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The Incredibles

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Kobe Bryant vs. Dwyane Wade is the NBA’s answer to Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. While not necessarily a matchup of the two best players in the sport (that’s where LeBron comes into the argument), rather Kobe and D-Wade represent #1 and #1A in terms of who you’d want with the ball in their hands when everything is on the line in crunch time. What stood out from last night’s clash of the titans was D-Wade uncharacteristically choking at the free throw line at the worst time, and Kobe nailing a game-winner that — as far as the quality of the shot — was probably the worst dagger he’s ever attempted … After Mamba and Flash had dominated the fourth quarter — Wade scoring 12 of his 26 points in the period while Kobe scored 17 of his 33 — it came down to Wade at the line with 3.2 seconds left and Miami up by one. He split the pair, giving Kobe a window to win the game. Taking the inbounds from midcourt, Kobe found two defenders blocking his path going right, so he circled back left and had to launch a three off of one foot while leaning to his left and with Wade’s hand in his face (almost a replay of Tim Duncan‘s shot on the Lakers in ’04 before Derek Fisher‘s famous 0.4 shot). Off the glass, bucket, ballgame … Speaking of D-Fish, he knocked down the three before Kobe’s three that set up the last sequence. The Lakers were down by four with nine seconds left, and obviously the play was designed for Kobe, but Wade had him bottled up. So Fisher popped out to the arc and Mario Chalmers was a half-step too late, and you can ask Jameer Nelson what happens when you do that … Lamar Odom wasn’t around for the finish — he got ejected after a near-brawl with Jermaine O’Neal. It started when J.O. dunked on L.O., and while hanging on the rim, J.O. put his junk a little too close to L.O.’s face. Like any reasonable guy, Lamar wasn’t having that, and the two exchanged shoves. Both were given technicals, but since Lamar had gotten one earlier, he was gone … Meanwhile, LeBron was busy leading the Cavs to a win over Chicago where his squad looked like the unstoppable force at home they were last season. Cleveland turned a close game into a rout with a 21-4 run in the third quarter, sparked by LeBron (23 pts, 11 asts) and a stingy defense. Guys were making the extra pass, actively moving on offense and selling out on D, dominating without needing LBJ himself to dominate … Joakim Noah had a near-death experience in the first half when he went to the floor for a loose ball and Shaq almost fell on him. That would’ve been one greasy mess of hair and teeth and gums to mop up. Later on, Noah almost got mopped up in another fashion: LeBron was at the line when Noah yelled at him from the bench about LeBron dancing and clowning around minutes earlier. LBJ took a few steps towards Noah and got a tech, but nothing real serious ensued. Noah later admitted he was just frustrated and felt ‘Bron was rubbing in the loss, adding that he has “a lot of respect” for LeBron. But maybe not after what LeBron said about him: “It’s nothing about showboating on a team. I’ve seen it happen all last year. I think he was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual. He didn’t help his team win.” … Somebody throw a party — the Nets actually won a game. After taking sole ownership of the NBA record for worst start to a season at 0-18, Jersey finally got in the W column by knocking off the Bobcats. Brook Lopez put up 31 points and 14 boards in the team’s first game under GM/coach Kiki Vandeweghe. (Convenient how Kiki let the other interim guy stick around for the Lakers and Mavs, then he decides to take over just in time to play Charlotte.) … You think NJ wasn’t desperate? One time Devin Harris saved a loose ball and went horizontal, jumping clear over three rows of courtside seats, then twisting in mid-air and landing awkwardly across the fourth row … Other big stat lines from Friday: Chris Paul posted 16 points, 15 assists and 8 steals in his return, a win over Minnesota (Kevin Love also returned to the Wolves, wearing a black MMA glove on his left hand); Kevin Durant dropped 36 points in a loss to the Celtics; Carlos Boozer went for 35 and 13 rebounds to beat the Pacers; Rodney Stuckey had 19 points and nine assists in Detroit’s win over Milwaukee; Chris Duhon posted 25 points and 10 dimes as the Knicks handed the Hawks only their second home loss of the season; and Zach Randolph put up 24 and 15 boards as the Grizzlies upset the Mavs … Bucking the Wizards’ recent trend, Earl Boykins did his damage in the first quarter against Toronto and let Gilbert Arenas (34 pts) take over at the end. With 14 seconds left in the fourth, Arenas hit a runner over Jarrett Jack that bounced on every part of the rim before going in to force overtime. In the extra frame, Arenas tied it up with a triple with 30 seconds left, but with 10 ticks showing, Hedo Turkoglu hit a baseline fadeaway over Caron Butler that Caron couldn’t have defended any better. Arenas blew past Jack on Washington’s last play and had a clear path to the basket, but he somehow missed the layup … Midway through the second quarter, Antawn Jamison picked up his third foul and Flip Saunders naturally went to the bullpen, summoning Andray Blatche off the bench. But Jamison tried to wave off the sub and argue with Flip to keep him in. It didn’t work. Jamison ain’t no Michael Jordan and Flip ain’t Doug Collins … We’re out like the streak …

