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Right Now, Tracy McGrady And Allen Iverson Are Still Starting In The All-Star Game

Today marked the final balloting update leading to the announcement of the All-Star starters on Thursday, Jan. 21, prior to a TNT doubleheader – and right now, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson are in the starting lineups. Check out the numbers:

Eastern Conference

Guards: Dwyane Wade 1,719,359; Allen Iverson 930,713; Vince Carter 745,581; Ray Allen 510,885; Gilbert Arenas 445,473; Derrick Rose 385,829; Joe Johnson 329,100; Rajon Rondo 269,566; Jose Calderon 157,354; Mike Bibby 155,078.

Forwards: LeBron James 1,769,287; Kevin Garnett 1,467,365; Chris Bosh 724,317; Paul Pierce 366,234; Josh Smith 334,338; Andre Iguodala 228,343; Danny Granger 213,371; Michael Beasley 188,552; Rashard Lewis 151,717; Hedo Turkoglu 133,445; Caron Butler 110,003.

Centers: Dwight Howard 1,681,897; Shaquille O’Neal 609,486; Al Horford 178,360; Andrea Bargnani 168,684; Brook Lopez 154,362; Andrew Bogut 143,545; Jermaine O’Neal 111,065; Rasheed Wallace 87,590; Kendrick Perkins 56,598; Samuel Dalembert 53,880; Tyson Chandler 44,279; Brad Miller 40,182.

Western Conference

Guards: Kobe Bryant 1,793,782; Tracy McGrady 746,625; Steve Nash 744,250; Chris Paul 701,417; Aaron Brooks 443,369; Jason Kidd 429,720; Chauncey Billups 310,281; Deron Williams 285,185; Manu Ginobili 261,107; Brandon Roy 257,231; Tony Parker 248,951.

Forwards: Carmelo Anthony 1,568,259; Dirk Nowitzki 826,130; Tim Duncan 776,225; Pau Gasol 754,070; Kevin Durant 556,847; Trevor Ariza 504,725; Luis Scola 437,944; Shawn Marion 295,310; Ron Artest 266,554; Lamar Odom 194,567; LaMarcus Aldridge 177,663.

Centers: Amar’e Stoudemire 1,304,470; Andrew Bynum 743,182; Nene 261,295; Marc Gasol 217,675; Antonio McDyess 157,346; Al Jefferson 146,773; Greg Oden 136,388; Marcus Camby 121,981; Andris Biedrins 102,095; Mehmet Okur 96,897; Emeka Okafor 94,685; Spencer Hawes 31,767.

Couple observations:

1. The fact that both McGrady and Iverson would start in the All-Star game if voting ended today is just crazy. What is this, 2001?

2. Forget the Celtics and the Lakers, the most popular team in the WORLD is the Houston Rockets. How else do you explain Aaron Brooks getting more All-Star votes than Deron Williams, Brandon Roy and Tony Parker and Trevor Ariza/Luis Scola placing right behind Kevin Durant. If Carl Landry made the ballot, I’m sure he’d be the starting center for the West.

3. After all the Celtics’ success, I’m really surprised that Rajon Rondo only has 269,566 votes. I thought that Rondo had a chance last season, but I’m pretty sure he’s a lock this year.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Following the completion of fan voting and the starting lineup announcement, the remaining All-Stars will be announced Thursday, Jan. 28, prior to the TNT doubleheader.

Source: NBA.com

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  • ilovehaters

    Rondo should be a starter, he’s the best PG in the east.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Considering neither TMac or AI are or ever will be exciting players anymore, I don’t see why anybody (let alone hundreds of thousands of folks) would want to see them in the ASG. It would be a damn shame if TMac starts instead of Nash.

  • fatty

    i bet mcgrady paid a programmer to create a computer function that continuously vote him in the all star game online. I know, i know there is all that talk about banning the chinese from voting but by that logic where is Yi? im sure Yi would pull in more votes from the PRC than magrady.

  • cveezSF

    They need to ban the Chinese who live in China from voting…then the results would not be skewed.

    Its a damn shame that Monta is not even on the list. He is just as good or better than half the players, he just plays on a shitty team.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Hahahaha love it, some loyal and crazy fans man lol

  • Promoman

    I’ll give Tracy some humility credit since he’s publically said that he wouldn’t want to participate if he didn’t earn a spot legitimately. Of course, he remains to be seen if he’d follow through. Iverson will get his usual hallpass from everybody as to why he’s got a spot.

