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2010 NBA All-Stars officially announced

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

So much for suspense. Since every reporter and their intern decided to leak the 2010 NBA All-Star reserves earlier today, tonight’s official announcement on TNT loses quite a bit of intrigue. Still, here are the official rosters as named a few minutes ago…

G – Dwyane Wade
G – Allen Iverson
F – LeBron James
F – Kevin Garnett
C – Dwight Howard
G – Rajon Rondo
G – Derrick Rose
G – Joe Johnson
F – Gerald Wallace
F – Chris Bosh
F – Paul Pierce
C – Al Horford

G – Kobe Bryant
G – Steve Nash
F – Carmelo Anthony
F – Tim Duncan
C – Amar’e Stoudemire
G – Brandon Roy
G – Chris Paul
G – Deron Williams
F – Dirk Nowitzki
F – Kevin Durant
F – Zach Randolph
C – Pau Gasol

Some quick thoughts…

* Charles Barkley said Rondo has been the Celtics’ best player this season, and I agree. So I don’t really see why there was so much debate over this one. Classic example of how hard it is to shake your initial reputation; people still think Rondo is just riding coattails, but don’t realize he’s been the one keeping Boston near the top of the East through KG’s injuries and Ray Allen’s declining game. Pierce isn’t even an automatic 25 points and a dagger anymore.

* TNT listed it’s East notable snubs up: David Lee, Mo Williams, Josh Smith and Andrew Bogut. Barkley immediately said only one of them even belonged in the conversation (Lee), and I can’t disagree enough. Bogut would’ve got my vote over Lee, and Smith could’ve gone ahead of Pierce or even Wallace and I wouldn’t have been too mad. Mo Williams was only there for the “Cleveland should have two All-Stars” argument.

* Kenny Smith said Pierce is a “no-brainer.” Do you agree?

* How does Barkley try to argue on Chris Kaman’s behalf by bringing up Pau Gasol’s pre-L.A. playoff record? What has Kaman done in the playoffs?

* The Rockets didn’t get a representative. Makes sense, since they’re a team full of role players — at least perception-wise — without a marquee star. You can make a good case for Aaron Brooks, and Chris Webber has been pushing Carl Landry, but it would be tough for any of them to get in since there’s so much talent in the conference.

* Anyone else get the feeling the TNT crew is yelling and arguing mainly because people expect them to?

* I swear Kenny Smith just told a bold-faced lie on national TV. Last week when the starters were announced and the TNT guys were picking their reserves, Smith admitted he accidentally forgot about Joe Johnson, and would therefore cut D-Rose from his squad to give Joe his spot. Tonight, when they showed those reserve predictions again, Kenny again said he left Johnson off his original list, but said he would have cut Mo Williams for Joe.

* Will there be alternates? Right now, I could see KG maybe skipping the game to rest his knees. ‘Melo has also been banged-up, but seeing as he didn’t make All-Star last year, I think he’ll go even if he doesn’t play a lot of minutes. (Same for Deron Williams.) B-Roy might skip it if his hamstring isn’t cooperating and knowing he needs to carry this Blazers team down the stretch. Kobe and Duncan will show up, and while Duncan will likely pull limited duty, Kobe won’t let anybody keep him out.

So at best, I’m thinking there could be one East forward spot open and one West guard spot. If that happens, Lee will probably get the nod (maybe J-Smoove), and in the West, either Brooks or Chauncey Billups.

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  • Drink the Haterade

    where is the west?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dang no Rockets wow. Oh well. Move on.

  • chris

    the coaches should have put chris bosh in as center, then have josh smith replace al horford, josh smith is far more important to atlantas sucess that horford. Kaman should have been an all-ster instead of gasol. Kaman just got penalised because he plays for a bad team and because he has such a boring game. if he and pau switched places kaman would be a guaranteed all-star

  • jmg

    Paula Pierce over David Lee…thats some bullish!!

  • timmy d

    Z-BO!!!!!!!! All-Star now MVP next!!

