Smack / Jan 25, 2010 / 4:20 am

Super Bowl of Crap

Wilson Chandler (photo. Matt Brown)

David Stern knew better than to seriously compete with the NFL conference championships on Sunday, putting only three games on the NBA schedule. And good thing the Vikings lost, because if Brett Favre had made the Super Bowl, the media hype over the next two weeks might lead the NBA to suspend their operation altogether until after the entire world hopped off Favre’s jock. Peyton Manning/Drew Brees — plus some Kim Kardashian sprinkled in — we can deal with; a 24-hour, 14-day Favre love fest would be too much to handle … The Mavs faced the Knicks at MSG, and, well, Dime reader JHUSTLE can explain it best: “Aight Dime the next post has gotta be how my Mavs just destroyed the Knicks by 50. FIFTY POINTS???!!! Woooooooow just burn the Garden to the ground after that one. That team should be ashamed of themselves. That’s a 2K10 score, not a real life NBA game score. SMFH.” … Down two starters thanks to Erick Dampier‘s knee and Jason Kidd‘s personal issues, Dallas still treated NY like an intramural squad at DeVry. If it wasn’t Jared Jeffries getting dunked on by Shawn Marion, it was Danilo Gallinari leaving Dirk Nowitzki (20 pts) and Jason Terry (20 pts) six and seven feet of open space to bust jumpers, or Rodrique Beaubois hitting crazy H-O-R-S-E shots, or everybody from Josh Howard to James Singleton getting breakaway buckets. Maybe our vision was blurry, but at one point we could’ve sworn Rodrick Rhodes and Cherokee Parks were out there giving the Knicks problems … Drew Gooden has always been like a Coupon Carlos Boozer, but NY made him look like the real deal, as he put up 15 points and 18 boards … Asked afterward if his team really gave any effort at all, Mike D’Antoni said, “I hope not. If we did, we’re in trouble.” … If you don’t know why the Lakers fan at your office is walking around today like he’s about to snap and go Denzel-in-Book of Eli on everybody, here’s why: With 11 seconds left in the fourth, L.A. was up one, Raptors ball. Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Bosh ran the high screen, allowing Hedo to switch from Ron Artest guarding him to Pau Gasol. Hedo did his herky-jerky drive routine into the lane, and when Gasol, Artest and Lamar Odom converged, Odom was called for the foul while Hedo went for a layup. Sent to the line with 1.2 seconds left, Hedo made both free throws, and one Kobe miss later, the Raps got the W … Nobody is questioning whether or not there was contact — Odom definitely got Hedo with the body coming from the left side — but it was one of those “You don’t make that call in that situation” kind of things. To be fair, though, you know if the tables were turned and Kobe (27 pts, 16 rebs, 9 asts) took that same hit from anybody with that much time left, he’d get the foul. (Ask a Bucks fan.) And if Kobe didn’t get the foul, he’d go Book of Eli on his own behalf … Is Toronto the land where once-hyped point guards go to die? Just a couple years ago you had T.J. Ford plant the seeds of his descent into Tinsleyville as a Raptor; now you’ve got Jose Calderon going from borderline All-Star to a guy getting 15 minutes a night, and don’t forget Marcus Banks is on the T-Dot roster. We’re just saying, don’t be surprised when Acie Law or Sebastian Telfair winds up wearing Raptors’ colors soon … Speaking of Bassy, he’s expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a groin injury, so the Clippers picked up JamesOn Curry to take his place. In the meantime, the Clips don’t seem to miss Bassy too much. Baron Davis had 11 points, 11 dimes and five steals in Sunday’s rout of the Wizards … Forget that he plays for the Clippers and that he has next to no mainstream profile: The biggest thing hurting Chris Kaman‘s case for All-Star is that you could make a very strong case that he’s not even the most important big man on his team. Marcus Camby doesn’t score like Kaman, but when he’s a beast on the boards and blocking shots — he grabbed 19 rebounds and swatted five against the Wizards — the Clips are an actual threat … We’re out like The Sanchize …

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  • vince

    As a Clippers fan I agree: Kaman is depending too much on Camby having his back or Eric Gordon spacing the floor for him. Still Kaman has been the best true Center in the league this year. (Duncan/AlJeff a re regarded PF/C’s in that sense.)

  • vince

    And Kaman still is a moron. Dude’s head is a mess. As soon as you as a coach can get Kaman to just focus on playing basketball he’ll beast.

  • ab_40

    man dallas was bigger better faster and stronger than the knicks and it showed but FIFTY points it has to be one of the biggest losses in knicks history? they got outrun outworked and outhustled and just when I was going to accept that david lee MIGHT realy be the 12th man for the eastern confrence all stars he shows that he’s a servicable back up at best if he were on a contender. drew gooden poppes is tooch haha.

    Toronto LA what can I say… I saw it coming, this was gonna be a close game. You know the team plays like it’s best player that’s just basic psychology and kobe is playing limitend and a little timid for his doing and that’s what the Lakers are doing playing as if they are limited and a little timid. just let the man take a breather he’s a warrior a week or maybe two would revitalize him and make the lakers ready for the second half of the season. Pau Gasol ok we knew he’s a little soft but where is andrew bynum? dude is getting smaller every day. he’s not a finesse player. the other day I read that he mostly does yoga and not a lot of lifting. lock him in the weightroom he can use an extra 15 pounds to bang and hand out toochi whoopins.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    You know how pissed you are at the fawning over farve – thats how most feel with the ringless “king” James so don’t be too hard on em eh?

