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This is why people hate the Celtics


Funny how the Celtics went from everybody’s new favorite team (this side of the Lakers) two years ago, to the most hated team in the League today (this side of the Lakers).

After KG, Pierce and Ray got their championship in ’08, it seemed all of a sudden people were turned off by KG’s so-called bully tactics, Pierce’s arrogant swagger, Ray’s sneaky-dirty moments, Rajon Rondo‘s blatantly dirty moments, Eddie House‘s sense of entitlement, and everything about Brian Scalabrine. (OK, so that was nothing new.) When Boston signed Rasheed Wallace over the summer and added Duke alum Shelden Williams, the Hate Meter was in danger of shutting down due to overload.

And then there’s Kendrick Perkins. I’ve been over Perk and his inexplicable mean-mugging before. He might be the one player who models this shift in Celtics’ perception the most; before the ‘chip he was just another guy in the League, then after the ‘chip he seemed to flip a switch into this ornery instigator with a huge chip on his shoulder for no reason. The other day I was watching the Celtics destroy the Bobcats when Charlotte announcer Dell Curry said, “Perkins always looks like somebody did something to him.”

Last night, Perkins provided another example of why this Boston team is so easy to dislike.

Late in the fourth quarter, as the Spurs were trying to cut into Boston’s lead, Perkins was whistled for a foul on Tim Duncan. It wasn’t even that bad of a call, and you are playing in Duncan’s house, so what do you expect? But that didn’t stop Perk from getting bent out of shape. He yelled at the ref, then immediately made a beeline for the scorer’s table. When he got over there, he purposely knocked some papers off the table and sent them flying onto the court before resuming the game.

The announcers didn’t say anything about it, and I only noticed it because I watched Perkins specifically to see how he’d react to the foul. His act wasn’t even comparable to when a baseball player strikes out and starts breaking stuff when he gets back to the dugout. Perkins didn’t have to go to the scorer’s table — in fact, he made a point to walk all the way across the court to the table and then make somebody else’s job harder who had nothing to do with what he was mad about. And it looked like that was his only intention.

It was a dick move, simple and plain, and if it were a more high-profile player involved it would probably be a big story this morning. As it stands, it’s just another reason to wish for the Celtics’ downfall. And I’m not even a Boston hater like that.

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  • control

    Great article. I’ve pretty much been saying this since the Celts won the championship. EVERYONE on the team turned into a complete douche bag, from Perk to Rondo to KG to Pierce and Fat Davis. The whole team is just a shittun of douche.

    They have went from a team I kind of wanted to see win to a team I hate almost as bad as the Knicks…

  • got beef

    why does everyone hates… they are the same team they were before they won the chip, all these players are the same way, just now everyone is starting to see… THATS HOW THE WHOLE LEAGUE PLAYS, watch kobe when he’s mad, he throws towels on the court and at little towel boys but no complaining right??

  • ERIC

    KG used to be loveable when he was smiling and passionate. He brought joy and enthusiasm along with his tremendous talent. When he was eliminated from the playoffs each year, you could feel his pain. People could relate, and we wanted to root for him.

    However once he came to Boston, he was very determined, no more smiling, he knew this was his chance for a title. Rightfully so, he lost the joyful demeanor. But I still respected his focus.

    Now, he’s just a prick, always instigating with smaller players, the mean mug and his “you-can-definitely-read-my-lips-at-home” profanity after a big play. He’s not enjoyable to watch and now hard to root for.

    KG from the TWolves didnt wing a ring, but he won his fans and supporters. KG from the Celtics got his ring, but lost respect from the fans.

  • Rafa23

    come on, you cant dislike ray. just look at that jumpshot. puuure…

  • Rafa23

    @ eric
    you are completely right, but its not like they would care. garnett iss rich(biatch) and has won a ring. who cares about some “fans” who dont like him anymore.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Same way I felt. KG was my guy, even after he went to the Celts. I used to like Ray too. I thought Rondo was ok, and I in the worse display of love for the current celts, I was rooting for Glen Davis to make the team because of all the hard work he put in losing weight and trying to bang under the basket instead of shooting college threes…. my my my how wrong was i.

    a couple years later, KG is mouthing off at my Bulls during a playoff game while wearing street clothes. Glen Davis pushes a little kid to the ground during a celebration for no reason and has also become the same jump shooter from college tht will surely land him in the D-League some day, Rondo is better than i thought and is also a lil punk, Ray is Ray still don’t mind him, Pierce is highly overrated now and it almost makes me hate him, and Perkins is the player I most want to see punched in the face….maybe tied with Eddie House. Jackie Moon…uh i mean Brian Scalibrini is by far the worst NBA player I have seen since maybe Jack Haley.

