Smack / Jan 28, 2010 / 4:04 am

Cream of the Crop

Not that he really needed to, but Chris Bosh sealed what will be his fifth straight All-Star selection later tonight with a dominating effort against the Heat on Wednesday. Breaking out the throwback unis from the 1947 Toronto Huskies — oddly enough, a team that was also accused of being soft and not playing defense — the Raptors’ win moved them into fifth-place in the East while Miami dropped to sixth … The Raps were down by 13 in the first half, but rallied and were clinging to a small lead late in the fourth quarter. After Bosh (24 pts, 18 rebs) hit a jumper to put them up by seven, one T-Dot announcer screamed, “The cream rises to the top!” Even when Bosh messed up, it worked for him. One time he took a turnaround hook that hit all-glass, but Amir Johnson was right there for a follow dunk to make it almost look like Bosh meant to pass it to him … Miami got within three a couple times down the stretch, but with 15 seconds to go, Jose Calderon drew the defense and hit Antoine Wright in the corner for the dagger trey. Wright looked like he was gonna do the Big Balls Dance, but thought better and did the Rated-PG version. Or he thought better and realized dudes who are barely in the League shouldn’t be dancing too hard … Creepy line of the night from Toronto’s announcer: “(D-Wade) is just SOAKING WET! Perspiration, inspiration, performance, all at a high level!” … Wade put up 35 and 10 dimes, but only scored four in the fourth quarter. Between last night and the Cleveland game where he scored two points in the second half, is Wade showing signs of fatigue after carrying the Heat for a year and a half? Or are we just seeing what happens when defenses can focus solely on Wade because they’re not worried about anybody else? Michael Beasley couldn’t help, as he sat out the second half with a knee injury … As much as J.R. Smith oozes cocky swagger when he’s sticking 28-footers and dunking on people, he’s the total opposite when things aren’t going his way. At the end of the first quarter of Nuggets/Rockets, J.R. was anticipating an inbound pass from Birdman so he could launch an 80-footer, when Trevor Ariza flew in for the interception and hit a buzzer-beating banker. As soon as J.R. saw Trevor step in front of him, he hung his head and walked away like somebody just stole his bike … In the fourth it was a different story, as Smith (22 pts) hit two threes to cap a 10-0 run that put the Nuggets up for good and was back to his old self. Denver won its second straight without ‘Melo in the lineup … Indianapolis Colts kicker Matt Stover was interviewed the Pacers/Lakers game and was asked about Danny Granger, a New Orleans native playing in Colts territory. “He’d better be rooting for the Colts,” Stover laughed. “I’ve got guys on my team that are a lot bigger than he is.” … Granger would’ve welcomed some of those big dudes to help him deal with the Lakers. The Pacers hung around for a half, but L.A.’s size was too much: Andrew Bynum (27 pts, 12 rebs), Pau Gasol (21 pts, 13 rebs) and Lamar Odom (12 pts, 14 rebs) damn near out-rebounded Indiana by themselves … Leave it to the Clippers to allow the Nets to reach that monumental four-win benchmark. We’ve got to admit, we haven’t watched the Nets much lately, so this game was full of surprises. Where did Kris Humphries (25 pts) and Chris Quinn come from? When did Keyon Dooling and Trenton Hassell become starters? How has Devin Harris not started chain-smoking yet? … In case you forgot, Tim Duncan is a beast. Spurs/Hawks was supposed to be one of the marquee games of the night, but TD turned it into a rout by DESTROYING Atlanta’s front line for 21 points and 27 rebounds. Covering for a bad shooting night (5-20 FG), Duncan had more offensive boards (10) than Al Horford had total boards (9) … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Chris Paul dropped 38 points, nine assists and three steals on the Warriors; J.J. Hickson scored 23 and LeBron added 12 points and 11 assists in a short night’s work against Minnesota; Marc Gasol posted 25 and 12 boards in Memphis’ win at Detroit; Deron Williams‘ 24 points and seven dimes helped Utah beat Portland; Elton Brand had 26 points and 10 boards in Philly’s loss to Milwaukee; and Derrick Rose put up 26 and seven dimes as Chicago knocked off OKC … In the first half, Joakim Noah bowled over Nenad Krstic, but Krstic was called for the foul. Stopping himself from tearing into the refs, one Thunder announcer said, “The Chicago Bears have a terrible running game. Maybe (Noah) could help.” … Over the past couple days we’ve been fielding your suggestions for Big Baby Davis‘ new nickname — some funny, some just straight cruel — with plans to announce a winner later today. Check DimeMag.com to see which name got the nod … We’re out like Oden …

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  • budz

    marc gasol is a beast!

