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Who’s Better: Jason Terry or Manu Ginobili?

Jason Terry

We argue. You decide.

JASON TERRY (by Gerald Narciso)
For the last three or so seasons, Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili have been arguably the best and most talented bench players in the league. Terry was last season’s Sixth Man of the Year winner, while Manu copped the award in 2008.

The similarities don’t end there. They’re both 32-year-old shooting guards with resembling attributes on the court. Each can score the ball in a variety of ways: they can get to the basket, hit the long ball, create their own shot and get to the line. No doubt about it, debating who’s better between Terry and Ginobili is a close call. If we’re talking about who’s had a better career or who was better four years ago, I can see how you can make a great case for Manu. But if we’re talking about who’s better right now, I would have to pick the Jet.

Once again, Terry is in the running for Sixth Man of the Year. This season, the 6-2 guard is averaging 17.8 ppg, 3.5 apg and 1.4 spg. He is the second-leading scorer on a Mavericks squad that is currently fourth place in the Western Conference with a 14-7 record. Not only is Terry scoring the ball better than Ginobili, but he’s also shooting the ball at a better percentage. JT is also getting more steals and turning the ball over less.

The Jet has proven to be more durable in the past few seasons. Manu missed 38 games last year and has been banged up already this season. In fact, Ginobili has never played an entire 82-game season in his career. Terry, on the other hand, has only missed a total of 19 games in his 12-year career.

Ginobili has always been a great clutch performer, but this season his confidence has been down. He has been a non-factor down the stretch in recent Spurs games and has been reluctant to shoot. Manu even admitted to the media a few days ago that he is thinking too much when he is out on the court. Just like the Spurs this season, Manu has not lived up to expectations on both sides of the ball.

Terry has been a good second option for the Mavs in crunch time. In a recent win over the Kings, he scored 12 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter, and last week he hit a 17-footer in the final seconds to down the Sixers. Terry is also a better athlete than Ginobili. They don’t call him the Jet for nothing — he is one of the quickest guards (especially in the open court) and can play above the rim despite being just 6-2. Like the rest of the Mavs, Terry has been better and more consistent on defense this year. He is a better on-the-ball defender than Ginobili.

Manu Ginobili

MANU GINOBILI (by Jack Jensen)
Since his move to the second unit during the ’07-08 season, you could say that no one in the NBA has been a stronger sixth man than Jason Terry. That is, besides a healthy Manu Ginobili. (And maybe J.R. Smith. Or is it back to Earl?)

Sadly, that’s the key word: healthy.

Both Terry and Ginobili are 32 years old, so nix the old-age angle; the biggest thing with Ginobili has always been his durability. When healthy, Manu can slash, shoot and flop his way to 30 points on any given night. And he can affect the outcome of a game in so many more ways than just scoring. He can handle the ball like a point guard and hand out 6-7 assists when he’s in playmaker mode. He is great at drawing fouls, playing the passing lanes and defending on the ball. Terry, on the other hand, is a volume scorer and the majority of his strength lies on the offensive end.

In 13 games so far this season, Ginobili is averaging his lowest numbers across the board since his sophomore NBA season in 2004, putting up 12.7 points, 3.6 dimes and 2.5 boards a game. A mid-November groin strain has had a lot to do with his recent lack of production, but when healthy we’ve seen glimpses of the “old” Manu: like when he dropped 36 points and eight dimes on the Raptors on Nov. 9, a game the Spurs won without Tim Duncan and Tony Parker in the lineup. That wasn’t a fluke. Over the past couple years Manu been known to drop 30-40 points when one or both of his All-Star teammates happen to be sidelined.

But where Ginobili thrives best is in the postseason.

You don’t have to like the guy, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that he gets it done in the clutch. He’s a proven winner, helping the Spurs to three championships since his arrival. (A lot of people felt he should have been MVP of the ’05 Finals.) Over the last four postseasons he’s played, which includes two ‘chips, Ginobili has averaged 18.4 points and 3.7 assists. In that same time, Terry has averaged 16.5 points and 3.5 assists a game. Comparable numbers, but the difference is that Dallas is lacking is in the trophy column.

