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Last Action Hero

It’s not that Rashard Lewis isn’t clutch. Anybody who watched him take down the Cavs and scare the Lakers with some big-time shots in last year’s playoffs knows better than that. But the way Raw Lew sent the Celtics home last night — not with a corner three or a turnaround jumper, but with a strong drive to the cup past one of the best defenders in the world — it was the last thing you’d expect out of him … Falling behind by as much as 16 earlier in the game, the Magic rallied in the fourth quarter and tied it on J.J. Redick‘s three with 40 seconds left. After Ray Allen (20 pts) missed a trey, Orlando had the ball with 15 seconds left. At first it looked like a disaster, as Redick wound up stuck 30-something feet away from the hoop, outside of even his Duke range. But J.J. eventually got it to Rashard (23 pts, 8 rebs), who gave Kevin Garnett a little hesitation move to get past him along the baseline for the game-winning layup with 1.3 seconds remaining … Bad sequence for ‘Sheed (17 pts, 3 stls) at the end. He failed to close on Redick’s game-tying three, then failed to provide weak side help on Rashard’s layup, then he badly airballed a three at the buzzer on Boston’s last chance. ‘Sheed has the name and the playoff experience and all that, but if the Celtics could swap him for Carl Landry, you don’t think they’d do it in a second? … Also not a good night for Vince Carter (6 pts, 2-13 FG). In addition to his shooting woes, VC just didn’t seem into it; the most life he showed was one time when he got a late foul call and screamed at the refs. Vince didn’t even see the court in the fourth quarter until the last minute and a half, where he was relegated to an offense/defense sub with Marcin Gortat … Before Orlando made its comeback, it was looking like another frustrating night for Dwight Howard (19 pts, 10 rebs, 4 blks). He picked up two fouls in the first five minutes and had to sit down, and then picked up his third foul later in the first half. In Dwight’s absence, Gortat blocked some shots and impressed Reggie Miller. “He is channeling his inner Hakeem Olajuwon!” Reggie screamed, then immediately checked himself when he realized how crazy that sounded. (And that was before Gortat missed a wide-open dunk.) … Craig Sager interviewing Stan Van Gundy: In terms of their respective suit games, it was like Muhammad Ali sparring with Butterbean. Just a gross mismatch on every level. Sager wears some crazy s***, but at least he’s trying … You already knew Suns/Mavs would be a no-defense affair that went down to the final minute, so we’ll just pick it up there: With 1:00 to go, the Suns led by three when Jason Terry got a steal, but Dallas failed to capitalize. Steve Nash (19 pts, 11 asts) dusted Dirk Nowitzki on a crossover and laid it up to push the lead to five — did you know those two are friends? — and on the Suns’ bench you could see Goran Dragic doing the pee-pee dance while Robin Lopez‘s face looked like a 9-year-old who just got a new Xbox. Terry and Grant Hill traded free throws, then on a crucial Dallas possession, Jason Kidd threw an ill-advised crosscourt pass that was picked off by Jared Dudley, whose free throws iced it … Probably the key move for Phoenix was taking Nash off of Terry (21 pts), who was killing him in the first half, and having Hill guard him down the stretch … We love Amar’e Stoudemire over here, but seriously, he should be embarrassed that Lou Amundson was on the court in crunch time while he was on the bench. Amar’e (22 pts) had some nice dunks, but he only had ONE rebound in 26 minutes. ONE REBOUND! … Did you see JaMarcus Russell at the game wearing like 25 pounds of jewelry? He could feed NYC’s homeless with all that … In Thursday’s only other NBA game, the Raptors beat the Knicks at MSG behind Chris Bosh‘s 27 points and 15 boards … The All-Star reserves were announced before the Celtics/Magic game, although they’d been leaked by pretty much everybody hours before that. General consensus is that David Lee — who posted 29 points and 18 boards on the Raps last night — was the biggest snub, with Chauncey Billups right behind him. The most controversial pick? Al Horford … We’re out like JaMarcus at the Pro Bowl …

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  • Benoit Benjamin

    Biggest snub is J-Smoove. It’s a joke he’s not an all-star this year.

  • ToAn

    i’m glad i traded amare in my fantasy league..i can’t handle his rebounding..ONE fucking rebound, damn..he really should work on that…and vince is just pathetic, i would take Hedo back in a second

  • mavs all the way

    Sheed has always been like that. Remember when he left Horry in the NBA Finals against the Spurs? I mean, i don’t know what he was thinking…

  • Billy Hoyle

    comparing Stan Van Gundy to Muhammed Ali ? he was shaking in the interview , but he wasn’t shaking thaaat bad

  • Soopa

    NY as a team doesnt deserve an All Star. Lee is their best player and other then Chandler hes the only one who could start on a good team. He is just putting up good numbers on a horrible team where he is the only rebounder. Its fair that hes been left off.