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  • knoc

    knocking off the nets??? u mean the bobcats right.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    kobe kobe kobe

  • DPGC

    Antawn Jamison is B.I.T.C.H. positive

  • vince

    Noah told James the truth. Lebron was getting caught up a little too much in his My Little Pony outfits and started dancing like Carebear on the sidelines. Dude should’ve done his little Ballerina thing when he could congratulate the Magic with their series win last summer. Talking about Sportsmanship.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Great work today dime. Every liner was fun to read.

    I know its minor news to most but Matt Harpring said goodbye to the game yesterday. One of the hardest working players in the league who had no qualms on throwing his body to the floor and doing the dirty job for the Jazz. Two thumbs up to Matty. He was a class act.

    My meal allowance wants to share a little language translation. Kiki in the Philippines(Pacquiao’s country) means pussy. Yup, the woman’s private part. Maybe, that would explain his decision not to coach the team during the Lakers and Mavs games.

  • Sweet English

    Typical, the nets get a win and somehow still, the nets got beat.

  • Sweet English

    Hey, you changed it, now my last comment makes no sense.


    P.S that chris paul stat line is fucking nuts.

    8 Steals? Thats Wynona Ryder numbers.

  • John

    Wade did an excellent job on Kobe all game long, that was just Kobe being Kobe, and even him said at the end, that was a lucky shot. Nice effort from the Heat to face the Champs in LA on a 2nd night of a back to back (Denver) and lose only by 2 huge 3 pt in the last 9 seconds … All this with the Heat missing 15 FT .

  • crimewave

    that shot by kobe was was unreal…

    according to Ric Bucher, this is what Noah said to LBJ for him dancing on the sidelines:
    “This is so ****ing old” + the clincher “You’re a b****”

  • Soopa

    Brooke Lopez is really good, putting up near all-star numbers 19/9/2/.5/2.

    Boozer has $$$ in his eyes and he is playing out of his mind right now! 21/11/4 for the year and his last 4 games:
    28/8/5 – 26/12/7 – 24/15/7 – 35/13/2


  • Soopa

    Oh and props to Noah (who i dont particularly like) for calling LeBron out. ‘Cos it is getting old!

  • the_don_mega (reppin the 3 stars and a sun)

    ain’t a Bron hater… but Noah was right for calling him out…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    I can’t wait for all the lebron dick riders to come and try to explain why it was ok for lebron and Danny green to dance the whole game. Mark sancheZ gets killed for eatting a hot dog, but lebron breaks out his paula Abdul moves the while game it’s not a lack of sportsmanship? AND then to talk shit about Noah after it all too? Where was all that energy when the magic were bustin that ass or when he was collecting tapes of him gettin dunked on. Prop to Noah, who is usually a punk, for stepping up. And we all kno lebron wasn’t go a do anything to Noah, he’s too worried about his fake media appereance.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Gabriel

    SWEET ENGLISH said :
    “P.S that chris paul stat line is fucking nuts. 8 Steals? Thats Wynona Ryder numbers.”