    2 years from now he will be more valuable than pau.

  • budz

    1st and 2nd btw!

  • Sambuu

    “out” like Oden…

  • shiptar

    grizzlies are hot right now. I thought they had a nice team before the season, but after their slow start it looked like another long season for them.
    If they can go on like this the playoffs will be a nice reward.
    And Z-Bo has to be an all-star!

  • shiptar

    btw: Dime did you find photo of the girl Oden sent those nude photos? So we can see if she was worth it :)

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    man, that chick has to be twice as hot as the pink shirted coed to pull ish like that…


    I saw Oden EX-GF. She is no better than Dirk’s woman!

  • K Dizzle

    1) CP3 stole Monta’s soul last night. Almost felt bad for kid. CP3 ended the night by starin him down(seriously for about 12-15 seconds) then bustin the basline fade on Monta and Ronny. Just cold…

    2) Forget Rajon Rondo. Best point guard in the EAST RIGHT NOW….is Derrick Rose. This kid would kill in the all-star game where he’s got a lineup of him, Bron, Wade, Bosh and D12 to play off.

    3) After Kaman talked all that smack about why he deserves the all-star spot more than Pau, he gets BEASTED by Kris Humphries?!? and they lose to the 4-40 Nets. Please STFU, Christopher…

    4) Z-Bo needs to get on the all-star team, and Chauncey mighta just jacked DWill’s spot since he got back. 25pints/game is ridic and the team is 9-1 in their last ten. Hopefully, DWill gets T-Mac’s spot when Mac opts out.

    5) I don’t wanna hear the trash about my Lakers stealin Pau Gasol anymore cuz I been sayin all year, Marc Gasol is the real deal. Kid is a beast. he’s legit 7’1, 260 and been shootin 60% from the field all year long. Pau for Marc and the rest of the scraps we threw in was a fair deal. Too bad the Griz didn’t know that before they wasted that pick on Thabeet. That dude gonna be the new Darko, being picked before Tyreke, Jennings, Curry etc…

  • PDaddy

    Derozan not getting picked for the Rookie /Soph game is a tregedy, those games are full of no-defense and open lane dunking….like WTF??????

  • Rafa23

    @ k dizzle

    “Hopefully, DWill gets T-Mac’s spot when Mac opts out.”
    what are you talking about`?

  • That’s What’s Up

    budz, I’m glad you were 1st and 2nd cuz I got TWO NUTZ for ya…

    I’m not sure what was more impressive…
    Duncan pulling down 27 rebounds, or him going 11-11 from the line

  • Diggity Dave

    Ariza to JR Smith: That’s MY bike, punk!

  • ShowKase

    Kris Humphries, Chris Quinn, Keyon Dooling and Trenton Hassell? Is this an NBA rec league? Well, 4 wins down, 6 wins to go! Come on Nets, DON’T make history!

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Rose is making some noise in the last month and a half. He is on some sort of mission to make people feel stupid for looking over him and speaking on Rajon Rondo, B.Jennings, and John Wall as better PG’s. He’d have more assist, but he has a team full of “Assist Jaggers” so he only gets about 5-8 each night.

  • rangerjohn

    @ 11
    im going with 11-11 at the line, i am amazed 27 is a career high for him. he had 9 in the 1st quarter. he hit 11 of 11 from the line. who steve nash? kobe? ray allen? no it was tim duncan!

    just sounds strange.

