Smack / Jan 13, 2010 / 3:28 am

Get Your Timeout, Purple!

(photo. adidas)

After 30-something games of tinkering with rotations, dealing with injuries and middling through their typical slow start, we got the feeling last night was the real beginning of this season for the Spurs. In handing the visiting Lakers a 20-piecing that admittedly gets an asterisk because Pau Gasol (hamstring) was sidelined and Kobe (back) sat out the fourth quarter, San Antone nonetheless showed a consistent level of energy and execution they’ve been looking for all year. Tim Duncan (25 pts, 13 rebs, 4 blks) owned the first half with post-ups and a crossover/finger roll thrown in, Tony Parker (22 pts, 6 asts) owned the third quarter with mid-range jumpers and drives, Richard Jefferson‘s shooting stroke and defense were on-point, and the Manu Ginobili-led second unit played solid throughout on both ends … George Hill (13 pts, 6 asts, 2 stls) actually out-Manu’d Manu. In the first half, Hill picked Kobe’s pockets clean in open court and went in for a dunk while Kobe could only watch from his butt. In the second half, Hill capped the run that ended L.A.’s last threat with an acrobatic up-and-under layup that prompted the Spurs’ play-by-play guy to yell, “Get your timeout, purple!” … After listening to Tommy Heinsohn cry all over the Celtics/Hawks game on Monday, Sean Elliott was relatively tolerable. However, Elliott kept calling Lamar Odom “Lamar Kardashian,” and he was overly sprung on Ron Artest‘s body. Among other things, Elliott called Ron-Ron “a walking muscle,” and insisted Artest could’ve been a bodybuilder. Artest is built like a tank, but chill out, homey … When DJ Mbenga scored his only bucket, the play-by-play guy noted DJ averages two points per game. “Alright, that’s it, you can go sit down now,” he joked. A couple possessions later, Mbenga pulled a Donovan McNabb and threw Odom a 130-mph pass from three feet away, and L.O. gave him a look that said, “Alright, that’s it, you can go sit down now.” … Three signs your team is stuck in an ugly losing streak, courtesy the Detroit Pistons announcers: (1) You get overly excited when players do stuff they’re supposed to do, e.g. not being mentally checked out; (2) When the team does something good, you can only compare it to what opponents did against you recently; (3) One of your pre-game “Keys to Success” is something simple like “Pride.” … The Pistons snapped the losing streak at 13, beating the Wizards in front of about 51 fans in D.C. It wasn’t rocket science: Detroit cut down on turnovers, won the rebounding battle, made their threes, shared the ball, and happened to catch a bad team on the schedule … Chris Webber might have summed up Charlie Villanueva‘s entire career: “He shows up every once in a while, like every 4.3 games.” Meanwhile, the Sixers fan in your life is ready with a “C-Webb would know about that” comeback …


What the hell is this? … Grizzlies/Clippers was just an odd game. For starters, we’re in January and the Grizzlies and Clippers are only a combined one game under-.500. Then in the third quarter, the FedEx Forum was suddenly evacuated during a scary situation that turned out to be just a broken water line in the sprinkler system. After the game was restarted following a 30-minute or so delay, the Grizzlies came back from a double-digit hole in the fourth quarter to get the win … Baron Davis almost had a triple-double in the first half (17 pts, 9 rebs, 9 asts) and finished with 27-12-12 with five steals in the loss. Marc Gasol put up 24 points and 15 boards in the win … Big stat lines from Monday’s other NBA games: Stephen Jackson dropped 43 points (15-22 FG) as the Bobcats beat the Rockets; and Dwight Howard crowned the Kings for 30 points, 16 boards and three blocks in a blowout … Aren’t the Knicks tired of being the centerpiece of each year’s most insane NBA story? This time it involves a haunted hotel in Oklahoma City. Of all the inevitable Eddy Curry jokes we heard because of this, the best was from reader Mike who wrote, “Eddy Curry was the only ghost in that hotel. He disappeared from the League a long time ago.” … We’re out like ghosts …

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  • Sambuu

    Clips lost an easy one…

  • http://www.raymatsil.clanteam.com Raybyrd

    Yeah Charlie V pisses me off. Its not just the only showing up once and a while, its the obvious lack of practice on his D, dude can’t manage to stay on the court for 2 mins without fouling someone. Pistons are going to tank and get a nice pick!

    Dime always brings up the worst announcers, and they are right Elliot and the Boston announcers SUCK.

    My favs are the Clippers announcers, Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith… BINGOOOOOOOOOO!!

  • chancepassenger

    as big a spurs fan as i am, i don’t really see this as anything more than a game that the spurs had no excuse to lose. no gasol with kobe out in the fourth and playing the rest of the game with a broken finger…
    IF and when the spurs start beating dallas, boston, cleveland and orlando convincingly, then maybe…

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    I want me some grape drink baby…thats sugar, water, purple.

  • KB24

    @Pet Society Help

    Chocolate? It’s doo doo baby!