  • life-p

    I’d like Kobe to drop 90 on them during the game 7 finals.

  • got beef

    @ eric
    KG was the same way in minnesota as he is in boston… look at some footage, he screamed and sweared at every big basket he made, plus i hate when people say he picks on small guys, he does the same thing to everyone
    why does everyone say rondo is a punk, is it because kirk hinrich tries to throw him so he throws him back, or because kobe just pushes him so he pushes him back, and anyone who thinks paul pierce is overrated doesnt know basketball did you know he has more points than any celtic not named Bird or Havlichek or that he once scored more points than anyone one season (total points, not ppg)

  • don

    oka paul peirce has always been the same way…i remember watching him in a series against the nets he was always cocky, kg does the same thing to EVERYBODY…get over it, allen is allen and rondo is not as dirty as you think, the only instance was the brad miller play( i dont count the hinrich play) which he did to save a bucket in an important situation in a game…he might have hit brad to hard but it was actually a smart play…once again ppl on this site know nothing about the nba

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Perkins the Meanie Head in the words my lil’ niece…she said this last Christmas when they played Showtime!!

    Guess what?????

    She was over last night and she still calls him MEANIE HEAD.

    LOL — Wow!!!! Soo funny.

  • don

    oka paul peirce has always been the same way…i remember watching him in a series against the nets he was always cocky, kg does the same thing to EVERYBODY…get over it, allen is allen and rondo is not as dirty as you think, the only instance was the brad miller play( i dont count the hinrich play) which he did to save a bucket in an important situation in a game…he might have hit brad to hard but it was actually a smart play…once again ppl on this site know nothing about the nba except for got beef

  • Rafa23

    lol @ chicagogorilla

    glen davis threw a little kid to the ground? wow
    i dont like the celtics, but what about some common sense? he just hit a game winner and just shoved him a bit. everybody, i mean EVERYBODY, thought it was nothing and the dumb father of the kid really overreacted.
    come on now
    cant say anything if people hate pierce or perkins. this arrogance and fake toughness( perk is sooo mean…lmao) are really annoying.

  • Soopa

    Same old story. They arent paid to be nice guys, they are paid to win basketball games.

    As ive said before I like the Cs demeanor alot more then all the buddy-buddy-high-five-lets-hug-it-out-BBF-players. They way Boston plays is alot like the old days. Only problem is all the other teams are busy hugging on the bench, so the Cs seems to be bullies, where its actually they other teams being babies.

    They (the Celtics) are just easy to hate and people like to have a villain to root against. H.A.T.E.R.S.

  • http://twitter.com/anthonyeladjo abpin

    i thought i was the only one that felt this way. hahaha.

    if someone could show me a clip of kg mouthing off shaq or dwight howard or any big man, please post it. i wonder how many videos there are.

    now someone show me a clip of kg mouthing off a guard… i bet there are more videos of this.

    one of the biggest reasons i don’t like the celtics is the fact that their role players have that sense of entitlement, or greatness. the biggest reason rondo, and perkins, and house, and all those other guys get numbers is because of the big 3. take KG & Allen away & you’re stuck with a team at the end of the eastern conference playoffs. switch rondo with devin harris, see how rondo does on nj. he’s good, but he’s not THAT good. perkins is ok, but he’s not good.

    i understand you have to have that confidence & demeanor like you on top of the world. but damn. come back to earth once in a while.

  • next big thing

    your rite ive noticed the same thing about perkins.. he always has this stupid look on his face.. its like what the hell ur playing in the NBA and earning millions of dollars crack a smile once in a while..

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    I don’t hate the Celtics – actually i quite like the fact there was no feeling of entitlement b4 they won their chip. And isn’t every single player in the NBA someone you’d hate if they wern’t on your side?

