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Nike Basketball “L.A.” Tee Giveaway

While we’re still sorting out the winners from our last contest, we decided to start the week off right with a new one. Some new L.A. inspired Nike Basketball tees just hit the office in super limited quantities, so you better cross your fingers. Between the Black Mamba “L.A.” tee above, and the MVPuppets “L.A.” tees below, you really can’t go wrong. If you want to get your hands on one of these, answer the following question:

If you could have dinner with one Laker (past or present), who would it be and why?

Let us know in the comments below (with your size and tee preference), and the best answers will win. Good luck!

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  • http://law.ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I would have lunch with Vlade Divac because he is Serbian, and those f*cking Serbs know how to party!

    XXL LA Mamba shirt, please!

  • Abdul-Salaam

    Kareem, so that i could ask him about his conversion to islam. mamba xl

  • quest???

    fuck the lakers. But obviously if i had a gun to my head, i would pick ron artest. Yea, he drinks henny at halftime, wtf do u think he does in his spare time?

  • quest???

    if by the mercy of god u choose me its medium, and the snake one, because the A on the muppets hands looks like a hairy pussy

  • CStreeze

    Nick (The Quick) Van Exel…so he can explain to me why he got the dumb “Hater Sheild” tattoo…

    XL Yellow MVPuppets “LA”

  • B Nice

    The one Laker that I would love to have dinner with would be Jerry West. It would be great to be able to just sit and pick his brain about all things basketball. Except for the most recent championship, Jerry West had a hand in every championship run that the Lakers made while they were in LA. The guard from West Virginia was the first player that was the face of the franchise. Since then, Magic and arguably Kobe have passed him. Though, the fact is, neither of those players would have had the opportunity to do that if not for Mr. West. I would want to here all about his playing days, from the highs of winning a championship and being a key factor on a team that won 69 gamee, to the lows of losing countless championships. Also, how he felt about the showtime Lakers, the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, and what he sees in this current construction of the Lakers. In my lifetime it seems as though Jerry West has become so private, maybe he was always that way, I’m young, I don’t know. I think when we talk about basketball players, Jerry West is sometimes forgotten. He is one of the best shooting guards to play the game, easily top five. While, he was also able to be one of the best general managers ever as well. Jerry West, probably by his own choice, has become a forgotten star. I think that there is a lot of insight and information that he can offer.

    (Large, Black Mamba Tee)

  • http://law.ufl.edu Big Freeze

    lmfao at this guy!^^^

  • http://law.ufl.edu Big Freeze

    i was talking about quest’s comment about the puppet hands!

  • Sherm

    No question the greatest Laker of them all, Magic b/c I’d want to know what it was like to be part of saving the entire league when it was in danger of falling off and having a true rivalry w/Bird while maintaining a good image. Hell of a job. Plus he played when it was a man’s game…now it’s like going to a 21+ nightclub where sure people are old enough to get in, but it doesn’t mean that they’re ready for the atmosphere. Besides i’d see if i could get his REAL feelings about some of those other “great” players in his era and right behind it.

    Mamba XL!

  • 91sick

    Eddie Jones! To be honest, my favorite Laker ever, I would ask him why he fell off?!? Mamba M please.

  • jose calderon sucks

    shaq, so i can ask him how KOBE’s ass tastes!

    mamba M

  • Eric

    It would have to be DJ Mbenga to see how he feels about being part of so many posters

    MVPuppet Hands Large

  • dukesman

    It has to be Shaq. Hopefully, at the end of the night he’ll buy me a Bentley. No homo!!

    Black Mamba, Large

  • JRav

    Magic since that man had major game and had the most clutch performance ever, nevermind the fact he was a rookie when he pulled it off.

  • Alan

    If I could sit down with anyone it would be Elgin Baylor. Dude averaged 27 & 13 for his career and never won a scoring title OR an NBA championship, even though he led the Lakers to the Finals 8 times. Although he’s had numerous individual accolades, I’m sure he’d trade it all in for a champagne shower and a kiss of the guacamole filled gold Spalding.

