Smack / Jan 26, 2010 / 5:54 am

Mortal Kombat

D-Wade (photo. Jeffery Salter)

LeBron vs. Carmelo was the one intended to define the era. LeBron vs. Kobe became the one we’ve been trained to anticipate. But a lot of people will tell you the NBA’s real must-see rivalry is LeBron vs. D-Wade. Last night in Miami they turned in another classic … It took LeBron a whole quarter and a half to make his first field goal, but once he did, the floodgates were open. For one stretch of the second quarter, ‘Bron and Flash combined for 24 consecutive points, blending pull-up threes with and-one drives to the rack. One time Wade got fouled while hitting a three, then popped up yelling something like “Don’t touch me!” or “Don’t f*** with me!” (We’re not too good at reading lips.) Before that, LeBron caught Wade on a transition dunk where he cradled the ball like a running back before rising, and when Wade challenged him in mid-air, LBJ unleashed a two-hander on his dome that caused an explosion on the Cleveland bench … Wade finished the first half with 30 points, and LeBron had 22. Wade mostly guarded ‘Bron, while the Cavs had Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker and Jawad Williams taking turns sticking Wade … In the second half, however, Cleveland began doubling Wade (32 pts, 10 rebs) and shut him down. Ideally that’s when Michael Beasley (16 pts) would step up and make the defense pay, but it didn’t work out that way … Cleveland was down one with 25 seconds left when LeBron (32 pts, 9 rebs) had a jumper blocked by Wade, but then he stole a Wade pass right back and got fouled. LBJ hit both free throws with 4.1 on the clock for the lead, and Wade missed at the buzzer … Anderson Varejao had 13 points and 10 boards in his return to the D-Wade House of Horrors and avoided getting dunked on. It was like seeing Mike Sweetney go back to the Chinese buffet spot in Chicago where they ran out of ham that one time. Sometimes confronting the space itself is like therapy … Who would have thought the winning formula for Chicago would include Derrick Rose‘s reliable jump shot and Joakim Noah sticking crunch-time free throws? Coming off wins at Phoenix and Houston, last night the Bulls picked up another statement W in San Antonio. Rose (27 pts) hit a go-ahead jumper with under a minute to go, then after Manu Ginobili‘s free throws tied it back up, Noah tipped in a Rose miss and added a free throw to make it a three-point game. On the Spurs’ next possession, Ginobili drove and took some contact, but no whistle. Noah added two more free throws to ice it … Sometimes Sean Elliott sounds like he’s out of his mind. On that last Manu drive, Elliott stuck to the old adage that the refs shouldn’t decide the outcome of the game, only he said that’s why they should have blown the whistle this time. In other words, by not calling a foul, the refs were letting themselves decide the outcome. Usually it’s the other way around, but temporarily changing a long-standing unwritten rule of basketball just benefit the Spurs wouldn’t be out of character for Elliott …

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Not that we’re accusing Vince Carter of settling for jumpers, but dude took multiple 30-foot threes in Orlando’s loss to the Grizzlies. Granted, he did hit one of them, and a couple were taken when the Magic were desperate for a bucket in the final seconds, but still. And when did we reach the point where Memphis outplaying Orlando isn’t even a surprise? … The Blazers deserve a lot of credit for winning games despite all their injuries and playing without Brandon Roy (hamstring) lately, but on Monday they suffered without their fourth-quarter closer. Portland led the Hornets by eight with 3:30 to go, and while B-Roy would normally take it from there and seal the deal, Chris Paul and Darren Collison slapped together a quick 8-0 run … After Andre Miller‘s go-ahead free throw, the Hornets were in trouble, mid-possession with eight seconds left: Paul (24 pts, 12 asts, 5 stls) was lying on his back following a collision, and David West looked like a turnover waiting to happen. But then CP got up, and LaMarcus Aldridge inexplicably decided to back off and leave him wide-open around the foul line to hit the game-winner … Other big stat lines from Monday: Chauncey Billups had 27 points and 11 assists to lead Denver past Charlotte; Josh Smith put up 22 points, 10 boards, four steals and four blocks as ATL won in Houston; Danny Granger scored 26 as the Pacers beat Philly; Carlos Boozer stamped 21 points and 20 boards on the Suns; and Rajon Rondo posted 16 points, 12 dimes and four steals in a win over the Clippers … FYI, Big Baby Davis says he doesn’t want to be called “Big Baby” anymore, as he’s trying to be more mature. When a reporter suggested “Uno Uno” (like “Ochocinco”), Davis said he’d be cool with that. We’re gonna stick with “Glen,” how about that? … We’re out like Big Baby …

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  • Sambuu

    AK-47 had a great game…

  • solomon

    uno uno? is that spanish for a 1 pound, 1 beef patty cheeseburger?