  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    #4 is right…lebron can do all that dancing and shit when he’s winning, but cant shake hands when he loses…

  • http://dimemag.com eyes

    If Chris Paul has a career night on you. Weakness is backcourt D. CHRIS DUHON WAS KILLING. LOL. The Hawks arent going anywhere. Jj needs an alpha male.

    Watching the lakers play show a lot of weakness. A healthy Boston dominates L.A. Even Den. if melo brings it can beat them. MIA sucks and Dwade has to do EVERYTHINGGGGGGG. Why wasn’t Arroyo playing. Chalmers is not a starting anything.

    Final note Rodney Stuckey & Mike Conley I hope you guys make an All Star team let alone make All Nba team If u can’t do it know. It would never be done and your not that good. If you are under 25 no comment needed. A.I. said it best. I’ve never seen anybody given anything. Even KOBE earned his playing time & he still is by far the most ready rookie to date. Check his era & rosters. If A.I. Steph or CP3 played in their respective conf. Now. It would be a massacre.

    The Bucks are a bad basketball team. Mr Boylan couldn’t coach a Cyo team. He’s clueless.

  • Sideswipe

    Where is Skip Bayless when you need him?? I can’t wait to hear about what he has to say about Lebron cutting a rug on the sidelines during the game. Way to rub it in LBJ.

  • QQ

    @ 15:

    Props for speaking the truth man.

    You said it all. Bron has the nerve to do that fucking ‘happy’ dance when his team is winning, but says ‘I’m a winner. Losing is hard.’ and doesn’t shake hands when he loses.

    Suck a prick.

    It’s not about being a hater anymore. I DO NOT hate Bron. I am a fan of his GAME. He’s a BALLER. He is dominant, epic, all the fucking adjectives you could fit. He’s all that.

    But damn… That air of arrogance, that spoiled brat attitude, that fucking nerve to call himself a winner when he hasn’t won shit. All of that. It’s tiring.

    Remember when everyone’s hatin on Kobe because he’s such a prick? Lebron’s like that, only multiply it ten times. Even when Kobe’s that selfish douche that threw Bynum under the bus a few years back, you see him working, you see him wanting to win (the reason he talked trash on Bynum in the first place, because the kid doesnt have that fire), you see him play the game. No dancing, no showing up of the opposing team, no bullshit. Now Kob’s a champ, he has proven all haters wrong, he earned it.

    Bron has not won a chip yet. He has not earned it.

    So Bron, go back and learn how to shoot a jumpshot before you dance. Because you know what, while you’re learning those dance moves, poking fun at your opponent, and acting like you’re the king of the NBA, Kobe is at the gym, learning more ways to murder his defender.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @QQ, you know if anyone else did it the media would be killin them lol besides lebron can dance all he wants when he’s playin the bulls and twolves but when his team is gettin stomped by the elite teams later where will all this be. The cabs had a like 66 win seasons last year but went what, 2-8 against the top teams in both leagues? It’s like a bully pickin on lil kids lol watch a team beat the cavs and start dancin..see how quick lebron cries that their bein disrespectful to the game.

    P.s: how long before dime crowns lebron the best dancer in the NBA too? Best player wit no rings best dunker with no trophies.. Best dancer ever

  • QQ

    @ Bron42:

    Yeah, careful with the harsh words, all the Dime writers might get angry seeing as how we are treating their favorite player.

  • Atom

    I wonder if Noah saw the Suns/Cavs game the other day when Cleveland closed out the first on their 15-2 run, then Bron ripped the inbound right out of Amare’s hands and drained a off balance turn-around 3 from Akron, at which point him and Shaq locked in an embrace and danced in place for a good 5 minutes with the rest of the team jumping around them like they just made it to the finals on a last minute shot, as opposed to possibly extending there first quarter 20-piecing. (Best part of the story is the shot got waived off. The whole time they were dancing I was thinking it was going to get more awkward the longer they kept carrying on if they ruled the clock went off as it appeared to have)

    Worried that Shaq’s idea of “sportsmanship” is rubbing off on someone who has a pretty vague notion of what it means themselves.