    Horford over J-Smooth? Dont know about that one. I do agree with the Hawks having two tho, but i think Smith is more important to them then Horford is.

    Happy to see D-Will making his first All Star team, about 3 years late lol

  • ToAn

    @soopa @B.Benjamin…yeah i’m also wondering what the coaches were thinking when they put Horford ahead of J-Smoove. he even has better stats, and is definitely more important to the team with his all-around skills. other than that i like the choices

  • Chainfire

    Raptors on another winning streak, gotta love it! CBEAST4!!!

  • budz

    j-smoove it is!

  • Sweet English

    @ 4


    SVG is being compared to butterbean.

    If you think SVG’s suit game is ton point, you need to stop shopping for sutis at the good will store.

  • Sweet English


    I went all retarded speller in that last post.

    my bad.

  • http://myspace.com/anoepheckz PHECKZ!?

    Gotta co-sign dat J-Smoove snub.. Ama’re on the other hand is HYPE! Could get a double every night without trying but he prolly holdin out a lil for the second half of the season and make a late run, if he ain’t traded!


    sorry for the spam board….ONE

  • solomon

    damn those all-star selection… horford over j-smoove? something’s damn wrong… gasol over kaman (ok, this is close, but still)…

  • deeds

    I would take Josh Smith over David Lee for the allstar game. Lee is a weak defender and his stats are inflated playing in that system.

    How bout them Raptors?!? Bosh is playing like a man posessed. Oh, and nice of Turkoglu to show up

  • deeds

    Oh ya, and did anyone catch Turkoglu’s post game interview? PRICELESS. The awkward pause was amazing. I thought my tv had froze for a minute


    “BALL” hahah

  • ab_40

    I think the coaches know who’s the spiritual leader of the hawks. he’s been it since his rookie year. Al Horford is their leader. The coaches know that that’s why they picked him over josh smith who’ll get there in time if the hawks continue to rise up the way the’ve been doing over the last three years

  • Trey bing bay

    Amare’s been hurt alot in the last couple of years which probably makes him less aggressive going after rebounds, so you can’t hate him too much for it…….but still……if i played an NBA game i think i would get 2 rebounds by accident in 20mins.

    Also Goran Dragic is playing well lately…

  • jimmhumm

    Nah folks position wise J-SMooth is NOT better than Crash. Gerald Wallace can rebound , dunk, and is a valid scoring threat. J-Smooth is as good definsively but lacks some of the skill of his Charlotte counterpart.

    Did any body else see Doc rivers wife looking like the games was getting on her last nerves? She had a book with her and was eye balling her watch when she KNEW the camera was on her!

  • Celticsdada

    Al Holford??? Are u for reaall???? Come on, best center after Dwight in the East is Perkins. He leads the league in shooting percentage among others stats….SMH

  • BC

    Horford beat out Lee because his team is in first place, and the Knicks are sitting in 10th in the East.

    If you were just going by stats alone, Brook Lopez should be the backup C for the East All-Stars.

  • bsteezy3

    @ jimmhumm–I saw it! She kinda looks like Ann Couture.

    I was glad to see Rashard drive to the hoop. Not a lot of that happened until the 4th quarter. I hate Vince on the Magic. There’s time for him to turn things around, but right now he just doesn’t seem like a good fit.

  • mules

    Horford’s spot should have gone to Bogut as he’s been the 2nd best center in the East this season.

  • http://dime AdvancedMind


    Perkins is the second best center in the L?

    I just heard my joke for the day.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Rashard blowin’ by KG.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, didn’t see it coming!
    The game, the last couple of plays, Boston was up kinda big.

    Yeah, definitely didn’t see that one coming.

    I ALWAYS blast Raw Lew for not getting it poppin off the bounce.

    That was the PERFECT play. KG and the knee of his gots to go! JJ, Barnes, Vince…anyone of them could pulled that off the way KG was playin’ that sticky d.

    Sticky D d-d-doesn’t work if you can’t recover fast enough after a dude creates some space.

    As much I could blame that knee, anyone who saw that last play knows SHEED was EXTRA LATE. Cottamn!

    He was late like a DWill All Star selection.

    I mean, don’t even bother helpin’ out KG, that ball is at the bottom of the net son! You just reactin’ son??!??

    Call the TO!

