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The Mask of Jordan

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Whether there’s any truth to it or not, Kobe Bryant has always been accused of trying to be Michael Jordan. When he chose #24, they said he was literally trying to one-up The G.O.A.T. When he plays hurt or sick, they say he’s trying to re-create the Flu Game. When he hits a game-winner, they say he swagger-jacks MJ’s celebrations. When he bares his bottom teeth, they say he’s trying to copyright his own signature “face,” since Mike already had the tongue-out thing. Last night in Chicago, Kobe didn’t have to try to be Jordan in the house that MJ built; you just couldn’t help but see the similarities. Dropping 42 points on the Bulls (25 by halftime), Kobe wasn’t perfect — he turned the ball over eight times and took some ill-advised shots in the fourth quarter — but he was good enough to remind everybody who the game’s standard-bearer is right now … Despite getting ripped by Kobe, the Bulls were actually ahead after three quarters. With Kobe on the bench to start the fourth, Shannon Brown sparked the decisive run, hitting a go-ahead three and then dunking on Brad Miller on a fast break. By the time Kobe and Pau Gasol re-entered the game with seven minutes left, the Lakers were up by seven and just needed their All-Stars to shut the door. Kobe obliged with about 40 seconds left, when he got that “There’s No Way I’m Passing” look in his eye and took John Salmons to the high post. Giving Salmons a series fakes and spins and feints, Kobe finally got free for a short left-hand jumper that was the dagger … One time Kobe tried to muscle his way through a double-team and stepped out of bounds. Arguing with the ref about it, Kobe slapped him on the ass. If that’s Joakim Noah or Taj Gibson or basically anyone who’s not a superstar laying his hand on a ref, no question he gets a technical, right? … T-Mac is back, but if you made a lengthy bathroom run last night you might have missed it. The Rockets finally activated McGrady for last night’s win over the Pistons, and Rick Adelman stuck to his word that it would be a short cameo. T-Mac checked in with 7:44 remaining in the first quarter and played until the buzzer, and that was it for him. The Houston crowd gave him a huge ovation when he came in, and exploded when he hit his only shot of the night, a three-pointer. McGrady (3 pts, 3 rebs) looks like he’s at a good weight and showed some explosiveness in one drive where he got fouled, but he was clearly suffering from not having played in a long time … Hit-and-miss night for Clyde Drexler. We love the nickname he gave Jason Maxiell: “Muscle Beach.” But on the other hand, Clyde kept saying Austin Daye was ex-NBA player Darren Daye‘s brother, when he’s actually his son … We’re not saying there aren’t attractive girls in Houston, but when the local broadcast goes for the “honey shot” in the crowd and one of the girls is a facade of makeup and hair and the other is plain ol’ ugly, that’s not a good look … D-Wade had 19 points and seven assists as the Heat 20-pieced the Raptors, while Michael Beasley went for 28 points. You knew it wasn’t Toronto’s night in the second quarter, when Marco Belinelli made a beautiful backdoor cut and got a pass right in stride, but missed a reverse layup, and then Amir Johnson‘s follow dunk popped out of the basket and dropped back in, but was waved off because Amir hung on the rim … And you knew it was Miami’s night a little later when Dorell Wright drove the lane and threw up something that was either the ugliest shot ever or the greatest pass ever, a swooping reverse-windmill thing that went off the backboard and Beasley tapped in like that was the plan all along … Other stat lines from Tuesday: LeBron had 23 points, six boards and seven dimes in Cleveland’s shocking upset win over the Nets; Steve Nash had 25 points and 13 assists, and Amar’e Stoudemire had 28 points and 14 boards as the Suns beat their former owners, the Spurs; Tim Duncan put up 34 points and 14 rebounds in the loss; Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge scored 25 apiece to beat the Kings; and Gerald Wallace posted 21 points, eight boards, five assists and four steals in Charlotte’s win over the Knicks … Question for the group: If House of Pain had known “Jump Around” would someday be played in every basketball arena in the world, would they still include the “smacking a ho” and “ain’t going out like no punk bitch” lines in the song? … We’re out like Muscle Beach …

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  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Yeah, House of Pain probably would have added some great mom jokes if they knew it would play everyday

  • jnuh

    your mom is a great mom joke that gets played every day.