    XXXL tee please!

  • renegade

    Elgin Baylor (if Minneapolis Lakers count) just because Minneapolis isn’t the most diverse town and I would love to know how he overcame the racial adversity he faced while playing in the league.

    If it has to be a LA Laker I’ll go with Magic and talk about both his impact and success on the court and his success off the court in the business world.

    Medium or Large Black Mamba

  • Rosie

    Not sure how big a small (<- ???) would fit on a girl, but I'd be a Mamba small. I would ask Magic to have a sit-down with me. He is one of very few players, in any pro sport, who made everyone around him so much better, which made him phenomenal as a player. He made his teammates elevate their level of play, and he made sure they got their shots, which is why he was their anchor during the great '80s.

    Plus, I'd have to talk about his memorable final All-Star game (ie. players and media being wary of letting him play after announcing he was HIV-positive, hitting those crazy shots, the on-going highs and lows, etc). He may be one of, if not the, greatest on that team, but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience of life off the court that I'd be interested in picking his brain about.

  • Kevin

    Kobe Bean Bryant

    No doubt about it. Kobe Bryant has embattled and conquered so much in his career, and it’s not even on the downslope. His game is still progressing and he still amazes fans on a nightly basis. He truly has gone on a roller coaster ride in his career. From winning the slam dunk contest to the 3 peat, and then the infamous Colorado incident. As a fan, it was hard seeing him go through this adversity, and the fact that the man was literally playing for his life (it was unknown whether he’d go to jail or not) at the time. To lose the privilege of watching one of the greatest of our generation play to the possibility of incarceration was something I couldn’t express in words. To be able to sit down for dinner and just converse with him, it would be fun and such a great learning experience. He seems to have a great sense of humor and that’s on display with the various commercials he’s done goofing around with the Jackass crew and Ronny Turiaf when jumping over that Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

    I’m really feeling the Black Mamba “L.A.” in Large. Thanks!

  • MBE18

    Magic, because he had game during the game and game after the game by screwing all those chicks!!!!!

  • Roko

    I think the answer is very simple, it has to be Kobe. Kobe is a way more interesting dude that he is given credit for. Born in Philly, lived in Italy from age 6 to 13, one of the best high school basketball players ever (put up crazy numbers as a senior), I mean dude went to his prom with Brandy at her peak. On the court his resume is ridiculous, dropped 81 pts in a game, 61 pts at the Garden, gold medal, 4 time champ, 11 time all-star, 09 finals mvp, 08 regular season mvp. Were talking best player of his era and one of the best to ever step foot on an NBA court. One of the most competitive players ever, who seems to have matured beyond the me first attitude that he was accused of to become a player who can literally make his teammates better. And he is by far the #1 pick in the “Who do you want with the ball in his hands when the game is on line” Draft.

    The conversation topics are endless, not to mention Im sure we would be rolling to one of hottest spots in LA eating some 5 star type food.

    Oh yea, Mamba L

  • http://www.fludwatches.com m-ez

    If he were alive, I’d go with Wilt Chamberlain.

    I think the way Kobe is becoming a team oriented guy later in his career is similar to when Wilt hit LA and focused less on stats and more on winning. He’s been the most dominant big man in the history of our game. AND I’d ask him how the hell he kept count of 20,000 women haha.

    LA Mamba tee in XL

  • Jo Jo

    I have 20,000 questions for him!

    2XL Mamba

  • Matt

    Lamar Odom, so that maybe I could get close to his wife.

    Mamba, Large

  • Jeff Allen

    “Big Game James” Worthy

    Because he can give insight into: playing with MJ (@ NC) and Magic; was he sweating bigtime about possibly going to San Diego on the coin toss; how it felt battling (schooling) McHale; what effect Lenny Bias would have had on the rivaly with the Celts; how it felt to drop 36-16-10 in Game 7 on the Bad Boys in 88: and why in the heck Michael Cooper wore his strings out.