  • Keith

    If KG pulls out (which I reckon he will) the Lee deserves a spot. If J-Smoove gets it though I won’t be too mad, but Lee almost deserves the nod just as a thank-you for busting his arse on a terrible team.

    As for the West, I doubt anybody is pulling out. And I can’t complain about any of them

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @chris – your absolutely right.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    No Bogut, no Kaman. The coaches are just as retarded as the fans it seems.

  • jksonics

    Kenny “I-made-my-own-nickname-after-retiring-the-jet” Smith has no brain so ignore anything he says.


    Pierce and Horford (he will get his time) out.
    J.Smith and Bogut in. (Lee misses by the skin of his teeth)


    Gasol out.
    Kaman in.

    Just my .02

  • http://dime eyes

    Do people really think bogut is the bucks best player. He’s playing great supposedly & is avg what wth no back up center. Bj has cooled of due to some issues I don’t feel like running through the ground. I really wish BJ was starting for the griz,knicks,hawks,or anybody outside of his situation in Mil. His mentors are Charlie Bell,Skiles,Ridnour. Who on their best day have nothing on Brandon. Bogut is good not an ALL STAR. A Lot of his success & the teams has everything to do wth Bj. Even if he was on fire & could get 50 again. The mean machine wouldn’t let it happen. Just how MIA has held Beasley back. The Bucks will typecast brandons career as a Scorer or loser. Can he void his contract & go somewhere relevant. Steph Curry is no where near better than Brandon. Can Blake Griffin still win rookie of the year. The Bucks have a less talented team than the nets & kniicks & are winning because. That’s what a true point does. Also everything people thought he was cocky or young for saying. Will bust rubios a%$, Duhon is just plain sorry. Luke Ridnour I start even wth ur father coaching

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jack J

    Monta should be an alternate

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @eyes — Nobody is saying Bogut is Milwaukee’s best player, but he has less competition at center in the East than Jennings has at guard. Not to mention it’s very hard for rookies to make the All-Star team, because people assume they’ll always have time to make it later.

  • LakeShow84

    Seeing Deron Williams up there put a smile on my face..

    Bet he tears it up in the second half of the season..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Eyes

    You man crushing hard on BJ lol

  • gilford22

    Al Horford is the only player that doesn’t deserve a spot! It should be Andrew Bogut because he’s a REAL center and has better stats than Al horford.

    I think the east will be beaten again this year because they’re undersized and has too many first time all-star.

  • Borgs

    Actually, Bogut IS the Bucks’ best player. Jennings has the tools to earn that status in time, but most Bucks’ fans say Bogut’s their key operator. I can’t disagree with those who watch their every game.

    Being a smaller market, that BJ exploded on to the scene with the 55, and that Knicks’ fans still harbor disgust at not drafting Jennings, the rest of the country has been hoodwinked in to thinking BJ’s the man in Milwaukee. They’re wrong.

  • king

    Al horgord and allstar!?!?! not as undeserving as magloire but close. hes the 4th best player on his team

  • scarboroslikechuck

    Where’s D Lee ?

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Pierce— Are you freakin kidding me? Put David Lee in there PLEASE!!

    Gasol — The Caveman belongs here

    Bosh should be starting.

    Horford — Is the East list of centers really that weak?

  • gilford22

    Didn’t the coaches learned from last year’s ASG?? That East team last year were so undersized that they only have Dwight Howard as their legit center, and now this?(I really want to have Bogut in that squad over horford).

  • Kevin

    Monta Ellis, Brook Lopez, Chris Kaman, Antwan Jamison and Steven Jackson should be in this conversation. Chauncey Billups Al Horford and Paul Pierce should not.

  • A.R.

    Amare must be removed from this team immediately!! He just committed an heinous crime!! One fuckin rebound!?!?!? ONE!!!!! In 27 minutes this big bastard grabbed (ONE) rebound! Nash even had the decency to pick up four! Seriously with all the athletic ability he possesses there is no reason he should finish a game with ONE rebound!
    Please Stern get him the hell outta there!!!!!!