  • justlovethegamme

    “Cleveland’s shocking upset win over the Nets”

  • netstar

    come on!
    at least throw brook lopez in in the stat lines shoutout.
    he beasted tonight!

  • Marvin

    Line of the day:
    LeBron had 23 points, six boards and seven dimes in Cleveland’s shocking upset win over the Nets.

  • nasirnasqb

    not mentioning harris takin’ down moon?

  • http://www.tropicanacommunity.org Khalvin

    “Other stat lines from Tuesday: LeBron had 23 points, six boards and seven dimes in Cleveland’s shocking upset win over the Nets;”

    Thats just mean!! Like Chris Rock said, Like a Skinny Girl making fun of a Fat Chick.

    Otherwise nice read.

  • dmitry of jersey

    man Harris’ hit would not have even made it into the recap of the game if this was 15 years ago. good hard foul to make sure an athletic dude like Moon doesn’t get an and-1…

  • got beef

    cant hate kobe but, just noticing, took 26 shots, when the dude decides he gunna score u know he wont pass the rock

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up! Welcome back the MAC BABY! I was straight crunk to see Lamar get on the floor. Dude hit that three with that old form where he would come right back down and hit about 2 more consecutive on his way to a 40 point night.

    Ok yea I know I overdid it but still it was great to see dude back.

    I am going to say this now and I might say it again, but Chase should be starting over Trevor or either move Trevor to a new spot.

    In Chase’s first start dude got a double double and shot better than what I see from Trevor. I know Houston would like Ariza to be more of the man considering they don’t want the deal to get him to seem like a bust, but still either bring him off the bench for energy or move him to a new spot.

    Chase looked like he belonged in that spot and with the way he has been contributing seems he could really do more given that position than Trevor.

    Kobe is just ill!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    So much for DJ Augustins tryout for the Knicks. No stats in 11 minutes of play. Yesterday reader Pet Society Help said this about DJ:

    “The last thing the Knicks need is another guard, if Larry Brown says he doesn’t defend, make shots, or distribute, what use does he have with the knicks let alone any other team in the nba?”

    Actually he sounds like a perfect fit for the Knicks.

    Shaq picking Devin Harris’ pocket was the play of the Cavs/Nets game. Now that’s humiliation. If you want to be a serious point guard in the NBA you can’t have Shaqasaurus pick you clean like that.

    Is there anybody better with their weak hand than Kobe right now?

    Finally, a Spurs team the Suns can beat.

  • Roman

    Kobe’s will to win is unmatched in the league. To put up 42pts with a broken finger is unheard of. Enjoy watching him play.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    How many games is Devin Harris going to get?

    I say 3.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    I wonder if TMAc would go for a nice 7-8mill a year contract with the Bulls. Naah, he still thinks he’s the shit.

    anyway, Good game between the Bulls and Lakers. Kobe had me scared in the first, I was so sure he was going to go for 80! I’m not sure he touched the rim on any of his shots in the first qt. But then I noticed when Kobe checked out, the rest of the Lakers were like scavengers.
    Apparently, when Kobe is taking so many shots (mostly outside the offense) the rest of the team decides that when he checks out “I’m getting mine!” Seems like when Kobe wasn’t on the floor, every other Laker was a stone cold jacker.

    Derrick Rose carved up the Lakers match-up zone defense all night but for some reason Salmons still hasn’t found his shot and Deng was on some personal shit with Artest. Artest baited him into several bad shots.

