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Allen Iverson Could Be A Free Agent By Wednesday

Now I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it could. As much as myself, Pat and other Sixers fans have loved seeing Allen Iverson back in Philly, the harsh world of reality could put the 34-year-old veteran back in the unemployment line by this Wednesday. I wish it wasn’t so.

When Iverson signed his prorated contract with the Sixers, it was a partially guaranteed deal. And based on when he signed on the dotted line, his deal will become guaranteed this Sunday (Jan. 10). Because D-Day falls on a Sunday, the date has actually been moved to this Wednesday (Jan. 8), with the Sixers needing to waive Iverson 48-hours before.

Now don’t get me wrong – despite the votes – Iverson isn’t putting up All-Star numbers since his arrival. In the nine games that he’s played back in Philly, the Answer is putting up a respectable 15.7 points, 3.4 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game, playing 33.2 minutes a night.

“Nothing is etched in stone,” Eddie Jordan said of retaining Iverson to the Philadelphia Inquirer last night. “But I think it’s going to happen.”

If you ask me, that’s not the type of ringing endorsement I want from my coach. I think it’s going to happen? That’s what you tell your friends when they ask if you’re gonna get some on the first date. Sure Iverson has started all nine games that he’s played, but then again, Lou Williams was out. Last night they started in the backcourt together, but who knows what the future will entail.

What do you think? Will the Sixers waive Iverson, or will they keep him for at least the rest of the season?

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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  • LakeShow84

    i think they’d be stupid to let him go..

    They’ve had some big wins since hes been back on that team.. keep it going and let him go at the end of the season.. Hes actually HELPED them.. they were horrible before lol..

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    No one expected him to turn them into the lakers. He has done exactly what they ask; sell tickets keep it shut and be mature.. O and if you can win some games thad cool too. Now it’s just a dollars game. Fir a team that’s rebuilding can they afford to let him walk? Prolly not if they don’t want people to ignore the dozers again

  • isotope

    jan 8 is a wednesday????

  • Reddi Red

    no disrespect Dime, but i think this article was written out of boredom.
    i cannot really see philly waiving him.

  • Jah

    I predict he stays.

  • Thype

    Statistics this, all-star voting that, what it comes down to is sitting asses down in the chairs at home and that is exactly what AI does.

    It’s a poor business decision to let him go at this point. He hasn’t been a distraction, really, and he’s putting up numbers you would expect of a older player that has only played a couple games this season. I would go as far as saying that he’s done better than most thought he would.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    He isn’t helping them win but he also isn’t causing them to lose so might as well keep him for the remainder of the season.

  • sh!tfaced

    He could be the first free agent voted into the All-Star Game…

  • NTstateOFmind

    @8 , what jersey would he wear?

  • K Dizzle

    Man, I DARE Philly to let him walk and see how quick seats get empty again…
    Shooooot, Nova, Temple and St Joe’s games cheaper anyways…and maybe better ball

  • Razzle

    Okay, AI should just shoot himself if he gets waived again. Seriously, I’ve had enough of his bullshit. Just fucking play ball, man. You were given so many chances…

  • sh!tfaced

    @9, whichever team signs him to a 10-day contract during the ASG weekend..? lol

  • yes

    cmon aron…this is a really speculative post.

    AI is staying put, there’s absolutely no question about it.

  • Tino

    AI wasn’t expected to put up All Star numbers, just solidify the backcourt while Lou Williams was out and contribute. Based on that, why would the Sixers let him walk?

  • M-Blog

    @11 , are you on crack ? AI did everything that was required of him , what are you talking about ?Him being waived doesn’t have anything to do with bad behavior or not listening ..

  • M-Blog

    @11 , are you on crack ? AI did everything that was required of him , what are you talking about ?Him being waived doesn’t have anything to do with bad behavior or not listening..

  • The Prodigy

    This article was done outta boredom… No facts, all speculations…

  • QQ

    All the hoopla surrounding his ‘retirement’, then his return to Philly, then this? Damn. It’s not so long ago when everyone wants to BE Allen Iverson. Damn, everyone seems to stay away.

  • Ryan Le Jour

    man just let the dude play ball. enough criticizing already. In my eyes, Iverson’s a legend. So just let him finish out his career where he started.