Latest News / Jan 28, 2010 / 12:24 pm

Breaking News: David Lee Is Left Off The All-Star Team

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News is reporting that David Lee will not be representing the Knicks at the All Star Game next month. A source told Isola that the 6-9 forward will not be one of the Eastern Conferences reserves that will be officially named later tonight.

Lee is averaging 19.4 ppg and 11.4 ppg for the Knicks, who are 18-26. If the Daily News is right, then this will mark the ninth straight year the Knicks have not sent a player to the All-Star Game. In 2001, both Latrell Sprewell and Allan Houston made the All-Star team.

Source: New York Daily News

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  • Celts Fan

    System player that plays NO D AT ALL. Doesn’t deserve to make it especially when there’s a good chance that a deserving big will miss out thanks to KG sneaking in (shoulda been Bosh starting.)

  • pedro

    Defense – None

    But, system? what system? Mike D abandoned the 7 seconds or less system. Have u been watching the Knicks? Their pace is much slower, they play half court offense.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Def deserves to make it.
    stop this bullshit about plays no D.
    half the league doesn’t play D.

    and getting 11rpg is NOT systematic. AS A PLAYER, YOU HAVE TO GO GET REBOUNDS. they dont just come to you. and he’s averaging 19pts per game playing out of position with a punk ass bullshit point guard (chris duhon).

    i dont think you can have the David West argument here (like last yr) that another player on the team is making David Lee better.

    His numbers are better than Tim Duncans and David Lee is NOT surrounded by Rich Jefferson, Tony Parker nor Manu Ginobli

    he should have made it…..

  • Mike Mihalow

    It’ll depend on who DOES make the All-Star game before I can make an opinion on this one.

  • hahns

    good point @4

    and the no defense thing…dlee is playing out of position and having to guard guys like pau gasol. i admit hes not a great defensive player, that much is obvious- but i think the no d thing is a little overblown.

  • bone0315

    That god. This dude is as overrated as it gets. Coaches know whats up. Otherwise, why would there be no Free Agent market for a 20-10 guy who can play center? I didn’t see teams knocking on his door with a Brinks truck in the driveway this past summer.

    I ask this – would Lee be getting all this hype if he weren’t a white guy playing in the #1 media market in the US? Not to start a racial debate, but you know the topic is going to come up (and for the record, I am white). Zach Randolph, who is average 21 and 11 would not have elicited the furor that snub is going to elicit, and I mean from the mainstream media, not hoop heads.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i believe david lee is listed as a ‘center’ on the ballot. and as per NBA rules, there must be at least 1 center on the roster as a reserve. that leaves:

    Al Horford
    Joakim Noah
    Kendrik Perkins
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Brook Lopez
    Andrew Bogut

    hmmm….am i missing anyone? is Andrea Bargnani listed as a center? if not, then I guess this is the list for reserve centers. If David Lee didn’t make…..who can we speculate did make it as the East reserve center?

  • control

    I’m just glad that there are no NY Knicks in the All Star game. Nothing against Lee or anything, but I just can’t stand the Knicks or NY in general, so fuck em.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Can’t really say more than that ain’t right. Dude has really been putting effort into his game and even Kobe ackowledge that dude should be an All-Star.

    Messed up.

  • pipdaddyy

    @#7 Isn’t Bosh listed as C?

  • s.bucketz

    anyones hoo says he doesn’t play D does not watch NY games…he plays no HELP defense which is hard for an undersized center to do in the first place…exactly why Jared Jeffries has been getting a lot more minutes as of late..david lee’s on ball/post defense is actually decent..
    and if your talkin bout the team making a player than how is Bosh a starter in your eyes??I’ve been in toronto for the past month or so and even the most die hard raps fans know that Bosh on any other team ain’t gunna do shit..he has no rebounding competition on his own team and no1 else that can bang down low…if anyone is benefitting from a system its him
    also..gerald wallace???he has just popped up recently because the bobcats are playing good ball…but anyone thats been payin attetnion would realize that its all s-jax and gerald wallace is just putting up good numbers as a result of playin off him

    hopefully KG sits out and D-lee gets in

  • s.bucketz

    oh yea i think Lee was listed as a forward

  • Guitar Hero

    that’s stupid. He DEFINITELY deserves to be there.
    He’s been putting an amazing effort night after night. On offense and on the boards.
    He’s ambidextrous, developed a very good midrange shot and he busts his a** off EVERY night.

  • kicks


    I think Horford, because as good as they’re playing, the Hawks deserve to get someone besides JJ on the team. And Horford deserves it too at 14/10, being a solid contributor on a surprisingly solid team.

  • hahns

    guitar hero hit it on the nose- he deserves it.

  • Mike Honcho

    First, I wouldn’t call it “Breaking News”, It’s not like a trade or anything.

    Second, I agree with #4, If some other jokers make it who don’t deserve it, then yea, this is smelly garbage….Otherwise, it’s just a bad snub by the NBA, because dude deserves it

  • Scott

    Everybody knows the NBA wants Shaq in Dallas … I suspect Stern made sure it happened

  • young reezy
  • Celts Fan

    @Heckler – the coaches relaxed the rules on backups after the Jamaal Magloire as an All Star debacle. As long as you think the guy can play C, then you can call him your backup C.

    also, just read this on RedsArmy.com, apparently Rondo and Pierce made the team…

  • flegman

    horford, al horford over DAVID LEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    that is ridiculous.

    it’s like the AS selections of tyrone hill or chris gatling

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    Derrick Rose made it, thats really all i care about at this point…
    P.S fuck the Knicks in general

  • dagwaller

    @ Heckler – I don’t usually, but I agree with your earlier analysis on Lee.

    Not to say that I think he particularly deserves it, but some people talk reckless about dude.

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    David Lee is a perfect case of how “NUMBERS REALLY DO LIE”

  • Mike Honcho

    Wait, why did Fat Boy Pierce make it???

  • IG

    “All Star” players on horrible teams were left off the all-star teams: David Lee, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Chris Kaman, Baron Davis, Monta Ellis. That’s a good criteria. GWall finally made it this year because he has propelled his team to a .500 record.

  • Reddi Red

    @ # 11

    I feel you.

    DLee busts his ass on a regular basis and his on ball defense isn’t that bad.

    I would like to see a t/o ratio between Bosh and DLee and Al Horford. I don’t see Lee throwing the ball away as much as other centers in the East.

    No…..He’s no star, but the East is weak and that should work to his advantage.

    For the record…..I still don;t like the Knicks!! lol.

    go pistons!!

  • Big V

    This notion of reserving multiple All-Star spots for teams with good records is really getting old. No way Horford should be anywhere near the All-Star game. Even Pierce is sorta suspect.

  • TIP

    Definitely not a snub.

  • sh!tfaced

    Wow. White boys Kaman and Lee left off the all star team. Race card, anyone? LOL.

  • ab_40

    18-26 19 and 11 guy. hmm zach randolph junior?

  • MBE18

    Horford over Lee? Come on!!!

  • machineflesh

    This is the 2nd centre position being voted on here. Selecting power forwards who play in the C position is weak. Another example of the shallowness of the NBA, and anyone wanting a non pure centre in this spot knows nothing about basketball.

    Best pure centre in the East is Bogut by a mile. Dude is incredibly undervalued.

  • machineflesh

    *Edit of above post*

    “Best pure centre in the East is Bogut by a mile. Dude is incredibly undervalued.”

    Behind Howard of course.

  • Dean

    This isn’t right

  • Dean

    This isn’t right