Smack / Jan 15, 2010 / 6:43 am

Bloody Sun-Day

Sundiata Gaines (photo. Kevin Couliau, Bounce)

Every good sports-movie plot twist came together at the right time to make Sundiata Gaines‘ game-winner on the Cavs last night feel like the Jazz had won an NBA championship and exorcised the Jordan-on-Russell demon all at once, not to mention getting a couple hundred starving screenwriters to crack open the laptop to get started on the Hollywood script. (Fredro Starr could play ‘Yatta. He’s got the NYC swagger and experience from Sunset Park, but him being 5-foot-2 might be an issue. To compensate, you’d have to get Don Cheadle to play LeBron and break out the 8-foot rims.) … With five seconds left, Utah was down two and missing Deron Williams, who’d re-injured his right wrist earlier in the fourth, plus Carlos Boozer, who’d fouled out. Going for the three and the win, Kyle Korver got the inbound, but immediately found a defender in his face. Kick it over to Ronnie Price, but just when he seemed destined to pull a Lou Williams Special and jack up a horrible 30-foot fadeaway, Price smartly passed to Gaines, who was spotted up and ready to let it fly over Anthony Parker. Bottoms, buzzer, ballgame. The Jazz mobbed the recent D-League call-up as the home crowd lost their minds … That capped a fourth quarter where Utah thrived in the running game even without Deron, getting buckets from Price, C.J. Miles, Wes Matthews and Gaines. LeBron (36 pts, 9 rebs, 5 stls) dropped 20 in the fourth, including back-to-back treys and two free throws in the final minute that had the Cavs ahead by six with 30 seconds left. But while Cleveland bricked crucial free throws after Utah was forced to foul, Price, Paul Millsap and Korver were able to get quick scores to set up Gaines for his big shot … From the “Where the hell did that come from?” files, Korver tracked down LeBron in transition in the first half and swatted his layup off the glass. That was about as likely as Mike Bibby dunking on somebody … While Sundiata only played about 10 minutes Thursday, Derrick Rose brought his Chicago playground game to the Celtics all night. It became clear early on that Rajon Rondo wouldn’t be able to keep Rose (17 pts, 8 rebs) out of the paint, but what kept Boston at arm’s length during crunch time was Rose’s aggressiveness and decision-making once he got there … Despite Paul Pierce (20 pts, 6-18 FG) and Ray Allen (8 pts, 4-10 FG) struggling with their shots — not to mention having Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich in their shirts — the C’s were able to make it close a couple times in the fourth, but Chicago always snuffed out the rally as Rose had nine points and three dimes in the quarter. He delivered what was essentially the dagger with 1:50 remaining when he smoked Rondo on a crossover and hit the lane going so fast he was almost behind the basket when he dropped in a layup to put the Bulls up 10 … Not to be outdone by Korver’s show of athleticism, did you see Brian Scalabrine score on a nice little drive and scoop shot in the first quarter? That might have been the greatest play Veal’s ever made in the NBA … When Tyrus Thomas went flying into the scorer’s table and took out the TNT announce crew, we thought we heard Doug Collins bark, “Get outta here!” Kevin Harlan showed a lethal first step to get out of his chair in time as Tyrus was headed right for him … As Georgetown was turning the screws into Seton Hall on ESPN, one of the announcers described the Hall’s backcourt performance as “an overabundance of mediocrity.” Or as we sometimes call it, a New Jersey Nets practice … We’re out like Scal and Korver on NBA Jam

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  • Josh Tha roc

    Gotta love the under dog coming through. Does that guarantee him a future with the jazz?
    I’ve seen teams running plays in overtime through a 10 day contract player, then cut that same dude acoupledays later.

  • RC

    Put Brian Scalabrine in NBA JAM as a secret character for the Celtics. Common its NBA JAM after all why be too serious about the rosters???? Scalabz as I like to call him is the Jackie Moon of the NBA. Pure Basketball Entertainment.

  • Brian

    ^ There is room at the position. I am sure Yata will take almost nothing money wise. Its either that, or go back to Idaho. When the Jazz traded away Maynor, it opened the door for a player like him. Especially now that DWill re-sprained his wrist.

