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Five Guys We’d Like To See In The Three Point Shootout

It seems like all the attention of All-Star Saturday Night goes to the Dunk Contest. That’s completely understandable, considering the other events they do or have done in the past like The Skills Challenge or 2Ball (remember that?). One event that always has the potential to be exciting is the Three Point Shootout. Who could forget that image of Larry Bird hitting that final shot and raising his arm in the ’88 Three Point Shootout in Chicago.

This year’s field has not been announced yet, but will definitely include reigning champ, Daequan Cook. They will probably also include someone from the Mavs like Dirk Nowitzki or Jason Terry. Danilo Gallinari is also rumored to be scoring an invite.

What I like about the shootout is the fact that they don’t always pick guys based on just three-point percentages. Sometimes, they mix it up and pick atypical guys like Danny Granger and Antoine Walker. Here are five guys we’d love to see compete in this year’s shootout.

1. Stephen Curry (Warriors): How cool would this be? We’re are all used to seeing Curry light it up from behind the arc in college, but unless you have the League Pass or live in the Bay, you probably don’t get to see curry play on TV much nowadays. He might have the best strokes since Ray Allen and if he catches fire, he could probably score a 26 or 27 in this shootout. Curry wasn’t a McDonald’s All-American, so he never participated in their contest and he didn’t do the college one either. This would be the first time we would see the sharp-shooting rookie in a three point contest. He’s shooting 42.6 percent from downtown this season.

2. Kobe Bryant (Lakers): Not many people remember that Kobe was entered to be in the 2008 contest, but withdrew because of a pinky injury. Since he has similar injuries now, I doubt he’d compete even if he were invited. But who wouldn’t want to see Black Mamba in this event? He’s extremely competitive and never does anything half-assed. If he entered this competition, you better believe he’d be in it to win it. But with a 32.1 percent three point percentage this season, it’s doubtful he’d win it though.

3. Nate Robinson (Knicks): Putting Nate in the three point contest would make All-Star Saturday night much more interesting. He’d be the first since Kenny Smith to compete in both contests. If he won, he’d be the first to win both and the first to win three dunk titles. Nate is a natural showman, so he could definitely bring excitement and drama to the three-point shootout. Plus, he’s not too bad from beyong-the-arc. For the season, Robinson is hitting 40 percent of his threes.

4. Channing Frye (Suns): Out of all the five mentioned, Frye is most likely to be chosen to score an invite. He’s shooting 44.4 percent from the three-point line and he’s doing it as a 6-11 forward/center. Up until this season, Frye wasn’t known as a three-point threat. Much like a short guard in the dunk contest, there’s also something cool about seeing a big man compete in a three-point competition. We could see him even taking down the contest.

5. J.J. Redick (Magic): It’s about time Redick got some shine. Although he’s a good role player for the Magic, he will never get many headlines. His one specialty is his three point shooting, so why not let him show that off? He’s hitting 41.4 percent of his threes in ’09-10 and he won the McDonald’s All-American Shootout back in 2002. Now that we’re going down memory lane, they should also add Adam Morrison to the list of contestants.

Honorable Mention: Eddie House (Celtics): House has a quick trigger, has a career 39 percent three-point percentage and loves to talk a lot of trash. This is a perfect fit. He has not been bashful about wanting to be invited to Dallas and has even made this video to help his campaign.

Who else would you like to see in the Three-Point Shootout?

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  • ejay225

    Martell Webster! lol Streaky as hell, but when he’s on watch out!! Most made 3’s in the month of January

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    This list is basically the reason why i never watch the 3 point shoot out.

  • bigdoggchad

    JR Smith. If he got hot it would be over!

  • http://dime eyes

    If the league thought like some people on this site or had a vision of a true fan. The N.B.A. would be a really amazing a fun league to follow. I agree with Curry,Robinson,House,Nowitiski,Sugar Ray,
    Honorable Mention Andrea from the Raps or Bellineli

  • http://dime eyes

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing B.Jennings in their as well.

  • http://deleted leeroy

    For the love of god please no more Nate Robinson.

  • control

    I’d like to see Rondo in it against “Gooch”, Antione Walker, That retarded high school kid who drained 6 threes in a high school game and met a bigger retard who happened to be president at the time, and maybe one of those feces throwing monkeys.

    Rondo would be funny because he’s such a bad shooter it would be very amusing.

    “Gooch” because watching his fat arms try to throw up 20-25 balls in a short amount of time would be funnier than watching those superfat idiots who go to Dave and Busters to play those basketball shooting games and they gas out in 10 seconds.

    Antione Walker because you know, the guy has to make some money somewhere.

    That autistic high schooler because you’d need someone in the contest to can actually shoot w/ a little measure of skill.

    And the feces throwing monkey NEEDS to be part of the event because feces throwing monkeys are fucking great!

  • jryu



  • David Brandon

    yo, why’s steph look like t.i. lite in this pic? lol

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    matt bonner without a broken hand kills everyone in the 3 point shootout! it feeds right into his style. red rocket is snubbed once again!

  • Ian

    the red rocket!