    3 randoms
    TD and his “what i can’t have fouled anyone face”
    Kobe and his mean mug face
    CP and the sneaky crotch punch

    and on and on

  • Shrink This

    Do you think we can go a whole day on Dime without someone using the blanket statement:

    “no one on this site knows anything about basketball”

    If you don’t like the posts, don’t read them.

  • control

    got beef

    People say Rondo is a punk because he acts like a whiny and spoiled bitch. Not just in games, but when dealing with his team and shit he talks in the media. Look at when Eddy Curry softly caressed his back, he fell down like he was shot by a sniper and held his neck like he had whiplash for a good 30 seconds. The guy milked that worse than Manu does.

    The guy talks himself up more than Lil Wayne, and is as full of shit as Lil Wayne. Demanding top tier PG money when he’s just a role player who can’t shoot at all, just fucking crazy. Guy is always running his mouth. He ain’t good, at all.

    It says A LOT about the Celts when the most likable guy on the team is RafuckinSHEED.

  • dapro

    These guys have been the same thier entire career the difference is

    a bigger market and most of the team has this “bravado”

    I don;t have a problem with it. Good or great teams tend to take on the personality of thier best player, this is a prime example

  • don

    hey control im guessing you aint watch last night…rondo was shooting pretty well and out played tony parker

  • control


    I wasn’t watching last night. Tell me Rondo is shooting well when he squeaks that free throw % into the 50s and starts rocking more than 15% from the 3.

  • WDC


    COMPLETELY agree! Perk is playing out of his mind right now…he’s taken it to another level. These guys are not afraid to come into an opposing arena with a little swagger and play like champions. Honestly, is this the WNBA? You’re really going to get bent out of shape because they play hard, have tough personalities, and aren’t intimidated by anyone? C’mon, give me a break.

    This post is ridiculous. If anything, you should have played up the “say what you want about them being a-holes, but these guys know how to win” angle after their performance last night.

  • http://nba.com momo

    i dont care what yall say..KG has always been my dude and will continue to be, regardless of whether his tendency to pick on players like Claderon has increased tenfold in the past couple of yrs

    Man….what they say is true, huh?… its lonely at the top

  • http://nba.com momo

    i dont care what yall say..KG has always been my dude and will continue to be, regardless of whether his tendency to pick on players like Claderon has increased tenfold in the past couple of yrs

    Man….what they say is true, huh?… its lonely at the top

  • flipisatrip

    Where are the rondo haters today? He sealed the victory last night with that strip on parker as he was going up for the layup.

  • rangerjohn

    can somebody tell me why KG and perkins where not all up in that little rookie with no ACL’s face talkin shit while he was bustin their asses last night? if only pop had put him in sooner! its not like he had a couple good plays, he KILLED them both.

    perkin is the biggest joke on the team though. when he gets his cry baby face, he joins the gasols and sam cassell for team ugly.

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com IANNY B

    Boston sucks plain and simple KG pounding his chest after a basket he made is just autrocious.You’re a 7 footer,dammit yo’re supposed to do that.his numbers aren’t even that appealing,for crying out loud.Then Rondio tryin to take on CP# claiming”I got a ring and you’ll never get one’.He’s never gonna be the player CP3 is.No knock on him but he really needs to stay in his lane.Amazing how Garnett went from fan favotite to the shmcuck he is today.Go Lakers

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com IANNY B

    and i would’ve really loved to have seen Nazr miohammed rip KG’s heart out.Kg’s fugazzi ,he epitomizes that word.Pau gasol bitches

  • Guitar Hero

    Perk is still a solid second on my hate list, right after that twat JR Smith. God, I dispise him.

  • Guitar Hero


    Come on, The Collins Bros, Ryan Bowen and Robin Lopez are much worse than Scalabrine. At least, Scal can shoot the damn ball.