    Mamba – Large

  • AJ Burse

    I would have lunch with Kareem Abdul Jabbar….I would ask him about the golden days of the NBA and how real it was in the ABA…..

    Large, KILLA Mamba Shirt

  • fallinup

    Phil Jackson, of course. So we could forget about the Lakers…. talk about the old school Bulls, and smoke peyote at his beach pad.

    Mamba, XXL

  • Charles

    Luke Walton, I know it may sound crazy but it would be pretty cool listening to him talk about his family (who consist of a Beach Boy and a Basketball Hall of Famer), about being on the Lakers with the greatest player since MJ (Kobe). I think he would have a fantastic perspective on life and how to live it to the fullest.

    MVPuppet Hands Yellow – M

  • Mark

    Kobe. I’d like to see how it is to be an athlete and work with one of the greatest sneaker designers, Eric Avar, to get your vision materialized in a signature shoe.

    And, naturally, I’d try to bum some PE samples off him.

  • Eddie

    Jerry West. I’d like to know how the league was back then compared to today, and what it was like being dubbed “Mr. Clutch”. Also, I would like to know his thoughts about being the NBA logo.

    Mamba Large.

  • Tom

    Magic. I need a job.

  • Mario

    Chick Hearn – he’s lived through it all and have seen everyone come and go. With his perspective – he’d give the true insight on whats happened in the storied Laker history.

    Black Mamba XXL

  • wuchiu

    Derek Fisher

    So I could ask him how he fit into those shorts on retro night!

    Mamba Medium

  • Einnod

    I’d go with Andrew Bynum to Bubba Gumps so we can talk about fried shrimp, steamed shrimp, garlic shrimp, shrimp gumbo, shrimp scampi…..

    LOL Run Andrew Run!!!

  • Einnod

    Man forgot the shirt size the Yelow puppet or Black mamba shirt in size small its for my wifey!!!

  • michael

    Magic Johnson because as a basketball player he achieved a lot of honors. USA Dream Team, 3 MVP awards, 12 time all-star, one of the NBA 50 Greatest, Finals MVP, league leader in assists and even more. Even though his career was cut short by HIV, he has achieved almost as much off the court as a play-by-play announcer/studio analyst, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and even an author to several books.

    Mamba Small

  • sh!tfaced

    Kurt Rambis. I’d ask him what a REAL (not a WWE fake ass) clothesline feels like.

  • Romper


    Ron Artest.

    He moves to LA…plays pick up ball in Venice while giving away his shoes and his cell phone number out.

    He opens for Too Short at the HOB Anaheim.

    He admits to drinking during half-time.

    He writes an open letter to Tiger to let him know he still has mad respect for him.

    Time and time again he’s been real with everybody, and dinner with him would be legit.

    Black Mamba, Size M or L please.

  • spswange

    Sasha, so i can ask HIM how Kobe’s A$$ taste…

    XL in MVPuppets

  • Jeff

    Tyronn Lue and I would pick up the check because people have constantly stepped over him his whole life, especially Allen Iverson.

  • Fr8. T.Rain

    Phil Jackson, just because he has seen it all, coached all the greats, while managing to check egos, (make no mistake about it, every great player a la MJ, Kobe and what have yous was or is a diva in their own way), and managing personalities all the while keeping them fingers shining … could eat and hear bout that ish all day from one of the brightest coaching minds ever.

    Large MAMBA L.A please!

    We should do this again sometime

  • Ted C

    Slava Medvendenko and Mark Madsen so I can be with the two whitest guys in the world.

  • http://DimeMag Labrone

    From past and present i would have to go with chi towns own . . . . Shannon Brown!Why because he is from the chi and since high school we have expected great things from him, he has a ton of talent yeah he been on a couple of squads but i feel he has finaly found a home with Lakers its a good look. I would ask him how many times he has dunked on KB in practice? Vote shannon for the dunk contest!

