NBA / Jan 28, 2010 / 11:15 am

Dime Readers: Ask Your Favorite Raptors Or Knicks Player A Question Tonight

DeMar DeRozan (photo. Nicky Woo)

They say the customer is always right. Today, one of our most loyal readers, POPPI GEE commented this on my Ramon Sessions article:

“Hey DIME are you all ever going to do those joints where the fans ask questions that the players answer. I love those?”

Not only do I think that’s a cool idea, but it so happens, Toronto is in town tonight. So we are giving you guys the opportunity to submit any questions you have (within reason) to any Raptors player you want.

So now is your time to find out more about Chris Bosh’s free agency. Or if you are from Toronto, find out what spots the Raptors like to go to or what their favorite movies are. You guys can submit until 5 p.m. ET tonight. I will try my best to get as many of your questions answered. Also, feel free to send questions to some of the Knicks players. I will post the answers tomorrow morning.

Disclaimer: Typically, during media availability in the locker rooms before games, the star players will hide in the trainer’s room to avoid media. You are free to submit questions to Bosh or Andrea Bargnani, but you’re question will most likely be answered if you submit a question to players like Marco Belinelli, DeMar DeRozan, Antoine Wright or Jarrett Jack.

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  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Demar Derozan “Who are your top 5 best rappers, dead or alive.”

    Just for fun, ask Bellineli too

  • Jeffco

    I know you already had a Q&A with Derozan, but ask him what kind of props he’s gonna use in the Dunk-in, if any.

  • bobby stew

    To Gallinari “how do you feel about having the nickname ‘rooster’ and where did that nickname originate from?”

    To David Lee “You once won the dunk contest in HOOP IT UP in St. Louis, why not participate in the NBA dunk contest?”

    To Jarret Jack “List your top 3 favorite foods, movies, and albums if you were stranded on a island alone for one year”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Aww man Gerald and DIME yall are on time. This is why I love this mag. Yall are for the people. Preshate it for real!

    Now on to the questions:

    Bosh if Available: Do you feel you have reached the peek of your game or is there still more we (the world) have yet to see from you?

    Bosh: Will other factors like weather and night life go into where you decide to play next year? If so what are some of them?

    Jarrett Jack: How far do you see Georgia Tech going in the tourney this year?

    Nate Robinson: If you win the dunk contest this year, will you retire from it?

    Thanks again DIME.

  • sweetv0mit

    Whos got the highest vertical on the team?

  • sweetv0mit

    and i meant jump wise… get your head out of the gutter

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Derozan: Who is your favorite player of all time?
    Bosh: If you had the chance who would you rather play with: LeBron, Wade, CP3, Melo, Durant, or someone else?
    Bargnani: Do you feel like, if given the chance, you could be a franchise player?
    Jack: If Bosh leaves the Raps, where does that leave you?

    Gallinari: Do you sing any other Beyonce songs?

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    This is Gerald

    These are great questions guys! I’m excited to ask some of them

    @ Poppi Gee

    No doubt man, we got you!

    Love the question: “Will other factors like weather and night life go into where you decide to play next year? If so what are some of them?”

    Hop I get a chance to ask it

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ AllThatJazz/Amar

    Ask Demar about the dunk off — and if he’s happy he has to go up against a non-dunking, chubby jumpshooter instead of Ronnie Brewer ?

  • zbo

    to any player,

    “Which teamate has the weirdest pre game ritual?”

    thx dime

  • control

    Any Raptor: Do you read Dime Magazine? If so, do you agree with how they present the franchise? If so, who is your favorite comment troll?

  • s.bucketz

    ask duhon if he’s ever gunna learn how to shoot or if hes jus gunna live off the teet of the pick-and-roll the rest of his career

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    to the italians–
    ask both andrea bargnani and danilo gallinari.

    in a game of one-on-one, who would win Gallinari or Bargnani?

    also ask if they knew each other back in italy

  • Alger Hiss

    Bosh: Is your dhick longer than Oden’s?

    David Lee: What’s it like knowing you’re the best player on the Knicks but about the 350th best player in the NBA and you kinda szuck, and Florida won the national championship as soon as your selfish assz left there?

  • maddskizzle

    Derozan: Ask how he feels about being left off the Rookie Team and also if he feels any additional pressure trying to live up to the dunk contest standards that Vince has set before him in T-Dot

  • Royal

    Ask Nate Robinson about his thought process when he has then ball in his hand (example like if he looks to create seperation from his defender for the J or does he attack his opponents back for the drive)

    Ask Chris Duhon about being the differences between being a Point guard at Duke and being A NBA point guard

  • MSkittle

    To Danilo Gallinari: Did you find the “Jersey Shore” show to be offensive to Italian Americans? Did you watch it?

  • control


    I can answer that question to Nate. He doesn’t have a thought process. Not just with the ball, but without the ball, sitting on the bench, taking a shit, etc. Guy just don’t think.