  • jimmhumm

    Korver beat a LBJ shot? Where’s the Youtube of that? Or did Nike already confinscate that tape too!!!

    Long time no see fam
    Dime Forever


  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    They might as well started playing “One Moment in Time” after that shot. Stuff felt epic even if it wasn’t.

    One time for the Jazz though, as much as I call them out and stuff I was impressed with how they withstood the LBJ thunderstorm.

    Glad the D League is getting press too.

    Didn’t watch Boston and Chicago just couldn’t feel it plus TNA was on lol.

    Did they announce the dunk participants last night, I missed it. I heard about the dunk in which seems corny but I am with trying anything once.

    I am like Jimmhumm, I missed where Korver beat LBJ’s shot, Puuuhleasssee show that!

    Friday baby! Book of Eli day!


    Exorcised not exercised!

    Come On Dime!

  • Guitar Hero

    Derrick Rose is not a PG. He has no sense of a game’s tempo, whatsoever.

    The Bulls are at their best with Kirk at PG and Rose at SG.

  • AdvancedMind

    Im glad my Bulls got a win, we have been playing well the last ten games, but i wouldnt put to much into beating the KG’less Celtics. On another note, i think its an absolute abortion to watch Kendrick Perkins post up, its like nails on a chalk board. His fucking face makes me wanna turn the game off.

  • QQ

    Veal’s greatest play was that lame shot? He might be virtually useless, but remember, he dropped 30+ on the Pistons in the playoffs before. Maybe his greatest play came in that game.

  • rick773

    I agree wit you advanced mind. I hate Kendrick Perkins but not as much as I hate Eddie House and that fuqa’s J was wet all game. I can’t even explain why I hate him I just do.

    And I disagree wit Guitar Hero I’m not sure what game you watched but everytime the Bulls needed a bucket it was rose either making the shot or assisting on the shot. Thats what good PG’s do

  • Celts Fan

    @QQ – when did that happen against Detroit? Was he on the Nets back then w/ JKidd? I need to see proof. I didn’t think it was possible for Scal to do that even in an empty gym…

  • netstar

    Best Play scalabrene has ever had in the nba:
    back-to-back treys against the pistons in 3ot in the 05 playoff semis

  • Maynard

    Oh, I get that joke. Because the Nets are bad, right?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Capital Gaines…

    He can tell his kids down the line….

    SG: We was playin’ Lebron…
    kids: “Lebron?!?!? No Waaayy!!! King James?!?!?!?!””
    SG: yeah.. the King….we were down by two with 5 seconds left…
    kids: “Daddy!! What did you do???”
    SG: The others guys couldn’t get off a shot, so they passed it to me and I busted a three ON THEY ASSES to win the game!!!!
    KIds: (cheering and screaming) Yeah !! YES!!!! Daddy you was bad !!!
    SG: …and that was day 9…..

  • Mike Mihalow

    You can actually vote on who you want to be in NBA Jam

  • AdvancedMind

    @ rick773

    Yea i dont know what Derrick Rose hes watching but the Rose i see on a daily bassis is most deff a point guard.
    Its hard to get ast’s when your team either misses jumpers or doesnt shoot the ball when there wide open “John Salmons”. Plus Derrick is so effective scoring and being that hes our best scoring option, hes forced to make plays.
    And i agree i fucking hate Eddie House, because he talks shit when hes GARBAGE.

  • AdvancedMind

    By the way Rondo sure didnt look like the defensive stopper, that people on here make him out to be, last night.

  • http://dime help

    @17… It could be the fact he plays 40 mins a night. Also great defense cannot stop great offense. Who can stay in front of Rose one on one. KG wasn’t playing. Winning,Offense,Defense is done by teams. Losing,Rotating,Rebounding is also done by teams. Clear case of you not liking Rondo. Rondo is still a better PG than Rose. Rose plays the PG but doesn’t see the floor or pass like a true PG. He’s more a scorer. D.Rose couldn’t get 20 assists if he tried. No one really taught him the game. He plays off his atheltic ability alone. If he ever learns the position he’s going to be great. Right now he’s more in a Devin Harris/Tony Parker mold.