  • Mike

    So what? McGrady already said he would give up his starting spot and possibly spot on the team. Sure there are (many) guards more deserving than Iverson but its hardly a travesty.

  • isotope

    Is it fair to TMac if he’s not even given a chance to earn it. He wants to play and maybe even earn the vote but his team won’t let him. If i were him, I’d go to the game and play refusing to wear anything that said “Houston” or “Rockets” on it. And then get like MVP honors.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Haha. You think he still has it like that?

  • quest???

    i vote for iverson every day

  • G

    WTF is it going to take to get Deron Williams to make an all-star team

  • Sacto_J

    That’s to say nothing of Gil being a top ballot getter. This whole process is bordering retarded. Shaq’s #’s def. don’t support an all-star selection if he’s not voted in, yet there it is in black and white. Stupid, bordering on retarded….

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jack J

    How is Brandon Roy 10th among guards out West? Ridiculous.

  • isotope

    @Aron, Yes I think he has it, for at least 1 game. Can he do it for a whole season? I don’t know about that.

  • Mike Mihalow

    Duncan’s getting robbed.

  • Ian

    damn the chinese dont watch games apparently they just click on everything rockets

  • MBE18

    They should only count votes in USA and Canada. Only countries where NBA teams are located!!!

  • Hansosword

    suprised Durant isnt racking up more votes

  • Soul Brova 1

    what about the guy who isn’t even on the ballot and has a breakout, all-star caliber year and has to rely on being selected by the coach? it’s the same thing. the fans have voted and McGrady and A.I are who they want. Even if the league put up a standard, say minimum stats for each position you would still have the problem of a guy not getting picked because though he had better numbers he played for a losing team and/or vice versa. it’s an imperfect system but not the end of the world. if a team is gonna low-ball Deron Williams because he hasn’t been voted to the all-star team that’s probably a poorly run team that he wouldn’t want to play for anyway.

  • Keith

    Gotta say this year would really call into question the whole fan-vote thing. Nobody could argue that Iverson and McGrady don’t deserve to be there. I mean really, seriously?

    It’s not right that some great players never got a sniff at an all-star game, while others will be able to pad out their hall of fame credentials with more soft all-star nods.

  • dagwaller

    I don’t understand. It should be a trick site: anyone that votes for T-Mac or Iverson this year immediately gets banned from the NBA site. Unreal.

    If T-Mac gives up his spot, he’ll get a lot of respect from me.

  • The Prodigy

    I dont see any problem with the fan voting. First and foremost, this All Star Game was made for the fans. They have the right to choose who they want to start.

    And I am not in favor of excluding the Chinese from voting eventhough they dont watch the game live. Im pretty sure only a small percentage of the fans who posted their comments on this article will go to the Dallas to watch the All Star Game Live. Majority of you will watch the game on TV same as the Chinese, Europeans and even Americans who live outside Dallas

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    OK NO, the guy who should be started beside Kobe, is DERON WILLIAMS!! HE HAS BEEN AN UTMOST BEAST THIS SEASON!!

  • LakeShow84

    Who cares.. if anything, it shows how many retarded so called “basketball fans” there are in the world.. but we all already knew it..

    This peeps is just voting on name recognition alone.. i doubt McGrady is JUST getting the Chinese vote cuz like dude said then where is Yi at?? nah its EVERYONE voting for Tmac..

    Everyone is just voting for names.. If the NBA was smart they would SIMPLY take their names off the ballot.. but either way they winning.. look at how much attention is being payed to all this..

    Attention = Ratings..

  • banga

    What happens is McGrady plays in the all star game and proves he can play? That just helps his case. If i’m McGrady and get selected I’m playing

  • Dirtball Rotten

    i gotta agree with .banga. i think mcgrady plays bc it will help him more than it will hurt him, bc we all know he aint gonna ever play for houston again

  • dragonyeuw

    I’m sure others will disagree, but I think the NBA should flip the voting system-have the fans vote in the bench players, and have the coaches, media,etc vote in the starting lineup. That way you at least get an accurate representation of the best players participating. I understand the ASW is about the fans, but it’s a travesty how fans vote ‘names’ instead of ‘games’. As in, they vote players they know by name, irrespective of their oncourt production, and not whose games warrant being an all-star.

  • Claw

    McGrady has been there because of the Chinese he has done promotions over there also, they say he is as popular as Yao over there. I’m actually surprised Yao isn’t a starting center.

    Since they opened it up to everybody the picks have been a joke, that is why you hope when the pick reserves the right guys get picked but AI and McGrady have taken places of players that should be playing.

