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NBA Trade Rumor: Zydrunas Ilgauskas For David West

David West (photo. NBA)

It’s no secret that the Cavs are looking to add one more piece for their title run this Spring. And while names such as Antawn Jamison and Troy Murphy have popped up and fizzled out, it appears the latest rumor out of Cleveland has the Cavs making a run at David West. With the Hornets doing everything they can to avoid paying the luxury tax, acquiring Big Z‘s $11.5 million expiring contract – and ridding themselves of West’s $9.1 million this season, $8.3 million next year and $7.5 million player option in 2011-12 – you have to think this deal makes sense for both teams.

One interesting aspect of this proposed trade that The Morning Journal talks about, is that the Hornets very well could buy out Ilgauskas’ contract and waive him, thus allowing him to return to the Cavs in 30 days. It’s clear that Ilgauskas doesn’t fit into New Orleans’ future plans, and the Cavs would love to have him back as insurance for Anderson Varejao and Shaquille O’Neal.

But even though New Orleans is making a playoff push and are right in thick of it, Hornets coach/GM Jeff Bower – at least publicly – doesn’t appear ready to trade West.

“The foundation of our plan has always been to maintain our core group of players and to look at ways that wouldn’t affect our overall basketball team on the court,” says Bower.

While that sounds great, we all know that at the end of the day, Hornets owner George Shinn is going to do whatever it takes to avoid paying the luxury tax. But to trade West seems like a move of desperation – and one that will only force Chris Paul closer and closer to demanding a trade.

If I’m the Hornets, I try and counter this deal by offering up Emeka Okafor. It’s no surprise that he hasn’t been the savior that they thought he would be, and in a smaller role with the Cavs, he could push them over the top in the East.

What do you think? Would you make this deal?

Source: The Morning Journal

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  • Chaos

    while if im the Cavs, this works great because Lebron is a great passer and West can be the real second scorer that they need while making Mo the shooter that he is. but they are gonna have to move some more guys as well. Hickson may as well be included in the trade because it creates a log jam at the low post with Shaq, Z, Sideshow Bob, and West. I don’t think this would be in the hornets best interests because of the fact that the one thing they really need is a legit athletic shooting guard. isnt there one out there that they could pick up

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    If I’m the Cavs I’m trying to do anything and everything to win this year I’d take either West or Okafor. Especially if I can re-sign Big Z a month later after a buy out.

  • mules

    I don’t see Cleveland (or anyone else for that matter) taking on Okafor’s rediculous contract.

  • MBE18

    If that trade goes down, I can’t see CP3 not asking out by next year’s trade deadline.


    If NO trade West, say good-bye to CP3.
    We all know CP3 were not happy with the Tyson trade!

  • mules

    @ Chaos, West isn’t really a low-post player…he’d fit on the court nicely with Shaq or AV

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    I’m pretty sure they’re unwilling to part with Hickson. If this trade were to go down, the Hornets would actually have to add another player because Big Z makes too much. Thing would not be good in the Big Easy.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Cavs win either way with West or Okafor.

    But damn West is that established power forward that Cavs might just need.

    Damn, I don’t see why NO would do this trade.
    If they do, they might as well blow up the team.

  • Mike Honcho

    This trade will definitely benefit the CAvs and make them even stronger in the East. West would fit in nicely and since he doesn’t play around the basket, Shaq and AV would be able to get easy buckets off misses or cuts…well AV off cuts at least.

    NO must be thinking of rebuilding if they pull this off…the let go of B. Scott, they got rid of Chandler, they give Okafor a huge contract, but don’t get any real help for CP3? If this goes down, this is the beginning of the rebuilding phase for them, IMO

  • control


    If you have Valgina on the court, your team is hurting. I don’t care who else you have on the court with him, the guy is a piece of shit player, maybe one of the least skilled players in the NBA and BY FAR the most overpaid player.

  • Brown

    NO is a train wreck. Paul should seriously think about jumping ship since West is really the only decent teammate he has. That team is going nowhere.

  • karizmatic

    I wouldn’t make the deal if I were the Hornets. That would be sure to just infuriate Chris Paul (as a matter of fact if I were Paul I’d demand a trade the same day). But it works great for the Cavs.