  • Chitown 23/33

    So you’re telling me if D. Rose was surrounded by 3 Hall of Famers who are all jump shooters instead of mostly drive and kick middle of the line guys he couldn’t put up the same type of assist numbers as Rondo, you can’t be serious. As a penetrating PG, 2 of his 3 main perimeter threats were shooting and spectacular 38% from the field up until about two weeks ago. Beyond that Rondo could go scoreless and Boston can win. If Rose doesn’t score Chicago may lose by 20. Rondo doesn’t have to carry nearly as much of the offensive load as D Rose does for his team to be effective.

  • control

    Nice, I am around to get into some Rondo hating!

    Fuck Rondo. If DRose was on Boston, he’d have almost 20pts and probably 10assts. He’d make Boston SOOO much more of a threat because he can actually shoot the ball from outside the paint, and he is AS quick or maybe even quicker than Rondo as well.

    There really isn’t any way in which Rondo is better than Rose, and Rondo has been in the league a lot longer than Rose. Well, I guess Rondo is better at being a dirty player and a dirty bitch.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Lose to the bulls at home and the only thing they can say is…”well, Rondo is a real PG, DRose is all athletic ability” GTFOH! Rose is a legit Pg and gave Bos the Beeee Knees last night. Take it like a f^king man and move on.

  • AdvancedMind

    @ control
    Let the Cetics fans overies fall out of there vaginas on this one..
    Rose brings way more to the table then Rondo, as a whole.

  • ShowKase

    Gaines – 1 James – 0

    Thats game had it all, LeBron making NBA Jam shots, Korver the shot blocking specialist, and the D-League feel good story of the year.

    Cant wait for the Celts-Bulls playoff series. Baby Bulls gaining a lot of confidence with these wins in the Garden.

    Have any of yall seen the Kobe puppet commercial with him and the foot locker guys doing their lil step/rap and his shoes catch on fire? Why would you set a nice pair of shoes like that on fire!?

  • AdvancedMind


    Your crazy, Derrick Rose is asked to do way more then Rondo on the court. Derrick HAS TO SCORE in order for his team to have any chance of winning. Tony Parker and Devin Harris have Bigs that should be the main scoring option,yet they still jack up shots. Give Derrick a Big like Kahman or Jefferson and it would be a different situation.
    I dont think i hate Rondo i think you mother fuckers clearly overate him cause you must all have a “WORLD OF WARCRAFT NIGHT ELF” obsession. The little troll shoots 50% from the freethrow line, his so called Defensive skill is all from him being able to gamble cause the Celtics run a zone man illegel defense, place there bigs in the paint and make teams beat them with jump shooting.

    Hense why they lead the league in illegel defensive techs.

  • AdvancedMind

    Next your gonna claim Kendrick Perkins is a low post beast.

  • RonNation
  • control

    “WORLD OF WARCRAFT NIGHT ELF” obsession, hahaha!

    Unlike AdvancedMind, I DO know I hate Rondo. The guy is a piece of a shit as a person, he’s WAY over hyped as a basketball player, and he’s just a straight dirty player and dirty bitch. The guy is the WORST shooter in the NBA, he’s in his 4th year as a professional and ain’t done shit to improve any part of his game at all. He isn’t responsible for any part of his success other than the fact he’s a quick fucker. He gets assists passing to HoFers, he gets rebounds because nobody gives a fuck about boxing him out, and the points he gets is because nobody even bothers to cover the guy when he’s farther than 10ft from the rim. That autistic kid who hit 6 3 pointers in that high school game a few years ago was covered more than Rondo gets every night…and if he were covered as badly as Rondo, he could shoot a higher % than him even in an NBA game.

    So basically, fuck Rondo and his over rated, cocky motherfuck self.

  • LakeShow84

    The best thing about last nights game was they kept showing certain fans in the Boston crowd..

    The face after Roses layup to seal it was priceless.. and from a Laker fan i mean PRICELESS.. it really almost made my night lol

    @ AdvancedMind..

    i thought that too about their zone D.. i aint never seen a team milk it so bad.. and they got to win a chip like that.. Ainge got what he wanted with another championship.. a dynasty?? NAH.. i doubt they win it again.. they already beat up and lookin overall slow and we aint even hit the break yet.. Shit the way its looking the Cavs might actually make it back to the Finals..