    Also, I was started to get excited in the first quarter when Kobe was snapping Kirk Hinrich was actually coming back at his head. I thought I was going to see an 80’s style shootout between Rose/Hinrich and Kobe. Then Phil Jackson stuck his ugly head in and switched Kobe off Kirk and put Artest on him. Which is fine, but Kobe needs to man up. Go back to the YMCA days were you wasn’t allowed to not play D if you’re going to shoot every time down.

  • shake&bake

    D-Rose looked good last night even though he left in a while in the 1st half with a strained rib. He was getting to the basket at will. I wish DelNegro would give him complete freedom out there, it’s their only chance of being competitive.

  • Chaos

    man timmy still can’t be stopped when he wants to put in that work on whoever is guarding him in the post. he needs to start doin that more….T-Mac should be puttin in work for auditioning for other teams. who out there needs a SG that can put up points (here’s looking at CP3)

  • rangerjohn

    the suns FORMER OWNERS? really? the suns have a history of winning the regular season and getting spanked in the playoffs. when a suns team with steve nash and amare on it knock the spurs out of the playoffs, then and ONLY then can they gain the slightest resemblance of self respect.

    the spurs are still trying to figure themselves out, and it is getting old. at least we have the warriors to knock around tonight.

    and to all those “tim duncan is slowed, he has fallen way off” come on really? he sure has, i mean he is down 1.6 ppg from his career, 1 rpg, almost 1 to, and almost 1 foul per game, .5 blocks (still at 2 though) but then he is up .1 apg. sounds like the man has fallen off a lot. maybe he should retire after this season i mean he is completely unproductive.

  • http://dime eyes

    In reading this I came to a conclusion. Yes Kobe Bryant is the closest thing I think we’ll ever see to Michael Jordan. Which is a great testament to both players. I would and still may argue if Kobe surpasses Mike in rings the argument can be made. Me personally I’d take Mike based on it seems he was easier to play with. Also what is wrong in copying maybe the BEST EVER TO PLAY THE GAME. Aside from Kareem/Magic/Olajawon/Isiah/Bird/The Big O who else. Minus the chewing gum,walking, & sounding like the man I agree w/ everything else. LOLOL.

    You know how we say the Lakers are so talented & how Great Pau is. Why is it Kobe won’t sit with a broken finger for just one game? I think it has to do with more than him being an alien/warrior LOL. That isn’t a good sign. He’s by FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. Wade is 3rd and Bron is 4th a long space from Kobe who holds 2 spots. Just watch him play man. It’s like Tiger Woods & Federer out there playing with kids mannnn. I still don’t like Kobe Bryant the person.

    Just a little bias nudge. Brandon Jennings beat the Blazers and when he wins the face to face match up he’ll still be in the lead for R.O.Y. trying to hold off Blake Griffin it’s going to be close. LMAO. LOL. ROTFL. Switch Brandon for Ty Evans who has the better team????? The Kings have a free wheeling coach remember. Scott Skiles wouldn’t get along with Smooth. As big as he is he should be imposing on both sides.

    Steve Nash is the best pg in the league & has been for the last 3+yrs. What he does nightly isn’t supposed to be done. He makes legitimate back-ups & role players look like they could start or produce career #’s. Channing Frye is having an All Star yr. He made Quentin Richardson & Shawn Marion look like Fantasy Stars. Both players cannot avg double digits on their own. Loved you guys respectively at UNLV & Depaul don’t know what happened man.

  • http://dime eyes

    How would Magic have looked w/o Kareem,Worthy & the rest of his All Star/Olympian regular season squad? As it stands Lebron is the next Domenique/Penny/Magic take your pick. He’s good enough but may never win anything in a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk east. Again why is he considered so far ahead of Melo,JJ,Wade,Gilbert again. Who are the U.S.A. 2 or 3 best players???????