  • Kevhous

    Jamison would put the hardware in Cleveland this yr. he’s 20 and 10 and can play D. David West would make them better but not a lock. If they can do it and get Z back, thas a hell of a deal. I’m sure they are going to want at least hickson.


    Hasnt been commenting cause my team SUCKS. But I think West would be a great addition for my PissTons -Pronounced (Pissed Ons)lol

  • control


    Jamison can play D? The same Jamison that plays for the Wizards? Antwan Jamison? I haven’t seen him play D in YEARS…unless you count pointing at your guy while he drives by you a few times D.

  • Dagomar

    control, Varejao has one of the best +/- of any player in the league. How do you not know this?

  • heavy d

    If I’m New Orleans, I’d do it with a caveat. I’d send West and Posey for Big Z and Jawad Williams. It would trim 3M off the cap for this year which would either get the Hornets under the luxury tax level or close. Trading West by himself doesn’t give enough relief to make it worthwhile.

    The bad deals are Peja and Posey not West. If you deal West you want to get rid of one of the bad deals and I don’t think Peja is movable until he’s an expiring deal nex

  • Prof. TX

    I’m tired of seeing the same contenders get easy improvments because the lower teams are just giving up on winning and trading away players. If this keep happening, maybe the league just needs fewer teams. What’s the point of running a team with no stars, a bad record, and no way to improve? Maybe the league would be better with 20 good teams instead of 10 good teams and 20 with no chance.

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    Jamison is the missing piece, but D. West would be a really nice addition. However, according to Brian Windhorst from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, NOH is offering up ridiculous terms to deal their players. For example 2 for 1’s plus draft picks. Now, I’m sure every team does this when the trade deadlines still a month away so we’ll see what happens as it gets closer to the 18th. Cleveland is certainly in position to make the biggest deal, and will do it since they f*cked up last year with Szczerbiak’s expiring contract. Which, let’s not forget, the Cavs can still do a sign in trade with Wally, another weapon they have to make a big deal.

    And anyone who thinks Varejao sucks clearly doesn’t watch enough Cavs games, or basketball for that matter.

  • Reddi Red

    @ youngfed…

    who would we give up for West? I wouldn’t mind seeing that trade either, but we have nothing to give……..dejuan summers maybe, but thats about it.

    I would still want to see Maxiel/Rip/Tayshuan …..(not all, but some combo)used as bait for something in return.

  • control


    I don’t really care what Valgina’s +/- or pretty much any of his stats are. The guy doesn’t really have any basketball skills at all, if you have seen him play, you know this. He is completely, 100% interchangeable with anyone who “hustles” a lot (and is 6’10), and I can guarantee that ANYONE you replace him with won’t look like as much of a douche as he does.

    He’s not strong, he’s not fast, he’s not quick, he doesn’t have a good basketball IQ, he can’t shoot, can’t really finish around the basket, is not tough and doesn’t really do anything good except keep running and flopping around the court 100% of the time he is out there. He is like that overhypered retarded kid that every little league has, you just let em loose out there and the other kids play easy on him while he goes and makes a complete fool of himself in an amusing manner. He is the Rudy Ruettiger of the NBA.

  • Chaos

    money wise it wouldnt worked but if NO lets West go they might as well gut the team, cuz cp3 wont resign and they dont want that.

    well if they arent gonna let go of hickson and resign Z whats the point. that again leaves Shaq, Z, West, Varejao, and hickson. Cavs wants young jj to get minutes but west would be the best PF on the team of course and Shaq is gonna start because they would work well together and west can hit a jump shot from 15-18 ft out….varejao is overpaid.

  • Tim K.

    If I were the Cavs, I’d be pulling out all the stops to get David West AND Chris Paul. Send them Mo Williams, Z, Wally (in a sign and trade), Hickson and draft picks. Getting CP3 would just about ensure LeBron stays in Cleveland after this summer even if they don’t win it all.


    Tayshaun, Wilcox, Villenuava, Ben Gordon, RIP take your pick.


