Smack / Jan 10, 2010 / 7:03 am

‘Reke Havoc, Prodigy

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

The way things are playing out, Tyreke Evans is going to be the next Deron Williams. How’s that? Because as nasty as he is, due to all the talent in the Western Conference, ‘Reke might have to wait 2-3 years later than he should to make his All-Star debut. By all means, Tyreke is having an All-Star season right now. He’s one of only three players in the League averaging at least 20 points, five boards and five assists (along with LeBron and D-Wade), he has the Kings playing better than anybody expected, and he’s getting it done as a crunch-time performer. But with Kobe, Nash, B-Roy, CP3, Billups, TP, Manu and Deron (and, um, T-Mac) routinely vying for All-Star spots in the West, ‘Reke too much veteran competition to overcome for now … Last night Tyreke bolstered his resume a bit, taking out the Nuggets and one-upping Chauncey in the clutch. While J.R. Smith and Chauncey were slinging threes throughout the fourth quarter, Tyreke (27 pts, 10-15 FG) was scoring all over the place. He hit go-ahead free throws with 29 seconds left, and after Beno Udrih added two more FT’s, Chauncey (27 pts, 8-20 FG) tied it on a triple that allowed every announcer/studio guy on the planet to scream, “That’s why they call him ‘Mr. Big Shot!'” … By now, you already know what the Kings are doing when they need a big shot: Clear-out for Tyreke. Being guarded by Kenyon Martin — who stopped LeBron on two crucial late-game possessions on Friday — Tyreke gave him a right-to-left crossover, a little hesitation to get into the lane, and when Nene came up to challenge, ‘Reke did the Derrick Rose fake-pass/turnaround and stuck a fadeaway with 0.7 on the clock for the game-winner. Frigid … Bobcats/Grizzlies also went down to the wire. Charlotte was up three with 20 seconds left when Ray Felton passed it right to O.J. Mayo (not sure how he didn’t see him standing right in front of the target), and O.J. went coast-to-coast for a layup — or at least he thought so until Gerald Wallace caught him from behind and spiked his shot. But Felton bricked two free throws on the other end, so still trailing by three, O.J. (25 pts) went one-on-one facing Crash Wallace and dropped a three in his mug with eight seconds remaining. ‘Cats ball, Felton put a little too much air on a baseline floater, but Wallace was right there for a tip-in at the buzzer. Zach Randolph actually had position on Crash and did everything you’re supposed to do to get a rebound, but Wallace just flew higher than him. (Not a tremendous feat when you’re talking about Z-Bo, but still.) … Crazy play at the end of the first half: Zach missed a corner three, and Marcus Williams chased the loose ball out of bounds. From behind the backboard, Williams lofted it over the backboard, and Rudy Gay almost finished what would have been a Highlight of the Year-type alley-oop. Rudy missed the clean dunk, but the ball still bounced in so he got credit for the bucket … The Hawks seemed to have a letdown after their big national TV win over Boston, and the Magic seemed desperate after losing four in a row to inferior teams. And when they met yesterday, it wasn’t pretty. Looking more like the balanced squad with tons of weapons that was destroying teams in the preseason, Orlando had seven guys score in double figures and dominated Atlanta in a 30-piecing. Dwight Howard probably didn’t get as many touches as he’d like and was dealing with foul trouble again, but he’ll take 12 points and seven boards (in 22 minutes) if it’s in an easy win like that … Not that anybody was paying attention due to a rampant outbreak of Tony Romo Fever, but the Mavs were handed their worst home loss of the season by the Jazz. Deron Williams (20 pts, 9 asts) was back after missing a couple of games with a bruised wrist, and he had the offense clicking on one of those nights where Utah looked like a legit title contender … Other stat lines from Saturday: Kevin Durant hung 40 points (12-18 FG, 14-16 FT) and 12 boards on the Pacers, while Danny Granger scored 25 in his second game back from a heel injury; Elton Brand dropped 25 off the bench to lead Philly past Detroit; Luis Scola had 23 points in Houston’s win over the Knicks; and Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich scored 20 apiece as Chicago knocked off the Wolves … If anybody caught Charles Barkley‘s “Saturday Night Live” appearance, let us know what you thought … Post from Brandon Jennings‘ Twitter: “Man Mike Redd got on the Plane. Looking like Kanye West, had bout 10k worth of clothes on. Gnr. Must be nice.” … Young Money’s squad has a rematch with the Lakers tonight. Last time Kobe went all Avatar on the Bucks, and we’re sensing a repeat. The Lakers are coming off a national TV loss to the Clippers, and in the following loss at Portland, Kobe was fuming as the Blazers fans chanted “M-V-P!” for Brandon Roy. Things could get disgusting on Sunday, just warning you … We’re out like Kanye Redd …

