NBA / Jan 5, 2010 / 1:00 pm

Rumor: NBA Jam To Return To Wii!

There is a certain rumor floating around the web that will get gamers from the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo generation amped up. According to a blog post on NYMag.com, the cult classic NBA Jam is about to make a comeback on the Nintendo Wii.

EA Sports is supposedly bringing the game back and has struck a deal with the NBA to deliver an updated version of the game in the near future. Although the game will be improved and altered to fit the Wii console, it will have a similar template as the original. That’s good that the game will have the same authentic feel. I’m just hoping they keep the outdated slang in the original NBA Jam like “Boom-shakalaka!”

I’m old school, so here are my top 5 favorite basketball video games of all-time:
1. Run and Gun (Arcade Game)
2. NBA 2K1 (Sega Dreamcast)
3. NBA Live ’95 (Sega Genesis)
4. NBA 2K10 (XBox 360)
5. NBA Jam (Sega Genesis)

What are your top five basketball video games of all-time?

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  • KnicksFan84

    NBA Live 2003 I think had KG on cover, was definitely best for PC.
    NBA Live 98 is another one.

    As for NBA Jams… I dunno… soo many players are on squads, gotta give ability to choose anyone for 2 on 2 and not have it locked in to just 2 players per team.

  • dagwaller

    nba jam TE, charlotte hornets. zo grandmama and muggsy!!!

  • lakers4life

    all i can say is yayyy!!

    fave 5 bball games
    1. nba hangtime (n64)
    2. nba 2k10 (xbox 360)
    3. nba live 2004 (xbox)
    4. nba jam (sega genesis)
    5. nba 2k1 (sega dreamcast)

  • Michorizo

    It’s the same everyday everyday it’s the same
    But that night we hit the hoop game
    Who was playin: Seattle versus Golden State
    Hollered at the home boy Gary Payton
    After the game, we went to his house
    NBA Jams, turned us out

  • NTstateOFmind

    Arch Rivals …Tyrone FTW

  • pNg royalty

    yeee old school!

    kemp and payton

    hardaway and mullin

  • Ian

    damn i just mentioned this on the last dime article what are the odds?

    give me at least 5 players per team and 2 or 3 legends
    admiral and manu for my spurs

  • alpha1

    No love for Double Dribble?

    That’s old school.

  • b

    i don’t trust EA to make a solid product here. If it aint turmell and sal divita it aint nba jam. This looks like a dud. didnt they try to rehash this franchise for ps2 and it was terrible?

    either way, i’m happy with my nba jam t.e. always liked the bullets with cwebb, juwon, and calbert cheney.

  • Ian

    btw i want the orignal voice “welcome to nba jammmm”

  • Celts Fan

    @Gerald – GREAT call on Run and Gun. Used to play that when I was little at the arcade and forgot the name. Good pull!

    This news just made my day by the way.

    Top 5 Basketball Games Ever:
    1. Live 06 (the last Live I really enjoyed and played a lot. I, along w/ a good friend, rattled off 8 seasons in a dynasty. Good times. Stupid growing up…)

    2. Arch Rivals (arcade game where you stole the ball by punching your opponent. This came out back in the early 90s, so it was basically the first of its kind, and as a 10 year old, being able to throw punches in a basketball game was mind-blowing!)

    3. NBA Jam (if it’s really back, I finally have a reason to buy the Wii)

    4. Run and Gun

    5. NBA Street 2 (liked the gameplay more than 1 and thought 3 got too arcadey.)

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Arch Rivals, Bulls vs Blazers, Live 95 and NBA Street Vol 1.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    My Favorite Basketball Games (no particular order)

    1)NBA Live 97
    2)NBA Live 00
    3)NBA Jam
    4)NBA Live 95 (Sega)
    5)NBA Live 03

  • http://www.hot1047fm.com Steve Gomez 10a-3p on Hot 104.7fm Modesto, ca

    “He’s heating up….”

    “He’s on fire!!!”

    Phoenix Suns with KJ and Barkley all day!

  • spock

    hope they dont forget about that t-rex player.
    that dinosaur from nba jam could stroke it everywhere shoot threes from waaaay down town.

  • dragonyeuw

    They fucked up making it Wii only… this needs to be a 360 and PS3 game too, so we can have decent online. This game would BLOW UP on xbox live. Mind you, the game is made by EA, the biggest third party developer, so I can’t imagine them not making it for PS3 and 360 at some point.

  • jksonics

    hoops games i played to death and loved:

    Lakers vs Celtics – PC
    TV Sports Basketball – PC
    NBA Jam – Sega Megadrive
    NBA Showdown 94 – Sega Megadrive
    NBA Live 95 _ PlayStation 1

    Now that’s old school : )

  • fallinup

    If they keep it on the Wii… make it so you aint gotta do a friggin shooting motion and twirl 3 times to shoot. That shit is gay on the Wii. Just give me a damn controller and let me dunk with “A”, please.

    I got NBA Live for Wii… and that crap made me buy a PS3.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    @ Celts Fan,

    Hey this is Gerald. Yeah I loved run and gun. You have to love the computer assistance on that too! Oh my god, I remember Arch Rivals. Only vaguely though, but great find!

  • Shakers

    Man, I hope they provide full rosters plus legends and give you options of 1 on 1 all the way up to 5 on 5. They could go in a lot of great directions with this game.

  • Shakers

    1. NBA 2K1 – Dreamcast
    2. NBA Live ’95 – Sega Genesis
    3. Bulls vs. Blazers – Sega Genesis
    4. NBA Jam
    5. Arch Rivals – NES

  • Ian

    im with u i dont mind its on the wii but pleasee let it be played with the classic controller.

  • karizmatic

    NBA Live 95
    NBA Jam
    NBA Street 2
    NBA Live 2000
    Double Dribble

  • Jake


  • Sallo

    Are you guys seriously forgetting “Double Dribble”??

  • Ant

    I agree with all of those picks

  • Michorizo

    Lakers vs Celtics

  • haliDazed

    jordan vs bird: 1-on-1

    barkley shut up and jam!

    rap jam: volume 1

    harlem globe trotters

    nba in the zone 2000

  • Pistol Pete

    i remember playing rap jam volume 1 and hoping for a sequel that mercifully never came.

  • kevin

    No love for showtime on nbc???? Or at least nba street vol 2

  • me

    ooh u brought up run n gun. I heard they put it on ps1 with a different name, never found it though. that was the best bball game period. the catchup ai pissed me off tho, no matter how big a first half lead i had somehow it would always come down to the last possession.

    oh yeah, nba jam + ea= fail.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/LebronJamesVerticalLeap Medzachi

    I dont care what system they bring back the NBA JAM to, i loved playing this game as a kid. ” BOOM CHAKALAKA!!! ”


  • Mike Mihalow


  • BD

    In response to Alpha 1, Double Dribble is definitely old school. It might have been the first basketball game I ever played. Great game, loved the cutaways when a player dunked.

  • Daddy Dollars

    Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball…really no one else liked this game. Haha. Along these lines we might as well issue Ron Artest’s crowd fighting and Gilbert Arenas’ shoot up your teammates.

  • Colton

    NBA LIVE 95
    NBA 2k10
    NBA 2k5
    NBA Street vol.2

  • Mink

    No Shoot Out ’98 fans? With MJ as #99 on the unstoppabulls…

    2. NBA Jam
    3. NBA 2K7
    4. Double Dribble
    5. Live 95