  • Chaos

    Kobe vs D-Wade was a classic match up. Miami is better than what they are playing, they are just inconsistent: beasley is balling, o’neal is healthy but chalmers, richardson, cook and the other role players gotta step up. Washington needs to figure out their line up. nick young needs to start cuz miller aint a starter, he a shooter off th bench and the best pick up for them is boykins.

    Noah is too light in the ass to be taling shit to oher players…but he did call out lebron

  • Claw

    Lotta Lebron hate, but did bring it on himself after the playoffs last year.

    Loved the DWade Kobe showdown, they actually guarded each other and Wade had him shoot two airballs and another two shots that completely missed the rim and then Kobe pulls out a “bank” shot. Wade also was taking him to the whole every time and couldn’t be stopped.

    Yeah Kobe hit that game winner on a bank but Wade was working him in the fourth. Great matchup.

  • Chaos

    detroit aint gonna shit til they get rip back…they already got idris elba….i mean ben gordon back

  • K Dizzle

    Big shot by Fish, bigger shot by Kobe. Miami brought it. I thought they had the game til Fish cashed that jumper and Flash missed the freebie.

    @ Dime – somehow, you guys somehow missed Bosh in your big numbers of the night. It’s amazin how 3 times now, dude has put up 20+ points (31) and 15+ boards (16) along with 4 assists and doesn’t even get a mention….
    Oh well, I ma put it up to probably Austin doin today’s smack

    Lakers all day. Keep findin reasons to hate us

  • Doug

    r u fucking kidding me claw? yeah i know kobe haters would be out they come out when ever this guys does something great to make short the masses are all in agreement that he has baddest player on the planet…d.wade played a horrible game and kobe gaurded him the whole game d.wade gaurded kobe in spurts and when he did kobe was shitting on him,chalmers and q.rich.your an idiot.look at each of there stat lines you ass pirate.Kobe had a better shooting percentage from the field and shot better from the free-throw line and the only time he was so called getting burned was when he was getting high screened and no one from our team picked wade up or called out screen for kobe.Kobe out played that dude all the way even if he wouldn’t have made the game winner…i could tell youve never played ball and if you have I know you suck ass get back on your PS2 and keep dreaming…fantastic…

  • Doug

    k.dizzle you see this cat claws blog? this cat is dripping with hate. had kobe shoot 2 airballs when Kobe was baking that dude the whole game and took the challenge of gaurding d.wade the whole game even in foul trouble…Kobe out played d.wade in every aspect of the game…and yes the better team and best player on that court one the game..see that’s the ignorant shit I’m talking about when cats hatred for kobe is such that they just say stupid shit like claw said.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @sweet english

    Classic line. I’m going to have to steal that.

  • Doug

    brons an ass hole for all that dancing during the game shit but it doesn’t matter because stearn and all of dimes editors are so far up this guys ass that its not even funny.Stearn saying this cat is better than MJ and taking so long to impose a fine for not going to the podium(this is a fine everyone gets when they don’t show up to the podium after a playoff game when you’ve been requested to do so by the media, I’ve seen guys far greater than him get these fines before ex.Shaq got one in the Mavs Heat 04 finals after game 2 and Stearn levied that shit immediately didn’t take his ass no week like it took him with Lebron)after they lost to the magic last year just gasses this young idiot more. He believes he’s invincible and he has every right to believe he is because the refs,you tools at dimemag,stearn and all of ESPN has lead him to believe that he could do no wrong. Funny I never see his ass jock ridin and clown walkin when they play the lakers because he knows kobe will get in that ass…no respect for the game..very immature

  • fallinup

    “It’s nothing against the Bulls and it’s nothing against Joakim or none of those guys,” he said. “It’s nothing about showboating on a team. I’ve seen it happen all last year. I think he (Noah) was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual. He didn’t help his team win.”