    Mario Chalmers is not a starting guard in this league. Let Arroyo & Beasley just play and go. Stop mananging their games. Let Cook have a neon & give Dorrel Wright front row tickets he’s not a N.B.A player in this league. SORRRY WADE I know he’s like a bro man but producing in what his 5 or 4th yr league. The Heat need a PG RILEY A PG. Overseas,Dleague,Streets somewhere yikes.

    Lastly Jerryd Bayless needs to play or be traded. I’d even Start him. He attacks the basket like few players in the league today. He might be the most held back rookie I’ve seen in a while. Crazy how this league work. It’s a # game. Depending on the decision of the GM in salary some players can’t get cut & have to play over the better talent. What a SYSTEM BABY.

  • LakeShow84

    Bigups to TimmaY!!!

    Still fillin up the box score.. as a Laker fan i want him to get old FAST lol but as a basketball fan I LUV IT.. keep it going Timmay.. much rather play the Spurs in the WCF than the wack ass Nuggets.. Watching Smith do duck walks and Kmart play with the ugliest J on this side of the universe is old..

    Kobe just being Kobe.. im still hearing people whine about how many shots he took too.. Lol we the defending champs handling BUSINESS BEAUTIFULLY and people still got shit to say?? Oh well.. its the age of the internet.. everyone has an opinion.. including me lol

    here goes one lol does anyone realize that Kobes is quite possibly the best scorer ever?? tell me what NBA player could score in more ways against double and triple teams?? dude is hittin left handed hooks in crowds out there..

  • sh!tfaced

    Number 24, the flu game… LOL. Kobe, as futile as it is, will always be trying one-up MJ as the GOAT… and yeah, it’s fuckin obvious, though no one will ever really admit it straight up, but Kobe changing to number 24… ugh… hilarious at the same time sad and pathetic…

    So what if MJ played with the flu… Magic played with HIV… Rodman played with panties underneath those shorts… Shawn Kemp played with burgers tucked inside his shorts (or cocaine, depending what Reignman era you watched)… and Vin Baker… LOL… cheers… Anderson Verajao plays with a vagina…

  • LakeShow84

    “Again why is he considered so far ahead of Melo,JJ,Wade,Gilbert again. Who are the U.S.A. 2 or 3 best players???????”

    Because there are a lot more followers than leaders in this world.. and followers love to follow HYPE..

  • LakeShow84

    This isnt directed at u SHITFACED but everyone else

    STOP SAYING Kobe is trying to recreate the FLU GAME.. the FLU GAME was in the FINALS.. this is the REGULAR SEASON.. When Kobe shows up for an elimination game in the FINALS then u can say he tried that BS.. the man is a student of the game so he knows better.. him getting sick and playing through it in the regular season is business as usual for him..

    And another thing.. When Kobe won this last chip everyone said he did MJ’s celebration.. Watch the previous Finals he won with Shaq.. HE DID THE SAME THING.. So u guys are saying he makes a concious effort to celebrate like someone else during possibly the most exciting moments of his life??

    That shit is retarded.. its the people who say that shit who are actually comparing him to MJ but dont realize it..

  • LakeShow84

    And i thought Kobe played with # 24 in high school??

    Come on with all that BULLSHIT..

  • http://dime eyes

    @22 Good Answer. @LakeShow for Kobe to continue at this pace is scary. I hope they win for his & your sake. I just have a feeling depending too much on his greatness could backfire like the past. The other players no & expect him to save them all the time. Which in turn leads them to coast. It’s a luxury for Phil to have had Michael & Kobe/Shaq & Pippen. That’s not fair.

  • life-p

    Raymond Felton almost ended Larry Hugues career last night on that crossover. I thought his ankles were going to explode.

  • Ekstor

    Thank you LakeShow…

    You guys gotta realize too that playing with an actual flu is not easy… but to point out that someone is recreating a flu game because that person played GREAT BALL while suffering from injuries and flu symptoms is just plain stupid.

    You need mad talent and determination just to be able to pull that off… and that fact by itself just needs to be recognized. Imitation by itself can only take you so far… just ask Harold Miner.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Eyes

    Lol thats why Phil is coo as shit.. u’d go straight to hell to be that blessed and still be an asshole..

