NBA / Dec 15, 2009 / 6:11 pm

Trading Away The Future

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

Of all the WTF-inducing headlines I expected to see coming from Golden State Warriors camp this season, Anthony Randolph is on the trading block” definitely wasn’t one of them.

Not to say I straight-up inhaled the Kool-Aid being served around the Bay Area over the summer, but I could originally see why a lot of people would think Randolph is the future of the franchise. He was a monster in the Vegas Summer League, had some standout preseason games, and as the regular season approached, I finally bought in and likened Randolph’s game to a young Kevin Garnett. And now, not even two whole months into the schedule, the fact that Randolph is even being mentioned in trade rumors — even if they are rumors — and there isn’t an A-List superstar on the other end of the deal is even crazy for the Warriors.

Every franchise … well, almost every franchise … has that young cat who could be The Future. Either the owners believe it, the coach believes, his teammates believe, or maybe it’s only the fans. Maybe it’s all of the above. But somebody associated with the organization sees the potential and figures if the kid keeps developing, he’ll go from role player to star soon enough.

I was a little bit too young in my basketball knowledge to see precisely when it was happening with Shawn Kemp in Seattle. I do remember Xavier McDaniel being The Present at power forward for the Sonics, not to mention a comic book-like badass superhero to me. And I remember Kemp coming in as a high-risk high school draft pick, mid-first round, playing the same position as the X-Man. And apparently it didn’t take long for people to realize Kemp would be The Man sooner or later. Had the team turned around and traded Kemp before he got his chance to really shine, there would have been a fan mutiny. (Note: In 2002, Seattle saw Rashard Lewis and Desmond Mason as The Future. So when Mason was included in the Gary Payton-for-Ray Allen trade, it did NOT go over well. Shows how much we know…)

Looking around the League, there are a lot of Anthony Randolphs. Some are easy to point out, like Rajon Rondo in Boston, Rodney Stuckey in Detroit, Blake Griffin in L.A. and Andrew Bynum in L.A. Others are not so easy to identify: Danilo Gallinari in New York, Marreese Speights in Philly, and whichever one of Washington’s young guns (Nick Young, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee) is looking up to the task that particular day. Some don’t even have a veteran star in their way and have already assumed the top job, like Brandon Jennings in Milwaukee and Derrick Rose in Chicago.

Who is The Future of your favorite team? What would it take in return for you to consider trading him?

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  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    anthony randolph was never the future of anything.
    shit austin. it was the SUMMER LEAGUE!
    ..anyone can score 40pts in that shit.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Heckler — But if anyone could, how come not everyone does?

  • Coop

    I don’t own a team

  • thenatural

    anthony randolph could be a great player, but playing under don nelson is never going to allow this. he could be this year’s “gasol-to-the-lakers-for-kwame-brown” as in whomever gets hims is going to be very happy and he’ll make sure the warriors know that.

    me personally, i’m a jerryd bayless fan and i hope he eventually gets a chance. he’ll be the future with some team or at least a nice piece to it.

    as far as the desmond mason statement… you guys just liked him because he had mad hops.

    oh and rondo wouldn’t be shit without kg, jesus and pierce

  • yeah right

    JJ Barea will be the shit when he grows another one or two feet

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    @ Austin–

    do you really need an answer? geesh dude. how did you get a gig covering bball?

    not everyone does because the coach during summer league is some bench scrub for the organization. or some old ass retiree. either way, they dont have a rotation and they dont know how to distribute minutes. because bball players in the summer league barely play more than 20min (feel free to look that up and research), there arent many games featuring 40pt scorers.

    but you and i both know it can be done with ease. starting centers in summer league games are 6’8. and thats because the only 7ftr on the roster has no lateral movement.


    just in case I’m wrong…i guess your suggesting anthony randolph is one of the GOATs since he played well in summer league?

    hahahhaaha. foolish you are.
    check yourself.

    your staff def needs to be over 30 years of age from now on…
    you need a minimum age limit to work for Dime. these young writers can sometimes write, but lets face it, more than half yall dont know SHIT

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Heckler — Way to take it too seriously. Sorry my joke didn’t connect. My point is that not “anyone” can put up the numbers Randolph did this past summer. Watching him play in the summer, you can still look at things like how comfortable he is shooting the ball, how he looks running the floor, how he’s handling the ball, how he’s protecting the rim, what post moves he has, etc., that will translate no matter the level of competition. So no, scoring 40 in Vegas isn’t the same as putting work in an NBA regular season game, but it’s nothing to just write off as irrelevant. (BTW, I’m dreading the day I turn 30.)

