Smack / Jan 20, 2010 / 2:43 am

Contest This

Shaq (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

LeBron is just trying to get people mad at him for not taking part in the dunk contest, isn’t he? In his first game since the All-Star 2010 dunk field was announced and he wasn’t part of it, ‘Bron (28 pts, 9 rebs, 11 asts, 3 blks, 3 stls) not only polished off a few contest-worthy dunks against the Raptors last night, he made one of the All-Star dunk contestants look like he has no business sharing air space with the King … First half, Mo Williams drove baseline left, and while Toronto’s post defenders turned to their heads, LeBron cut on a back-pick and was set up for an easy two-hand double clutch dunk. (This was after ‘Bron met DeMar DeRozan at the rim and ate his layup attempt alive.) Andrea Bargnani watching LBJ zip past him on his way to the bucket was like seeing a guy standing in the middle of the freeway while the cars went past. Remember the scene in Bowfinger when dude had to run across the expressway? It was like that … Later on, LeBron got another back-pick and found himself all alone as Mo (22 pts, 10 asts) set him up with a lob that he threw down almost looking into the rim. Then in the home stretch of the fourth quarter, LeBron and Shaq got into a plain old “Who can rip the rim down?” contest as the Cavs began to create enough cushion for a win. Shaq won that one … The addition of Shaq has proven to help the Cavs in dealing with Dwight Howard, but Chris Bosh (21 pts, 10 rebs) is a whole different animal. Shaq has no chance of keeping up with Bosh’s outside game and quicker moves around the basket, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas is in the same boat. Anderson Varejao tries hard but lacks a certain amount of coordination, and J.J. Hickson is still a couple of years away … The Raptors didn’t play a bad game, and they probably would have pulled off the upset if Hedo Turkoglu had played. Oh wait … If we only told you D-Wade dropped 18 points in the first quarter and finished with 32 while sitting out the fourth, while Danny Granger went 2-for-16 and was missing layups from point-blank range, you can guess how Heat/Pacers turned out. That first quarter where Wade went off? The Pacers only scored 19 of their own. Throughout the 30-piecing, Indiana was sluggish in that “We had an off day in Miami yesterday” way we’ve seen so many times … This actually would have been the right game for Jim O’Brien to get T.J. Ford off the bench and let him wild out. Ford is at his best when his team is getting blown out and nobody else wants to shoot. He can put on the blinders and shoot all he wants without feeling bad … Did you notice Coach O’Brien was wearing flip-flops? He apparently broke his pinky toe when he kicked some furniture getting out of bed. Although they could’ve said he got hurt kicking things during a Pacers practice and we would’ve believed it … If you missed it over the MLK holiday, some of the nation’s top high schoolers were in action in some high-profile tournaments. Over on HighSchoolHoop.com, we have weekend recaps from the Hoophall Classic in Springfield, Mass., and the King Holiday Hoopfest in Seattle. Duke fans will find some good news there, the state of California crowned its most prolific coach of all-time, and arguably the best player on the West Coast — who our reporter compares to no less than Joe Johnson, T-Mac and Kobe — dominated one of the nation’s best teams … We’re out like flip-flops and socks …

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  • jonny taise

    ” ‘Bron (28 pts, 9 rebs, 11 asts, 3 blks, 3 stls) not only polished off a few contest-worthy dunks…”
    If he did those dunks in the dunk-comp he’d be laughed out of the stadium.
    “contest worthy” my ass!!

  • YW

    Bowfinger? damn that’s from way way back

  • hahns

    betta get my donuts…

  • Flying_Dutchman

    Ah boy, you gave LeBron some compliments. Let the hate begin…. :-/

  • s.bucketz

    no mention of shaq breakin the 28000 mark??that puts him ther wit wilt mike kareem and karl malone as the only people to pass that

  • zephyr

    dime mag, stop kissing lebron’s ass!!


    Should have sic Lebron on Chris Bosh!

  • silky

    derozan looked solid for stretches

  • imungloloupaw

    random question: is chris kaman the best offensive center in the game? yao is injured, dwight doesn’t have post moves, amare and duncan are PFs, al jef is struggling.

    yo dime, still haven’t gotten the lawrence funderburke book i won from you guys a year ago.

  • TJ

    I love the Cavs and Bron, but I think he would just be disappointing in the dunk contest. I’ve never seen him get too fancy, just pure power and hops. That translates into amazing in-game dunks but would be underwhelming after what we’ve seen from Dwight.

  • M Intellect
  • Valenfat

    how do u make a reference of Bowfinger w/o mentioning the:

    paperbag covered head & wearing a only a trench-coat
    “Hey Laker girls” *flash*
    (girls giggle)
    “its not funny!”

  • Josh Tha roc

    Yeah the Croc is polished and def doesn’t get the props he deserves.