    It’s times like these where I wish that douche tears an ACL or something. What a pompous jerk. If this showboating fuck face ever wins a championship…. then their are no basketball gods.

    What a poor display… from the dancing… to the walking off the free throw line… (really, like Bron was about to throw or something… right)… to the above comment. I have no respect for the self named ‘King’.

  • Doug

    definitely agree fallin up I feel the same way he’s just getting worse too..not shaking a guys hand after he beat you, a guy that your good friends with, not going to the podium after your EC finals loss, confiscating tapes of a guy dunking on you, being a human pair of undess on Jay-Z’s ass and excessive celebration in the form of silly dancing during regular season games..it all spells arrogance and no class to me.

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Congratulations to the New Jersey Nets on their first win of the season. Well earned, fellas!!! Kobe’s shot was off the chain!!! By the way did anyone else see the new puppet commercial last night? I thought it was okay.

  • dapro

    Dime maybe in another season or Bron takes the reigns from Kobe as the best player but as of right now I can’t honestly say Bron is a better player than Wade

    Wade has similar numbers and a ring to prove he belongs in the best player conversation

  • Doug

    Yeah D.Wade is ahead of lebron for that title 1.)Kobe 2.)D.Wade 3.)Melo 4.)Bron as far as i’m concerned and from an all around skills stand point

  • Rich

    Worst dagger he ever attempted? Look at the replays again, he got from almost halfcourt to the 3 point line in the middle of the court! Its the perfect spot to launch a 3-pointer.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Thanks, Dime, for reminding us that LeBron is one of the top 2 players in the league JUST IN CASE someone forgot.

  • LAballer

    glad to see we can close out close games too baby..we’ve had 5 games this year so far with the point diff being less than 10 i believe is what the lil stat said..and its 5-0..havent lost a close game yet..the blowouts are great but being able to grind out games when things arent going your way at all is even better..

    that kobe shot was lucky as hell but most buzzer beaters are..and to the dude who said kobe was getting eaten or whatever retarded ass comment you made about him getting beat in the 4th..umm he scored 17 in the fourth kid..i dont think thats great defense at all..i dont know..i could be wrong? naaaahhh

    props to fish..people always kill him for how slow he has gotten and his constant jacking of crazy unecessary shots but he got a big one AGAIN..fish is solid man..he keeps hitting those shots that you need..

    funny how this is barely being mentioned..but bynum looks like he is EARNING that all star start at center this year..tell me im lying..he is beasting the opposition man! just playing too big for everyone..he uses his size great..

    hahah love the lebron hate…people still debating who the best in the game right now is? for real? your dude’s rockin pink and dancing around like a fairy cause he beat the bulls..come on now..there are a hell of a lot of bigger games comin up..relax on the dancing and get ready to not make the finals again..ha

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    Wade puts up numbers like lebron with better %s and less help. It’s easily Kobe Wade melo then lebron at this point. Lebrons a better run jump athlete but his skill hasn’t really increase much. Dwade came to the league with no jumper but now his midrage is sick. To this day lebrons whole offensive game is him running into the lane.

  • LakeShow84

    “While not necessarily a matchup of the two best players in the sport (that’s where LeBron comes into the argument)”

    Yes DIME we get that LMAO.. but really since Wade CARRIED his team to a championship and is actually a proven winner ima say that Kobe and Dwade is 1&2.. Lebron can settle for 3rd.. i mean 3rd out of the best in the world aint bad..

    And ill just reference Hubie who said it best.. aye if u can do it, whatever but it is still PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL.. and the walking off the line thing was comedy.. first time in the world i bet all viewers in attendence said “Lebron aint going to do shit”..

    Maybe if Noah was his mom he wouldve told him to sit his ass down..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Ur ridiculous bruh LMAO.. if you think Wade won that matchup ur smoking dope..

    Kobe drops 17 in the 4th and Wade drops 13 in the 4th (with his usual phantom calls) PLUS the mamba hit a ridiculous game winner and u drop that brain fart of a comment??