    Way to make it a global game Stern.

  • Claw

    Figured out why Yao wasn’t a starter, he’s not listed. If he was listed he probably would be starter.

  • scotsman

    im convinced that people who havent watched an NBA game in years except the all stars games make up the majority of the voters in these polls.

  • Ben1en

    Hopefully the coaches both teams will immediately pull them both. If the play through the 1st dead ball, it will be a disgrace to an already disgraceful tradition called the All Star Game. If they want to make it more competitive the NBA needs to make sure the right players are participating in the game. Otherwise, you get bad shots and bad reasons to watch. I’m out like Agent Zero and the D.C. cops…

  • heavy d

    I think they need to expand the rosters to 15 players per conference. Those extra 3 players will allow for most deserving players to get rewarded regardless of the voting results. It’s an exhibition anyone so it isn’t like a ton of minutes are needed by each player.

  • flipisatrip

    its bs, this is hall-of-fame criteria, take the voting out the hands of the fans, its just not fair to anyone. Undeserving players make the game each year. Coaches and players should pick the all-star participants.

  • Cp

    I agree… So bummed to see d-will so low on the vote grabs. If the Jazz would have drafted CP3 and not d will, remember, they could have, then chris Paul would be the one getting the shaft. Deron williams should be starting that game with Kobe…

    And Ronnie Brewer should be in the dunk contest… Like that’d ever happen.. 2 jazz players in all star weekend!? John and Karl did it I guess…

    Chinese fans shouldn’t be voting on this shit. No fans should. It’s totally unfair. I hope t mac gives his spot up…..

  • J

    AI slowly winding down his career, its the all-star game and its the players that THEY want to see. Consider this AI’s tour before he hangs it up. All-Star games are meant for stars the fans want to see, what the players should be aiming for are the all NBA team and not the all-star lineup where its a popularity contest and brand images.


    Wow, guys are getting emotional over this. I am a rockets fan and over the last two yrs, I have seen the same format. Tmac is the supposed starter after all the vote returns and then EJ on TNT announces that the AI’s and chris paul’s of the world have “miraculously rallied” to edge tmac in the final count.

    We all know tmac has not played like an all-star for more than three yrs, yet fans keep voting for him. I for one do not care who’s in it and only wanted to say that the NBA has been shamelessly rigging the votes for the past two yrs. I mean fans have been clamoring for Tmac to be the starter from Nov-Jan but in Feb they suddenly change their minds. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Don’t worry Nash fans, NBA is going make Nash the starter.

  • sonicsaint

    freaking bull. the system needs to be revised, tmac and AI should give up their spots… in my opinion, to rondo and nash

  • Raffy_Z

    Iverson is a little whiny bitch that can’t win. VC should get that spot, I can’t believe he’d get robbed like that.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    you are not a bball fan if you do that

  • justlovethegame

    It’s just an All star game people; If the fans want to watch T-Mac and AI let them watch them; be it at the arena or on tv, as most of us will. Isn’t it supposed to be for the fans anyway?

  • The Prodigy

    cant agree with you more 35 and 38. I believe thats exactly the point.

  • flegman
  • jonakcage

    u can cry all u like them 2 are starting , this is all star not having a good season game , they are going to start deal with it . to make it worse if T-Mac and A.I are still playing next season u know they gone be starters again.

  • Name (required)

    Tmac costing guys like Williams or Nash spots on the roster is a bit ridiculous. but who really cares. All NBA teams reward the best players at the end of the year. All Star teams are just about getting the biggest names out on the court together. I imagine Kobe, Lebron and Wade will all be getting voted in to start long after their primes.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Chris Gatling made the all star team as a 5th alternate one year. Anyone remember that one?

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    VC losing his spot would be karma fucking with him for when he didn’t want to give his spot up for the GOAT

  • Claw

    Had Gatling on my fantasy team that year, dude was getting close to 20 and 10. Shaved head with the scar and headband, was solid for a couple of years.

  • TC

    The chinese vote is definitely a huge influence. Still I really hope Tmac and Iverson do win the vote, just to put a public exclamation point on how ridiculously meaningless being an all star has become. But the NBA holds a huge responsibility here too. Tmac and Iverson did not have to be on the ballot. Yao Ming isn’t or you can bet he would be voted the starting center despite his injury. But if Magic Johnson can come back out of retirement to play in an all star game, don’t be surprised if TMac decides to start, if for no other reason than as a sort of try out for other teams since no one really knows what he can do now.