Smack / Jan 18, 2010 / 6:35 am

Keepin’ it 100

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Phil Jackson is the king of the smart-ass, “Did he just insult me?” sneaky insult; Stan Van Gundy is good for more blatantly throwing you under the bus and making it work; Gregg Popovich will scream at you in front of 20,000 people but never lose your respect; and Mike Brown will get himself ejected in a minute going to bat for you — so long as your name is LeBron James. But you have to love the way Jerry Sloan gets it done: No games, no tactics, just telling it like it is whether he’s in a closed locker room or in front of a crew of reporters … Watching the Nuggets spend all night at the free throw line (41-of-49 FT) in Sunday’s win over Utah, most coaches would blame the refs. Sloan wasn’t going there. He blamed his players for failing to realize that if you force a right-handed player like ‘Melo (37 pts, 11-12 FT) to go right, you’re asking for a long night. “We had the inability to recognize if a guy is right-handed or left-handed and know which side of the floor to play him,” Sloan said. “That’s something you would learn as you advance in basketball and by the time you get to this level. We usually give them a sheet that has the players we play against and you’d think they could remember that.” … It wasn’t even that bad, though. The Jazz cut a 15-point deficit in the third quarter down to two in the fourth, and despite Chauncey Billups and Carmelo’s free-throw parade, were in it until Chauncey (29 pts, 17-19 FT) hit the dagger three with under a minute to go … Nice to see Ty Lawson back on the court, but after watching the Nuggets lately and watching North Carolina over the weekend, it’s clear UNC needs him like 200 times more than his pro team. Roy Williams and George Karl are tight; any chance they can work out some kind of loaner system? … OK, so nobody here expected Sundiata Gaines to parlay one game-winner into a starting job, but damn — TWO minutes of burn? … Do the Raptors schedule these weekend early afternoon games to get an advantage? If anybody feels like doing the research, we’d love to know Toronto’s record in Saturday/Sunday home games — they have to know just like everybody else that NBA players are creatures of habit, and no other team is accustomed to regularly waking up that early to play … The Mavs caught the Raps on one of their lunchtime tip-offs and got 20-pieced. Everything the Raps threw up was going in. Chris Bosh (23 pts, 13 reb) was on fire, and Andrea Bargnani (22 pts) was dropping H-O-R-S-E shots from 28 feet. Third quarter, Jarrett Jack drove the middle of the lane and got off a reverse layup from an impossible angle that put the Raps up by 14 after the and-one, and when Dirk Nowitzki got called for a tech on the other end and took a seat, that was pretty much it. By the fourth quarter, the Raptors were dancing on the bench like the Cavs … Looking a little light at the wing positions — with Michael Redd‘s busted knee and Joe Alexander‘s, um, being a bust — the Bucks are reportedly close to a deal with Jerry Stackhouse. The last time you probably heard from Stack, he was getting bought out by the Grizzlies over the summer. The last time you probably saw Stack, he was getting hammered on by John Wall. Can the 35-year-old actually bring something to the table for Milwaukee, or should Scott Skiles give Jodie Meeks a little more run and see what he can do? … We’re out like Romo

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  • Patrick

    Thank god for Dr. King and the civil rights movement. I don’t have to go to work today.

  • Orange

    “But you have to love the way Jerry Sloan gets it done: No games, no tactics, just telling it like it is whether he’s in a closed locker room or in front of a crew of reporters”

    gotta love a coach like that

  • control

    Raptors finally starting to look decent…

    I think Raps play the most Sunday 12:30 games than anyone else because of broadcasting contract with CBC. It’s also weird how Raps are the one team that will NEVER play on a Thursday, on TNT…

  • alf (from melmak)

    I am not taking anything away from the Nuggets win but 49 free throws?

    Did the referees who worked the game woke up in a bad mood and collectively decided they were going to whistle fouls on Utah at every opportunity?

    My meal allowance also says that John Hollinger might be on sort hallucinating drugs for pegging the Jazz at fourth spot in the west on his playoff odds with a better chance at winning the division and getting to the finals than the Nuggets and the Blazers. I am a big Jazz fan and he is supposed to be a number wiz. Duh.