Maybe Ginobili has been surrounded by a more talented core in San Antonio, and maybe he has been the beneficiary of a few hundred favorable calls in his career. But the Spurs do not win championships in ’05 and ’07 without Ginobili. He is the clichéd “X-factor” that gives San Antonio the spark it needs to win big games. Both Parker and Duncan are going to bring it every night, but without a healthy and effective Ginobili, the team does not perform to expectations. This has never been more evident than the Spurs struggles last season, their unprecedented (in the Duncan era) first-round playoff exit, and their .500 start this season.

Who do you think is better?

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  • control

    Jason Terry.

    Manu is too injury prone. Flops way too much. Bald spot is distracting to teammates who try to pass him the ball but get blinded by glare from lights above.

  • LakeShow84

    Oh shit..

    The Spurs fans about to eat up DIME just for asking the question..

    i give it 10 minutes lol

  • SJ

    Manu is the better player. If health isn’t an issue, nobody in their right mind should say Terry is better than Ginobili.

  • control

    Here are some corrections to your piece Jack Jimson:

    “You don’t have to like the guy” should be “You probably won’t like the guy, nobody but Ian and his mom does”.

    “He is great at drawing fouls, playing the passing lanes and defending on the ball” should be “He is great at flopping to get fouls, flopping into the passing lanes and flopping on the ball”.

    “A mid-November groin strain has had a lot to do with his recent lack of production” should be “A mid-November vagina strain from flopping has had a lot to do with his recent lack of production”.

    “the Spurs do not win championships in ’05 and ’07 without Ginobili” should be “the Spurs do not win championships in ’05 and ’07 without Ginobili unless they have one of the other 20 small forwards who are as good or better than Ginobili”.

  • control

    Correction, small forward should be shooting guard…

  • flad

    yeah, but can J.T. kill a bat with his bare hands?

  • Diego

    I take JT this year or last. Manu is slipping; JT not so much.

  • Ian

    you shouldnt be allowed to post on manu articles.
    please tell give me 20 sgs better than him? give me 5 more productive sgs not named wade or kobe?

    this isnt even a debate
    terry cant do shit better than manu didnt we have a whos better tmac or manu last time? da fuck is terry doing in this conversation? has terry ever been a top 20 player in the league top 30 top 50??

    sorry gerald but you lose this one give the mavs in 06 manu instead of terry and watch those fuckers beat the refs and wade in the finals.

  • flavur

    Right now I’ll take the Jets stats and injury freeness over Manu and his injury proneness

  • David

    Control must really love Ginobili in a gay way because of all the crap he has written. Ginobili has championship rings and terry the fag never will

  • Ian

    how many times have tp and td lost in the first round? yeah the season manu missed it.

  • Ian

    can u imagine having manu and bosh instead of carter and bosh? yup that means the whole raps team would have a set of balls instead of the big zero they have right now.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Ian, let it go. When he finally gets his confidence back and trusts his body, everyone will be eating their hate.


    “A mid-November vagina strain from flopping has had a lot to do with his recent lack of production”.


    Manu is a much better baller but Terry is solid too. And this is coming from the biggest Mavs fan there is.

    And if flopping was a stat i think Manu would be 2nd all time right behind Vlade Divac

  • Ian

    hehehe sorry i get carried away talking manu.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Case and point, right now the jet, before aka spurs championship era, Ginobili… maybe he should look into a bat extermination business..

  • ab_40

    I like JT I realy do but he’s too short for the 2 position even with kidd in. GInobili (when healthy) is a (in the words of the great round mound of rebound) stud. he can do anything he wants to on the court and is unpredictable as hell with all the herky jerky moves he pulls of. I like Manu better even when he’s unsure of himself.

    can we get a gilbert arenas or brandon jennings? that would be nice

  • Sacto_J

    Manu = Rings
    Terry = Wings
    Manu > Terry

  • randomized

    Im a Spurs fan myself but I would agree with control and go with Jason Terry. I am just so tired of sayin ‘IF Manu was healthy…’. I love Manu but his flopping just injures him.

  • LakeShow84

    I take Ginobli..

    Case in point when Ginobli went to the bench everyone made such a big deal because everyone knew he didnt belong on the bench.. not saying everyone said it was wrong, they just applauded his sacrifice..