  • jzsmoove

    Deron Williams booya!! yeah boy!! you been snubbed too many times, you get yours. and David Lee snub is unforgivable. He is the lifeline of his team and is the epitome of Knicks basketball, ask a die hard Knicks fan.

  • Ross

    I choose Billups over Deron or CP3 anyday.

  • Kyle

    David Lee is the biggest snub. Honestly, Kaman would have gotten in if he hadn’t trashed a few players. I think the coaches were punishing him. Horford over Lee and Josh Smith is just wrong.

    Bogut maybe deserved it, but he plays for the Bucks. He’s also been injured part of the time. It’s sad that KG, Iverson, Amare, Horford, Pierce and Gasol are allstars. Not one is deserving.

  • http://nba.com Factman

    Hi, I’m Factman

    Fact: It is highly odd that just two weeks ago Tracy McGrady was ahead of Steve Nash in Allstar votes, and now, suddenly, Nash is apparently a whopping 200 000 votes ahead of McGrady- essentially booting McGrady out of the Allstar game.

    You’re Welcome.

  • heavy d

    Al Horford got in because they needed a C and the coaches evidently eliminated anyone on a losing team (sorry Bogut). That also strikes out David Lee although he was listed at F on the ballot and faced tougher competition. Essentially Horford edged Perkins and Noah because a 4th Celtic would have been excessive and a 2nd Bull would have seemed wacky as well. Think what you will about Horford, but at least the backup C spot wasn’t given to Shaquille O’Neal (that would have been a travishamockery)

    I felt the biggest oversights were Josh Smith and Stephen Jackson. Both were probably slighted due to reputations and past baggage than performance this year and that’s why I doubt they get the call even in a replacement role. I’m predicting Lee (NBA league office picks not the coaches) if they need a forward, Noah if they need a C (Bogut gets screwed) and sadly Vince Carter if they need a G (not the best year, but Orlando would get 2nd all-star). The only Cav that could make a case to be there 2nd all-star is Mo Williams who is out anyway.

  • heavy d

    Kevin@21, Brook Lopez? Sure numbers wise he is close to David Lee, but I can’t imagine the stats required to get to the ASG from a 4 win team. Losing factors into the voting a lot. Same goes for Antwan Jamison. His team has the 2nd worst record in the East. IMO, Bogut and Lee got marked down for being on losing teams, but the Nets and Wizards make the Knicks and Bucks look good in comparison.

  • K.I.R

    expect Kobe to be on a mission especially after losing 2 to the cavs this is there last guranteed match up and we all know he cares

  • dc

    Kevin@21: You must be joking me if you think billups doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation of all-star. Not saying D-will doesn’t deserve it, but I’m with Ross@24, I’d take Mr. Big Shot over D-will anyday

  • Ian

    “How does Barkley try to argue on Chris Kaman’s behalf by bringing up Pau Gasol’s pre-L.A. playoff record? What has Kaman done in the playoffs?”

    i mentioned this the other day when we were having a gasol or kaman argument.

    kenny made a good point last night when barkley mentioned gasols record about kamans record and kobes playoff record before gasol joined.

    btw loved cwebb talking about gasol (no one is scared of him) and kaman like he used to be a tough player.

  • Ian

    for lopez to make it with that record he needs to be having a wilt chamberlain type season.

  • Leroy Shonuff

    Paul Pierce should not be on the all star team…Steven Jackson does…Pau Gasol doesn’t either…and those who say Gasol is better than Kaman…Kaman wouldn’t have got his shot blocked at the end of the game against the cavs and he wasn’t the reason the Lakers won the Finals last year(Jameer playing off of Fisher was along with Courtney missed layup)…Al Horford is the second worst all star selection ever!!!!! The 5th best player on his team!!! The NBA…where stupidity happens…

  • http://dime eyes

    @33Al Horford is the glue to the Hawks more like he’s not featured nearly enough. He’s not an all star yet but very solid for a young player. Without him the Hawks had a losing record last yr & would be crap this year. Could even say Jamal Crawford deserved to be an All Star. Bogut isn’t & never will be worthy of a #1 pick. The credit he & Lee are getting is unbelievable. That’s more a testament to them being actual professional & doing good on subpar teams.

