NBA, Video / Jan 7, 2010 / 1:21 am

Rajon Rondo’s Ridiculous Alley-Oop Buzzer Beater

What an ending! After D-Wade stole the ball from Ray Allen and scored to give the Heat a 101-99 lead with 0.6 seconds left, you’d think the game was over. Well, let’s just say Rajon Rondo (and Paul Pierce with the perfect pass) had other plans. That’s why Doc Rivers is the best play caller in the NBA. Celtics ended up winning in OT.

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  • Jer Boi

    sick play but the dude still can’t make a jump shot for his life.

  • Jason

    Why the fuck wasn’t the defender putting pressure on Pierce?!

    Nice defense, asshole!

  • cdiz

    they should of drawn it up for scalibrine to make that play

  • Soopa

    Its all about Doc. How many times has he done this now? He did it with Orlando aswell, drawing up a game winning alley oop på D12. Best play caller indeed.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Jermaine O’Neal is a dumbass. Why the hell would he follow KENDRICK PERKINS out to the three point line on that play when Perkins clearly set a pick on Rondo’s man. The dude was evening watching when his man set the pick.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    you think the cavs would have done this? Their call would have been a LeBron 39ft fling

  • ToAn

    nice play and great execution by pierce and rondo but i’m amazed how bad the defense was….with .6 seconds you really can only call something like this, just protect the rim and bother pierce, damn. if i was a heat fan i would be really pissed. i’m not sure but i think it’s a rule now that with less than a second time remaining you can’t catch turn and shoot…but still a great play

  • MeMe

    ToAn, it’s less than .03 seconds. Though I don’t think that always applies, because they allowed a shot with less than that vs. the Wizards this season.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Congratulations Rondo, you just solidified your all star spot.

  • Celts Fan

    @Jason – you’re right man. Donny and Mike were KILLING Q (I think it was Q anyway) for “playing D” on that inbounds play with his hands by his sides. In his defense, he’s gotten so fat since his DePaul days, it’d take longer than 5 seconds for him to raise his arms over his head.

  • got beef

    everyones killin the heat d, NO ONE knew this was even possible, everyone thought ray allen was gunna jack up a bad 3, we took out all our athletic big men, and when rondo went to the basket no one saw it comming, great play

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @Pet Society Help

    I 100% agree.

  • sh!tfaced


    I 100% agree too. lol