    But it is still ORGANIZED Basketball.. and the coach is the organizer.. coaching can be the difference between playoffs and Finals..

    Lets say the Lakers swapped coaches with the Nuggets.. who do you think would win that series?? Keep in mind Phil actually makes POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS game to game lol it might be a stretch but i’d say Phil would put the Nuggets over the edge.. he actually has different game plans game to game depending on what the problem was the previous game..

    Never gets credit for that tho..

  • sh!tfaced

    Kobe was 24 in high school?! Then, damn. My bad…

    But watching Kobe right now and comparing him to MJ, especially at this point in their careers – in age and what they’ve accomplished…

    Don’t know if its just me, but Kobe gives you more of a “dangerous threat” feeling than MJ ever did. That game vs Miami really proved it for me.

    And shit, man, as immortalized as MJ is, I really think Kobe is way more dangerous offensively than Jordan was. And this coming from a C’s fan… lol

  • M Intellect

    Line of the day…

    By Post 2 in response to Post 1.

    “your mom is a great mom joke that gets played every day.”


  • Ekstor

    MJ was more consistently great than Kobe. Kobe is too streaky overall in comparison. So MJ’s G.O.A.T. status is safe in my book.

    That said, when Kobe is locked in and in the zone… I’ll take him over any player who’s ever played the game.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    I got a magazine and video of Kobe in Highschool, he wore #33 and I’ve never seen him in #24 before the Lakers. even if he wore 24 in highschool, he’d still be trying to one up Jordan or his dad, I think Joe Bryant wore #23 for Philly. There is nothing wrong with copying MJ, my only problem I have is Kobe never admits it. He continues to lie about Magic being his idol or Dr. J. False, Magic used to PASS THE BALL and not avg 30ppg. Dr. J didn’t shoot fadeaway jumpers…but guess who did. That’s right.

    Kobe still the best, and mostly everyone would agree. But from what I’ve gathered from talking to people, is Kobe just rubs you the wrong way (no pun intended). And the NBA hype machine forced him into greatness before he actually became great. Those are the things i hear about him from other people.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @Sh!tface and Eyes
    Kobe, More Dangerous than MJ…come on. People are still arguing if Kobe is better than LBJ and Wade.
    Speaking of which, Wade’s career numbers are better than Kobe’s Career numbers…. yeah.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    And LBJ’s numbers are better than KBs too. But Kobe does have the Rings to back up his claim as the best in the NBA today. So does Shaq and Tim Duncan who I think are both GREATER than Kobe’s greatness. I guess it just matters which one you want… red or blue pill..

  • AdvancedMind

    I guess next you RETARDS are going to claim that Kobe plays better D then Jordan too. The lack of respect amazes me, i think its just that “OUT OF SITE OUT OF MIND” phase, but i invite anyone of you “SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS”2Watch actual game film on Mike, then tell me Kobe is a better scorer, Mike at this same age was scoring during “THE PYSICAL HAND CHECK ERA” 30 a game while just coming back from retirment. How many MVP trophies does Mike have, hmmmmm 5, and only 5 cause they felt sorry for Karl Malone and Charles Barkley. Kobe has 1, he isnt even the best scorer in the L now, id take Melo, who scores off the dribble in the post with a spot up jumper,and at a better percentage. Is Kobe the best player in the league? Absolutely, but hes not even the greatest Laker ever yet.

  • http://dime eyes

    @26 it’s called and in & out dribble or inside change. Actually the most unguardable move their is. Better than a crossover. When used with a crossover the defender will either stop or grab the hell out of you. Larry Hughes looked confused like which way did he go. That move should definitely make this site

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Yeah but Dwade and damn sure Lebron didnt have to play second fiddle to anyone when they came in the league.. Shit by the end of his rookie season Dwade was getting the ball in clutch situations and was the #1 option.. Kobe was second fiddle for what 4-5 YEARS?? damn thats a long time isnt it??