    Do you think either would really make an impact on a playoff or Championship team? I don’t think so but that’s my opinion. I hope people are paying attention to the direction of the league. When players like Lee,Bogut,Brook Lopez,Mo Williams,D.Harris are All Stars the legue is in trouble moving forward. Even how aged the Celtics,Vince & a lot of remaining people in the league. They look like they go to retirement homes after the game. They have to play & finish out their contract. Walking,Healthy or not. How much knee braces & ben gay are allowed today. If Rondo had on the Patrick Ewing new gen(White Knee Braces).

    Either something is wrong the C’s medical or training staff. If KG’s knee still isn’t correct. He needs to go to Tim Grover. Could you imagine the Celtics had Denver or Phx staff. They’d be unbeatable. Too bad they have a crappy doctor or nutrionist over there. Ray,Pierce,Wallace,Allen & Garnett looked rundown & were not even close to the end. They won’t hold up in the playoffs.

    Memo to the League or Stern. If you really care about your league & its players supposedly. Get them better medical staffs. Make sure all surgeries are done by real experts who get the best results. It’s no reason for Phx & Den to be so way ahead the game for healthy & rehabbed players. I don’t think anybody on that team wears a brace is it out of shape. Just look around the league. People have all kinds of gear holding their body up. They’re needs to be an overhaul of each team’s physician. They should be held accountable rather than the players being expected to perform near robotic or unrealistic human expectancy. You’re paid this amount so therefore. They’re expected to play until they can’t walk or live a normal life afterwards.

    Do you see the difference in Shaq in just one year removed from Phx. He can’t move & has put on nearly 40 to 50 pounds which can’t be healthy. Why is Grant Hill/Nash performing & holding up better than Arenas,Wade,Carter,A.I. and so many others. Even A.I. hadn’t lost his step in Denver he just wasn’t a PG. Can a doctor be fined or fired for ruining or ending a players career like Redd’s,Claxton’s,Houston’s,Steve Francis,Mashburn,Abdur Rahim’s,Webber’s,Garnett’s,TMac.

    Something is wrong guys. Does Media,Bounce,Dime anybody care to take a look at that or would we rather this constant attack at everything that’s different. With the crowd,execs, & suits of the league from the product that’s on the court. Let’s stop talking about how much a player makes during this economy. They make what they make. So does the agent & the person signing the contracts. If your job want’s to pay you more than you deserve you take. With no questions asked. If everyone on their site posted their yearly salary & their job title. I’m sure they would be an outrage or hate directed toward you. Why do you make more than the other person. Are Basketball players the only ones that supposedly make to much money. Every other sport is okay. Are European players overpaid. Are soccer players overpaid. How about Xgames,Actors,Talk Show hosts,Tennis Players. Sports in general. Still to date do we really need a new Jets stadium,Giants along with the Mets & Yankees stadium.

  • BigAZBaller

    Why isn’t Kevin Durant getting any love?

  • Mark

    Listen while Factman speaks in facts.

    Same thing happened just last year with, yep, Tracy McGrady.

  • Urban

    @ eyes

    You make a good arguement for the effectiveness of a good trining staff, but you have to sometimes look deeper. As far as KG, Tmac, and even Kobe go. You have to add 2-3 years to their age because they came out of highschool, and especially in the cas of KG they where thrown right in, and have a lot of NBA miles, which are quite different than NBA miles. I cant say Pheonix or the Nuggets have great trainers, cause Amare has been injured non stop, and Billups and Anthony have had multiple injury issues this season, let alone Kmart over the past years. And in the case of Grant Hill, he’s only been playing in the league like 8 years, even though he’s been in the league like 15. If that makes sense. He doesn’t have the wear and tear cause of all his off seasons. And Nash started late, didn’t get huge minutes starting out, and only ran from 3pt line to 3pt line his first few years, so of course he still has a lot in the tank. It’s all about circumstances and timing. But yeah Pheonix was good for Shaq.