    Damn Flash, I was expecting you to make those freebies!


    Memo to Glen Davis, How about Fat-Boy?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    Houston needs to do something quick. Memphis is smooth about to take their spot. Right now they are drowning and say what you will but Ariza is a weight. I am saying he is good for D, transition and a Shawn Marion type roll off the bench but they need to get a trade going or something. Free T-Mac.

    Vince has been hurt how many times this year? The further away he shoots the less likely he gets contact lol.

    No word about the Lakers at the White House? I am sure an article gotta be coming later. Sure this will be something for the Laker/Obama haters to talk on.

    Jazz are at that point where they are looking like that, beating the Suns at their own game. Isn’t that usually the Suns demise come playoffs. They do so well during the season then when the Jazz, Lakers or Spurs actually run with them and beat them at their own game they are gone. They better save some of that energy.

    Wade needs help. Pimpin should go to Houston now that would be a nice fit. Houston still needs a center and back up center. Hayes ain’t cuttin it.

    Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta! Despite their horrible coach having no eyebrows (dude got them shaved off on an “accident” ) it’s amazing how they used to be so crappy and now they look serious. Boston should be worried.

    Props to the Orangemen for their second half, but G-Town got done by the refs in that first half. I still got G-Town doing damage in the tourney but it will be interesting to see how they handle a loss like this. I will say Syracuse is legit and the Big East is like the SEC of football right now. Dominating!

    Now I’m out like shaved off eyebrows lol.

  • rick773

    My Bulls are QUIETLY one of the hottest teams in the L right now. Thats how I like it let the other squads get the press so we can sneak up on em then…Oops POW SURPRISE it too late.

  • FedEx

    No love for Goran Dragic? He got 32 last night, in a loss, but still, a new high for Slovenian player, previous best was Udrih’s 30.

  • jimmhumm

    saw that “Swade” vs. Lebron game on NBA TV. THe first half was the most amazing thing since mj retired. Crazy dunks, ignorent shot, and both oneail/ and oneal came out to play some ball early.

  • sh!tfaced

    Glen “Big Boy” Davis sounds more mature. Or “Chico Grande”.

  • duke_blue

    today’s poll makes no sense…Lebron is in every 1-on-1 matchup! Who is he ‘posed to be???????

  • Chris

    WTF, Dime? Did you not see last night’s Jazz/Suns game? It warranted some sort of shout out besides Boozer (who actually was the games 5th best player). It was a playoff intense slugfest that was extremely entertaining.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Richard Jefferson on the Spurs has been a complete disaster. Could be this seasons biggest disappointment. Prior to season that move was talked about as possibly the biggest trade/acquisition.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Something is missing… Oh yeah it’s rangerjohn. He must still be asleep or his Internet access is down cause he’s usually complaining about the refs by now.

  • Blue

    First my Vikings lose a heartbreaker on Sunday, then my Heat do much of the same last night!! Damn man!!!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I think Sean Elliot should take the moniker Big Baby. He cries more than anybody else in the League.

  • control

    Fat Glenn Davis isn’t good enough to deserve a nickname. He just deserves to be called as he is, “fat fuck”. Soon he’ll be known as “hey, ain’t you that fat fuck who used to collect an NBA pay cheque?”

  • kudos

    What heartbreaker blue? The one where lebron got a foul call that would never be called at the end of games. ‘The King’ has got to have the record on drawing fouls at the VERY end of games, cuz the ref’s just love to be part of the story. Weak foul, and the game was decided on freethrows.

    Funniest thing though, is hearing the commentators saying that the heat were ‘tryna kill’ lebron as he was driving it. One of the weakest fouls i’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t even see that called at the ymca.

  • The other Aj

    LeBron is a chump…you notice he’s one of the few superstars who won’t take the challenge of guarding the other teams best player? (ie Wade, Kobe, Melo,…)

  • Dagger

    Some of you guys are getting absolutely ridiculous. Like any superstar who happens to be a great defensive player, Lebron picks his spots to guard the opposing superstar. In this case Lebron guarded Wade at the end of the fourth and told Brown that “I got D-wade.” Wade also guarded Bron. They guarded each other well but Lebron came out on top.

    Meanwhile, no Wade supporter should ever accuse another superstar of being bailed out with a foul call, especially if that call came after a blow to the head.

  • Chitown 23/33

    Bulls looking real good right now. I still don’t understand how it took VDN close to two full seasons to realize that roster is better suited for an uptempo game. Even Hinrich looked like he had a pulse last night.

