his first game back. Collison woke up and apologized.

14. San Antonio Spurs (9-9) — Blowing leads and failing to finish games isn’t like the Spurs we’ve come to know. And why isn’t Manu Ginobili getting more PT in crunch time?

13. Oklahoma City Thunder (12-9) — Everybody knows Kevin Durant will get buckets, but how about the defense? On Monday they had the Warriors stuck in the 70s well into the fourth quarter.

12. Houston Rockets (11-9) — Just when we said more people need to be talking about Carl Landry, he goes and slaps up 22.5 ppg and 9.0 rpg in back-to-back games. And still, nobody is talking about him.

11. Portland Trail Blazers (13-9) — Three months ago, Portland’s seemingly endless roster depth was a luxury. With the team being decimated by injuries lately, that depth has become a necessity.

10. Utah Jazz (12-8) — It seems almost silly now that the Jazz would trade Carlos Boozer. The reigning Western Conference Player of the Week dropped 26.7 points and 13.7 boards in three games last week.

D-Wade vs. The World

D-Wade vs. The World

9. Miami Heat (11-9) — Dwyane Wade went toe-to-toe with B-Roy, Carmelo, Kobe and Tyreke Evans last week, and were it not for Kobe’s incredible game-winner, would have gone 3-1 while putting up 26.7 points and 8.5 assists per night.

8. Phoenix Suns (15-6) — Blowout losses to the Knicks, Cavs and Lakers have exposed Phoenix’s defense. This is when Amar’e needs to step up and have a monster game if he’s really going to be the franchise guy.

7. Dallas Mavericks (14-7) — Dirk Nowitzki hosts Steve Nash and the Suns on Tuesday. We’ll set the over/under for how many times the announcers use the word “buddy” or “friend” or “pal” about Dirk and Nash at 14 and a half.

6. Atlanta Hawks (14-6) — Whether dumping 146 points in a track meet with Toronto or grinding out a road win at Dallas where they held the Mavs to 75 points, the Hawks are showing they can beat any team’s style.

5. Denver Nuggets (16-5) — Carmelo had his streak of 20-point games snapped when he put up just 14 on Monday night, but Denver’s backcourt was still strong enough to ruin A.I.’s return to Philly.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers (15-5) — If the Cavs can keep winning with Shaq playing limited minutes and LeBron not having to carry the offense by himself, it bodes well for their chances at enduring long enough to win a ring next spring.

3. Boston Celtics (16-4) — Kevin Garnett took home Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors after averaging 19.7 points and 7.3 boards in wins over the Bobcats, Spurs and Thunder. KG is in love with his mid-range jumper lately, and he’s rarely missing.

2. Orlando Magic (16-4) — They’ve overcome early-season injuries and suspensions and working new players into the mix, and now look as strong as anybody. And Dwight Howard (18.1 ppg, 12.1 rpg, 1.8 bpg) isn’t even really dominating yet.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (16-3) — Even the Lakers know they haven’t been tested too much, as it seems they’ve been playing home games all season. This week includes two more homes games (Utah, Minnesota) before a five-game road trip.

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  • vignesh

    carloz boozer is the western conference player of the year…. whaaaatttt… player of the week or day or hour or minute most likely…

  • Roman

    Carlos Boozer- please. we will see on Wed & Sat

  • calvin brodus

    the nuggs are better than the cavs. they should be at least a #4 ranking.

    fucking asshole lakers with the easiest fucking schedule in the nba so far. that can’t keep up forever. at some point they’ll have to play a game in a venue that isn’t named staples center. fucking lakers.

  • Chaos

    Wait, is OKC really 12-9….DAAAAAAAAMN!

  • ToAn

    @chaos..actually they are 11-9 but still way better than most people predicted. and they should get better with time

  • Prof. TX

    Landry is putting up better numbers than KG, and with far less help. If he was a Celtic, Laker, or Cav, everyone would know about him.

  • bhattmagandhi

    This list is actually VERY accurate from top to bottom, even though I would personally put Boston ahead of Orlando.


    This list sux azz hard lol.

  • Mark

    Central Division the weakest in the NBA? Ok the Cavs are good but look where the rest are ranked!? I love the Bucks but they are slippig, need to right the ship and get Jennings some clean looks, he cant keep shooting 5-20 games!

  • Diggity Dave

    The Heat are the only team in the top 10 with one bona fide star. Beasley has been playing well, as has Q-Rich, but no one expected them to be playing as well as they have.

  • RobertGingerbeadman

    Ok Dime Mag You’ve Done It Again This List Is So Shitty How N The Fuck Are The Heat Ahead Of Rockets, Blazers, And Thunder.They Have Been Losing Games Like Crazy.When D-Wade Is On The Bench They Suck Ass And That’s Why They Need A Number 2 Scorer.And WTF Why Are The Cavs Ahead Of Us(Nuggets) DO A BETTER JOB NEXT TIME WOWWWWWW

  • Ekstor

    Nate is “Starburied”… that’s a good one.

    Carl Landry is an offensive juggernaut… and he’s tough too. I remember on draft day, they were saying that Greg Oden called him out as the strongest player he’s ever faced.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Buck Foston

    For those of you mofo’s who complain about the Lakers schedule are ignorant to the fact the Lakers are road warriors as well. So don’t sweat the technique… they’ll soon be coming to an arena near you to kick your daddies a$$ and rape yo little teams behind.

  • QQ

    No.2 spot?


    I expect us to be number 1 next week, bitches.


    Yes this list sucks. Just like your squad.