  • http://dimemag.com Kyballer312

    Here we go again…Rondo sux, but he consistently outplays or is even with every other PG goes up against…Perkins, yeah he’s a dick and doesn’t look to bright either…KG has played the same his ENTIRE career thusfar…the difference is, Boston is on TV WAAAYY more than the Twolves everwhere or will be…Ray played for an afterthought team for so long now he is with a proven winning franchise team so his swagger is now visible…Pierce is one the best scorers in the league and always has been…he’s not flashy but very very fundementally sound…yeah they won their chip and now everyone hates the Celts…why? becuz they bust your squads ass night in and night out…and yes I KNOW BASKETBALL…have even coached 2-3 of the guys in the L right now…so I am not speaking as a fan but as someone who knows the game…give me guys like this any day over (as was stated earlier) buddy, buddy ballers any day…if ur squad don’t have the ballz to stand up for themselves…fuk u and them…I play with a chip on my shoulder all the time…I hate losing more than I like winning…I go after and at anyone on the opposing team…as I tell my players, I will smash on my moms if she gets in the way on the court…grow some ballz and quit bitchin about why your team cant handle the pressure…the first thing you do on a court is find out who the weak link is and u go at him and if that happens to be a guard, fuk him…like Katt said, if u got people hatin on u u doin ur job!!!

  • control


    Good job coaching Rondo how to shoot free throws! Way to teach him how to be one of the worst free throw shooters in the history of the game!

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Let’s see more of JR Giddens, what they holding on to that guy for. Might as well sign Dan Dickau instead.

  • http://dimemag.com Kyballer312

    @control – and u make how much a year commenting on DIMEMag posts all the fuking time…give me $11mil missing FT’s ove 50K as a lifetime member of the comment board anyday…and as a HS baller and College baller he hit 70%…y so much hate for one player…he musta really done ur dude bad…keep hatin, checks are in the bank regardless…as far as CP, nah fuk that, Chris Paul he is one of the dirtiest bitch ass players in the L…RR gets called a punk for standing up to cats like Kobe and Paul…and yeah he went down from a sucka punch to the back of the head from curry, but KG is the Bully…u cats is jokes with your pseudo bball knowledge…u couldnt tell the diff between a motion and a continuity offense…some of u speak like u do have keen game insight and i enjnoy ur posts but some of u fat fuks never played a day of real ball n ur life…u was playing nintendo while the real hoopers were out doing the damn thang…scoring 20 pts on video gm dont make u no athlete…run a mile in 4:45, run a marathon in under 5, yall need to recognize real from fake

  • G1

    Kyballer312 sounds like a moron.

  • control


    I’m at work making a lot more than you are coaching HS basketball while commenting on Dimemag. I’m assuming that since you coach HS ball, you teach as well? If all of the other teachers share your excellent articulation, grammar and spelling, I can see why the younger generations are stupid as fuck in this country.

    Yeah, Rondo is making a lot more money than I am, no doubt, he’s making more money than 99.9% of the people in this country. So, you are essentially saying Rondo peaked in HS and college as far as his shooting goes?

    Eddy Curry sucker punched Rondo? I know 80 year old ladies who could take that “punch” without gripping tight on their walkers. I’m not saying Curry was right for doing it, but Rondo acted like he damn near DIED on the play. Was he really hit that hard?

    As far as me being a fat fuck who has never played basketball, I guess the only thing fat on me is my cock. I’m 6’8 and 235lbs, I am lean and not fat.

    Regarding my basketball knowledge, I could give myself an icepick lobotomy and coach your team of short bus all stars better than you ever could.

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com Dan Dickau

    Is it funny to anyone else that the past two NBA champions were “gifted” with two unbelievably tall and awesome players (KG & Gasol). That’s why people hate Boston. Garnett didn’t earn sh*t. He was placed on a team with Pierce and then the addition of Allen made them awesome. He was nothin but a glorified, soft ass p*ssy in Minnestota who could never get by the real challengers in the league.

    I didn’t see him talkin shit when LeBron yammed on him in the playoffs two years ago. Shoulda been an and one too.

  • Hugo

    I can’t wait to see the day when Perkins is not playing with 4 or 5 very good players and is at the end of a bad team bench with a fat contract … When you play with KG, Ray, Pierce and Rondo, you can see the baddest guy on the world, I would like to see him doing that on the nets right now …
    I can’t dislike Ray, this guy is fantastic and i’m a fan of him …
    Pierce had to play with Walker for so long and saw the team sucking so many times, that I can’t totally dislike him.
    I have to think that KG acts all the time, this thing about getting with players that are almost half his size is really frustrating. When he starts bitching with Duncan, Shaq, Artest, Big Ben, etc … I’ll respect him.

  • sh!tfaced

    Fuck, man. I’m a big Celts fan and I’m even annoyed by them right now. LOL.