  • deeds

    pretty sure lebron was guarding wade as he missed the game winning shot

  • shiptar

    so tell mi Dime, what kind of statement win was chicago winning in san antonio? That they are out in first round again?
    And about fat baby davis, i think he gained few pounds, he could go to japan and attend those sumo wrestling or what’s that s…! I can’t understand how a professional athlete can be fat like him.

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    Dwayne Wade needs Bosh. I repeat, Dwayne Wade needs Bosh.

    That’s all for now.

  • That’s What’s Up

    the only statement made was “the Spurs suck right now”

  • That’s What’s Up

    Uno Uno?
    More like Uno Mas…..pass the Carne

  • DH

    Did anyone see Noah get in Duncan’s grill when Duncan was trying to get in their timeout? First LBJ and now TD, I think I’m starting to like Noah…

  • bsteezy3

    I hate when Vince gets in 3pt shooting mode. We needed to see him drive at the end of that game, and he shot the 30 footer… Even Turkoglu would’ve driven to the hoop then…

  • Rick Nelson

    I will always call that douched, baby. Cause that what he is! NBA PLAYERS DON’T CRY ON THE BENCH!

    Was at the Heat-Cavs game! Section 111, row 32.
    GREAT GAME! Poor Wade has to do sooooo much for this team! EVEN with West & Mo out I was surprised it went down to the wire. Next season will be GREAT! Beasley will be read to step up more. AND, why isnt’ Chalmers getting more mins? Last night he got 5! FIVE!? Are you kidding me!

    GREAT game, can’t wait to go to another! A playoff game!
    Btw, the crowd was electric, almost like a PO game!

  • LakeShow84

    Man whats up with Beasley still playing like a rookie?? When Wade goes down Beasley should have a PLAN on how hes going to get his buckets.. everytime i see that period of time hes running around wild..

    And no matter what Dwade does he just can seem to beat Lebron lol he even tried to guard Lebron the WHOLE game.. thats toughness right there..

    Biggest disappointment in trade HAS to be VC.. dude aint even helping that team at this point.. swap him out for Courteney Lee and that team would be back on track.. SAD..

    And whats up peeps.. i thought Vince was clutch?? all i hear about is dude jackin 30fters and building houses..

  • LakeShow84

    Joakim Noah = Gamer

    Ill take him anyday..

  • Dave

    I didn’t think I’d get sucked back in by the Jazz but if AK47 keeps ballin and they keep playing defense they could make a run at the West. AK has gone from black hole to lights out, and for the first time since he hurt his knee a couple of years back is going to the basket hard and dunking the ball.
    so much for Remembering the Alamo. Hopefully DWill gets the All Star snub and plays pissed off the rest of the year and gets first team All NBA at the end.

  • Rick Nelson




  • http://dime eyes

    The funniest thing to me & I love when Lebron & the Cavs have fun dancing on the sidelines. His footwork seems good with all their pre-game antics. Why can’t he just stop walking for once. On the drive before Wade lost the ball. He walked about 3 times & 3 officials,6 eyes just bit the whistle. I really think a memo goes out to just allow some things. He walks so much sometimes it looks like a legal play. Then he re pivoted & went up with a WNBA(I love the WNBA) jumper. This dude is special but has a ways to go before he’s clutch without a lot of assistance from the refs.

    I know Mike would palm & grip the ball sometimes & so does Kobe but Geez. Hey at least nothing was worse than the 6step euro pump fake agaisnt the Wizards. That can’t even be made into a highlight because it’s was so damn illegal. I still think he stepped out of bounds baseline on that one like Bird on Isiah’s steal. Just saying. Oh and yes Mario Chalmers(Back up at best) sucks & isn’t better than Sherron Collins. The whole Heat team stinks as a whole including Super Riley. What is this the old Knicks & Wade is Ewing. Get the man some help so you can get back to coaching. Wink LOL.

    Vince Carter settles for more jumpers than young Lebron. Watching Vince made me love Kobe that much more.(How could you not understand MAMBA’S body of work) He might be as soft as pamper Pau Gasol. Marc Gasol might be just as skilled & way tougher. Is it still a lopsided trade? Boy how the tables turn. Jameer still isn’t healthy. The Magic miss Hedo & Rafer Alston. They are Pretenders this yr. It’s Lebrons ring again to lose this year.

    The Hawks aren’t fair at times. This team needed Stephen Jackson or even Wilson Chandler instead of Marvin Williams. Anybody other than old foot Marvin & Mike Bibby. At least have him come of the bench. Teague was a waste of a draft pick. I would try & pry Rodriguez from the Kings or even Duhon from the Knicks. for Teague & Marvin for Chandler & Chris. Could even use ugly Jared Jeffries. The Hawks are right there in the east. They’re like the Nuggets. If the ball falls right they could win. I would love a Finals match up of the Hawks & Nuggs. It would be better for basketball than Stern would think. I know everyone wants Kobe/Lebron.