  • bballinca

    #23 why would you want to get next to the third best current Laker, so you could get close to the third best Kardashian?

    My answer would be Mychal Thompson. The guy was an unsung hero on the earlier Laker’s squads backing up Kareem. Most people forget he averaged 20+ points and 10+ rebounds a game earlier in his career. One of his sons is currently tearing it up at WSU.

  • Ant

    Probably Magic….just to sit back and ask him regular stuff..like how much ass was really thrown at him back and the day. What did you do when Isiah came out and said you got sick from messing with Dudes??lol….and when did you actually learn how to talk better?? (I saw an old clip where he said..” Throwed’ed the ball into the hoop..”…last..why the hell are you doing rent a center commercials….you know damn well you’re too rich to rent anything.

    XXL on the shirt size!

  • Matt

    #43. She might be the third best looking girl in the family, but id still take it.

  • Chris Castasus

    it would have to be Cedric Ceballos, just to find out if he really cut holes in that damn blindfold in the dunk contest. and if so, why he faked the funk on a nasty dunk.

    MVPuppet Hands Medium

  • Deacon

    If you could have dinner with one Laker (past or present), who would it be and why?

    Chick Hearn. He was the voice of my youth and no one will ever replace him. I still get teary eyed listening to old broadcasts.

    (Black Mamba Tee, in Medium)

  • bballinca


    if that was your sole purpose than at least come up with a laker that is single instead of a married guy so that you could hit on his wife.

    Maybe AC Green would have been a good choice. LOL

  • http://Dimemag Dre Day

    I would want to meet kobe best he is greatest hooper on earth right now XL Mamba shirt

  • LakeShow84

    You guys better give these to actual Dime fans..

    Not Larry, Curly and Moe..

    And since hes a Laker id have dinner with Phil.. you could talk everything with the man.. politics, hoops, the golden age for the hippie movement.. Everything lol

    I cant believe no one said Phil yet.. you guys is trippin lol

  • Kobe
  • Kevin

    Kwame Brown to find out how it feels to get your ass chewed out by Kobe.

  • Godot

    Eddie Jones. I like some peace and quiet when I eat.

    Large shirt. No preference.

  • http://dimemagazine Superman

    I would choose Michael Cooper so when I’m done ringing up the bill on filet migeon I can throw the receipt up to Coop for the alley-oop smash!!!

  • thanksdoc

    sedale threatt…i’d ask him how many kids he really popped out

  • sunni

    id wanna have lunch with adam morrison..b/c you know he’s got the chronic..i would also ask him why he high=fived a dallas player at the free throw line two nights ago; and why he’s not more motivated in his contract year…size M- any t-shirt will do

  • Celts Fan

    I’d talk with Karl Malone cuz I love little Mexican girls too! XL mamba plz

  • Patrick

    Chick Hearn…that way he can tell me that our Dinner… “in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!”

    RIP Chick Hearn…GOAT

    Black Mamba, L

  • http://nbadraftscouts.com Tyler Whitcomb

    Mike Penberthy – Size XL

  • http://nbadraftscouts.com Tyler Whitcomb

    Again Mike PEnberthy and I would ask him to play one on one for the car that Shaq gave him.

  • ClayBennettisaMofo

    Robert Horry. It would be awesome to hear his perspective on who the best big man he ever played with was: Hakeem, Shaq, or Timmy. Also, its rare that an above-average role player becomes a household name for his clutch shots. He once said that he’d trade all of his rings to be The Man on a team, so it’d be cool to talk to him about that as well. I could also make the argument for Ron Harper since he played with MJ and Kobe.

  • http://sherockskxlu.com McAllister

    I’d want to sit down with any of them (except Adam Morrison, because his dirt stache and Slingblade running style are just too creepy.)

    However, I’d most want to interview Chick Hearn (RIP), the voice of the LA Lakers. He was there for almost all the different reincarnations of Laker greatness but still was honest, and better than any of the homer announcers now.