    He could’ve saved precious seconds for Boston’s last possession by doing the responsible thing and call the TO…

    ‘Cause his help defense was WACK AS F***!

    And so was his last shot!

    The most anti-climatic, non-satisfying, unfulfilling 3ball of the ballgame. Not close, not even a smidget.

    I mean, he might as well kick field goals for the Buffalo Bills in the 90s.

    Awww, Dallas and Suns, nothin’ special.
    I did catch one sequence where Goran Dragic, Rodrigue Beaubois, Jose Barea was on the floor at the same time.

    And Dragic was MURDERIN’ them.

    And 1s with contact with Beubois.

    X-overs on JJ Barea.

    At one point he took Gooden to the rack on some “GET BIG – YOU CAN’T F*** WITH ME” type Slovak type Napoleon-complex typeish.

    It was kinda like a feel good Hollywood story, like friends from a midget bball league broke the height barrier of the NBA and now battle against one another. And the last play against Gooden was the happy ending.

  • jzsmoove

    One rebound for Amare. Theres no way to go but up from here. unless he tries to impress with a zero rebound performance and send Charles Barkley to an early grave. He better wisen up and I just traded for the guy. And another one (Tony, Parker) with one good leg.

    ToAn, i basically handed you a gimme. At this moment I am currently trying (ineffectively) to kick myself in the nuts.

  • Ian

    horford is better than but it shoudlnt have been smith over horford anyways since horford is the backup center and no way smith goes over any of the three forwards on the team. please lets stop talking about lee his team sucks if we go by stats only lopez shoulda made it. someone mentioned perkins is the second best center hahahahahahaha sure man.

  • Ian

    sorry missed smith there
    horford is better than smith but …

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    TNT highlight comedy–

    Kenny: what do you call a power forward who doesn’t rebound?

    Charles: a small forward!….

    funny, but sure as hell true.

    Amar’e aint really all that good. And i seriously think NONE of us are surprised that he got just ONE board playing against Dallas.

    I’ve been saying for 3yrs on here that Amar’e aint that good and is a THRID OPTION (YES 3rd; not 2nd) on a team

  • srb

    That was a big-balls shot by Redick. What a disappointing game…

  • QQ

    Good freaking win over the Celts.

    Some thoughts:

    1. Vince Carter is one of the biggest dumbshit in the history of basketball. Seriously. STOP FUCKING SHOOTING THE BALL!!!!!!!

    2. SVG is equally stupid for going back to Vince CANCER in the waning minutes of the game.

    3. Dwight showing flashes of his post game = an introductory FUCK YOU to all haters. I love it.


    5. Seeing the Celts bark like retards (just like tey do every single game) then lose the game in the end = priceless.


  • K Dizzle

    1) Everyonce in a while, somebody shows they don’t actually watch games: David Lee’s stats ARE NOT inflated by “D’Antoni’s system.” If you watch the Knicks, Lee is gettin buckets and rebounds in the flow. Knicks barely crack 100 and the only one runnin is Nate…on his own.
    That 7 Secs or Less system was scrapped when D’Antoni realized that he ain’t got Nash. Please watch the games.
    Readin that shit is watchin that dead horse get beat down. Lee is havin an allstar season, unfortunately, his team ain’t and the coaches ain’t vote nobody on the squad who’s team isn’t above 500.

    2) KG’s knee ain’t healthy. Shard didn’t blow by or use any moves, he just got by him and KG couldn’t move his feet close to fast enough. Big problems for Boston if KG ain’t healthy. J-Smoove or Lee might get in the all-star game if he decides to rest…which he should

    3) Hedo finally has his breakout game and I don’t know if this is right, but I thought I heard that the Raps have the 5th best record in the L since mid December…
    What happened to all the ‘Trade Bargnani’ dudes, the ‘Demar ain’t workin after 30 games’ dudes? It’s funny how winnin shuts the Chicken Littles up. It’s gonna be even funnier if Bosh decides to stay cuz he got a better squad around him LONGTERM than Bron, Wade and Amare…

    4) Lovin the hate on Gasol makin the all-star squad, but nobody sayin shit about KG makin it. The coaches ain’t stupid. Every single reserve deserved to make it and if you didn’t see Pau come flyin out the gate this season, then you missin the point. Kaman’s nice, but all he doin is costin the Clips Wall, Johnson or ALdrich cuz since Blake went down, that team is done.

    5) Props to Z-Bo. Didn’t know if the coaches would look past his past and vote him in like he deserved, but dude has been killin…and they winnin. Same to Crash.

