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Fantasy 2009-10 Mid-Season Report Card

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

With many teams at or past the 41-game halfway mark of the regular 2009-10 NBA season, it’s time to look back at the first half of fantasy basketball and to make some projections about the second half.

Though it’s tough to cover everything in a concise manner, let’s attempt to traverse this broad topic by way of using a simple grading system. The first letter grade after each player’s name will be based on their performance thus far, in addition to how they’ve fallen short of, met or exceeded expectations; and the second grade will be based on their expected value during the second half of the season.

Players will be grouped by position and approximately ranked based on their Yahoo! average rankings so far this season. After the grades, there are a few retrospective and forward-looking lists for your reading pleasure.

Point guards:
Chris Paul: A-/A-
Chauncey Billups: A/A
Steve Nash: A/A-
Jason Kidd: A/A-
Deron Williams: B/B
Baron Davis: A/B
Rajon Rondo: B+/B+
Mo Williams: A-/B
Monta Ellis: A/B+
Lou Williams: B+/B-
Stephen Curry: A/B+
Tyreke Evans: A+/B
Raymond Felton: B+/B
Jason Terry: A-/B+
Jose Calderon: C/B-
Aaron Brooks: A/B+
Brandon Jennings: B+/B-
Beno Udrih: A-/B-
Luke Ridnour: A-/B+
Rodney Stuckey: A-/B
Mike Bibby: C/C
Nate Robinson: B-/B+
Ty Lawson: B+/B-
Mario Chalmers: C-/D
Devin Harris: C-/C
Derrick Rose: B/B+
Jarrett Jack: A/B
Mike Conley: B-/B
Chris Duhon: C+/C
Delonte West: C/B-
Kyle Lowry: C+/C
Russell Westbrook: B+/B+
Andre Miller: C+/B
Jameer Nelson: D/C+
Steve Blake: C/C
Randy Foye: B/A-
Earl Watson: B/B-
Tony Parker: C-/B
J.J. Redick: C+/C
Kirk Hinrich: B/B+
Allen Iverson: C-/C+
Jonny Flynn: B/B
Leandro Barbosa: D/C

Shooting guards:
Kevin Martin: B+/A-
Kobe Bryant: A/A
Dwyane Wade: A-/A-
Paul Pierce: A/A-
Andre Iguodala: A/A
Brandon Roy: B/B+
Joe Johnson: B/B
O.J. Mayo: A-/A
Manu Ginobili: B+/B+
Ray Allen: B-/B
Jason Richardson: B-/B
Stephen Jackson: A/A
Anthony Morrow: C-/C-
Wilson Chandler: A-/B+
John Salmons: C+/B
Eric Gordon: B/B+
Mike Miller: C+/A-
Jamal Crawford: A/A-
Vince Carter: C-/C+
Courtney Lee: C/C
Ronnie Brewer: C+/C
Chris Douglas-Roberts: B+/B
Ben Gordon: C-/B-
Larry Hughes: B/D
Thabo Sefolosha: B/B-
Anthony Parker: C/C
James Harden: B/B
Rudy Fernandez: C-/C+
Arron Afflalo: B+/B-
J.R. Smith: D+/B+
Brandon Rush: B-/B
Mickael Pietrus: C/B-
Corey Brewer: C/B-
Josh Howard: D+/B-
Richard Hamilton: C-/B

Small forwards:
LeBron James: A/A
Kevin Durant: A+/A
Carmelo Anthony: A/A-
Gerald Wallace: A/A
Danny Granger: C+/B-
Danilo Gallinari: A/A-
Corey Maggette: A-/B-
Rudy Gay: A-/B+
Luol Deng: A-/B
Caron Butler: C+/B+
Rashard Lewis: C/B
Shane Battier: B-/B-
Jeff Green: B+/B+
Shawn Marion: C+/B-
Andrei Kirilenko: B/B+
Hedo Turkoglu: B-/B
Peja Stojakovic: C/C
Trevor Ariza: B-/B
Marvin Wiliams: B/B
Ersan Ilyasova: B+/B
Martell Webster: B/B-
Ron Artest: C+/B-
Quentin Richardson: B-/C+
Jared Dudley: B+/B
Grant Hill: B/B-
Rasual Butler: B+/B
Omri Casspi: A/C
Boris Diaw: C/B-
Mike Dunleavy: B/C+
Ryan Gomes: C/B-
Matt Barnes: B+/B
Richard Jefferson: C-/B-
Carlos Delfino: C/A-
Thaddeus Young: C/C-
Al Thornton: C+/B-
Tayshaun Prince: D/C-