    I wont touch the MJ subject.. MJ is better until Kobe retires and we can compare the body of work.. but i’ll agree with Ekstor that MJ was more consistently great.. Its like MJ was the greatest assassin to ever live but Kobe is the greatest warrior.. U’ll still take the assassin but u know the warrior a bad MOFO..

    @ AdvancedMind

    Kobe got WAY MORE RANGE than MJ.. And Kobe got more of a post game than Melo.. Melo aint called big bully for nothing.. Shit when i watch Melo in the post dude scores on put backs off his own misses a lot of the time lol.. not knocking Melo but Kobe is better in the post AND gives up a good 20-30lbs to Melo.. Everyone says Melo is such a better scorer than Kobe but has Melo EVER cracked 60?? how about 70?? how many 50 pt games does he have?? i love the fact he makes it look easy but that dont mean hes the best at it.. This all started with Barkley lol

    Kobe avg 35PPG for a SEASON and didnt win MVP.. its a popularity contest at this point..

    And another thing.. Melo aint got no left hand..

  • http://dime eyes

    I hear the arguments. In comparison who are the greatest Bulls. Also Melo scores easier but doesn’t have a better overall arsenal. No way. He’s not as clutch. Media Machine. Kobe had to earn it and all he did for Shaq went & is still questioned. Duncan had Robinson,Parker,Ginobli. Mike had Scottie who usually had the opposing players best assingment. Mike was 1 his whole life so is Lebron in #’ sense. Kobe has always had to play #’2 when I thought he was #1 all along. Who was #1 & 2 for the Lakers Magic or Kareem. When Kobe was killing the league was much better than it was know. He was to go 2 guy in the all star since I could remember. Remember sometimes the pupil and as should be from learning. Can be better than the teacher himself. Mike wins from a cool standpoint,marketing etc etc and he just was more liked overall. Kobe’s game in itself the 81,62 countless 50’s 42 with a broken finger fake or not. After 2 major surgeries. The man get no credit. If we never saw Mike play. There would be no argument about who’s best. In that same not I don’t think we would have been able to witness before eyes. GREATNESS ON SUCH A HIGH LEVEL NIGHTLY. He made Smush Parker & Kwame Brown productive starters & won in the west. Did Mike make Kukoc nice. Was Rodman already the truth, How about Ho Grant & SCOTTIEEEE PIPPEN was like JJ very underrated. I’ts closer than you’ll think. If Lebron is Kobe’s breath. Than the distance between Mike & Kobe is a lot closer. You guys are aware we may have MAMBA AT THIS LEVEL FOR AT LEAST 5+ MORE YRS. Give me #’s then. Remember Shaq flopped on him for one ring. He flopped on himself for another. Then he endured the Bynum injury & had a kleenex crew at hand.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Even with all the rules changing to make it easier for scorers… Mike still has better overall numbers. When talking about a complete player, Mike far outwieghs Kobe in that department with his DPOY and the number of guys he’s shutdown or frustrated. Ask the countless centers and power forwards who Mike came down on the double team to strip them or block them. Mike could be the all-time steals leader if it wasn’t for Stockton. Kobe won’t come close to anything like this. Kobe’s NEVER been a terror on D.

    Kobe has two thing that are better than MJ and only two:
    1)he can shoot 3pointers better
    2)he has a better handle

    #2 is legit, but #1 really doesn’t matter because I don’t think a 3pter is a very good shot. Only the best of the best are shooting 45% and above. Anything below 45% is terrible to me and you shouldn’t be shooting it… yes that means Ray Allen should take more 2pters.

    I’m trying not to lose respect for some of your b-ball opinions (eyes and Sh!tfaced) but you’re making it hard with this Kobe shit.