    When Terry went to the bench no one gave a fluck lol

    Ginobli HAS BEEN in the discussion for top 5 SG.. Terry was never in any discussions for top anything.. except top 6th man.. Which Manu has always won.. see the chain lol

  • Ekstor

    The hate here for Manu is plain stupid. Does he flop? Yes. But you can’t deny the man’s skills. Aside from being a great clutch performer (playing Kobe’s closing role during those championship years for the Spurs), he’s a solid all-around performer. Two years ago, Ginobili averaged 20/5/5 with 1.5 steals in ONLY 31 minutes per game – all while shooting 46% from the field, 40% from three, and 86% from the charity stripe. NO WAY ARE THERE 20 OTHER SMALL FORWARDS better than that!!

    This comparison is made even only because Manu is injury-prone. Otherwise when healthy, this is a no-brainer.

    That said, both are great clutch players and would help any team.

  • the cynic

    this isn’t close, Manu by a mile. Manu at his aging worst is still better then Terry at his highest peak

  • control



    How does Manu have balls? The guy crumbles into a ball at the slightest contact (San An towel boys have instructions to ensure they do NOT lay a towel on his shoulder when he gets to the bench, it WILL make him fall into a ball). He spends more time in the fetal position than any player in the league.

    I honestly shudder at the thought of Manu being on the Raps. Watching the Raps game is hard enough, having Manu needing to be mopped up off the floor after every play would just make me sick.

    All joking aside, it comes down to who would you want to have on your team? Jet for the whole season, or Manu for some of it? I’ll take the player who has most of the same abilities and is with my team for the entire season.

  • Ian

    Comon man I don’t mind the flop its not against the rules. Now do want terry for the playoffs or manu? Regular season doesn’t matter. Guys like amare , bosh and tmac look like superstars when games don’t matter. Give me manu type players when it does. Lakeshow had a good post. Manu is a starter playing the 6th man role.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Overall Manu, right now Terry, Manu’s always hurt

  • sweetv0mit

    i pick terry coz he dont have a bald spot like manu

  • kudos

    Forreal, jason terry has no defense and his lack of height is obvious when he’s driving to the basket. Manu can and will dunk on you. He’s a beast. -

  • Joe

    Terry is a punk, just look at him

  • MikeP

    healthy: Ginobili no doubt

  • Coop

    Er Ian flopping is against the rules but he’s not getting calls for flopping he’s getting calls for fouls (in the ref’s eyes).

    Ginobili is obviously the better player but right now and for the last year or so Terry has played better and that’s pretty much that.

  • Roger

    id take a healthy ginobili

  • Big Island

    I hate Ginobili, but I would take him over Terry. He did take a bat out of midair after all.

    The strained labia joke never gets old though. Control was kinda funny…

  • http://dime eyes

    I’d also take Ginobli from an intagibles sense. He does more well. Could play more positions and is aside from flopping the best Interantional player in the game when healthy. He’s proven and I’d take him over Carmelo & JJ in late game situations. Just has a knack for making plays. The comment about Ginobli being better than Jet in his prime. NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. J Terry was getting 40+ on a regular in Atlanta when the league was TOUGH. Stephen Jackson was another. People dont remember that stuff. That’s when men were men. No boys allowed. The league has gotten much softer and tinkered for the European players to advance for globalizing the brand. It’s cool though. Just keep a balance.

  • the cynic

    ^ 40 shots or 40 points? and on the worst team in the league. Terry couldn’t even start over Miles Simon in Arizona

  • Ian

    so wait ud take manu over melo and jj but not over prime jet and stephen jackson?

    now who the hell takes stephen jackson for anything??
    and terrys numbers are the same every season so what is his prime?? did you know he came in 99 when the east coudlnt beat a wnba team?? when was this men were men thing? maybe you are confusing terry with another player. hell jason terry was worse in atlanta than in dallas the man a kiddesque shooting percentage.

  • Ross

    Ginobli. He’s an NBA and World Champion.

  • Ian

    let me guess an all men are men team

    ull like


  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah no discussion here Manu takes it everyday of the week…no homo

  • SJ

    Control sounds like his vag is in a bind.

  • Diego

    @ Ian, I think no doubt Manu in his prime (which is gone) over Terry in his prime, which is still almost there.

    You are right Terry has been consistent since he started in the league. And he has been solid since then, but has not gotten much respect until finally last year. I remember when he was traded to Dallas and the idiot coach put him third string behind Harris and the old little point guard from Orlando who drove a VW beetle (name escapes me). Didn’t take too long for that moron to realize Terry was better than the other 2 guys at that time.