    BUTTTTTTTT if I have to pick a player and not CHICK…Kurt Rambis. He played on the greatest team of the Lakers history. He was the hustle that was able to stand out on a team of the most talented players in the world. Also he was a coach for the more recent championships. Endless amounts of questions. Besides Rambis was rocking the nerd rock glasses way before all those emo kids:) He is the coolest.

    Black Mamba (either x-small or small)

  • JayChau

    It may be old school, but I have to give my respect to George Mikan. Pioneer of basketball, the creator of the Mikan Drill. Respect is paid.

    XL tshirt if I win.


  • Wes Nee

    I would like dinner with Pau Gasol because then I could ask him what it was like to transition to the NBA from Spain. I would also ask him about all the language and cultural barriers he faced when coming over and what inspired him to play at the All-Star caliber when he was with the Grizzlies. Finally, I would ask him how he felt when the Lakers lost in the 08 Finals and came back to win the 09 title and hopefully the NBA FINALS this year.

  • Wes Nee

    I forgot the black mamba size L. Sorry

  • vignesh


    Meeting any NBA player would be out of this world for me, let alone my favourite lakers… I live in india(bangalore), and whenever there is any event remotely related to the NBA, ill be there. Baron Davis had been to my city this summer. I bunked work just so as to meet him and he was totally cool..very chilled out… I travelled all the way to delhi (which is like going from dallas to minnesota or something by train) just to see kyle korver..(oh btw i bunked work again!!)…and the worst part is, I reached there a couple hours late due to which i missed him… imagine kyle korver!!not the kobe bryants or the lebron james level calliber players…but still..
    Given a choice, i would have to go with kobe, even though ron artest comes a close second(he’s hilarious…i’ve seen all his interviews on youtube..total wack job).. Meeting Kobe would be like a surreal experience..one that i know wont happen anytime soon, but i will somehow try to save up some money just to come and watch at least one NBA game…
    Any of the Tshirts in XL would do for me.

    Thanks a lot Dime.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Honestly Derek Fisher because I want to know what it was like to be one of the better point guards and then down to mediocre but still a formidable threat when it comes to the clutch.
    I wanna see what is up with that lady who was stalking playboi and how that whole situation went down, cause ol girl was a nut!
    I would wanna know how he dealt with that whole situation in regards to his daughter and the cancer and the transition of LA compared to Utah?
    Finally I would just want to get the scoop on his view of some of the greats he has played with and against.
    Oh yea and I would have to let him know that was cold how he did Scola lol. Oh yea and I would have to ask dude what is up with the heat check 3’s when Kobe or the team is clearly on and he throws up a 3 from outta nowhere.

    Any shirt is fine and the size XXXL

  • Shannon

    This is a tough question as so many of the Lakers past & present are amazing athletes and men. I mean I’d love to sit down with Kobe but I’d probably not be able to even speak to him as I’d just stare at him & not know what to say at to him except that you are amazing & have such great skills!

    I think I could though sit down and enjoy dinner with Derek Fisher and have a great time as he just seems like an easy going guy. He would be funny, classy and he is such a clutch player. I’d love to know more about his family, what it means to be the president of the player’s association and what it truly is like being a player for Phil Jackson. I’d ask him about Phil’s Philosophies & how important it is to wear the purple & gold uniform as many other basketball greats have before him.

    These t-shirts are awesome & I’d love to win any of them in a size XL. The black mamba rocks but I also love the puppet LA hands too. Tough choice, just like who I’d sit down to dinner with.

    Thanks for the chance at winning one!