    But Lebron is the Peyton Manning of Basketball so we’ll see what happens..

  • Big Mike

    A couple of thoughts from last night Jazz-Cavs game:
    1) Mike Brown’s crush on Lebron is disgusting. They way he gushes over him as a coach is ridiculous. As soon as he limps, he is running out on the court before the trainers. They will never win the Chip with him as coach.

    2) While Parker and big Z were busy bricking free throws, where was The King. If you’re the best player in the league/team, you have to be the one shooting the free throws, not taking the ball out. Bron played great but great players close games and he didn’t. Shaq might as well been put in the game to shoot free throws. Kobe/Wade would never be inbounding the ball, just saying. The King gotta close not Parker or Big Z.

  • LakeShow84

    Rose on the Celtics??

    That wouldnt be fair..

    Lol Rose was the NUMBER 1 OVERALL draft pick.. that says something off top.. secondly he backed it all up which is rare for #1 overrall picks.. Main man, main focus, main draw and you a rook?? DAMN.. so is there really a debate about him and Rondo who gets to play with 3 1/2 HOF’s?? teams gear up to stop Rose ABOVE ALL ELSE.. Rondo is 3rd on every teams scouting report.. and thats only when its him, Pierce and Allen.. When its KG, Pierce, Allen and Sheed you think they want to stop Rondo above all else??

    You know the only thing on Rondo on the chalk board is “keep him out the paint.. Give him the J”.. Rondo is an exceptional rebounder and a good defender for a guard mainly because of his quicks.. when he plays other quick guards he dont look so good of a defender..

    Everyone who thinks Rondo can hold Rose’s jock please step up.. We are waiting to pull ur basketball IQ card..

  • AdvancedMind

    Rondo = Night ELf with Nike’s on..

  • control


    Thinking about it, he’s probably a Blood Elf more than Night Elf. Blood Elves are skinnier with way bigger hands, and that describes Rondo pretty good.

  • AdvancedMind


    Your right, it would make more sense seeing that a Blood Elf is evil and dirty. He could be a Blood Elf on rollerskates.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Coming from a looong time Jazz fan, I am as much giddy as anyone with the win. Feel good story for the weekend.

    But this is also the reason why I hate this current Jazz group. The closest analogy I could think of is Panda in Kung Fu Panda. Someone who has all the talent in the world to dominate but just cannot put it together.

    Stockton and Malone never had as much talent to surround them, like what D-Will and Boozer have now, but they know how to win games on a consistent basis.

    It is the weekend. No meal allowance for me.

  • control


    If you really wanted to take the wow analogy to the max, Rondo is one of those Female Blood Elf Rogues who is equiped with very nice weapons but absolutely no +hit gear. So he misses every time he tries to hit something, but he’s that loud annoying kid on vent who is always whining about the raid, not caring that he is replaceable DPS. He doesn’t realize it’s the tanks, healers and sometimes crowd control who carry the heavy weight, and that he ain’t shit because you could take any Rogue from any other raid and replace it with him and the raid would be just fine. In fact, you could replace him with any other Rogue who knew how to itemize his gear correctly and the raid would be better off.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    I think the Celts gonna be KGless for a minute. Even if he comes back within 24 hours, he’ll probably go right back out in 48. What i’m saying is, get use to KGless Celtics, again, like last year, again. Knee injuries aint no joke.

    Nice to see Bulls match up VERY well with the Celtics. The clover boys better hope they don’t see the bulls in the playoffs, again.

    Rondo’s dope. Rose is too. Rose just needs Rondo swag and then world order will be restored. If Rose had Rondo’s swag, they’d be the East coast or EC version of CP and DWill and that’ll be live! Hold up, they ARE the EC version of CP and DWill. Ha!

    Had to comment on the Jazz/Cavs, that GAME was ALL THAT!
    If Z and AP make the first of their freebies, who knows what woulda happened. But hey, that’s the game!

    I just wanted to say uhh, LEBRON is a BEAST.
    I don’t get where the hate comes from!
    He reminds me of JR how far he launches his 3s, swish.

    The bol is ALL THAT, that’s all i’m saying.

  • JH

    Alf…Kung Fu Panda? Really?

    Anyways…plenty of love for Korver’s block…but what about his over the backboard shot right before the game winner by Sunny D? That shot was sick…a la Kobe/Lebron.

