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Nike x UNDFTD MVPuppets Tees Are In The Building


The last time we did a t-shirt giveaway for the MVPuppets, we had 654 responses trying to get their hands on one of the Nike “Puppets 4 Rings” tees. If you want to get your own puppet hands on one of these new collabo joints, then answer the following question:

Why do you deserve a Nike x UNDFTD MVPuppets t-shirt?

Let us know in the comments below (with your size and tee preference), and the best answers will win. Good luck!


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  • Jeffco

    Because i’ve never been able to win anything from Dime.

  • http://www.joeruiz.net Joe

    Because I want to wear these shirts while dunking on reindeer.

  • Tim Wah

    I never win anything! and i dont get a change to get any kobe undefeated gear here in Australia

  • http://www.joeruiz.net Joe

    And apparently, in my plea for victory, I forgot to give my XXL size. (Appending my original comment would work, too)

  • Shannon

    Why do you deserve a Nike x UNDFTD MVPuppets t-shirt?

    I deserve to win a MVPuppets t-shirt because I’ve loved Kobe since the very beginning! He is the best player & he is always ‘doin work! MVP! MVP! MVP!

    I’m a woman who loves basketball, got NBA league pass & even go to NBA summer league play in Vegas! Go Lakers!!! Repeat year for us!

    Size XL

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Really? But I need a better answer than that! Plus, what size tee do you want.

  • silverselectjd

    Representing London town! With the lack of basketball action here it’s hard to get people to recogize! Rocking an XL UNDFTD shirt will definately change that!!

  • Mike

    Man, I would love to have one of these T-Shirts, im a HUGE fan of these puppets, more than I love the actual players they portray, I love all the commercials, it would be awesome to have some type of memorabilia with these characters on them.

    I dont know what thats worth, but if you need to T-Shirt size XL would be fine!

  • silverselectjd

    Plus London sucks and we need something to brighten up this dump!

  • elzo69

    Because i am such a Kobe fan that i once bet a whole Hooters that they’d win a game against Boston which they lost. Needless to say I was broke that whole summer. SO that would lighten things up and make me happy.

  • Jason

    Because I would wear these shirts proudly at Lakers games. Especially, X-mas day’s game…

  • Jason

    Oops..size medium

  • KenAdams

    Because one of this day I should win something…. I’m 0 -296 on trying to win things. Size Small…..

  • life-p

    I’d like to have 3 T shirts so I can give them to the boys my wife and I tutor. All are teens. Two are pursuing their GEDs and the other is in the 8th grade. They can where L or XL.


  • Mario

    because i dont go to high school, i go to school high :D

  • Mario

    size large, aston martin version :D
    thank you :) (bow)

  • Ant

    Cause I would rock the hell out of it with the right kix and make sure I let everyone know I got it from Dimemag.com..Plus I never win a damn thing…I dont even win on peel off games at mcdonalds…and most people at least win a soda or something…SMH!

  • flipisatrip

    because i continue reading this site even though 89% of the “comments” are terrible. L

  • vince

    4 mvpuppets posts in a day? thats almost as much as you post regular content!

  • quest???

    damn im so used to getting my hopes crushed in these giveaways, its like dime loves to crush my soul. In the case u guys change ur minds and finally give something to me my size is medium

  • a;awoeifja;woeifj

    because method for choosing winners for the other Puppet Shirt contest was bullshit.

  • rkirby

    I deserve the Aston Martin shirt because I go to the same school as Aron’s brother. Gdub boiii…Pops represent!!

    Size- L

  • redstorm11

    I deserve a mvpuppets shirt because im a broke college student who grew up in nyc at the worst time in terms of watching a competitive basketball team. lets just say that when i go to a game at msg(student nights re cheap) i expect the away team to win. I cant even root for my school, st john’s, because I’m hoping they fail miserably so we can get a real coach instead of Norm Roberts and because the big east is too dam good. Im hoping for an aston martin t shirt size medium since it prolly be the only thing i will experience winning when it comes to basketball.

  • LAKnights

    Because I’ve been out of work and laid up from surgery too long and I need some good karma. I don’t care about the size. I will auction on ebay or via local radio station and donate 100% to local inter City kid’s program.