    And Terry did hit some 40 point games more or less in his last year in Atlanta, when the Hawks absolutely tried to throw the season in the 2nd half (and gift wrapped Rasheed Wallace to Detroit for Detroit to win a title that year), but instead ended up with Terry, Bobby Sura, and Stephen Jackson absolutely going berserk on some teams (making Golden State’s offense look like an Indiana 4 corners strategy).

    So don’t foolishly trash Terry. He is solid. Dallas should thank their lucky stars they got him–for what? A trade of every Dimer’s favorite broke former NBA player, Antoine Walker. One of Cuban’s few good personnel moves.

    (I think you are just pissy these days because your Spurs kind of suck this year (and were not exactly world beaters last year either)!)

  • quest???

    FAIL!!!..i take barea, thank you

  • William

    the question is right now not back when manu was the shit. if it didnt say his age earlier i would of thought manu was 35+. i think jet is better right now.

  • Ian

    I didn’t trash terry but getting pts on the worst team in the league doesn’t mean much and yeah I’m pissed at the spurs (manu really). If they are gonna be a 6-8th seed I rather have them miss the playoffs and get lucky a 3rd time in the lottery.

  • AdvancedMind

    Id take Manu, to me its kinda like picking the smartest kid in the special education class.
    @Ian, you must have a lot of Manu posters on your wall.

  • http://dime eyes

    Where do people think it’s easy to score 40 pts in this league. Gilbert wasn’t a starter at Arizona neither was Bynum. Anndddd. Where’s Miles Simon now. Although I think he should have been in the league. 40 is 40 50 is 50. If Speedy Claxton & Stephen Jackson who arguably saved & guaranteed the Spurs the ring that yr. Stayed they both would be considered winners & GREAT ROLE PLAYERS. Bruce Bowen is fortunate to have played with spurs otherwise he’d be an afterthought. It’s all the pieces that make the sum.

    Terry is one of the few players that get better with age. The Mavs avg 50 + wins a yr. This team isn’t all about Dirk w/o Terry they’d be in trouble. He scores in bunches & is deadly in crunchtime ala Ginobli. Scoring on a bad team is a lot harder than excelling & scoring with a good one. More weapons mean less help. You’d probably know that from actually playing and being competitive. @37 Yes that’s my lineup. You totally missed what I was saying. The league had a stronger crop of talent. Could you actually compare today’s league to the latter. It’s not close. Some guys that start today just by looking at their game. Would have been embarassed nightly. LMAO. Why do you think Reggie Miller,A.Houston,S.Cassel all still wanted to hoop ? They were like please some of these dudes are terrible.

  • karizmatic

    You guys said it in the article, it is Manu when he’s healthy and Jason Terry the rest of the time. Since Manu hasn’t really been healthy the last couple of years right now it’s Jason Terry.

  • Nyeme

    Manu is so overrated. He’s a good NBA player, crafty, and a good finisher and he plays at a high energy level. That’s it. Jason Terry does all of that and much better. A better shooter, more clutch, better finisher, better on the ball defender, better scorer. How many times has Manu gone over 16ppg? 2-3 times in his career? Why is that, when Duncan doesn’t even score anymore. Its not like the team is loaded with scorers. His best years are down years for Stars.

  • Ian

    I was eleven the last time I had a poster or a players jersey.

    Not making a good case for your man getting 40 gunning for the worst team on the worst years the east has ever seen is the only thing uve been sayin. Love the part of the men were men league when all u needed was 30 wins to get a playoffs spot in the east and the man still couldn’t do it. Barely cracked 40% fgp. Let me know when terry does something other than take a lot of shots. Not even you would take terry over manu for a game the meant something.

  • Ian

    Stopped reading your post when u said terry is more clutch and a better finisher. Dime should let u delete that crap.

  • Ian

    Sorry getting a bit carried away I’m starting to sound like a kobe fan that posts here a lot.

  • http://www.werner.com.ar andy w

    The question is who is better, not who is healthier!

    All things being equal Manu can score as much as JT if he wanted to, just doesn’t get (or need) that many touches. He’s also a two-way player, being a much better defender, as well as passer.