    Comedy.. lemme guess.. Lebron still the best player in the world isnt he??

    AND PS.. That steal on wade Kobe got called for WAS STUPID CLEAN.. We laughing all the way to bank at some of u hater ass ni$$as.. including the refs..

    I dont know how the Heat come into our house with less everything and still go to the line more.. oh well..

  • wifey

    Lebrons a faggot

  • LakeShow84

    And the left handed hook was stupid..

    This man needs to rest every summer cuz he on the stupid shit this year.. every game is a ridiculous shot..

    The AND 1 on Jermaine in the 4th he wasnt even LOOKING at the rim and still touched it off the glass..

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Kobe’s shot was ridiculous… Wade was so mad at himself, wait for him to go off next game he plays..

  • the cynic

    Kobe’s shot was nasty. Lakers are the new spurs, whining about every call even if its clear as day that they fouled. Lamar should have known better then to grab and twist O’Neal’s knee after he got dunked on. If anyone is going to flip out about someone messing with his knee its going to be O’Neal

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Rich (#35) — It’s the “worst” as in if somebody took that shot under normal circumstances, like in the second quarter with plenty of time left on the shot clock, you’d say “Damn that was a terrible shot” because they jumped off one foot and was leaning one way with a guy draped all over them. I understand it was the best shot Kobe could have taken at the time, but considering most of his daggers are pull-up jumpers you’d be OK with him taking at any point in the game, yesterday’s was the “worst.”

  • Think

    If Noah doesn’t like it then he should do something about it. But when all he could do is sit on the bench and talk sh** then he just embarrasses himself. LJ dominated them all night and Noah felt bad. Deal w/it. But don’t talk after you’ve had it handed to you all night. Buck up and play better.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    hi hi,

    so good to see mr austn burton on smack. hi hi to you mr burton.

    from jurgo.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    Some people on this site need to learn how to talk jeez… Ya’ll suddenly got Tyrone-itis. And for the record lakeshow, Kobe gets plenty of phantom calls himself so let’s not be a hypocrite. Save all your excitement for the playoffs before you head pops.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    MVP all the way

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @Dime, no comment about Elton Brand already botching about possibly not starting? Ya not iverson, Elton brand. Saying “of course I’m not ok coming off the bench. You know what I mean, we’re not winning either way”

    so when rip cried about it peoplelet it slide, people will let Elton slide, but everyone jumped on A.I for not wanting to site behind….mike conley?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Bron

    PLAYOFFS?! u talkin playoffs?! im talkin Finals B.. think BIGGER.. we challenging something much bigger than another playoff appearance.. ANOTHER Finals.. 3 years in a row.. Shit, in a few years the playoffs will be like the regular season to us.. A Cakewalk..

    And just out of curiosity..

    Whatchu think of ur boy Bynum now?? still a scrub??

  • baller00

    @47: lol u must be smoking some Sh8t that i dont know of or u just simply didnt watch the game…dwade got like 18 freaking freebies vs like 8 for kobe…and if i remember correctly, kobe got like 4 or 5 And1s…so, lets just leave it at that.

    I will say this thou Miami brought their A game These guys can ball too, so dont tell me they got a lesser supporting cast…this is a regular season…so any team can win on any given nite

    lol at LEBRONs…the boi brings entertainment to ESPN man…lol

    but tonight shows whos the best of the best


  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @lakeshow, slow ya roll, your talkin about makin the finals 3 years in a row meanwhile you got punked the first time, snuck by in a few games against a team thats never been there the next year, etc…and its the lakers, of course the playoffs should be expected lol thats my point, your gettin all excited cuz the lakers barely beat the heat in december and talkin shit..big deal. a)their supposed to bea the heat b)its dec 5th, that game doesn’t matter. if you gonna get THIS excited over every lil game, whats gonna happen when they lose to the bobcats or thunder again, you might send dime a suicide note lol you just need to hope kobe doesn’t burn out again and paces himself.

    and as for bynum? ya still a scrub…until he makes it through a full season or isn’t the 4th man on the team, hes overhyped. he gets alot of garbage points so its not like hes suddenly duncan on the block.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    for bynum look at it this way..90% of the basketball world called j’0neal done and washed up…meanwhile your hyping bynum…their stats for this season?
    oneal bynum
    14.3 18.5 points
    8.1 10.1 rebounds
    1.2 1.4 blocks
    31.8 35.0 minutes

    so as much hype as your giving him, bynum is barely doing 4 points better than oneal in 4 more minutes of playing time. So while hes playing good, I dont see him as some stud if he wasn’t on the lakers.