  • Drapsfan

    Another awesome one sided post by Dimemag on how the Raptors are basically lucky to be in the league ALMOST win something. Glad this is free since I wouldn’t pay for this mag

  • star_bury

    @ YW – 1999 is “way way back”? You must not catch many of the references thrown around in this mag then…

  • Tbest

    @ #11

    What’s your point?

  • Lionheart

    shaq passed the 28,000 mark and wade passed the 11,000 mark

  • sh!tfaced

    Shaq putting up milestones every year now… passed 28,000 points this year and passed the 5,000 free throws bricked last season. Only him and Wilt are in that class which will soon be shattered by Dwight Howard at the rate he’s going. D12 lays about 5 bricks a game.

  • control


    Rondo will beat them all out when it comes to bricking free throws. The worst shooter in the league will wear his crown!

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Hey Control, what a timely game…

    Hats off to your team. They could’ve won that one!
    But eh, if they’re to be taken serious, they gotta win those types of games.

    By the way, Andy made more shots than your beloved Hedo. Um, that’s 3 shots to be exact.
    Guess what, Andy scored an astounding 7 points. He averages 8pts and 8rbs, that’s what you said yesterday in your out-of-nowhere diatribe on Vajayjay.

    And according to you “Hedo is the solution” to Toronto’s problem even if he “averages 8ppg as long as they are the last 8 of the game.”

    Well, your boy disappeared against a good team, and definitely didn’t produce those last 8 points.
    Not a good sign. You guys probably need an Andy!

    Don’t believe me? He did way more than your backup PF Amir Johnson.

    Middle of the 3rd :
    77-75 your guys are up (but not for long because the Douchebag as you call him subs for the Diesel)
    77-77 Layup. There goes Andy! And 1. Hedo can’t stop him! LOL
    77-78 Andy 1! (get it?)

    Just so you know this 3-point play by Sideshow gave the Cavaliers the lead they never relinquished.

    That was the 3rd.
    We all know 4th Quarter is what really matters, especially at the end.

    Your back up PF – Amir Johnson – was no where to be found in crunch time.
    The back up you hate so much was everywhere to be found in crunch time.

    And Mr Flopper was good for a +11 while on the floor.
    Better than everyone on the Raptors.
    3rd best on his squad.

    The Douchebag’s a gamer as much as we love to taunt him.
    Bottomline is, he’s the dude good teams have on their squad.

    Can’t say that about the Raptors.

  • control


    Great break down of ONE game. Of course Valgina had a higher +/- than anyone on the Raps, his team won the game. You are blowing a load about the guy when he put in 7 points, 5 rebounds…which if you check it out, almost everyone else who played in the game put up better stats, with the exception of Hedo as you mentioned. He played the 3rd most amount of minutes on the Cavs, more than Shaq, Hickson and Parker, yet all of them managed to do more.

    Valgina had one good stretch of plays in the 3rd quarter, great job. Did he do ANYTHING at all that showed that he has any notable basketball skills what-so-ever?

    I never said that quote that you are saying I did. I’ve been really disappointed with Hedo (as have ALL Raps fans), but he’s still 10x the player Valgina is and there is no way at all anyone can say they should be paid the same amount for what they bring to the floor. There is no way that the Raptors need a guy who is a complete douche, being paid like a star while having absolutely no basketball skills at all.

    You still can’t name anything good other than flopping and hustling that Valgina does. Like seriously, let me know what basketball skills he has. Let me know if he’s stronger, quicker, faster, or has a better basketball IQ than I have said he does. I will stand by what I said and have always said, he brings absolutely nothing to a team that you can’t find anywhere else from any random idiot player who is 6’10 and hustles.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    hahaha DENIAL is such a funny thing.

    No basketball skills, lol.

    I like what he brings to the table.

    You spend 4 paragraphs destroying the guy by basically denying what Dime and other enthusiasts list as a ‘number one’ foxhole guy.

    I spend 4 paragraphs defending him from your blatant nonsense but i’m blowing a load. Why? ‘Cause I don’t think he’s a random idiot player who hustles. I aint the only one.

    I get it. If I’m NEGATIVE then I’m being “fair and balanced!” Now I understand your logic.

    His play changed the game in the 3rd.

    He = Momentum Swing

    “Never said that quote that you are saying I did” — Really??? Go back to Dime’s Toronto 09-10 Preview.

    It’s safe to see you need more of a fox hole ‘valgina douchebag’ than a disappearing Hedo who played like a random idiot player who is 6’10 and hustles.

  • control


    Yeah, I checked that quote, you are right. I did say that in the context of Hedo being a clutch performer and bringing that to the table because that is what Toronto really needs.

    You still haven’t mentioned one thing that Valgina does good though (other than being a ‘momentum swing’ which is a result of his hustling which I have already conceded to him). Is he strong, fast, quick, or does he possess a good basketball IQ? What basketball skills does he possess? I understand that you are looking for something that doesn’t exist, but if you can give me an honest and brief break down of how he brings anything to the game that requires skills, instead of flopping, hustling or looking like a douche, I will concede this point to you and you can win this debate, and win at life.