  • Mid

    Because I’m the only Bucks fan in here, and Brandon Jennings thinks I should win it

  • 12thMan

    As compensation for the 5 minors (almost 2 detentions at my school) and weeks without my itouch I’ve had to deal with for reading this site in classes

    XL lebron tee

  • Jazz Man

    XXl XXL XXL XXL XXL just to make sure I don’t forget the size…I deserve the shirt because I’ve been rocking with dime when I got you guys for free with a pair of kicks at foot locker…besides I am laker since cooper, rambis scott magic kareem and now Kobe aka Black Mamba aka Mr. Olympic aka I Got The Prince James aka Watch How I Do This aka Mr. 4 Rings aka Give Jazzman One Of My Shirts…LOL

  • E-Mailman

    Because these guys most certainly are not undefeated..and I am a laker fan who acknowledges this..hook me up with a XXL..i’ll even take the queen james one

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I like both shirts, but this ain’t an entry.
    I hope Nike continues to make stuff involving the puppets. They really got something good on their hands here. Sort of like Disney with the Princess stuff.

    I teach and it’s so many girls that rock the Princess stuff. Now Disney got the black Princess too so you know sales went up, cause the movie is real straight.

    So Nike need to follow them in that because this muppet stuff is pure cash to come in.

    I would love for my son to have MVPuppets stuff growing up.

    Nice giveaway DIME.

  • http://dimemag.com big_ticket

    i really lobe bron and kobe even bron has the edge!!

    give me both shirts!!because im a filipino,and i deserve it!!

    and this is the first time i’ll get a shirt of bron and kobe..more power dime!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    They really should have made some seasonal joints with Kobe, LeBron and Santa dunking on the reindeer or the face off.

    Those would have been great holiday gifts.

    It’s just so much they can do with the MVPuppets.

  • crossphaded

    Dime Mag online is a daily read and I spread the word to my hoops heads to hit up your website too!!! SO I think I deserve one of those t-shirts! =)

  • Alman Orna

    Because Im an original Dimemag reader from day 1. Im so original I was 1 of the people Dime sent out boxes of their first issue with T-Mac on the cover to distribute. How original is that?? I deserve a T-shirt

  • elzo69

    Yo i need a kobe shirt. X large please. It’s Christmas season, I have never won anything outside of p;aying sports. Come on man hook me up.

  • elzo69

    plus i read dime online like four times per day.

  • Joe-joe

    because the first thing i do when i get online is look at dime! also im one of the winners bestfriends from your last giveaway hah
    size large the lebron shirt

  • http://dimemag.com Evan

    I read Dime every day to read new topics,predictions, or rumors instead of listening to the same topics over and over on ESPN. Plus I been trying to get nike puppet shirt since they came out and missed them every time. Large Kobe

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dang I thought we would be at 200 and something by now? For these shirts. Dudes went absolutely nuts (myself included) for the 4 rings joints.

    Well if it’s only going to be in like the 50’s I might as well apply lol.

    Size: 3x

    I deserve that Kobe joint because …ummm…um…Ok let me just be honest, I don’t deserve it for nothing lol. I just like that joint a lot and I love the whole MVPuppet movement. But yea I like it a lot lol.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    I’m not sure how exactly to state my case but I REALLY want a shirt. I love the designs and the outlook of the shirt but in all honesty I don’t see any other way of me getting one of these other than getting one from yall. I’m not part of the poorest family in America but I’m very far from the richest. We all know its been hard times with the whole recession and all. I’m only 16 so theres no too much I can really do. I get on this website on a daily basis I can’t say I’ve been down since day one but I’ve definately been a fan ever since the first issue I read. Not to mention I love yall for showing the Hawks at least a portion of love when everyone else was overlooking them. Regardless of whether I get a shirt or not I’m still gonna be down with Dime. Sending me a shirt would mean way more too me then you could ever guess but it would definately be a blessing to me.


  • bola

    cause i’m not a regular dime reader like the previous winners of your t-shirt give-aways.. size- medium (Asian)

  • Derrick

    becuz im like the only 13 year old askin for one..
    kobe one
    size large

  • Mac22

    I deserve this shirt for a simple reason. I am deployed to overseas and don’t get home until JUNE!! My wife is a big Lebron fan and would love to see me step off the plane in this.

  • Mac22

    Oh yeah, size Medium. 2nd shirt

  • Name (required)

    i deserve it because i have a birthmark on my chest that is exactly the same as the first t-shirt. i think they saw me topless and stole it from me, so i should get an xxl for free.

  • Black Mamba

    Because imma go HAM on yall if I don’t get the shirt! LOL…jk…just give me the shirt please! haha…kb24

  • jorge

    because im better in bed than kobe and lebron

  • Mike

    I deserve one of these shirts because I’m on the fence with Kobe and Lebron. Obviously i know they are the best two players but I’m still bordering on becoming a fanatic. I love watching them on league pass of course but if Brandon Jennings or Baron Davis are on I’m liable to change the channel…I’m looking for that extra little push towards Lebron and Kobe. You could give this incredible gear to someone with plenty of Kobe and Lebron gear or you could give it to someone with none who would rep it on the regular.