  • s.W.o. 4 Life

    Wow.. No love for the Raps. Maybe they simply outplayed a better Mavs team for once rather than luck of the schedule. Can’t anyone throw these guys a bone especially since they had so much turnover on their roster from last year?

  • NC

    To be honest with you guys at Dime … I find it generally really painful to watch the Raptors on Sunday matinée games as, to me, it seems like they always stink it up on said occasions. I’d love to see the actual record for them.

    That’s a team on the rise, nuff said.

  • Coop

    Stack can Bowen the corner 3 and possibly add something for teams to concentrate on other than Jennings/Bogut pick and rolls.

  • freddie’s roach

    lebron gets pub from dime even when he has no game on schedule. a good way to keep the haters reading…

  • jimmhumm

    I thought Joe Alexander got bought out by the Bucks or “released” dude ain’t touched the floor all year. Is he a bust? Nah, I’m a WVU guy anyway. He just needs to go somewhere else. 49 fts is garbage. That game was boring as heck. WHo wants to watch allstars shot ungaurded shots all night. Yawn….

  • control

    I also seen yesterday that some people were saying Rondo is the top PG in the league. Better than Nash, better than Chris Paul, better than Deron Williams…seriously?

    Bottomline is this, until he can shoot better than a the average grade school kid from outside the paint, he is NOTHING. The second he has to deal with a double team, he will be completely shut down and shown to be the weak basketball player he is. He only has the numbers he has right now because NO ONE CARES ABOUT DEFENDING HIM.

    Come on, if you replace Rondo with a top tier point guard, Boston is unstoppable. I don’t understand how people can think otherwise. Rondo isn’t a play maker, he isn’t a shooter, can’t even say he’s a defensive stopper…what exactly is he that is so great?

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    The raptors are 5-3 on Sunday, lost 3 in a row to start and won 5 in a row. Thats just checking nba.com real quick though.

    I think its genius of them to play games that early, and in Canada its sort of a Sunday afternoon ritual, plus I love it cause I can just stay up and watch em at 1 am.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Rondo is a playmaker…

    has anyone heard from James Johnson recently…I just got reminded of his gamewinner from preseason and realized that was the last time I heard kid’s name…is he glued to the bench? Injured? what the hell happened to him…

  • Dagomar

    Didn’t find the Raptors all-time record on Sundays – given the team’s record over the past 15 years, I doubt it would be all that great – but the Raptors have played 9 home games on Sunday afternoons this year. Five of those have been against Western Conference teams, who were 1-4 against the Raps. More info at: http://caldeford.blogspot.com/

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Happy Bday Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Thank u for dedicating ur live to ours. Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk. Martin Luther walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so all the kids could fly.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    And Soulja boy cranked dat so all the kids could superman that hoooooo


    Regardless, shout outs to Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, Booker, Nat, Langston and the all the rest of the people who fought the good fight

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    longtime jazz fan here — so jerry gets props for being honest. but he’s losing respect from people who follow his franchise for failing to do any reach coaching anymore.

    why is millsap guarding melo one on one down the stretch in a close game, and not ronnie brewer?

    why isn’t he playing any of the 3 7 footers the jazz drafted in the last 3 seasons (fesenko, koufos, tomic) if he’s serious about dissuading other teams from driving down the lane for layups all night?

    why doesn’t he recognize that carlos boozer and paul millsap have a lot of grit, but lose out on length, shotblocking and speed? (see what the lakers big do to the jazz in the playoffs)

    how can a team filled with so many guys who have been at least in this system for 3 years still lose so consistently on the road? when does the coach take the heat for not motivating his guys?

    jerry takes no heat, he’s untouchable. he’s a HOF coach now — so no one can say shit. ever.

    since the late 80’s he’s not been able to adjust to the fact that other teams like to take and make threes on his jazz — he hasn’t improved on that at all in 30 years.

    the legend of sloan > the actual coaching ability of sloan.