  • lee

    Rondo bashing and Lebron hating. It’s great to be a Laker fan today !!

  • brado

    I think it’s interesting to note that Utah closed our and won that game with 2 second round picks and 3 undrafted players. This game was memorable, but the cast that pulled it off is unreal. Not one of the best games I’ve ever watched, but easily one of the best finishes I’ve ever seen!

  • Dave

    Sweet, next time Yata will listen when I holler at him to “act like he’s hit a game winning buzzer beater shot before on national television on LeBron and Shaq” and he should break out the rooster walk.

  • srb

    Can’t believe you all just completely ignore what Rondo has done. He’s been the only consistent player on the team with all the injuries, still third in the league in assists, first in steals, and even though as you all say he can’t shoot, he’s still like 3rd in the league among PGs in FG%. The obvious counter argument is that he takes the majority of his shots in the paint. But if he knows he’s not a strong shooter and instead opts to get into the paint to do his damage, how can you possibly hold that against him?

    And don’t you morons even say “yeah but he’s got 3 hall of famers there” because he’s been starting alongside Tony Allen and Scalabrine for extended stretches.

    over and over you all say “he’s only good because of this” and “he’s only good because of that.” Guess what, THAT IS WHY HE’S GOOD.

    Give it a rest. And insulting his personality and his appearance just doesn’t hold water here, sorry.

  • http://dime sure

    The touch on Kyle Korver shot was unbelievable. How do you get a shooter’s roll from behind the backboard. That definitely set up the go ahead by Gaines. He totally changed the complex of the game upon subbing in. Amazing the confidence Sloan had to not play him until the 4th qtr. It’s not easy being that Sloan,Popp& Brown are some of the most respected & tough coaches to play for. They expect excellence. He struggled a bit down the stretch with a turnover & was subbed out. He re-entered the game for a defensive stop & remained focused & ready. That is MONKEY NUTS. HARD WORK,DETERMINATION,RESILIENCY,LUCK,TIMING,YATA GAINES PAID OFF. Today was a good day-Ice Cube….. I mean yesterday. No wait the game finished in the AM. LOL.

    The Jazz have kind of an All Star team with Okur,AK,Deron,Boozer,Milsap,Miles,Brewer. I’m reaching with the all star but they are talented. This team is supposed to give everybody in the league trouble. Korver jumper is a thing of beauty. Though it is easy to become a SPECIALIST. When that’s your only weapon. To Think the Nets & Knicks let another one of their backyard players go. He almost made the last cuts for Atlanta but lost out to Juan Dixon. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Worked out for the Knicks but they just don’t know talent. The Mavericks could have had him. I think they should play both Williams & Gaines in the backcourt. If he’s able to just go out & score. You would see a Stuckey/Bayless type of talent.

  • LakeShow84

    @ SRB

    You said it yourself.. Hes GOOD.. he aint an Allstar.. Like i said if he makes it in it speaks more of the quality @ PG they have in the East..

    If he was in the West he wouldnt even be mentioned..

  • kobestoppah

    no love for korver’s behind the backboard shot falling outta bounds in crunch time? that had kobe/lebron written all over it! easily one of the best fourth quarters i’ve seen in a long time….respect to the jazz for holding it together and grindin out the win

  • Dave

    if I were voting for which guy to pick as my pg today if I had one season to win it all.


    Rondo would definitely be in the all-star talk if he were in the West, you’re forgetting how he played in the playoffs when it matters most.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dave

    And you probably voted Tmac in as a starter for the ASG this year right??

  • LakeShow84

    Dub says SURE is EYES..

  • Randomized


    You would select Rondo over Paul, Nash, Williams or Kidd? You are a fucking idiot, your basketball IQ card is now revoked.

  • Dave

    I left myself an out and qualified my list. None of us have seen Williams or Paul or Nash for that matter, lift their team in Finals and Conf. Finals games like Rondo did. It’s a bit unfair to put it that way because he had the team to do it with and none of the others have three All-Stars to work with…..dammit, no wonder ya’ll are hatin on me, kind of doesn’t make a lot of sense. What the hell, it is Friday and Yata is on-board for another 10 days!