Video / Jan 15, 2010 / 10:09 am

The Cavs Burnt By The Most Unlikely Player On The Court

At 1:30 a.m. last night, I was woken up by a text message sent by our intern Kash. The message read, “Yadda just made himself another 10 day.” By “Yadda” he was talking about Queens native Sundiata Gaines. Originally, I thought he meant, it was announced the Jazz re-signed Gaines to another 10-day contract and went back to sleep. But when I turned on SportsCenter this morning, I figured out what Kash was talking about. Gaines, who was recently called up by the Jazz from the D-League, knocked down this amazing buzzer beater to defeat LeBron James and the Cavs last night.

This win for the Jazz is huge. Not only did they beat the best team in the Eastern Conference, it gave the Jazz a much needed win. Utah has now extended their winning streak to three and are back in the playoff picture (they are in the eighth seed with a 22-17 record). Yesterday morning, the Jazz extended Gaines stay for another 10 days, and as he showed last night, it was money well spent.

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  • Lesuck

    AMazing shot! Lebron deserves to lose after getting blocked by Kyle Korver

  • NoName

    Ronnie price fkn travelled when he first got the ball.. just did a lil two step dance in front of the refs and no call..
    im just hatin coz i love the cavs lol but honestly it was a travel..

  • Chaos

    This def the feel good story of the year. forget playing in a contract year, he is playing for a contract so they are def gonna get 300 percent outta Yadda…boozer reaction is classic

  • Brown

    Was that the Supersonics?

    Parker should feel embarassed since he was basically a spectator on that play. There’s no excuse for lack of defensive intensity in that situation.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    This is Gerald

    @ Brown

    You don’t like those jerseys? I think they look a whole lot better than the baby blue ones.

    @ Chaos

    Definitely a feel good story. Shows that the D-League is worth it despite the financial sacrifice. Did you see the crowds reaction? Gotta be the best feeling

  • jzsmoove

    I was watching the game but felt it was boring and left off after the Jazz started pulling away early in the 4th/ late 3rd. Now I feel like a dumbass. Thanks Gaines. Other than that I felt good about Gaines taking over after Dwill went out. He’s a keeper.

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    That was some good hometown clockwork by the scorekeeper.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m happy for the kid.

  • brado

    I love Mo Williams smirk of disbelief as he’s walking off the court. I may have interpreted that smirk wrong, but he had a look that showed goods sportsmanship. He recognized the significance of that shot for Gaines….and it you’re gonna lose that’s the way you wanna lose.

  • netstar

    this makes me feel great, especially after watching his call-up video a few days ago

  • RonNation

    Dan Dickau,

    They were maybe 2/10 of a second late starting the clock, I don’t see a problem anywhere else..

  • TIP

    wow…I was watching till about 3 minutes left and the Jazz were up big…I’m talking like 10-12 points big. No reason the game should have come down to a buzzer-beater. I guess God already had it in the script for Sundiata last night.

  • jryu

    i went to college with the dude @ UGA and did a group project with him once..

    good ball player but one of the QUIETEST people off the court you’ll ever meet.. awesome shot though.

    go dawgs! :)

  • Brown

    @ Gerald

    It’s not that I don’t like the green and yellow unis, just that they look exactly like the old Sonics uniforms.

  • Big Mike

    A couple of thoughts from last night Jazz-Cavs game:
    1) Mike Brown’s crush on Lebron is disgusting. They way he gushes over him as a coach is ridiculous. As soon as he limps, he is running out on the court before the trainers. They will never win the Chip with him as coach.

    2) While Parker and big Z were busy bricking free throws, where was The King. If you’re the best player in the league/team, you have to be the one shooting the free throws, not taking the ball out. Bron played great but great players close games and he didn’t. Shaq might as well been put in the game to shoot free throws. Kobe/Wade would never be inbounding the ball, just saying. The King gotta close not Parker or Big Z.

  • Coop

    I’m sure it’s been said before for Reggie Miller might be the worst commentator ever. As soon as he starts talking I want to punch him in the neck.

    I like what I think Mo Will was thinking.

  • s.bucketz

    if reggie sayin you got nerves of steel…thas pretty serious

  • Chaos

    The Jazz def found a replacement for Maynor (even though me and maynor went to the same school), gaines is actually playin well….

    by the way did any one see that huge back step that lebron took with out taking a dribble off a rebound and not get called for a walk?

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com/blog Dan Dickau

    Ya know why Mo’s smilin? Cause the Cavs are number 1 in the east and Utah’s clinging to an 8 seed which they’ll probably end up losing to OKC or NOH. That’s why Mo’s smilin. But, hey, congrats on the one win over the Cavs in 3 years.

  • RonNation

    Sorry the Jazz have never tanked a fuckin season to get a player…………..

    Trashy organization imo

  • fallinup

    Play of the season, no doubt. Not even 10 days into the league, and you hit a shot like that. On a basketball stand point… gotta be the play of the season.

  • http://www.myspace.com 40 cal bouncemag.com

    You guys haven’t seen nothing from Yatta yet, we been talking about him on bouncemag.com since the summer! If he get some good minutes you in for a good show!

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    great game. great moment for yadda. he deserves it.

  • Mo

    I’ll bet Anthony Parker’s sister would’ve blocked that sh*t. LMAO! Great shot though. The way Deron Williams was playing prior to re-injuring that wrist, if he wouldn’t have gotten hurt the Jazz surely would’ve lost that game. The Jazz’s defense and everything steps up when Williams is out. I’m anxious to see Sundiata on the road against the Nuggets and the Spurs in 2 of their next 3 games.

  • Mo

    That was one of the best game endings so far this season. I root for WC teams to lose though whenever they’re playing EC teams.

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn. Down two and a ten day contract player makes a three, a THREE. Even Reggie Miller was impressed. And that says a lot.

  • flipisatrip

    SEC represent. Gaines led GA on that great run thru the SEC tourney a few years back to make the dance. He’s a gamer for sure.

  • BeEqual

    I’m in SLC so this was big to me, Jazz fan through and through. As I watch the video I notice two things besides the shot, first Jerry Sloan exploding off the bench with his fists in the air, and second, the fact that Reggie can still get so excited over a game winning 3 after the numerous times he did it himself. Tells me he’s a pretty humble dude. All in all, a great moment for the Jazz this year, and maybe even for the NBA.

  • Jackson

    boozer and ronnie brewers reactions are the best. I never thought d-will getting hurt would be a good thing. I was at my buddies house when this happened and his basement exploded.