  • Dennis Castro

    Lets see how Rondo plays once the 3 HOF’s are gone. Lets see how he handles being the focal point of the opposing team.

  • nasirnasqb

    actually melo went left almost every time on the block in the 4th; they guarded him so that he could take it to the hole every time, not forcing him away from the basket. He and Durantula are by far the most ‘i make it look so effortless’ scorers in the game today
    When you see Kb24 or Lebron and even D-Wade ginvin’ a team the bizzzness i think daaaamn those are tough shots or wow what a sick move. But when i see melo or kd tearing it up,i’m more like: wow does he got 25 already, he didn’t do any extraordinary/special, just plain old school BUCKETTTSSS

  • Drapsfan

    Dime actually give credit to the Raptors even though they completely outplayed the second best team in the Western Conference? No fucking way! It’s because the Mavs were sleepy and the Raps caught a lucky break….Of course it had nothing to do with the Raps playing well..nothing at all

  • ToAn

    i don’t think that Rondo is in the same class as DWill/CP3 or Nash but you just can’t say that because of his nonexistent jumpshot he is nothing..he is avg. 14 / 9.6 / 4 / 2.5 steals per game, that is definitely above average…but i don’t think his team would be any good if he was the best player on the team, that is the same problem i have with Parker, without duncan they would suck even if parker would score a lot of points. but we will never know until duncan/garnett/pierce and allen are gone and parker/ rondo will have to prove themselves once again

  • Orange

    i lol’d at Loc’s post.

    that was unexpected.

    it reminded me of the movie Glory Road in the restaurant when Willie Woersley was talking about Muhamuad and liquor(preaching and being serious) and Harry Flournoy said…”Blah blah blah.”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run the walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

  • LakeShow84

    I find it annoying when the officials dont let teams play..

    And i like Billups and would kill to have him on my team but i dont respect players like him.. He was out there just TRYING to draw fouls.. No real offense out of him just TRYING to draw fouls.. and u know what?? the officials KNEW it and STILL gave him the fouls.. Im so tired of seeing a player stop on a DIME and just BACKWARDS into an opposing player and get a foul call.. how much of a bailout is that?? THAT IS NOT BASKETBALL..

    like i said i like Billups but he plays like PU$$Y sometimes..

  • weng santos

    Utah lost because Melo was getting lay-ups and Nene was getting dunks and they couldn’t stop ‘em.

    Denver got the calls because they went hard to the rack for lay-ups and dunks all game long.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Attn All,

    whats this (bull)shit about Stephon Marbury playing in/for China?!!?

    any truth to this rumor?….

  • Dave

    weng santos you are dead correct, the Jazz are weak minded and until they can all get Yata in that locker room it’s going to be up and down to another 7 or 8 seed. The next 31 games for the Jazz are brutal, if they are even in the playoff race I’ll be surprised.

    Amar, I am a Sloan lover and believe he’s one of the greatest coaches of all time, but I have to say some of your points can’t be ignored.
    I think that what Sloan brings to the court in preparation and ability to make a system work is stronger than some of his weaknesses that you point out. If and when he has players who buy into the system like a 2nd rounder or D leaguer they thrive, they do what the coach says because they are playing for a paycheck. Stock and Malone also bought in, but until our GM can find 8 guys who will put it on the line like Sloan requires I don’t think you can put the blame solely on Jerry.
    Okur and Boozer are going to kill us, but he has to play them unfortunately to win games. I agree Fes should be on the floor, he could bring exactly what Ostertag did for a lot less money.

  • arisloco

    @ LakeShow84:

    Isn’t it the same move that Kobe tries to do all the time, looking for fouls everytime he has the ball? Stop acting like your fuckin’ Lakeshit never do wrong and make your haters hate more. What can you do if the player (ie. Billups) is looking for fouls to score? At least he has the ability to produce points for himself unlike you. I’m sure you would try to kill yourself if Billups do it to your lakers and the refs will call those fouls on a consistent basis.

    Try to acquire more basketball knowledge and stop hating, bro.

  • JoV

    bring back Greg Ostertag!