    @ Ian – Parker out again…

  • Ducky The Truth

    I have nothin to say thats important today. But i will say that Rashard Lewis looks a TAD BIT like T.I.P…. im jus sayin

  • Roman

    Celtics are getting exposed this weekend. You know ATL is gonna bust that arse and L.A. is coming to town on Sunday- Suicide watch for Boston fans!! Geratol Crew!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    Celtics are funny to me.. the whole team acts privileged out there.. i cant stand how having the moniker for defense actually ALLOWS you to commit fouls and get away with it..

    I mean they seriously tried to act like the Gooch didnt hit ALL WRIST on Gortat going up in the 3rd and i mean dudr, it was ALL wrist.. Garnett and Doc whining about KG’s BLATANT PUSH on Gortat during his break away dunk.. if you foul to stop the basket thats coo but dont whine when the ACTUAL FOUL is called..

    That was a good comeback game for the Magic, that’ll go a long way when they get into the playoffs.. Sheed brain farted those last 2 plays but i think the whole building expected Shard to shoot it.. KG did what he had to, it was weak sides responsibility to AT LEAST CHANGE the shot..

  • sh!tfaced

    Reggie Miller still can’t pronounce Rasheed Wallace…

  • LakeShow84

    And another thing..

    Dwight Howard should threaten to go over seas..

    The refs dont give him any respect and he leads the league in blocks and boards AGAIN.. THAT SHIT IS DISGUSTING.. they give him the rookie treatment out there.. given how superstars get away with so much hes CONSTANTLY getting ticky tack calls.. there is no reason he should pick up 2 quick fouls in the beginning of ANY games.. ive watched him make some bone head moves but some of those are really ticky tack..

    I couldnt stand to be a Magic fan.. that shit would make me hate the NBA religiously..

  • weezy f

    jamarcua russel shouldnt buy so much because when his contract is over NO team will sign his weak ass

  • control


    Your point about Dwight is exactly what I’ve been saying before Donaghy came out about shit. The NBA puts the clamps on defensive big guys right out of the gate. Dwight can’t even TOUCH a guy without it being a foul, and yeah sometimes he does fuck up and make some pretty obvious fouls, but in almost any other league in the world refs let you bang a little bit down low. The NBA is killing that, that is why almost all centers up and coming now aren’t bruisers, they are finesse guys who jack 3 pointers (Bargs, for example).

    It’s just disgusting, purely and completely disgusting.

  • Posterboy15

    @ QQ

    Vince has been injured all fuckin season it dont take no damn rocket scientist to figure that shit out from ankle injuries early november and shoulder injury early january..and he has been playin through dat sit, badly and sadly but playin through it…before the season dude was catchin off da backboard windmills at UNC over the summer..and at the beginning of the season avg over 20pg leading the team…he still dat fuckin dude dat beasted the shit out of PP and Ray Allen in Boston earlier this season in Boston at crunchtime..if he was sittin out u would be the same dude sayin Vince is injured all the time..when that shit has been played out since 02′..Fact of the matter is he avg 21 5 5 on a lesser talented nets team and had that team even thinkin 7th or 8th seed with him, I know he hasnt fallen dat far from grace, so bump dat age factor shit, mark my words when he gets healthy he is going to beast once again, regaurdless of haters and SVG f’d up offense system..Im Out..Peace

  • http://dime eyes

    @QQ… Go Magic. It sucks the refs & Jameer Nelson’s return ruined you guys shot at a ring last yr. That was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. If Courtney doesn’t get held or they call the Goaltend. It’s a totally different series. He could have still made the lay up but I understand. I also saw some Phantom calls. You guys still really miss Alston & Hedo. I know you’ve moved on. This team isn’t nearly as dominant as last yr. Also why no Bass & Redick is LUCKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  • Mike Honcho

    Only one thing to say regarding the games is this…..

    Is it just me, or is the entire Celtics roster like 10 pounds overweight on average

  • BigAzBaller

    I was at the bobcats vs. suns game. I saw JaMarcus Russel going to the bathroom in the tunnel as I was coming out. My god. His wrist was covered in diamonds. He is a pretty hefty guy too. But he was cool. I was expecting him to be arrogant, by that “Do you know who the f*ck I am” look. But I said what’s up and he shook my hand. That was pretty cool.

  • QQ

    @ 39:

    Well, it’s all done now. Can’t look back now cause that won’t change anything. We might not be as dominant as last year, but we can change that. There’s still the second half of the season. Hopefully, VC reads all his hate mail saying he should stop jacking, SVG calms the fuck down, and Dwight continues improving his post game.