    JT: zero chips
    MG: three rings + Olympics + World Champ.

    Enough said!

  • runngun22

    One game, give me Manu. For a season, I’ll take Terry.

  • the cynic

    I always thought the early part of the decade was talent deprived as opposed to now. I don’t think anyone said Terry sucked, he’s a good player; so is Stephen Jackson(am I the only one that remembers he used to drive Pop crazy with his boneheaded plays, they let him go for a reason), and so was speedy claxton

  • jeff

    jt is a better clutch? what did terry do against miami to win a championchip. nothing. that is why they lost. where was the clutch when it counted most. manu on the other hand was the x factor for the championchips in 05 and 07. not to mention when he led the argantinian team to a gold medal and destroyed a USA team that had wade, lebron, carmelo,tim duncan and other superstar players. terry is a good player and yes right now he is doing better, but is it becouse of his greatness or manu’s many absenses from games becouse of injuries. as far a flops go yes manu does flop, but does that make him less of a good player. and not to metion manu won the 6th man award when terry was doing well and had no injuries. terry won the award when manu was injured. if it had not been for manu’s injury he would of won that year as well.

  • mike

    manu ginobli has done more for the san antonio spurs than terry has done for the mavs. i dont see dallas beating the spurs in 09 playoffs if manu was healthy and playing.you can go ahead a take terry now over manu ginobli, but the spurs are all about being contenders year in and year out and manu is a big piece of that. what dirk needs to do is be traded to spurs and win a championship like he deserves instead of staying with the likes of mark cuban who talks trash about every other team he plays, players that arent ashamed of smoking pot, and terry who punches a former friend findly in the groin. dallas will never win a championship.

  • oski1000

    Manu, no doubt. He’s more exciting to watch and he won all kind of tournaments in the world.

  • Dan

    its so easy to pick jason terry as the better player against a beat up manu. how fair is it to really compare these players at this point in time. give some time for manu to heal and maybe it would be pretty clear who really is the better player and every one would remember why spurs were such an elite team. manu is a competitor. he has layed his body on the line for many years and now he is pretty banged up. it was worth the three rings though. the big diffrence between the two, terry will see shaq or a yao in the lane and settle for a jump shot. manu will try to jam it down there throats. so when i hear that manu is injury prone and would rather be safe picking terry, all i really hear is manu will sacrafice his body to win a couple of rings while terry settles for a nba finals loss.

  • Dan

    its so easy to pick jason terry as the better player against a beat up manu. how fair is it to really compare these players at this point in time. give some time for manu to heal and maybe it would be pretty clear who really is the better player and every one would remember why spurs were such an elite team. manu is a competitor. he has layed his body on the line for many years and now he is pretty banged up. it was worth the three rings though. the big diffrence between the two, terry will see shaq or a yao in the lane and settle for a jump shot. manu will try to jam it down there throats. so when i hear that manu is injury prone and would rather be safe picking terry, all i really hear is manu will sacrafice his body to win a couple of rings while terry settles for a nba finals loss.

  • Dan

    its so easy to pick jason terry as the better player against a beat up manu. how fair is it to really compare these players at this point in time. give some time for manu to heal and maybe it would be pretty clear who really is the better player and every one would remember why spurs were such an elite team. manu is a competitor. he has layed his body on the line for many years and now he is pretty banged up. it was worth the three rings though. the big diffrence between the two, terry will see shaq or a yao in the lane and settle for a jump shot. manu will try to jam it down there throats. so when i hear that manu is injury prone and would rather be safe picking terry, all i really hear is manu will sacrafice his body to win a couple of rings while terry settles for a nba finals loss.

  • jesus

    manu and terry are two great and simular players. they both can score in a variety of ways and can create for others. it is hard to pick who is better without putting there history and manu’s injury into consideration. putting all that aside terry is doing better at this point. my question to you is who would you pick in the playoffs. the best way to do this is to put there names aside so there would be no biases and then ask your self that question. would it be a nba finals veteran that has shown his quality on the big stage or someone who has only touched the nba finals floor only during one year and failed to go over the hump. i dont mean to bash on the mavs failures becouse the spurs have had theres but cmon now, the mavs had a championship in the bag and dropped the ball. that had to sting. im not a dallas fan and i was even depressed for them.