  • bigdoggchad

    More like T.I.’s lil brother in that ATL movie.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Yea throw Nate in there.
    I wanna see Nash in it actually.
    Steve Novack
    Stephen Curry
    and Eddie House (but have Skip behind him making threats to slap him upside his head).

  • sh!tfaced

    Antoine Walker, if he wins, will just blow the $35,000 1st place prize on a few hands in Blackjack…

    But yeah, we’d love to see Rondo, Chuck Hayes, Dwight Howard, Veragina and Shaq participate in the three point shootout. That would be effin’ hilarious.

  • the cynic

    As long as I don’t have to watch Kapono and Shard this year i’ll be happy

  • sweetv0mit

    They should just get rid of the other games and have an All Star Cage Match! Have separate weight divisions too to make it even or just have a Royal Rumble

  • Mike

    Damn control. That was a harsh post (but, yeah, I laughed).

    Eddie House needs to be there. The dude can shoot, and he’s entertaining. One condition: if he loses, Rafer Alston gets to slap him again.

  • Where’s the love??

    So Steph is a better shooter than his teammate Anthony Morrow? He’s gotta be in the contest this year.

  • IG

    Whatever happened to the Andris Biedrins-Chuck Hayes three point showdown?

  • RonNation

    Korver has one of the best strokes in the league.

  • d

    I know this is a dream list, but why did you even bother putting Kobe on this? Even in your wildest dreams, he’s not competing.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    What no love for Anthony Marrow he led the league in 3 point percentage last year…

  • money

    How about Anthony Morrow, Dirk, Bring Reggie out of retirement, Ray Allen, and Yao Ming

  • s.bucketz

    @23..haha i like that..a throw back comp…i was watchin a lil of the suns game the other night nd thunder dan still looks like he could make it rain from anywhere

    ooh yea..note to eddie house…thas not nba range homie

  • fobd

    Morrow must be on thqat list!
    Also I’d make a shootout contest from the charity line for people like:
    -Shaq, Big Ben, Perkins & DHoward.

    That would be fun to watch

  • Jason

    Bargnani has an effortless stroke from 3. If he was in it, I’d put money on him.

  • JJ

    Eff that. I would love to see SHAQ in the three point shootout! Or at least one of the events. Maybe HORSE would be the least of a joke. But dude will be entertaining no matter what, and that’s what the ASG is all about.

  • http://missjulze.posterous.com/google-hates-leno Julia

    JARED DUDLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that guy has one of the best 3 pt shooting % come on!

  • danny
  • Chris

    Gotta have Jared Dudley in that list! The man was leading the league in 3pt % and I think he’s still top in the West! Gotta be done!

    And please, no more Nate Robinson…the kid is past overhyped. I don’t want to see him in the dunk contest, or any of them!

  • james p

    Im sure eddie house can find a better place to shoot besides outside.

  • Ben

    Jared Dudley! C’mon, this guy has been lighting it up! Look at his numbers

  • Jon

    Jared Dudley for sure. Super sweet release and has hit some CLUTCH three’s. I’d rather see Dudley from the Suns than Channing Frye, because Frye can’t seem to hit shots when he is on the road. If you check his career shooting %, there has always been a significant difference between home and road percentages.

  • http://twitter jax1341

    JD3 for sure! Dudley has worked hard and his #s are there. I like Frye but JMZ could give us the behind the scenes scoop on AS weekend.

  • http://dime eyes

    I think Jared Dudley is on dime. He. won’t win if Nash isn’t passing the ball. Also Morrow is hurt. I think he may be out for the season. Maggete fell on his leg like crash did Arenas. Wrong place. Right time.

    Lastly I love Nate Robinson and he’s one of the few players in the left in the league. Who genuinely loves & has fun playing the game. People hated Crawford & Zbo on the Knicks. Look at them now. Even Ariza & Duhon & Isiah. What about D’mustache. Was a great & respected coach before coming here. Larry Brown even turned to trash while being here. How is that possible. Phil Jackson,Lebron & GOD can’t help the Knicks or Nets. They don’t know how to be good.

  • Sam

    Jered Dudley MUST BE ON THIS LIST!!! The guy doesn’t miss!!

  • LJ

    Anthony Morrow is NOT out for the season… it’s only a knee sprain, he’ll be back next week. But on point… Morrow was leading the league last season and was snubbed for the contest, and he ended up being the top 3 point shooter in league. The NBA owes him this…

  • LJ

    Anthony Morrow is NOT out for the season… it’s only a knee sprain, he’ll be back next week. But on point… Morrow was leading the league last season and was snubbed for the contest, and he ended up being the top 3 point shooter in league. The NBA owes him this… the fans deserve this…

  • FK

    Bargnani would have a shot. His stroke is almost a set shot, he would have 10-12 seconds left at the end of 5 racks

  • ar

    E. House should be in the three point contest,if not its a joke and im not going to bother to watch it…

  • LukeCage22

    brent barry competed in both the Slam Dunk and the Three Point Shoot out, and he actually won the slam dunk. I Think Bobby Sura also did that as well. DIME step your facts up please…