  • A-Slam

    some say that on every full moon, you can still hear eddy say “come on, touch it dave”

  • s


    Juice? what the f**k is juice?

    I want some drink.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    all i will say is al i have been saying from game 5 of the season, the lakers have NO BENCH!

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    too bad for the clippers. they had that game in control even when Memphis came back for a bit in the third. in my opinion, no evacuation would have meant a win for l.a.

    oh well…unless they catch one of these upcoming teams sleeping, they might not hit .500 until February.

  • Celticsdada

    You people need to stop disrespect Tommy. He is Mr. Basketball, he is what the the Celtics means. Without him there is no Celtics pride, no Celtics basketball. His knowledge of basketball is much greater than all of you Dime writers combined. The man has 10 rings he won as a player and as a coach. not only that he was the head of the players union for years and successfully fought as an advocate for players for years. You wOuld still have guys selling insurance in the offseason if it wasn’t for him. So before you call one of the great men of the 20th century an “idiot” or a “homer” you better make sure you understand that we will come down on you with the fire of the gods.

    Watch your mouth and learn the game punk.

  • sxrs
  • baron

    Now some Lakers fans know exactly what Spurs fans felt like without Manu @ 100%:

    Their team still put up a spirited fight and actually played better for a minute without Kobe, but in the end they just couldn’t pull it off.

    Still this is just a regular season game that means basically nothing, although it could help the Spurs gel mentally and start beating those .500+ teams now…

  • Coop

    ^ dick


  • Coop

    Sorry Baron, that was aimed at Celticsdada

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Spurs aint prove nothing until they start winning games like that on the road. Even with a healthy Kobe, I expected the Spurs to win that game at home. They gotta get them road victories before we can say the Spurs are anything more than a 2nd round team (at best).

    Sean Elliott sucks. End of story.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Dave: Hey Baby, stop selling weed you got your whole life ahead of you

    Baby: f^k you n!cc@ I got kids to feed!

    Dave: D@MN! let me get two bags then.

  • That’s What’s Up

    can’t wait to hear all the excuses today from the Laker-Lickers

  • ¢

    yo nobody beats the “PAUSE”‘ness of commentating an nba game more than Clark Kellog on the nba2k series. oh man the stuff he says is just gross “I just LOVE his body!”

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    I agree, Kellog says the craziest $h!t. Especially when talking about Josh smith and Nene Hilario.

  • Orange


    that’s what music is for. Nappy roots-No static/Kalifornia dreamin

  • Claw

    Love listening to Hubie Brown, the Original Professor.

    Well Laker fans at least Bynum looked solid! If Kobe misses time and Gasol is back for the next game it would be interesting how the Lakers do without Kobe in the lineup. Might be like the Steelers D without Troy.

  • LakeShow84


    If there is one thing i dont like its losing to the Spurs.. Me thinks Kobe should go get surgery and let everyone else develope cohesion without him.. I understand the warrior mentality but this franchise is about banners.. not individual pride.. AND WE BETTER GET THAT RING IN JUNE..

    But good game.. both teams played hard..

  • LakeShow84

    And what the fuck is Apple juice?!

    I want apple drink!! Its green..


    Great Read today Dime.

    I loved the part about Kobe.

    You know, I’ve been thinking, I sure think Kobe is a likeable guy. Gee-whiz, I think all the Lakers are likeable guys!

    My favorite part about Kobe is when he raped that chick in Denver. Sure, people say that he shouldn’t have done that, but I say he was trapped! She totally tricked him into raping and beating her up.

    I think he’s a great role model for my 24 kids, who I always tell that if the girl is dressing slutty, it’s not your fault!

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Celticsdada

    FUCK the Celtics

  • QQ

    Good too see the Magic string two wins after playing like crap recently. I hope VC gets the message and stop shooting like an asshole.

    @ Celticsdada:

    Just to piss you off- Fuck the Celtics, fuck Tommy, fuck you.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    I second that! post 10
    Yes he’s a homer that’s why he does the celtics games, but if you listen his knowledge is off the charts and when the celtics were NOT winning he was the first to point out why and nobody said a single word. Now that the team is one of the elite all the haters are out!

  • Ian

    have we ever seen a healthy spurs vs a healthy lakers since the gasol trade?

  • six tee nein

    It really is unfortunate for the lakers with all the injuries they’re having. With that being said, last year they were lucky in the injury department. They were no doubt the most talented team, but they did benefit from key injuries to other teams. People need to realize that no one is truly healthy in the NBA. Duncan has bad knees, TP has plantar fasciitis, Blair has no ACL’s, Bonner and Finley are out. You can look at the situation however you want. Both teams weren’t at full strength with the lakers being at less strength.

    I think what’s going to doom the lakers in the end is their bench. If kobe and the other starters play 40+ minutes in the playoffs and get little production from their reserves, it’ll be a tough road to a repeat. Or god forbid, what if a starter gets injured?

  • sh!tfaced

    Somebody wants to earn a Tommy Point…

  • the cynic

    the grizzles showed last night they are willing to do anything to stay above .500