  • QQ

    And yeah the Suns:

    Yall been telling us the last two years that Amare is the Sun’s franchise player. You know what? HE FUCKING AINT. Stop trying. It’s Nash, it’s always been Nash, GET OVER IT.

  • Diego

    @ Diggity Dave: What are you saying? Heat are 11-9 and dropping. And basically everybody preseason picked them to make the playoffs this year, usually projecting them at about 5 in the Eastern conf. And Cleveland only has 1 bona fide star. (Shaq doesn’t qualify these days.)

  • calvin brodus

    @buck foston

    as a colorado resident, i can tell you that we are well aware of the rapes perpetrated by a certain laker.

    no means no, #24. no means no.

    and btw, LA has visited our arena this year (probably their only road game so far) and the nuggs beat that ass by 25+ points.

    fuck the lakers.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Calvin

    Always good to read how our team has impacted u silly Coloradans.. i mean at first it was the Spurs who owned u knocks but now it us.. What we lookin at 3 years straight bouncing u snowmen out of the playoffs.. good times..

    And speaking of rape.. think u’ll be making the Finals this year??

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Not with Kmart and ur most skilled big LMAO.. And for the record Nene is drastically undersized.. nice but undersized.. cant teach that pahtna..

    Ahhhhh # 1..

    Was there really a doubt tho??? and whos worried about the road??

  • calvin brodus


    greetings. your observations on our big men arent the least bit insightful, but they are true none the less.

    denver has been shopping around and we will definitely pick up a 7-footer before the trade deadline. bynum and mbanga aint scaring nobody. so all we need is a big dude to slow down pau.

    there is no doubt the (fucking) lakers are a good team. but the lakers are nowhere near unbeatable. lakeshow, you seem to want to bring up past defeats. fair enough. if we focus on yesteryears, i would ask you to bear in mind that LA is just two seasons removed from that 40 point annihilation beantown placed deep inside their colon in the 08 finals.

    but let us look forward. the lakers have three loses in 09-10 season. one of them is the 26 point pounding placed on them by denver. denver visits LA again in february. and we will meet in the playoffs sooner or later. it will certainly make for some great basketball. and i look forward to the nugss knocking the lakers and their fans off their fucking high horse.

    fucking lakers.

    and who the fuck are the spurs?

  • calvin brodus

    that post above is waaaaaay too long. its snowing here in denver and my editor couldnt make it into the office. forgive my ramble.

    fuck la.

  • rahim

    hey calvin… the twolves said y’all aint shit. i’m glad that win over la without pau, on the second game of a back 2 back whrn te lakers got 2 denver at 4:30 in the morning impressed u. trust me, the denver faggots can’t really compete with the lakers… btw the lakers had the best road record in the league last year. they beat anyone anywhere.

  • calvin brodus


    excuses, excuses. lakers lost. by 26. there wont be an asterisk on the game because the lakers were sleepy from their flight.

    lakers fans love resting on their laurels. the lakers road record last year don’t mean jack squat. It’s the 09-10 season, so live in the now. and in the now, the lakers are 3-1 on the road. three and fucking one! only four road games through the first quarter of the season! most other teams have played around 10 away games or more. so you better hope LA is as tough on the road as you claim. because that pansy schedule they’ve been gifted with thus far wont hold out forever.

    like i told your lover lakeshow, the nuggs visit LA in february and they will meet in the playoffs as well. so you boys stay cocky and assume youre already the champ. i promise you, denver aint scared. game on, jagoffs.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Buck Foston

    The only “No” that btich screamed was when he offered to stop. That silly ho went on to get some more thgat same night with the bell boy. So preach on brodus. Seems you are her boyfriend who she gave sloppy thirds to the next day. Put your btich on check. She likes kissing the birdy to much.
    Oh, and 4-1 equals .750 on the road. Get used to the lakeshow beating that a$$ in the playoffs like we’ve done the past two years to your little boys club. You remind me of Kings fans fron 2000 – 2002.


    I happen to like my squad considering we havent had our 2 best players all season i think were doing good

  • calvin brodus

    buck foston says:

    “Oh, and 4-1 equals .750 on the road.”

    the schooling you received in cali has failed you. it has failed you so very, very badly.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Calvin..

    I dont need to be insightful with ur big men because there isnt much to be insightful about.. Nene has no fundamentals and KMarts whole career was in NJ with Kidd.. and thats scratching the surface.. as a fan u should mail the Nuggets a letter saying Kmarts jumper is an embarassment to practice time lol..

    Hope for that big man bruh..

    And i would hope a 22 year old BEAST wouldnt scare u.. especially with tattoed “gangsters” running amok in Denver.. but men should NEVER be afraid of boys.. But that dont mean our boy isnt straight NASTY..

    And u guys broke that game open in the THIRD.. shit all sign pointed another Kobe jersey waving in Denver.. lol Denver fans act like they romped us start to finish.. didnt we lead @ halftime??

    But as u know regular season dont mean jack.. Kmart, Nene and Andersen couldnt handle Gasol&Bynums jock for 7 games.. and u know this..

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ 25 tho..

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Buck Foston

    Maybe you’re right but 2-0 in the last two years the Lakers have eaten the chicken nuggets does equal 100% beating when it counts chump.

  • Tim


    Pistons would have a better record if they actually played 1 game with their entire roster…look it up, it hasn’t happened yet. Meaning they will be better when Hamilton and Prince come back, seeing as the young guns have gotten more burn to develop…Their record might not indicate it right now…but they play hard every night and don’t give up…I’m not gonna fault the team for that, much better than the last few years of on and off play.

    Jonas Jerebko for a second round standout.