    As for comparing Hedo and Valgina, answer this one question honestly: Would Orlando have done as good as they did last year in the playoffs if you straight out replaced Hedo with Valgina?

  • K Dizzle

    Are you really giving credit to AV for the cavs win last night cuz that ridiculous. He was spoonfed by Lebron just like everyone else on that squad.Don’t quite remember, but was that an and-1 just a pass from Lebron where AV just had to finish? Too much credit. Yes, He’s a hard worker. Yes, he’s overpaid. The comparisons to Hedo are unnecessary cuz obviously, Hedo’s a better basketball player. Put it like this, raptors have won like 10 of 15 and Hedo has yet to get comfortable and produce. He usually takes a while to get going finding his role with a new squad but he needs to get going cuz the Raptors go 14 wins in 15 games if he has average Hedo nights.
    In the Raps defense, that bs 3 in the key call on Bosh in the 4th when the Raps tied it up was homecooking. Why do I think it was homecookin? Cuz when the hometeam gets a call late in a tight game, the crowd erupts. Instead, the Raps run a great misdirection play to get Bosh under the basket, he scores, and the whistle blows. Ref calls 3 seconds and the crowd is silent cuz even the most biased fan recognizes a suspect call. Even the Raps announcers, who always agree with the refs(the anti-Heinsohns) were like “that’s a quick 3 second count”

    So, in conclusion, Cavs are good, but I doubt if we talk about AV at all if Lebron ain’t there drawin ALL the attention…

  • Randomized

    Andy better than Hedo? I dont think much of Hedo, but that claim is retarded. Hedo can dribble, make plays, shoot and win games with clutch plays. What canAndy do? If LBJ doesnt draw double and tripple teams, Andy wouldnt even be able to get layups. Has Andy ever created his own shot? Even once?

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Honestly Dizzle and Control –

    I usually stay away from BS debates. But it seems too many Dimers TRASH good players for NO REASON at all.

    It’s so freakin’ easy to stick your tongue at PROFESSIONAL BALL PLAYERS.

    It’s sort of like the whole Detroit brawl thing. This guy’s lousy. I’ma throw a beer at him. Woopty doo, nothing’s going to happen.

    That’s not reality.

    This guy’s lousy, he doesn’t have any skill. But he made critical buckets. Grabbed critical boards. And hustled. You can’t look in the mirror and tell me that’s not skill. Get real.

    It’s so easy to discount what these PROFESSIONAL BALL PLAYERS are doing. So, my thing is, if it looks like unnecessary misguided hate, it smells like unnecessary misguided hate, then I be damned, it’s unnecessary misguided hate.

    Dizzle – you intelligently and articulately explained how I gave Andy TOO much credit. Cool. That’s how I expect true fans of the game to offer a rebuttal.

    But Control, c’mon man, you didn’t say anything remotely intelligent until your last comment.

    I only stepped up to the plate for Andy because you threw the dude under the bus like he stole your remote ‘control.’

  • control


    At least you got one thing partially correct in our little friendly debate: I am just giving the guy unnecessary hate (it’s not misguided, it was directed very specifically). If someone is going to say that he’s a good player, when he isn’t, I’m going to throw him under the bus. I really dislike the way the guy plays, flopping around and displaying a complete lack of any basketball skills at all.

    I don’t think any debate is BS, any chance for a group of people to express differences of opinion and discuss them is a good time. Good thing in this situation, a good player wasn’t trashed…

    Valgina HAS gotten a few clutch rebounds, due to his hustle and the fact that a the other team completely ignores him because they are worrying about legit threats. He HAS received a few easy layups because of LeBron’s play making skills, but I don’t think making an open lay up is really being skilled, he is as you mentioned a professional basketball player, that shit should come as easy as breathing to him.

    I WILL give Valgina props on one thing, the guy got PAID. 50 million dollars to do something he’s not really good at, can’t do anything but admire that. Just like Soulja boy…another guy who is disgustingly rich doing something he ain’t good at…

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN


    OK Control. Agree to disagree.


    Vajayjay’s gettin’ PAID. We can all agree to that.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    HaHa nice Bowfinger reference…that’s my favorite scene in that movie.

  • Grissy


    I’m a Raps fan, but Varejao is a solid contributor on a contender.

    If I had to name one thing he does well, I’d say he defends the pick and roll well…at least against the Raps. I find he’s solid at hedging the guard way beyond their intended path and quick enough to get back to his man.

    Personally, I can’t stand him solely based on his hair and wild style of play, but the dude hustles his ass and you can’t teach heart.

    I still hate him though.

  • sh!tfaced

    We all hate Veragina. But almost all of us kinda admire the hustle and the heart. He’s the type of player you’d hate if he was on the other side and still hate if he’s on your team. lol

  • sh!tfaced


    Rondo doesn’t get to the line enough to go for the bricking record. But yeah, he’s prolly the worst shooter of them all.