    Preach on brother Ive been noticing this trend ever since GP aand Malone tried back in the day but now it getting out of control. Straight Baaaannaaaanasssss!!!

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Nah Control – we laugh at Andy. Call him names. Admit he might be slightly overpaid. But dude’s a gamer.

    “I don’t really care what Valgina’s +/- or pretty much any of his stats are.”

    Wow, they’re pretty much the TWO BEST INDICATORS of a players worth: stats and +/-

    So I guess it’s personal, Control.

    He looks like a douche?
    OK, so he reminds us of a Simpsons redhead crazy ex convict.

    So I guess you don’t like his haircut, Control.

    “He’s not strong, he’s not fast, he’s not quick, he doesn’t have a good basketball IQ, he can’t shoot, can’t really finish around the basket, is not tough.”

    So you obviously don’t watch the Cavs, Control.

    He “doesn’t…do anything good except…flopping.”
    Yeah, that’s an EXCELLENT observation. You got us on that one. I bet nobody here ever noticed that.

    Name one Euroleaguer who doesn’t, Control.

    Rudy Ruettiger of the NBA is gettin’ GWAP, Control.
    Andy is one of the most important players on one of the best squads. I bet you Oprah’s fortune that the Cavs wouldn’t give up Andy for this David West deal.

    Why? ‘Cause he means that much to them, Control.

    I can smell misguided hate from 10 gigabytes away.

  • K Dizzle

    Maybe I missed it, but if NO trades West, who they plannin to start at the 4? Songaila? Diogu? Damn! Never seen a team have a bright future 3 years ago to crumblin like the Hornets done. You got maybe the best point in the game and you removin his pieces? weak…

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    Varejao; 29th in the league in RPG, 17 overall in O-RPG, as a back-up. Get’s in the head of every player on the other team and draws ridiculous offensive fouls against other players.

    He’s the guy you hate because he’s not on your team and you would love to have him. Overpaid or not he helps the Cavs out tremendously.

    And 6’10” guys that can hustle? Obviously not that many of em.

    DimeMag, can I get some help on this Andy talk? I know you guys know he’s good.

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    @Gabriel Brogden

    Thank you.

  • goonther


    well said brogden – andy v is irreplaceable on that team

  • control


    Can’t watch any Cavs games? That’s nearly all that is put on nationwide, so it’s hard to miss them. Yeah I hate the guy’s hair cut, and hate his flopping, but in your big long write up, you don’t really say one thing that he DOES do good.

    Name a few things this ‘clown’ is good at other than flopping.

    Also, it’s been said a lot on this site, but numbers do lie. Is Mo Williams REALLY an All Star talent? Valgina’s numbers aren’t even good, 8/8/1/1/1 in 30 minutes per game. You are arguing with me about a guy who averages 8 and 8 not sucking. I maybe be indiscriminately hating on the guy, but you are jocking on him just as bad.

  • lsuhornet17

    Um, the Hornets are only about $500,000 over the luxury tax after getting rid of Armstrong. They only need to trade a minimum salary player to get under the tax. Doesn’t make sense to trade West at all at this point. He makes $9 mil a year, and I believe his salary was front-loaded, so it goes down next year. Trading a $9 mil former all-star in order to get $500,000 under the tax is equivalent to killing a fly with a bazooka. Do some research first. ESPN just reported last week that Hornets are telling all callers that West is not available. I’m sure the Cavs are making pitches, but NO isn’t biting. Sorry to disappoint.

  • control

    Dan Dickau

    If the Raps paid Valgina 50 million dollars, I would probably feel the same way about them as I felt when I heard “and with the 8th pick, the Toronto Raptors pick…Rafial Aurauajoauo!”. Just so you know, that wasn’t a good feeling, it was a feeling of my stomach going into my feet and tears budding in my eyes, wondering if the world was going to end and if I should crawl in a hole wait to die.

    The Raps just paid Bargs and Hedo 50 million…are you going to prove how crazy you are and say that Valgina is better than either of those players?

  • lsuhornet17
  • Reddi Red

    @ youngfed

    remember…….NO is trying to CUT salary, not take on new contracts.

    Yeah, maybe Wilcox, but thats really about it outside of Dejuan Summers.