  • BiggD

    I’m a die hard Warriors fan but if they do trade AR i’m handing in my resignation

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    The mans name is Heckler.. u really think u can talk reason to him?? lol

    Yeah sure Heckler, scoring 40pts MULTIPLE TIMES with young, talented, hungry wolves is easy.. Cracks me up how people act like scoring 10pts in the NBA is easy, or even 40 pts in any organized basketball game is easy at that.. but ur right the scrub coaches NEVER let anyone go over 20minutes.. who the f$%k is going to look that up 4really lol

    ANYHOO.. all Laker fans kno Bynum is our future.. and if he makes it thru the next 2 years without major injuries we in good shape..

    LMAO @ 5

  • GoEasy

    @ Heckler

    Man, you don’t like dimes writers, why do I see you commenting on this site like it’s your job?


    @ GO EASY

    hahaa yo u definitely just made heckler look like an idiot with that last statement

  • Luigi

    haha. okay. uhh my wiz future resides with Young Kobe…AKA Nick Young. have u seen the dude play Offense?….he’s amazing…but…he needs to train with Kobe Bryant…for the Defensive help….Andray Blatche doin work too..but sadly. the chances or that happening are slim…..

    Wiz future for the next 5 years…2nd rd..maybe conference if gilbert decides he wants to win games.

  • Dennis Castro

    Jrue Holiday can play, that much I can tell. He’s only 19, but he knows where to be, spacially, on the floor on both offense and defense, he runs plays well for a rookie, and he hustles.

    I was down on him when the Sixers picked him, but after watching him, he gets it, and it’ll be interesting to see how he progresses.

  • IGP

    @ Austin

    Nice article man, and I definitely agree about Xavier McDaniel looking like a badass superhero. That shit’s hilarious

  • D.H.


    Did your mama shake you when you were a child?

  • http://dimemag.com big_ticket

    stop the kg comparisons please

  • money

    being a warriors fan is depressing. it really is. that is all.

  • L@zYChUck

    Props to BiggD.. AR is da sh*t. He IS the future KG.. but Nelson be hating on young African Powerforwards since they play the most important position of da team.. anyhow A. Randolph is really good when ever he plays.. so.. take it or leave it.. and YES if they do trade AR i am handing in ma resignation…

  • Detroit Dave

    I don’t think Golden State has one player that I would build my team around. I think they have a bunch of individual pieces to add to a team. They should have kept Baron Davis, J-Rich and Stephen Jackson and Big Al and hired D’Antoni.

  • boycottwarriors

    I am a long time fan since 79…RUNTMC days are what I remember the most fromt eh 80s. I stopped watching the Warriors this year completely.

    The ownership, GM, President and Coach all need to go. Once Mullin was pushed out and the 2007 team broken up for no good reason, the writing was on the wall…the Warriors were heading for another implosion.

    2 months into the season and here is the final confirmation…Jackson traded, AR on the blocks, no Warrior untouchable for trade. It’s over.

    Boycott the team until Cohan sells and all front office and coaches are gone. Start over. Me and all my friends who would have season tickets did not renew them and do not go to any games. We don’t watch on tv, we don’t purchase anything with a Warriors logo on it. Basically, Cohan is not better than a Wall Street executive or Health Insurance company executive…they are all taking advantage of the local people. So boycott and get Cohan to sell. It sickens me to see that people are still attending games. If this news about a Fire Sale doesn’t work, than they deserve the painful punishment of watching the Warriors implode!

  • http://expiringcontracts.blogspot.com/2009/12/knicks-are-unstoppable.html Purdman

    Great article. I am a Knicks fan and there aren’t many players I would trade Gallinari for. I think he is a perfect D’Antoni player, since he is so deadly on 3 pointers, and can play the 4. He is so entertaining to watch and every shot he takes you assume will go in, and he definitely has some swagger and huge confidence in his game. Maybe I’d take Kobe for the Rooster, but I’m not sure.

  • Nugz

    The future is now in Denver (and for the next 6-10 years too) Melo baby, Melo. The most unstoppable offensive force in the game today. Kobe, Lebron, Wade? Oh they’re all good, but only Melo can jab step and pull up, drive to the hoop or post you up. Dudes got it all. Putting up 30+ isn’t a great game, its whats expected Now if we can find a way to poach Randolph off of GS, They’ll be a parade in Denver come summer time.

  • cru_thik305

    as a cavs fan, i think j.j. hickson is our “anthony randolph”