  • Chaos

    Chris paul will single handedly carry NO to the playoffs, he has been destroying opposing pgs: monta, nash, etc….and i mean bad. thought monta was supposed to be better defensively this year since he leads the league in steals, nah that means he gambles alot and doesnt play real D by stopping his man from going to the bucket or hitting a j in his eye, not just swiping at the ball and taking chances on jumping in passing lanes because he is so fast. learn real D

  • asdf

    yo dime just curious, do you guys try to watch all the games or just glance at the box scores? i say this cause elton brand has a nice game, until the sixers were down 2 at the end of the game. lou will dropped off a nice pass inside for him with nobody close to him.. WIDE OPEN LAYUP blown. bucks ball with 3 seconds left. sixers got robbers by signing EB to that massive contract.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Thats been a big problem in the L for like 10 years. People think that getting steals means you are a superb defender. It only accounts for a portion of the defense. A guy like Shane Battier or Prince Mba Mutae doesn’t get steals or block numbers but they are two of the best on-ball or help defenders in the NBA. Monta took 55 pts from a rookie right on his head. He ain’t no defender.

  • jzsmoove

    if getting steal aint playing defense, what ya call it? its a form or part of playing D. Monta aint shit as an overall defensive player but he gambles and wins a fair share of it (and loses a fair share and gets burned). Man-to-man, blindside D, Weak defender, gambling D, last time i checked, its part of a basketball defense.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Repercussions of a sick dunk on Dragics head:

    In yesterday’s game vs OKC, while Derrick started carving up Thabo Sefelosha, you could feel the moment about to happen. Derrick starting shaking and twisting Thabo up pretty bad in the 4th. Then at one point he didn’t even make a real “move” he just drove hard to his right, heading directly for the basket with Kevin Durant, Nenad Kristic, Jeff Green all in position to block or foul him, and Westbrook on the weak side of the lane in position for a foul, not one of them made a move to get in his way. It was almost like an all-star game where the lane opens up and stays open. They all didn’t bother to make a move to get in the poster while the game was still pretty close, Durant even went so far as to duck out of the way so he couldn’t get caught slipping. After the dunk, Westbrook had a smirk/grin on his face like “$h!t, he didn’t do that on me, I wasn’t about to get Dragic’d”

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Did you not catch the part where I wrote:
    “It only accounts for a portion of defense”

    you somehow overlooked that i guess.

    Gambling the passing lanes only hurts low-IQ teams who are more prone to turning the ball over. Try that gambling stuff on the Spurs, Celtics, Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Nuggets or some of the other top teams and you will get burned more times than not.

    You don’t realize that when Monta overplays and gambles for steals it leaves the back side defenders alone covering two people. Sure that won’t hurt you in highschool or college, but in the NBA this will allow a guy like Jennings to drop 50+ or Kobe to hit you for 60+.

    Monta will get the steals because he’s quick and has great anticipation, but he doesn’t have the defensive footwork or IQ to actually be a defensive stopper. Jordan and Pippen both were top 5 in steals while in chicago nearly every year, but they had more on-ball steals and in Jordans case he got double-down steals (where he doubles down on the big man) while also staying in position to shut down your best offensive wing. Thats the beauty in defense.

  • control

    I agree 100% with Chicagorilla. People were always saying AI had great defense because he would get steals…well, for every steal he got, his gambles gave the other team at least one easy open shot or layup. He was a huge liability on defense, which is why all of his teams had to be custom built around him with defensive roleplayers or it showed how he wasn’t really that great of a player. Defense ain’t about getting steals, you get credited for a steal if a guy dribbles the ball off his foot and you happen to get it.

    Great defense is about forcing low percentage shots, not about causing turnovers. Just like blocking the ball into the crowd isn’t a great defensive play compared to blocking the ball and retaining possession.

  • Dave

    now that Utah has started to learn how to win on the road they could put themselves in a position to get into the western finals. Ok, probably not, but if AK keeps playing like he is and Matthews and Korver can keep knocking in deep jumpers Utah has a decent shot to make some noise.

    I’d trade Boozer, Brewer, CJ Miles, for Marc Gasol today, right now, let’s pull the trigger.