  • haslem

    to any raptors player (specifically Jarett Jack though)

    what are you favorite hang outs in Toronto? favorite clubs?

  • SullyGTA

    Hey Chris,

    What is one thing you love about Toronto that no other City has?

  • maddskizzle

    Ask the Raps if any of them are tight with Drake since he’s at a lot of their home games

  • Patrick

    Reggie….when are you coming back?

  • Joe Buddy

    I like question #11. Great question to be asked since DIME likes to shit on everything Raptor related.

    I’m pretty shocked DIME is even doing this Q&A thing with the Raptors. Will you guys still have enough time to stroke Lebron and Wade’s you know what after this?

  • Royal

    Nates missing out then cuz I have had some of my best thinking moments while on the toilet “chucking the deuce”

  • Derrick

    Alright this is for DeMar DeRozan
    How tall were you in 8th grade

  • dre

    to any raptors player:

    what’s your favorite spot in toronto to grab a quick bite to eat?

  • Mike

    To Amir Johnson:

    When are you going to start showing the NBA world that you got game on offense?

  • kdeezy

    This Question is for the Raptors and more specifically Sonny Weems.
    – Who on the team has the funniest nickname on or off the court?

  • Rob S

    To CB:

    Not wanting to bring up the pending FA issue, but have you considered that should you chose to stay in T., you will most likely become one of the most respected and accomplished professional athletes to ever play in Canada? (Also 130 mil is pretty sweet but you don’t have to mention that)

    To Demar:

    Do you feel that the props and creativity in the dunk contest is getting out of hand – the costumes, ridiculous props, stickers and whatnot. What happened to a ball and rim? If you listen to me you WILL win the dunk contest: 360 behind the back, Nick Young can do it…, 360 between the legs off the bounce, and 540. Its over…..

    To the Rapts Italianos:

    Have you been able to teach any of your teammates any Italian? and if so what?

  • Dante

    To Bosh: How long are you going to grow out the dreads?

    To Calderon: Do people make fun of you for looking like Mr. Peepers (Chris Kattan’s character from SNL)?

  • wifey

    @ Poppi Gee; Good questions

    @ Jay triano; Why the fuck are you playing Calderon in the 4th over Jack?

  • Justin Solomon

    To Demar Derozan:
    Do you think Lil’ Romeo has the ability to play pro ball after college?

  • deejay

    To Amir: How long before you’re rocking a huge fro?

    To Marco: Is Sylvester Stallone your real father?

  • JAY

    To all/any Raptor: It’s only been a few practices for Reggie Evans, but has he blatantly grabbed anyone’s “package” during practice yet?? If not, are you scared that he will?
    I would be. The intensity on his face is kind of scary.

  • the cynic

    Calderon: Do you like the nickname “El Matador”?

    Gallo: Which italian player’s mom makes the best pasta?

    Nate: What’s your favorite Too Short song?

    Harrington: When are you going to start dropping dimes?

    Turk: How many times a week do you go out and party? And did you leave your jump shot at one of these parties?

  • sh!tfaced

    To Eddy Curry:

    Did he really “Touch It”?

    Are you really afraid of ghosts?

    If so, when will you come out of the closet?

  • http://dime eyes

    To Marco: In your eyes(LOL) the biggest difference between the European/NBA league. Would you have prefered to play ball in the states or Europe

    Demar: What is your vert? What is your biggest Pro/Con about your 1st year in the league?

    Jack: How good is Bynum & should he participate in the Dunk Contest next yr? What is the best dunk you’ve seen him catch in practice or game

    NRob: How do you like playing summerball in NYC. The biggest difference between your summer league & ours? How good would Tre Simmons have been in the league & who’s game do you compare him to? Who is your favorite player in the league & why

    Any Knick player: What is the best part about playing in MSG

  • sh!tfaced

    …and what do you think of Gallo’s nickname, “The Big Cock”?

  • the cynic

    D’Antoni: What’s it like watching Z-Bo go to the all-star game and Crawford getting All-star consideration while you pray Lebron is coming?

    Same question to random knicks fan

  • cid

    Chris Bosh: Do you like to be the man and leader of a team mean Batman or u rather be Robin?? IF he said Batman he will stay in Toronto(only exception Houston they have the money to sign Bosh and closer from his house)
    If he said Robin he will probably play with Lebron or Dwade

  • Bdidy Fan

    Eddy Curry: “Are you afraid of ghosts?”

  • http://BasketballFreeForAll Deebo

    Nate Robinson: What was your favorite UW memory/experience?

  • smack dat

    Belinelli: How does it feel that Gallinari has now overtaken your spot as the best Italian shooter in the NBA?

  • the truth

    Kryptonate: If they make the Worlds, would you consider playing for Team Philippines?

  • John X

    Nate: How does it feel to have every wanna-be filipino baller under 5’5″ on your jock? Did you even know you had filipino blood? And does 1/8th filipino mean anything???

  • sweetv0mit

    if it’s not too late ask barnagni and galinari if they know how to fist bump