    Perk always looks like he’s got bad smelling shit shoved up his nose. KG’s intensity or whatever the fuck that irritating crap he does every time he does something no matter how insignificant it is, is just, er, irritating.

    Eddie House will always be irritating too, even if he played for your team. Paul Pierce? Ugh. Sometimes you wish he just shut up and play.

    Man, if it wasn’t for all the tradition, Doc Rivers’ handling everything nicely and being a fan since I was a kid, I’d be annoyed by these current Celts too…

  • Soopa

    @ 37

    You have no sense and you have no idea what the game of basketball is about.

    No players is supposed to “do shit” without a team around them. Show me someone who has “done shit” alone?

    And to say, and I quote, “He was nothin but a glorified, soft ass p*ssy in Minnestota who could never get by the real challengers in the league”.
    – When he had a little help he did get by some of the real challenges. Only the best team in the last 10 years stood between the Wolves and the finals!
    – He was loyal to that ball club, gave his absolute all every game and put up a historical good season along the way.

    You are just plain dumb sir!

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Buck Foston

    You can’t blame the players for the pricks they’ve become. Remember, they have to live in Boston.

  • crimewave

    even though i hate the celtics, i’ve always had mad respect for ray allen…

    kg and pierce can be a little ridiculous at times, but they still put up under pressure…

    it’s rondo, big baby, and perkins that i really hate

    rondo looks and acts like a TRANNY, big baby fronts like he’s actually a capable player (he’s not), and perkins is the fakest tough guy in the league (he’s like an internet blogger trying to pretend he’s a thug…c’mon son, we don’t believe you, you need more people….)

  • srb


    did control ask you to write this?

  • dapro

    Damn let the hate out fellas……

    I want everyone on my team to have a swagger, from the superstar to the last man on the bench

    The Bulls were the same way and so was the Lakers, 80s Celtics and Pistons

    The generation was different but the confidence and swag was there. All great teams need to be this way.

    The current Celtics are playing the no one respects us card to stay hungry

  • Harlem

    wow let the hate flow lol…..kg has been doing these things since DAY1 in the nba,this is nothing new at all. im starting to wonder if u people have ever watched or played in a game of basketball

  • 92021SpurMD

    @ don, what game were you watching last night where Rondo outplayed TP? Really?

  • drew

    i dont mind ray ray, or even sheed for that matter. but perkins ALWAYS looks pissed off. and for rondo..but especially house, winning the chip got to their head. let your game do the talking..especially when you were a nobody before landing on a team with the big 3.

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    I’m from NY. Boston can go kick rocks. I can’t wait till I go see them play Atlanta in early 2010. I’m not gonna talk ish. I’m just gonna sit and smile quietly and watch Joe Joe and em dismantle the Celts.

  • control


    KG hasn’t been like he is right now since day one. I was a HUGE fan of his early in his career, reading his interviews about how he grew up and what he’s done to help kids who ain’t got shit in their lives, etc. He was a GOOD guy, you get the feeling he’d give the shirt off his back to help a kid who was in a disadvantaged situation. The guy played with passion and heart, but respect.

    Now you listen to his interviews and you are sure he’d just tell the kids to go fuck themselves, or bark at them like a dog. He now plays with passion and insanity, and don’t give a fuck about nothing. The guy has crossed the line, turned completely into a douche bag.

  • Roman

    Oh, I can dislike Ray- look at that head!!!!!!!!! Paul Pierce always thinks he’s hard.

  • willsmithismydad

    perkins was pulling all kinds of shit last night. i saw him get in tim duncan’s face after nothing had happened, tim duncan magically fell to the ground with perkins right behind him, he was throwing elbows going for rebounds off a free throw…

  • iamrich

    irrelevent… i watch the celts before and after the chip… and “Perk” was a dick then and is a dick now…they all act the same as they always did, they just got a chip to back it up now..