  • chris

    too bad marc gasol never clears the ground by more that 8 inches, but yeah, he has legitimate size and moves.
    i watched d wade take apart cleveland in the first half one night, toronto the next…and then watched him get incredibly tired and ineffective and totally lose his elevation in the second half both nights. as a raptor fan, all i can say is thanks-really scary watching michael beasley get hurt last night…replays clearly show him hyperextending his knee a LOT when he went down, yet some fool miami heat person let him go back in the game later (and ineffectually)- a very stupid way of endangering a young star, regardless how much he might have wanted to play again last night – no way you let him even practice after that, untill cleared by an mri

  • http://dime eyes

    @24..I agree. Why do people blame players for getting injured? I still laugh at the fact people expected Gilbert to be back to 100% after 3 major surgeries.

    @Chi..You really are pro D.Rose man. I’m happy he made the All Star team but take it easy on the jabs to Brandon Jennings. I know people & me alike were saying he’s better than Rose but damn. I love D.Rose game & see him truly becoming great someday but let the young’n live. 55 is 55. He’d be avg 30 had he played for the Knicks with Mark Jackson or any other player coach system. Even Golden State was dumb for not taking the hometown kid. Why do so many teams avoid the players from their city. NY,NJ,PHILA. Have to much talent to be represented so poorly. That is one thing I envy about Chi & Rose Hometown kid reppin in his backyard. Cant get any bette than that. I hope Wade leaves Riley’s fantasy world heads back home With Boozer or Amare and win’s back to back. I’d even take N.Rob coming off the bench in that pargo role. Chicago also needs to get rid of Deng. Wilson Chandler,Rudy Gay,Or Kev Martin would better suit that role. Tyrus Thomas was also sorely missed by this team.

    What I also noticed are 2 way players are completely gone. What happened to learning the game. You have 2 sides you have to play on the floor. Luc Richard & Battier are great defensive players but in Luc’s case your playing 4 on 5 on offense. Back in the day most players had both. The fundamentals are sorely missed. Even Tyrus Thomas he has no offensive skill whatsover. @Chi…You still hate Noah man. He’s been putting in that dirty work Varejao style. I hate Vagina. LOL. but w/o him Cleveland loses all their grit & hustle points.

    Also the Bulls should bring Will Bynum home. I’d even bring in Charlie V. The Bulls could be promising in the future if they complement their rising star.

  • http://dime eyes

    Gambling on defense isn’t a bad thing when your help side picks up your assigment. Nobody plays Defense anymore & it isn’t rewarded as much. Refs blow the whistle way to often & reward acting & flopping way 2 much. You can’t touch Star players while they’re allowed to run you over,elbow,walk. Your like a sitting duck just trying to not get disqualified. It must feel great to get the benefit of the doubt most times from officials. I know what it feels like on the other end. You want to go nuts.

    Also did anybody see Lebron get a tech & kick some water into the stands. I’m sure he got a bonus or it will be added to his next commercial. Highlighting his accuracy in kick. The League & Media I tell you. Had it had been any of the considered bad boys. Fine. Had it had been Gilbert during investigation it would have been used agaisnt him as well. How many technicals does Bron have any way. He & Kobe should get whistled for a lot more the way they react to calls not going there way 100% of the time. Damn 97% isn’t enough. Cry Babies the both of them

  • LakeShow84

    @ Eyes

    Kobe is top 3 in techs damn near every year lol he was 1-2 short of a suspension in the PLAYOFFS alone last year..

    He got one recently for slapping a ref on the ass..

    Slick one Kobes, slick..

  • LakeShow84



  • http://dime eyes

    Does anyone see Tim Duncan shove players in the back on every rebound? I know he has the grown man push to. He never fights for position. He just shoves you on the jump. I can’t be the only one that notices that? The Hawks can’t be taken serious until Johnson & Crawford commit to Defense like they do Offense. That will never happen so they’ll never win anything. Ginobli has to be the best actor in the league. He can manufacture a foul,flop or 4 step layup making it look legal. I still love Batman though