  • K Dizzle

    ” If that’s Joakim Noah or Taj Gibson or basically anyone who’s not a superstar laying his hand on a ref, no question he gets a technical, right? …”

    If Noah or Gibson been in the league 13 years, copped some rings and were consistently in the discussion for best player in the world every season, then no…they don’t get a tech

    For the dude who keeps postin that DWade and Bron got better numbers than Kobe, please try to understand that Kobe came in behind Eddie Jones for some seasons and was the second to Shaq after that. In the case of kobe, you wanna compare numbers, throw out like the first 4 seasons.
    Dude is scary right now. Fractured finger, virus…and he still killin. Kobe hits a left handed shot in damn near every game this season. you know why? Cuz he CAN.
    I’m out.
    Lakers aaaaaaallllll day!!!

  • http://dime eyes

    7 Rings & counting at 31 the possibilties. It could have happened. How do you break up that dynasty?

  • guti

    my line of the night goes to chris bosh for getting less boards (2) in 33 minutes than mac got in 7:44.

    and mac is soft, and a two.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah, so maybe I got carried away a little… lol. Just trying to enjoy greatness while its still there. Always felt like I took MJ for granted when he was still playing. Should have watched every damn game he played…

  • Ekstor

    TRUTH: Kobe is NOT greater than MJ.

    That said, these arguments against Kobe are ludicrous. Are we comparing career figures now to show that Kobe is less than other players when Kobe clearly entered the league under different circumstances?

    You guys need to stop with this “he’s copying MJ” whine. First, it’s old. Second, there’s no point. Third, you don’t fake basketball skills, clutch play, competitive fire, and a warrior’s heart. A person either has those abilities or they don’t.

    Fall-away jumpers? Are you serious Chicagorilla? If a player has the skills and athleticism, then a fall-away jumper is the best way to create a clean jump shot from the back-to-the-basket position. Kobe has the ability to do that and it works (VC uses this as well). Why is this being used against him as some obvious attempt to be like MJ?

  • Justin

    Chicagorilla is just mad. His arguments are inane and reek of homerism.

  • Alan

    as hard as he tries, Kobe will never be MJ. Not even close.

  • http://dime eyes


  • http://dime eyes


  • wifey

    First off..Kobe slapped him on the ass. If that’s Joakim Noah or Taj Gibson or basically anyone who’s not a superstar laying his hand on a ref, no question he gets a technical, right? – – If lebron did that you DIME writers would show hose stupid videos all over the home page showing how “loveable,” and “carefree” Lebron is. If Kobe does it everyones hating, id rather smack a refs ass then dance like a retard.

    And i’m 17 years old, I never watched MJ play thats why I think Kobe’s the GOAT. It pisses me off when everybody blindlly claims MJ’s the best, how he was such an icon. Well MJ’s a douche, he fucked half of Chicago, and an arrogant dick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTb-xOb5LTw

    And Kobe is the GOAT of MY era. Yes DIME i do not think that Lebron is the best (Shocking isn’t it?)

  • http://www.gogetta.com Chicagorilla

    “Fall-away jumpers? Are you serious Chicagorilla? If a player has the skills and athleticism, then a fall-away jumper is the best way to create a clean jump shot from the back-to-the-basket position. Kobe has the ability to do that and it works (VC uses this as well). Why is this being used against him as some obvious attempt to be like MJ?”

    WTF are you talking about? I never said anything bad about shooting fadeaways. I was saying Kobe shoots a fadeaway just the same as Jordan shot fadeaways and made it popular.

    Now I see that you are just following me to debate me on whatever point i make about ANY subject. It was cute at first, but now i’m starting to get worried. find yourself some business.

  • guti

    he did it again.

  • Chilirey

    Kobe has accomplished almost everything possible in the NBA.
    I was thinking one reachable goal for him could be “owning the house”, getting the highest score in every arena they play in, start with 81 at the Staples Arena….maybe Dime complie a list, not the worst article ever written??