  • Kerri Tuazon

    If given the opportunity to have dinner with any Laker, past or present, I would choose to have it with Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant, aka the Black Mamba/Mr. 81/GOAT. I would ask him about his training regimen and what exactly motivates and drives him to work as hard as he does. There have been several players, recently Vince Carter and T-Mac, that have had all the talent to excel, but did not have the supreme will nor the insatiable desire to win at all costs. The work ethic and fortitude is what separates Kobe from others; it’s what makes him a transcendant, once in a generation player. It’s absolutely rediculous how despite any sort of physical ailment or injury, the guy manages to play at an extremely high level. You name it… broken fingers, elbow strain, sore knees, stomach flu etc… He lives for moments when he is doubted. He embraces the pressure. Very few players in NBA history possess this trait…Russell, MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, etc. Kobe has some sort of deeply rooted, inherent will to be the greatest ever. This is what motivates him to wake up at 5 AM every morning to get his reps in or shoot a thousand jumpers or run a few miles. He’s a dedicated workhorse that refines his craft every year. I’m just ranting now, but the bottom line is he is the single most polarizing figure in the history of the league. So why wouldn’t I want to have dinner with this dude. He really is one of the few masters that this game has ever seen. He is the most technically sound player ever and he has that very unique combination of talent, drive, intelligence and work ethic. Don’t take my word for it though… keep doubting, keep expecting him to fall off soon, keep hating, keep saying “4 rings max”… it’s just what he needs to fuel his fire and show everyone that he has A LOT left in the tank.

    Hook it up with a size small b-mamba shirt…HOLLA!!!

  • KB24

    Lamar. Cause he’s always toked up during the games..That’s why he loves Candy.

  • Data

    I would choose Wilt for the sole reason that I could probably talk him into breaking me of with a couple of the names from his book of 10,000.
    Mamba L

  • slam dunk da funk

    Wilt. And Worm. And an all-you-can-eat chick buffet. And it won’t be a dinner, it’ll be a swingers party

    Mamba Shirt size S

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    Magic. I would want to know his secret to success. I would like to gain some insight into how he translated his celebrity into business and how he developed such a sharp business acumen while providing empowerment to minority communities by allowing access to his businesses.

    Size : XL

  • stefan nanev

    no doubt sasha vujacic- but only if he brings his cat maria sharapova. after that I wouldn’t need him anymore…..:D

  • http://nba.com momo

    Am I the only one that thinks all of these nike custom “tees” look like pure crap?

  • Ice-Q

    a.c. green becuz he is probably the most enterntaining
    size large
    first one

  • Jason

    I’d choose Magic Johnson because I’d love to hear him talk about his days with the Lakers and experience playing on the Dream Team. Additionally, I’d want to pick his brain and listen his ideas on business and philanthropy.

    Any shirt, size medium. Thanks Dime!

  • Eddy

    Kobe. I could ask him for advice for what he does best all day long

    Black Mamba T-Shirt L

  • Joeman

    I would have to go with Kareem, just for the wisdom he would spit and hear the story on how cool it was to do the movie with Bruce Lee!

    2XL Black mamba(1st choice)

  • LFan

    Adam Morrison. I’d ask him how he felt knowing I worked harder to earn my Mamba shirt than he ever worked to earn his championship ring.

    Size: L

  • maksim tsybrivskiy

    If I could choose to have dinner with one Laker it would be Kobe Bryant. He is the epitome of a fierce competitor who never ceases to amaze. He is the modern Michael Jordan. He is one of the very few players these days who possess a killer instinct and is able to create his own shots. Whenever a game is on the line you can be sure that Black Mamba will have the ball and will swish a game winner with only a few seconds to work with. He is also one of the most intelligent and athletic NBA players. He now holds a humble demeanor that radiates throughout those around him both on and off the court. He is the cornerstone of the Lakers’ success throughout the past few years, being the player who constantly preserves the Lakers in any game. Being one of the most complete players ever to play the game, Bryant will always do everything within his power to help the Lakers win the game, especially during the playoffs. He is a rare basketball player who combines strength, cunningness, and grace into one entity, making him nearly impossible to defend. Being one of the most dominant basketball player ever and possessing a winning personality are one of the few reasons why I would choose Kobe Bryant as the Laker I would have dinner with.