  • jmg

    the only person on the Celts i cant stand is Paul Pierce. im from L.A. and grew up watching him play at Inglewood High, playing against him in the Drew League and at UCLA and he was always tough minded and never complained.
    All of a sudden, he gets KG and Ray on his team and he starts flopping and acting like a little B!TCH. He is 6’8, 230 and everytime he drives and he is bumped, he acts like someone just shot him! Ive seen him go for 60 in the Drew League going thru some of the toughest guys never to make it to the L.
    i could careless what the Celtics do, i just want Paul to play like he used too and stop all the flopping because he has too much talent

  • AdvancedMind

    Im just amazed at how the word “HATING” gets thrown around, just because you dont agree with someones opinion.
    “I DONT HATE THE CELTICS” i just think they are lame as shit, and you cant argue that fact, cause last night i watch 6’11 KG catch a ally-oop layup and scream “IM A MUTHA FUCKIN BEAST”,Really? A beast? lol you layed the ball up SMH. The old KG talked shit maybe after a dunk or a clutch shot, and back in the day he talked to himself not to other players smaller then him on the court. Perkins, lol its just his face and the fact that he doesnt have really any talent at all besides being a wide body. How he thinks he never commits a foul ever, when you clearly took someones arm off. Yes Rondo is dirty and he looks like a World of Warcraft night elf, and Eddie House is complete ASS, yet he talks shit after every bucket he hits, completely forgetting the fact that the man that hes guarding is matching him point for point. Scals? what more can i say, unless your a Celtics fan, you cant possibly defend the reasoning that A. he is in the NBA or B. that he actually gets on the court like hes not out of shape. Big Baby Davis, nobody likes fat people unless there making you laugh lol. Are the Celtics good? Yes, but they are very easy to dislike.

  • Roko

    @Chicagorilla, Jackie Moon hah great call, hes got a Michael Rappaport vibe goin on too.

    As for the Celtics being pricks, they win one ring and ALL of them are acting like they have being doing it for years. Paul Pierce is kneeing people in the jewels and ice grilling them, KG and Perkins mean mug everyone in the arena on a nightly basis, including women and small children, and Rajon Rondo believes he is hard but flops around like Cristiano Ronaldo if he gets touched.

    I was rooting for them to get their ring, they did deserve it, but now with the exception of Ray Allen who is not a complete prick, I wish they never even won. You dont see the likes of Kobe and Tim Duncan walkin around like these dudes, and news flash, those guys have a few more rings than the Celpricks.

  • Chris From LB CALI

    Sheed 4 life!

  • realist

    completely agree with the article, when i think of celtics, i think of pauletta pierce getting “hurt” in game 1 of the finals and jumping back on the court later…after being wheelchaired out while crying. smh….you are a disgrace to inglewood, pauletta

  • Diego

    In any event, Boston isn’t winning a title this year. At best they will prove to be 2nd best team in East. (I don’t think they are even that good. These days, Orlando, Cleveland and Atlanta just are not awed by Boston.)

    KG is a major jerk. So is Wallace. Both are way overrated today.

    Pierce has always been great–and a whiner. Can’t hate Ray.

    Guys like Perkins, Davis and Rondo deserve a lot of props. They have exceed expectations and, like the mixed bag Jordan won titles with, benefit from playing with all-stars, as well as the aura of the Celtics, which has always brought the best out of mediocre guys or guys on the decline in their career.

  • got beef?

    @ roko
    u clearly dont watch kobe if you think he isnt the most arrogant person in the league
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pTiEkfQ6pk&feature=related (garnett trashing tim duncan)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX_5o-mxH4w&feature=related (kg talking with lamar)
    (talking about dirty)
    enough evidence??

  • http://www.freedomgroupinc.com/ debt help

    good reasons dont forget the name celtics ahah

  • VuDoo

    kg is my man from way back and im riding with him, im not listening to y’all

    i question all who said kg was ur guy but now he isn’t

    where is the loyalty?

  • LAballer

    aiight that kg slappin timmeh in the back of the head just moved him up one rung on the likeable ladder..shit was hilarious hahahaha

    he is now somewhere in between old drivers and breast milk

  • Pastor Green

    most likely kobe will go 4 for 24 in game 7 of the finals–perkins will block his last shot in the 3rd– jackson won’t play kobe in the 4th– and the Cs will win the game by 30. oh yes, pierce will go off and out score kobe by 20, but no one will say that he is as talented. shades of rodney dangerfield!

  • phil

    pointless article. perkins has always had a mean mug, since his rookie year! dont talk like you know what your saying when you dont.. so why are you hating on the celtics again? cause they play hard and try to dominate thier apponent (mentally and physically)?? pointless article, why dont you go conjure up somthing about artest being an angel lately..