Power forwards:
Dirk Nowitzki: A/A
Pau Gasol: B+/A
Tim Duncan: A/B+
Marcus Camby: A/B+
Chris Bosh: A/A-
Troy Murphy: A-/B+
Kevin Garnett: C/C
Zach Randolph: A+/A
Kevin Love: A-/A
Antawn Jamison: A-/A-
Carlos Boozer: A-/B+
Amar’e Stoudemire: C-/B
Josh Smith: B+/A-
David West: C-/B-
LaMarcus Aldridge: B-/B
Carl Landry: A+/B+
Elton Brand: C-/C
Rasheed Wallace: C/C
Lamar Odom: C+/C
Anthony Randolph: C-/C
Luis Scola: C/C+
Michael Beasley: B-/B
Charlie Villanueva: C-/B-
Anderson Varejao: B+/B
Kenyon Martin: B+/B
Al Harrington: C-/C+
Yi Jianlian: A-/B+
Jason Thompson: B+/B+
Paul Millsap: C+/B-
Tyrus Thomas: C/B
Taj Gibson: A-/C-
Udonis Haslem: B/B

Brook Lopez: A/A
David Lee: A/A
Al Horford: A+/A
Nene: A/B+
Marc Gasol: A+/A-
Channing Frye: A/C-
Andrea Bargnani: B+/B+
Joakim Noah: A/A
Andrew Bynum: B+/B-
Andrew Bogut: A-/A-
Chris Kaman: A/A-
Samuel Dalembert: A-/A
Al Jefferson: C-/B+
Brendan Haywood: A/A-
Mehmet Okur: C/C+
Chris Andersen: B/B
Dwight Howard: B-/B
Andris Biedrins: D/A-
Erick Dampier: B/B-
Emeka Okafor: B/B
Jermaine O’Neal: B/B-
Kendrick Perkins: B+/B
Roy Hibbert: C+/B-
Ben Wallace: B+/C+
Drew Gooden: C/B-
Spencer Hawes: C-/C
Andray Blatche: C/C
Marreese Speights: C/C-
Nenad Krstic: C/C
Chuck Hayes: C-/C
Zydrunas Ilgauskas: C/C
DeJuan Blair: B/B+
Brad Miller: D/D+
Tyson Chandler: D/C-
Antonio McDyess: D+/C-
Robin Lopez: D/B+
Shaquille O’Neal: C-/C

Team Hubie Brown (fantasy players who consistently perform, but are underappreciated):
Kirk Hinrich, O.J. Mayo, Jeff Green, Shane Battier, Brendan Haywood

Team Honeymoon Baby (the most pleasant fantasy surprises so far):
Tyreke Evans, Zach Randolph, Yi Jianlian, Carl Landry, Marc Gasol

Team Darko (the biggest fantasy disappointments so far):
Jameer Nelson, Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas, Anthony Randolph, Spencer Hawes

Team NBC (players who should probably be sold high before they screw their owners):
Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, Tyreke Evans, Corey Maggette, Tim Duncan

Team Mickey Rourke (players who could make the jump from fantasy phantom to fantasy find):
J.R. Smith, Josh Howard, Tyrus Thomas, Robin Lopez, DeJuan Blair

Team Lazarus (deep sleepers who have a long shot at consciousness in the second half):
Goran Dragic, Cartier Martin, Jerry Stackhouse, Francisco Garcia, Serge Ibaka

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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  • Royal

    Brandon Jennings??? lol

  • Bill

    Brandon jennings??