    Yeah and the teams everybody wants to trade with or go to are always Celts, Spurs, Lakers, or Cavs what a co-winky-dink i bet. I think if this continues ima just give up on the NBA and try to watch lame azz college ball.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @Prof. TX

    I agree! I was just talking about this with my brother yesterday. Contraction would definitely help the talent pool in the League.

  • control


    You forgot the Knicks in your list…EVERYONE, their brother and their dog wants to play with the KNICKS! Even though they suck, and have the worst management in basketball.

  • The Advisor

    That makes no sense for the Hornets!! What are they trying to do?? Help the Cavs win a title!! David West is a pure BEAST!! Why would you trade a talent that? This is lunacy!

  • The Advisor

    A talent LIKE that…..


    Who wants to play for the knicks thats all speculation so far cause thaty Lebron ish is so not gonna happen

  • sh!tfaced

    Are you kidding me? Slow poke Ilgauskas for almost anyone is a good trade, especially West…

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    Unfair traiding:

    As someone who’s also a huge Cleveland Indians fan I understand what it’s like to have your best talent plucked from your team and traded to a huge franchise, but in the NBA it’s totally different.

    Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs, came in and his motto has always been “if it helps the team win I’ll spend for it.” He didn’t make his fortune from the Cavs, he was already loaded when he came in and he has no problem spending the luxury tax. Every owner has that same ability so I don’t wanna hear about how big franchises dominate the NBA.

    Basketball teams in general don’t generate a lot of revenue so it all depends on what the owner wants to spend. Cleveland just happens to be lucky and have a guy who doesn’t care about how much something costs. Plus in the NBA there’s a cap so it’s different from MLB where teams can just offer some huge amount of money for star players. Not the same in the NBA with max contracts. So there’s not much weight there.

  • robmo35

    If I’m New Orleans I tell Cleveland to get fucked, or at least come up with a reasonable proposal for a 2 time all star. New Orleans is cheap, but they aren’t stupid

  • 12thMan


    and by this I mean give me emeka Okafor, put him with Shaq and see if you can score

  • A.R.

    If the Hornets do that they may as well work some kinda deal to send CP there too. Theres no reason he should have to suffer and waste his phenomenal talent and career on a team that worrys more about saving a buck instead of tryna win rings.

  • freddie’s roach

    @ control, as a cavs fan i see where you’re coming from. Andy is:

    a. overpaid – if the team was losing, i honestly don’t know if he’ll get 50M. He’ll be on the trading block asap.

    b. flopper extraordinaire – yeah all euroleague players flop, but andy does it every 2 mins.

    c. other than his put-backs, doesn’t have a shot outside 15 feet. Yeah this makes it easier to load up on lebron. Ask the Magic and Celts about this.

    On the other side, he’s a hustler and just goes out and plays. Still I don’t know how this balances the negatives above but as long as the cavs are winning and LBJ is still there, sideshow bob still has a job. That’s the sad truth.

  • ShowKase


  • RC

    This rumour is non sense. Big Z is nowhere near David West’s level at this point of both guys careers. Hornets only post up threat is West so I don’t they will give it up for a washed up Z that is just happy to shoot occasional three’s and maybe grab a defensive rebound once in a while. Just another TMZ style story making something out of nothing.

  • Matthew H

    Let’s do both! Z and Wally Szczerbiak (resigned for this purpose) for Okafur and West. Okafur’s gigantic contract means nobody’s going to trade for him- Okafur for any expiring contract would be a win for Nawlins.

    And the Cavs can throw in somebody else- Boobie Gibson, J.J. Hickson, a first round pick, whatever.

    If New Orleans is seriously going to take a nuke to their roster, that’s the way to do it. Franky, as long as they’re in playoff contention, I don’t see the point.

  • http://myspace.com Bryan

    Are you kidding me? West is considered a so called power forward, hell he’s the same height as Lebron. He can’t post up player because he’s undersized.

    I’d like to see the Cavs trade for players like Devin Harris, Monta Ellis, Sam Dalembert, Al Jefferson, Andrew Bogut, Wilson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Memet Okur or Marcus Camby.