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NBA Trade Rumor: Ronnie Brewer To The Grizzlies

I don’t think any one – including Allen Iversonthought that the Grizzlies would be sitting at 22-19 through 41 games. But just like any good team, they’re looking to get better. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Memphis is discussing a trade that would net Ronnie Brewer from the Jazz in order to improve their bench. A great basketball move for Memphis, and another cost-cutting measure by Utah.

The teams have mainly talked about which future first-round pick the Jazz would receive in return for Brewer. It is not known whether other players are involved.

Memphis is not willing to part with its own 2010 pick. The Griz have made available their late first-round selections (via Denver and the Los Angeles Lakers) for the right deal. The Jazz may also be seeking a 2011 pick. The Griz have also shown interest in dealing for Miami’s Dorell Wright.

If you ask me, Brewer is the perfect type of player to add to this young Grizzlies squad. For the type of output that he produces, his $2.7 million price tag this season – and restricted free agency this summer – fits in with exactly what Memphis is trying to do. And if they’d only have to give up a pick and not an actual player, it seems like a no-brainer.

For Utah, I’m worried if I’m Deron Williams. Between shipping out Eric Maynor and Matt Harpring for nothing, and then seeing Carlos Boozer walk this summer, there’s a lot of money invested in a team that is just shedding talent. Andrei Kirilenko is slated to make almost $18 million next year, while Mehmet Okur will make $10.5 million. I’m definitely a fan of Paul Millsap and think he’ll be great once Boozer leaves, where does that leave the rest of the roster?

I realize that the Jazz don’t want to pay the luxury tax, but giving up a talent such as Brewer for a late first-rounder doesn’t seem to make sense.

What do you think? Would you make this deal?

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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  • hahns

    who trades a first round pick?? (maynor) does this save you THAT much money??? and trading brewer- does shedding his contract save you THAT much money either??? trade ak47 away or mehmet…theres the problem.

  • Scott

    kind ironic, first the Hornets now the Jazz…

  • b

    aron, you’re “definitely a man of paul millsap”? I didn’t know yall were boys like that.

  • ERIC


    the Jazz wanted to get rid of Harprings $6+ million contract and had to sweeten it with Maynor to get anyone to bite.

    The Jazz ended up saving, with luxury tax included, like $12 million.

  • RonNation

    they traded maynor and harpring together to save 5(10) mil..

    they wouldn’t do it unless the saving were significant

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Haha. Good catch. He is the man though.

  • Mike Honcho

    I don’t think Utah does it, doesn’t make much sense being that both teams….if they keep balling….will probably be fighting for the same position out West. Brewer in Miami sounds better, because the Heat need anyone to help them out

  • K Dizzle

    Between Utah and new Orleans givin dudes away to cut cost, maybe Jerry West was right and the league to contract and shed some teams.

    Dumb trade for Utah if we just discussin hoops not business.
    Great trade for Memphis, who obviously looked at what Oklahoma City doin and realize that they need their own Thabo Sefalosha to do lockdown work.
    Great for Memphis if they can make it happen

  • Andrew

    As a jazz fan I wouldn’t mind this trade if we actually got something in return. Brewer plays good D… most of the time but is a HUGE liability offensively. Defenders just sag into the paint and don’t guard him. Besides we are loaded at the 2 and 3 so it would free up playing time for the stud Wesley Mathews and Kyle Korver.

  • Dave

    This is all business. With their two first round picks coming up, Boozer leaving, and too many 2’s Brewer is probably the one closest to a bigger money deal than anyone else and they can’t afford to pay anyone that much money if they aren’t winning now so Brewer goes. They are also looking at CJ Miles as a guy who can score in bunches and they need the firepower once Boozer is gone.

    Of course it would be easier to swallow if the Jazz would stop showing that they could actually be a Western Finals threat if they all play Sloan ball instead of worrying about their damselves.

  • CTP

    Aron, you have one major fact wrong. So do multiple collumists at NBA.com. The jazz owner and president have said numerous times in the past few weeks THAT THEY WILL PAY the luxury tax. Why does everyone insist that since it’s a small market team the owners won’t pay?

    As a Jazz fan, I will be so bummed if the Jazz make this deal. Ronnie B brings a ton of energy and defense.

    Cj miles is the lump that should be on the block.

  • http://www.innoutnba.com In-N-Out Lucas

    Memphis-Make it happen.
    Jazz- You can always get Xavier Henry or Avery Bradley next year…

  • AB_40

    deron williams and chris paul are both on the same ship. sinking franchises who are trying to cut costs instead of trying to improve and win soms extra ballgames. I just don’t get this trade from utah’s perspective dude is a baller plays hard D is athletic. ah well and what memphis needs is a defensive anchor who get’s after them if they do dumb and weak things on the defensive end of the floor

  • RC

    If they wanna save money they should try to move AK even for just a couple of second round picks. And try to find a sleeper in the coming draft. 18 million can really help them signing other free agents. Specially big centers that would help them defend against teams like the Lakers and Magic.

  • http://myspace.com Bryan

    Brewer’s a great player. Utah should trade him for Shane Battier, they could use a more defensive minded player.

  • CTP

    for anyone who is still interested… This was a rumor started by MEM… The Jazz are not moving Brewer,

    AND FOR THE LAST TIME. The JAZZ KNOW THEY ARE PAYING THE TAX. they knew that when they decided to resign Millsap!

    And the Jazz are not in the same ship as N.O. Jazz are gonna finish top 4 in WC. just wait.

  • volakab

    If they don’t trade Brewer now, they will lose him in the end of the season. I suppose they’d have a late first round pick rather than nothing.

  • Al

    As a jazz fan, I wouldn’t mind this trade. Brewer is terrible on the offensive end, and we are stacked at the 2 and 3 positions with Korver, Matthews, Korver, Miles, and Kirilenko. Also, with a 1st round pick, we could probably get someone better than Brewer.