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  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I laugh every time the 2k10 crowd chants MVP…one time they did it for Luke Ridnour…the dude I was playing quit immediately, 8seconds left in the game.

  • Rich

    That Mobb Deep-themed title might be the most convoluted pun I’ve ever seen. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • YW

    michael redd also bought a church

  • Arno

    The Mavs were the latest victim of back to backs. Fill the arenas every night or show quality BB : the NBA made its choice…

  • AK47

    Reke’s Phantom Shot: check it out!

    How dumb is JR Smith?


  • Davros

    will Tyreke be the next Mitch Richmond?

  • Luke

    Just a heads up- anyone see the dunk Travis Leslie put on Demarcus Cousins’ head during the Georgia/Kentucky game last night? Filthy.


  • Orange
  • no j mayo

    The pass fake fadeaway j that you called the “derrick rose” is known to most of western civilization as the “hakeem olajowon”…kids these days.

  • B Catastophe


    “I’ve been in the NBA a long time, I know a freaky white girl when i see one.”

    Pretty good stuff all the clips are on youtube.

  • B Catastophe

    All the clips are on hulu.**

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    @ak47, thanks for posting that ish, jr smith is a dufus, have any of you mofos ever done that in a pick up game? Cut down on the endo jr.

  • gibson

    lol@ no j mayo ^^^ so true, people act like the dreamshake never happened. Your username is wack though, if there’s one thing Mayo has it’s a jumpshot….the mobbdeep themed title is ill….I have a problem with the lack of love you guys show OKC and more improtantly Durant, this guy has dropped 30+ pts in 7 of the last games averaging around just 20 shots per game – EFFICIENT!- he has what was the 2nd worst team in the NBA last year 4 games over .500 in the West, he is balling up there with the best of them (i.e Kobe, LeBron, Dirk etc). The guy is way above his peers and has got next, i.e. this decade will be a battle between him & LeBron for the topdog in the NBA, please believe that. The guy is beyond ill, can he get some love please?!

  • D.H.

    I’m thinking Reke has a higher ceiling than Deron.

  • Brown

    Barkley was pretty funny last night. His funniest line was the last skit where they were trying to scare teenagers about jail and using movie quotes/references.

    “He’s not gonna ask you to show him the money, he’s gonna say blow me for free!”

    Analyzing his golf swing was hilarious too.

    “Your swing looks like you had a heart attack mid-stroke, then miraculously recovered.”

  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    i thought that chuck did a pretty good job….the show was entertaining. he flubbed a couple lines and laughed in a few sketches…..but that was expected.

  • Michorizo

    Tyreke is sick…

  • Beth

    Agree, D.H. Reke will be better than DWill..wait til Kevin Martin comes back…his assists and boards will go up.

  • baron

    The Spurs need to make a move for Brendan Haywood.

    That is all.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE
  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    Reke, I feel personaly, could be a better version a vincanity.
    Same size, height. Different position yes, so he will probably drop a few more dimes, especially wit k mart out on the arc raining it any wich way. But reke can drive, shoot, create his own shot, brotha is clutch. He is a beast.

    If he tops up his defence, could be one of the best very soon.

    Australia rulz. Bring an NBA game down under!!!

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Attn All,

    whats this rumor about Danny Granger being traded for Al Jefferson? any truth?

  • Sacto_J

    ‘Reke for ROY, no question. And he’s actually the Kings’ best defender RIGHT NOW, so not sure how much more he needs to step that up, I mean coach tells him to guard Kobe, guard Roy, guard Durant, etc. so….
    It’s been a treat being a Kings fan this year for a change, and we’re looking forward to seeing this kid TAKE an all-star game, not just make one. Matter O’ time is all…

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    Preach sacto_j hahaahahaa