    How do teams waste the talents of their superstar like Miami/Wade,Minn/KG,Mavs/Dirk,N.O./Paul,Cle/Lebron. It really isn’t that hard once you have a player with the caliber of talent of these guys.

    Lastly if Glen Davis helped Lebron win a ring would you love him then? Again how can you hate a perception of a person so bad? He’s been in the league how long & how many incidents have occured? Them #’s just ain’t adding up to him actually being a baby. For the last time he’s battling a weight problem? It’s an issue he has to live with. So commend him on not being injury prone or being a bust like a lot of losers on the bench in the league that don’t belong. At least he plays & earns his pay? If half of you ever had the pleasure of meeting him. I’m sure you’d change your mind. Only problem would be his reaction to yours. Expect someone to treat you how you treat them.

  • http://dime eyes

    @32..If people would allow some of these young adults to mature at a human pace. Lots of things wouldn’t be so overblow. Glen has to be maybe 23. Joakim Noah younger than that. Playing with people you grew up idolizing has to be overwhelming & could be to much for a 30yr old to handle. I’d say for the most part the majority of these players pass with flying colors. One bad apple don’t make the tree. It’s funny that it’s allowed & pushed to be perceived that way. In the end it only hurts the player thus hurting the league image. Again Stern has cleaned up the league but the talent & game has gone with it? The N.B.A. is literally all about Kobe & Lebron. No one else really counts. That’s sad. That’s not fair to the other 90+ % that tunes in & wants to root for a winner or star just alike & sometimes better.

  • Celts Fan

    @DH, Lakeshow, and Rick Nelson – what you guys are praising Noah for is EXACTLY why you hate on KG. Make up your damn minds. Friggin hypocrites…

  • LakeShow84

    @ CeltsFan

    Whoa whoa whoa..

    First off i NEVER said i WOULD NOT take KG.. shit i’d trade half my roster too for him..

    Second off, even so, Noah doesnt get down on all four barking at PG’s and running away from other PF’s when they bout to clip him..

    I like Noah because he stands up for his team.. Who is KG standing up to?? Calderon?? big bad Jerryd Bayless?? come on now.. but like i said.. i’d take KG in a millisecond 2-3 years ago lol knees are wee bit shaky nowadays..

  • johnny kilroy

    Mike Brown’s panties got wet again…Lebron draining those free throws – – well that’s what franchise players are supposed to do. I hate it when your biggest pimp is your coach.

  • DH

    @ Lakeshow & CeltsFan

    Exactly what LakeShow is sayin’. I never said I didn’t want KG but Noah is standing up to “bigger” players (both in stature and standing in the league). Once KG stands up to someone in the establishment, then I’ll give him props. Until then, barking at someone too small to be your little brother isn’t impressive.

  • Claw

    Second time in a week Dime had to go to bed before 10. The Suns/Jazz game was solid, 2nd best after the Cavs/Heat. The Suns were up by 16 and in 2 minutes Deron and the Jazz cut it to 5 by the end of the 3rd as Nash rested. Then the Jazz just placed the clamps on and the Suns couldn’t hit jack (Amare where you at max player?).

    LJB haters need to find something, didn’t guard Wade all game but did at crunchtime, same thing he did to Durant when he blocked his shot. Why get in foul trouble and hurt your team on the offensive end, its all about the 4th.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Not to really get into a Lebron discussion but you think the refs would really foul him out of a game?? has Lebron EVER been in foul trouble?? i think hes avg the least fouls of any player since he was DRAFTED..

    I mean seriously.. think about that one lol

  • wifey

    How about this poll…
    Lebron vs Mbenga
    Lebron vs Vujacic
    Lebron vs Ford
    Lebron vs O’Bryant
    Lebron vs Scalabrine

    Cumon DIME

  • Claw

    Good point Lakeshow, I doubt any of those guys (Kobe, LBJ, DWade) foul out too much though Steve Nash had 5 fouls in last nights game and that’s the first time I’ve seen him with more than 2!

    Wonder if Dime’s crack staff can stay up past 10 tonight and come up with how many games LJB/Kobe have fouled out of.

  • Claw

    Here is some fuel for you Lakeshow on Lebron getting more preferential treatment than Kobe, so I don’t know if I should be providing this to you but an interesting article on how Lebron gets the least fouls called per game than any player.


    The disclaimer is that he usually guards the worst guard/SF and in the 4th will switch to try and shut down the star player.