  • Tom

    when healthy, Manu is a more well rounded player with a better ability to impact the game in more ways. Nuf Said!!

  • http://www.nba.com Martin

    If manu is confidence and healthy, he is as good as Kobe! If you know some special stat, Battier said Kobe still has weakness, but Ginobili has no weakness. And Manu Ginobili is ranking 2ND IN THE ALL TIME NBA PLAYOFF HISTORY WINNING PERCENTAGE under Larry Bird, Jordan, who is the greatest player ever, I think, he is ranking at Third! HE IS RANKING AT 6TH IN ALL TIME NBA SEASON WINNING PERCENTAGE. So think about it!! MANU GINOBILI IS WAY BETTER THAN JASON TERRY IN CAREER WISE!!! Now, maybe Terry is better!

  • Ath

    That other time it was a Ginobili vs TMac now we’re at Jason Terry? What’s next Larry Hughes vs Ginobili or something? I mean the guy is getting older and all but cmon this isn’t even a debate.
    One thing I don’t agree with Manu´s defenders is that you all used the argument, when it was him vs TMac, that TMac was injury prone and are now dismissing the fact that staying healthy is a big concern for Ginobili now as well.
    But seriously have you ever watched a Spurs vs Lakers match and how Kobe sticks like glue all over Ginobili on so many occasions … that’s because he is good and he can do so many things for a team and not just score.
    You have Kobe and D Wade and then you have guys like Joe Johnson or Roy maybe even Carter and Ginobili is in that group of talent with the difference that he has some rings to show up. I’m sorry Jason Terry is not on that league.

  • baron

    @Post 57/58/59

    When you post in any Spurs-related threads just fix the spelling: “Cunt Troll”

  • baron

    I wanna point out one fact about the comments re: “Manu has not played in all 82 games.” I’d like to report the following:

    YEAR # GAMES PLAYED (including playoffs)
    02-03 93 CHAMPS
    03-04 87
    04-05 97 CHAMPS
    05-06 78
    06-07 95 CHAMPS
    07-08 91

    So you can throw that caca out the window mangs, cuz he made enough impact in the regular season to get the Spurs where they needed to be come playoff time, then often delivered when it mattered most.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    Jason Terry doesn’t come close to possessing Manu Ginobili’s talents. Ginobili is a far superior defender + rebounder + passer + is a far more varied scorer.

    Terry is a notch or two below an All-Star. Manu Ginobili is an All-NBA talent.

  • http://www.myspace.com/trillitrill Mike Riley

    Jason Terry is the best ever , of all time, duh!!!!

    Plus his song is AWESOME and I can’t stop singing it “Do tha Jason Terry”. The fans sing it all the mavs games!!!

    “Do tha Jason Terry” youtube video:

  • jesus

    well mike riley that was the best argument for jason terry in this whole confersation, wow, you sure bought me. maybe his song could win him a ring.

  • jesus

    to mike riley: using the rule of argument we can use premise 1; jason terry is the best of all time duh!!!,
    with presmise 2; Do tha jason terry, to feasably conclude that your a moron.

  • jesus

    i can also conclude that your probably a kid for the lack of education in your typing, in which sorry for the dis. you may also be a girl for your intrest in a song like Do tha jason terry that you cant stop thinking about. sounds kinda girlish. if you are a man than all i can say is hang in there, soon enough a girl is bound to talk to you. you may be just a mavs fan in which case you have a free pass becouse of… well.. your a mav fan, need there be said more. ps. in any which of these cases your still a moron.yes chubby little kid with choclate ice cream covered all over your face from the popcicle in your hand, you to are indeed a moron. for the sake of argument im just going to call you chubsters.

  • jesus

    to control, judging by the way you talk about how ginobli flops, cries, and whine, i assume your a man that has not had luck in your life. you see only the negatives in life, for you the glass is always half empty so to speak, and the grass is always more green on the other side of the fence.you contradict yourself when calling your self the very thing that you do not have a handle of, control. i would advise you to take escitilopram for your depression and lithium or a benzo like ativan when your feeling a little manic when a stressing event occurs such as (the mavs loosing in the nba finals, or the mavs loosing to a 8th seeded team in the playoffs)come to think of it, your delusions that terry is better than manu indicates to me that you may be schizoaffective. there is always help. p.s ian sucks.