  • Royal

    Me and bill posted the same thing at the same time wierd lol

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Royal, @Bill: This will be amended shortly – my bad, good catch, freaky coincidence.

  • Coop

    I drafted Josh Smith and he’s the only guy I haven’t traded. Traded for Monta and he’s been stunning. Still can’t get rid of Jennings.

  • G

    Really? Deron Williams gets a B?

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @G: Given his high draft position, yes.

  • rangerjohn

    HA and both you and i laughed when i told you SOMEHOW i ended up with blair in the draft! i dropped him and picked him up right before his 28-21 game

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @rangerjohn: Nice. I remember that – but I think it was more about the position you drafted him at, not necessarily that you actually drafted him. Whatever the case, he should pick up more steam as the season progresses – enjoy!

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    LOLOL at the NBC TEAM!!! Thank you for giving KD the best rating…

  • srb

    Bynum has been picking it up lately, but man he was downright bad for a solid 3-4 weeks. B is a little high…

  • Frank

    Hey Doc.
    How would you rank Tracy McGrady for the upcoming second part of the season?

  • G


    I drafted him 11th in a 10 team league and have not been dissapointed. He’s tied for 3rd in the league is assits (9.6 with Rondo), he’s averaging 19.3 pts (so youre close to a double double right there), 1.3 3’s, 1 steal, and 4 rebounds. Plus hes shooting 49% from the field. So far the only knocks on him I can think of are his relatively low FT% 77, and the time he missed at the begining of the season. But a B? Cmon I think 20,4,10 with a three and a steal isn’t bad. Sure Id like to see him with 22,5,12 plus 2 threes and 2 steals, but now were just getting nit picky.

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Frank: If he gets dealt to a team that gives him minutes, he’ll certainly have decent value. His health is always a heavy concern though.

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @G: Good points, and I can accept your arguments. I just think that his lower FT% and fewer assists were a bit disappointing for a top-12 player, not to mention his spotty health. Maybe I’m too demanding.

  • Colton


    That is ALL!

  • Rick Nelson

    Earlier in the season I traded away Aldridge for Courtney Lee & Hawes, so far I’ve been screwed. BUT, I’m still in first 7.5 games ahead of second.
    Hopefully Hawes will get more tick & Lee will do his rookie thing.

  • http://myspace.com Bryan

    I love what’s going on in Memphis. Too many players on that roster is proving all of the critics wrong. Specifically guys like Zach Randolph, Marcus Williams and Jamal Tinsley. These players have always been astounding, but the rest of the league didn’t want them. Look who’s laughing now.
    Personally, I think the Griz are the 3rd best team in the southwest after Dallas and San Antonio. The other players I think are really good on Memphis is Gay, Thabeet, Mayo, Arthur, Gasol and Conley. Talk about some serious depth.

    I can’t seem to figure out the overacheving/success of teams like the Thunder and Rockets. The only real proven talent on those teams are Scola and Durant, the rest of them are still a mystery to me.

  • Nick


    Can I expect to get Gordon for 4 or even 3 this week?

    And does this strike you as a good free agency move?:

    Pick up Delfino, Robin Lopez, Barnes, Stackhouse

    Drop Salmons, Jefferson, Duhon, B. Wallace

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Nick: Maybe 3, I wouldn’t bet on 4.

    I might keep Salmons instead of Stackhouse, but the other three sounds great to me.

  • http://www.conradburry.com Conrad

    injuries are kinda killin me next week, but which 2 of these are safest: Monta, NateRob, & BGordon? Also, sit which 1 of these guys for next week: Galinari, WChandler, KPerkins, Diaw? Thanks!

  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Conrad: I’d go with Monta and Gordon out of those three.

    I’d probably sit Diaw out of those dudes.

  • BRoy

    Nowitzki for Durant?

    Brook Lopez, JOe Johnson, anthony randolph for baron davis manu and Kevin lOve?