    Black Mamba Shirt (Size: Large)

  • kingmyke23

    For me it would have to be Lamar Odom so I could, in turn, meet Khloe Kardashian, charm her to death, so that WHEN he messes up i can come in and play clean up man

  • khloe’scandyman

    If I could have dinner with one laker past or present it would have to be Pau Gasol. I say this because I am a center and could learn so much from Gasol. I am 6.5″ but still need to learn how to post-up and Gasol could teach me exactly how too! Thanks. XXL Shirt Size Please! Thanks Dime, love your Fantasy columns as well.

  • http://www.wobblewobbleblog.com kim d

    chick hearn – the man revolutionized the way this game is heard, coining terms like “slam-dunk,” and “airball.”
    size extra-large…and any shirt would be awesome, but the first one’s my favorite!

  • Jason

    I would definitely have dinner Sasha Vujacic.

    Why? Because he’d probably bring his lady Maria Sharapova to dinner. Are you kidding me – like Kobe all i need is a look.

    Mamba XL

  • http://jaehernandez84@hotmail.com jae hernandez



  • http://jaehernandez84@hotmail.com jae hernandez



  • Siul Montaguelez

    #55- Sedale Threatt pooped out 15 kids and counting he just had another one I read on another blog. There was an artcile in the New York Times that had interviewed one of his sons he’d abandoned and he confirmed the number was 15 and could be more. My Laker choice would be Vlade, Sasha or Magic.

  • Siul Montaguelez

    #55- Sedale Threatt popped out 15 kids and counting he just had another one I read on another blog. There was an artcile in the New York Times that had interviewed one of his sons he’d abandoned and he confirmed the number was 15 and could be more. My Laker choice would be Vlade, Sasha or Magic.

  • ShowKase

    I’d pick George Mikan, because I’d want to know what it was like to be the first dominant player in basketball and how pissed he must have been when the Lakers decided to move to Cali, while he had to play in Minny.

    Yall said “any Laker”.

    Size XL Black Mamba shirt

  • Rajko

    To all the respect to prior Lakers , I would choose Kobe. He is my idol. Actually no, not just an idol – almost my god. I would ask many questions ,it would be like a game. I know everything about to from – his SAT score to anything like what soccer team he likes. He is my role-model. I look up to him, and have been watching him ever since i had a tv ,haha. I think Kobe has great humor, and we would talk basketball all day. It is his passion, and mine too. I don’t think we would go to bed. I would also try a little pick up game – ;)Dinner would be somthing! He is a inspirational voice to me, and everything he does – i try to do. I would love to win this!!!!! but it is not my choice it is yours- Dime so thank u for this chance to own Kobe history.

    Black Mamba tee – M

  • Michael

    Man, how do ya narrow it down???

    I guess I’d have to go with Magic. The guy did everything well, had the greatest individual playoff performance ever…AS A ROOKIE!!!, and is equally accomplished off the court. I’d just listen to the Bird rivalry stories and soak everything in.

    Size XL, any of the shirts

  • Matt

    Do coaches count? I’d choose Phil Jackson because he’s a genius and he’s coached two of the best players to ever play the game. It’d be interesting to get his perspective on the Kobe/Jordan comparison. Size L of the blue MVPuppets tee.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Just sent out e-mails to the winners. Congrats!

  • BrownMamba

    Kobe Bryant because he is my idol and I look up to him. Also he is the greatest player ever to play the game, i dont care what people say he is better then Lebron and MJ! I would ask questions like how did he get soooo great and how can i learn skills as him.
    Size L,the Black Mamba “L.A.” tee

  • Jerry Lin

    I would have dinner with Jerry West, I would want to talk to him about his playing days and how he prepared for the games back in the day, who his favorite opponent was. Then I would also ask him about his days as the Lakers general manager and what did he see in Kobe that made him proclaim that he was the greatest prospect he has ever seen.

    XL please