  • cwill101

    Kg is and will always be my boy and he’s gonna talk shit and get amped about the game thats just how he is. As for the rest of the celtics the chip has changed them but i like that. They need confidence and the nba needs a badboy team not about of goody-goods. this is an entertainment business people remember that. the players arent in the league to be nice they are there to win or they are out of a job so it really doesnt matter what the fans think about them

  • Roko

    @got beef,

    you put up a link to KG slappin Tim Ducan in the back of his head like a punk, Odom beefin with Garnett and Kobe gettin his teammates back, and Garnett lookin like he was about to try to makeout with Odom.

    So my question is, 1. Were you intending to prove my point?
    2. What do any of those have to do with Kobe or Duncan, other than being involved with mean mugger himself, KG?

    ps Kobe can be arrogant, he actually IS the best player in the game, these other fools are def not.

  • got beef?

    @ roko
    i was kind of provin to everyone that KG “mean mugs” everyone not just little white point guards, also, what lamar did was the dirtiest thing i have every seen, when has rondo or any celtic done anything dirty???

  • http://dimemag.com eyes

    Go celts you’ve pissed everybody off with that ring. If KG doesn’t get hurt maybe looking for 3 peat. They’re an old school team wth an old school coach. That was and is there style So What. Other teams should take notice. I’d rather be hated & have a ring/rich than be loved an ringless/broke.

    Kg might be as talented as KOBE at the SF/PF pos. If he had as great a supporting cast in his prime. He’d have at least 4 rings. No one DOES IT BY THEMSELVES. If u Hate u watch & take notice. Opt for something else. PP will make the next top 50. Flopping & acting is part of the new EURO NBA. Got to sell it. Win at all cost. Rings are what everyone is playing for. For the most part.

  • catch

    After reading all the posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all irrelevant. Because in a couple years they will become a low end playoff team and then eventually bottom feeders, which is the price they paid for their one title they put together. Their decline will be faster and sooner than the most recent Pistons Championship team fall out. Boston will be left with Rondo and Perkins and a bunch of roll players.. We’ll see how they do then. Maybe they can add Iverson in a few years, and only if he starts of course…. haha.

  • catch

    RONDO and PERKINS = Speedy Claxton and Turiaf haha. Enjoy

  • Roko

    @got beef,

    Rondo Exhibit A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRxZ-6DYJgU (speaks for it self)
    Rondo Exhibit B: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpPoZAxgYws&feature=related (had no chance at the ball, decides to slap him in the grill)
    Pierce Exhibit C: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cM1LR6AM3M (what man knees another man in the balls then stares him down like hes hard, i dont care how hard your going on somebody or how much you hate them, a man kneeing another man in the balls is always a bitch move)

    Any questions?

  • dc

    Austin posted about how everyone hates the C’s now, not about their inability to play. Everyone knows the C’s can play with the best of them. Why is everyone trying to defend them like we’re not giving them credit for what they’re doing on the court?

    We’re just hating on them because they do it in a way that disgusts some NBA fans. We know all they care about is wining, and don’t care what other people think, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hate on them for it lol.

  • got beef?

    @ roko
    so rondo’s supposed to let the guy grab him and do nothing… im sorry, but thats old fashioned pre 2000’s basket ball
    on the second one, your right he didnt go for the ball, he went for his arm, missed, and hit him in the face do u think he was aiming for his eyes? thats just stupid
    and the third one i was watching that game the other day, he didnt purposely knee him and then he store him down, but if u watched the game you could see that once it was clear that he was hurt that he was concerned for him… any questions?

  • raiders442

    can you idiots please give perkins a fuckin break? the dude saw his mother get shot right in front of him when he was around 5 years old…the dude will ALWAYS have a chip on his shoulder…explain to me why Dwight Howard says that perk defends him better than any other center in the league? his style is very old school, and its effective…he proved his worth when kg was sidelined last season…steppin up big time…this year his offense was clearly his focus during the off-season…you people can all hate him all you want, but idk how you people would act if your momma was taken from you so violently and your father walked out on you even before that…control, your 6’8″ 235 lb frame sounds real tempting, but if i were a coach, id still take perk over you…no hard feelings.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com Hardwood Houdini (Bpaul)

    There’s nothing in the rule book that says people have to like us to win a championship. We don’t need to win over fans, the one and only goal is to raise Banner 18.

  • got beef

    good write up raiders442