    Thanks Dime! Keep up the good work!

    Size: XL.

  • jamil

    because I coach a high school basketball team and am always looking for ways to motivate my players… I’ve always said “special players Always crash offensive rebounds” …. a tshirt would be a great award for my special player. Aka rodman award winner….

  • jamil

    Kobe shirt
    Size xl

    I could use 2 size L. For my volunteer team mgrs. .. now they prob deserve it over every1 … volunteer. Work …no doubt

    Plz make it happen dime fam

  • jamil

    Kobe shirt
    Size xl

    I could use 2 size L. For my volunteer team mgrs. .. now they prob deserve it over every1 … volunteer. Work …no doubt

    Plz make it happen dime fam

  • Black Mamba

    Because imma go HAM on yall if I don’t get the shirt! LOL…jk…just give me the shirt please! haha…kb24….oh yea…xl for free.99

  • San

    Because I’m the one who stole the Air Max LeBron VII !!!! I’ll only return it if I get the Lebron Shirt! MUHAHAHAHAHA!
    size large
    LeBron shirt

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet… This would work well for my brother.


  • K Dizzle

    lmao @ post #40. Funny…but true

  • McLovin

    Because I am the brother to the unforunate female in Colorado…I think Kobe owes me this much…Size Large

  • Eric

    Because it’s my birthday next week(peep the email addy) and I think dime is as nice as those lupe and krs-one featured nike commercials

  • Matt

    College expenses + rent + Christmas shopping = I’m too broke to buy one. Toss me a Large Lebron and I won’t have to starve myself for a week so that I have the money to buy one.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    @39 Whoops Forgot to add the preference. It doesn’t matter which I’ll take whatever yall send.

  • http://dimemag.com big_ticket

    hey forget the size of a filipino kid,large for me.hopefully i win. fyi dime,i got your first issue of dime kenyon martin so to speak,early xmas for me

  • Cp

    I think yoU should eBay the shirt, take the profits and give them to the underpaid, underage vietnamese child who isn’t gettin a fuckin overtime check for makin that bullshit.

    I just made myself the most unpopular person here. Oh well.

  • redstorm11

    so dime when do we find out who wins?

  • http://www.ayeyedbu.tumblr.com Asha

    I Deserve to win this t-shirt because I’m a 15 year-old girl who is addicted to this website instead of Facebook like most people my age
    Size: XS (if it even comes that small

  • http://www.ayeyedub.tumblr.com Asha

    I Deserve to win this t-shirt because I’m a 15 year-old girl who is addicted to this website instead of Facebook like most people my age. Lol.
    Size: XS (if it even comes that small)

  • Yahtzee

    I deserve this Kobe size Large shirt for the following reasons:

    1. I am first and foremost a Detroit fan, living in Michigan, who is suffering in just about every major sport right now… even the Red Wings are injured.

    2. Despite my Pistons love, Kobe is my favorite individual player. His work ethic, knowledge of the game and clutchness are SICK. I picked up the Kobe 4’s last year, my fav kicks ever. To rock special tee like this would be downright nasty.

    3. My roommate bought his girlfriend a Snuggie for Christmas, I have to look at that ish like every single day.

  • http://www.24hrgrind.com LS

    I deserve to win because you ain’t got it like I got it…

    Size XXL

  • http://opkpok.com JLEE

    I deserve to win the shirt because I had my heart torn when the Vancouver Grizzlies got moved to Memphis. The only way for me to recover is to have the shirt (in large). Or to have a 3 wolf moon shirt.

  • Sweet English

    December 21st, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    silverselectjd says:

    Representing London town!

    December 21st, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    silverselectjd says:

    Plus London sucks and we need something to brighten up this dump!

    You ain’t repping LDN for a second. Get your lazy ass off your XBOX, go outside and welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The blacktop is always black come rain or shine. What more do you need.

    And its nice to see a lil british flavour in a Nike tee for once. And seein as im reppin UK to the FULLEST, i’ll take the tee showin off Newport Pagnells finest, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. If ur gonna jump over a car, u may as well do it in style…

    Thanks Dime.

    Medium please.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Hey folks.

    The winners have been notified. So check your e-mail so you can send me your address. Make sure you try your hand at the new contest. And tomorrow morning there’s going to be something extra special given away on the site…