  • G1

    52: You mean Bynum would do WORSE than he is if he weren’t the 3rd or 4th offensive option on a championship-caliber team?


  • Claw

    Get off Kobe’s jock, Wade used him, so you are telling me you didn’t see those Kobe airballs or him working the post and not even hitting the rim?

    Didn’t see Kobe being that “stopper”.
    Wanna talk Kobe’s steal what about Wade’s block on Kobe, that was weak ass shit. Nice “bank”, next time call the travel after he lifted his pivot foot after getting the ball (there is no way you call that but it is what it is).

    Still was an awesome sequence in the 4th.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @to the nobody, this is all the best response you deserve..yawn. If he was star teams would focus on shutting him down. People r too busy worrying about Kobe gasol artest and odom to worry about bynum. Go watch soccer or something kid .

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    For the most part Kobe played good D on Dwade.. One on one Dwade was having trouble with Kobe.. if u wouldve payed attention Wade only got off in 4th because they started setting solid screens for him.. but aye u got different vision going on cuz u got hate in ya eyes so call it like u see it mayne..

    @ Bron42

    Im sorry are u trying to down play 18&10 by comparing it to Jermaine O’neal’s #’s?? Ur really trying to downplay 18&10?? U supposed to be a hoophead and u really trying to downplay 18&10?? Come on Bron.. think about that what ur saying..

    18&10 is scrub #’s?? Kobe droppin more pts and hitting a game winner is getting outplayed??

    Some people are hopeless lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ the nobody

    That was a cold shot lol

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @lakeshow, he’s a scrub, if he was like gasol was in Memphis he would get worked. But on the lakers all he has to do is sit there and catch rebounds and tip ins. He gets 18/10 but it’s not like people are seriously running plays through him like Yao. It’s not like the franchise is building around him like Dwight. He’ll Gerald Wallace averages more boards lol he may not be a scrub( I’m bias cuz I kno him) but he’s not top flight of the world….yet. Now if he does this all year and the lakers breeze through the magic/celts/cavs etc.. Teams with dominant big men? Then I’ll gladly upgrade him. Till then he’s a 7 foot junkyard dog.

  • D.H.

    Ouch, Oden out for season with left knee fracture. Sam Bowie 2.0

  • Tim

    I feel bad for Oden…but it is what it is.

  • chief youngblood

    Noah keeps it a lil’ too real for lebron and is better for it , their was almost 6 minutes left in the fourth when the altercation occurred , if that doesn’t constitute disrespect to nba caliber players i don’t know what does , noah couldn’t take anymore of the lebron hypocrisy.

    as a hornets fan very amp’d cp3’s back , things are turning around okafur is hitting a stride with west , and collison is playing very well, great move getting rid of Scott finally.

    in conclusion i’d like not to talk about kobe’s shot (which was my first genuine yell out loud oh my god moment this season ) but to mention how much i wish hedo turkoglu would have went to the blazers or any team i could root for really , love the guy , but i can’t go for the raptors , you kidding me ?

  • chief youngblood

    if the 1. and 2. are bron and kobe , give me kobe

    but if were talking 1-4 – bron , kobe , melo and wade , i’m taking melo .

    wade is the cutest though

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO Bron42

    top flight of the world Craig!

    and if thats the case ill holla at the end of the season my friend.. then we’ll can talk..

  • Da_Griff

    Is it just me, or is Flip Saunders pissing off everyone on the wizards?