  • Big Sia

    Raptors / Lakers game was rigged…………

    26 freethrows vs 9 freethrows for the lakers

    And this is coming from a Magic fan

  • Nasty

    Calderon is just coming off an injury, get your facts straight before you say a guys career is over.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Calderon is playing behind Jarret Jack–who the Pacers should have kept, and losing his spot…

    how do the Lakers keep getting into tight games with bad teams (Milwaukee, T-Dot, Clips, etc)? Is it because they think they’re as good as everyone says they are…Karl Malone gonna raise a big old eyebrow on that one…and I’m out like a Dirty Sanchize to you too…

  • RC

    LOL Toronto got a win over L.A. but whoever wrote this article was more concerned about “once hyped point guards”. Common man don’t bash Toronto just because the Lakers blew one. I bet you don’t say that Cleveland is a place where old centers go to die, (Ben Wallace,Shaq)after they beat the Lakers last week.

    LAL > TOR we all already know that. But for now TOR got them beat.

  • http://www.shujen.com Shujen

    why is Kim Kardashian not part of the tags….she should be hyperlinked always.

  • vince

    jarett jack = pg killer. from portland to indy and now toronto. basically he’s very very underrated and will be a very steady borderline starter for years to come. i wouldnt be suprised to see him become a late blooming pg like billups.

  • Drapsfan

    Another great post from Dimemag giving the Raps absolutely NO credit in beating another great Western Conference team. This wasn’t a lucky win as they went shot for shot with the Champs and beat them like they beat Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Cleveland, Orlando….and what is this horseshit about PD’s going to die? Calderon is basically splitting the minutes depending on the matchups and who’s hot.

    Watch a fucking game instead of relying ONLY on the nightly box score…Dime writing Donkeys!

  • jimmhumm

    The knicks where just fan favorites last week due to the “krytonate” explosion. Dang they don’t never come to play. Steve Nash deserves a few more MVP votes. Coach MIke D. was touted an offensive genius in Pheonix but ain’t done jack in NY. Maybe it was all nash. Josea Calderon has been hurt. Acie Law is a wash but Bassy still has game.

  • johnny kilroy

    Even Mamba says they’re not playing on their best level. Defensively, they’re just not making stops as they should. Where’s Artest and his lockdown D?

    Can’t wait for a Boston-LA match-up. That would be fun to watch.

    Bargnani playing real aggressive with that face-up game.

  • Prof. TX

    The whole Favre thing is why I don’t watch ESPN for NBA highlights anymore. It’s just one big LeBron and Kobe love show over there.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Wow, I was for sure that DRose’s bang on Dragic would be the top play of the week on NBAtv, of course it was #6! #6, behind Lebrons block on Durant(#5), Carolos Boozer dunking on D.Blair who was taking a charge, James Posey game winning lay-up(#1!!!) and some other bull$h!t plays. NBAtv, where stupidity happens.

    As for the T-dot reference in smack, I don’t think DIME is hating on T-Dot because og the PG thing, I think they have a point. Plus they pointed out that LA gets those calls all the time.

  • That’s What’s Up

    hey, post 11
    Stop sugarcoating it and tell us what you really think.

    man, raptor fans are 96% bitter, 4% fanatic

  • cru_thik305

    lol, yeah Lebron is definitely going to new york this summer haha! lol when he’s already one of the top 5 earning athletes in the world, playing for his HOMETOWN contender, it just makes sense for him to give all that up and go to new york just to make a couple more millions lol! and the best part is that new york/ new jersey are playing worst that they have in years, which is saying a lot! lol i dont hear anyone talking about lebron to ny anymore, cuz its not going to happen!

  • deeds

    Great win by the raps. I was so happy for Hedu to see him hit the game winning free throws. Hopefully this can get him going.

    For anyone who wants to check out my dunk video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iun4zL2pDg&feature=channel
    I’m a 6″4 white guy and from Canada, and yes some of the dunks are with a mini ball (i cant palm real one). Let me know what you think. I’m no pro, I’m not even on a team i just play for fun now.

  • Drapsfan


    We love the team dude and get annoyed when it gets beat down by some guys that never actually watch the game.

    We get furious!

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff


    Mini ball dunks can’t count. Like dunking a volleyball or something. Regulation sized ball to count.

  • control


    You are Canadian, so I’ll take it easy on you. Great chin up using the net, that took skill.

  • deeds


    Ya you’re right, it’s WAY easier dunking with a mini ball. I can pull of windmills easily with them but cant even come close with a regulation sized. But like I said, I’m no pro. I was just messing around having fun. That’s the first time i’ve ever even seen myself on camera.

    And Control, thanks for going easy on me. I shall now retire to my igloo (we finally got internet I’m super excited eh!)

  • LakeShow84

    You know..

    Drapsfan your getting annoying.. you guys arent going to get a blowjob over every win and everyone knows better to jump on that wagon.. i think your reading into this DIME/Toronto hate thing a wee bit too much.. THEY REPORT ON YOUR TEAM.. NOT TORONTO, CANADA.. GET OVER IT.. sorry still a bit bitter from yesterday lol

    And that foul shouldnt have been called.. they handed over the game and Hedo looked out of control anyways.. But once again the defense of Gasol shows up in the end game..

    Spaghetti man i swear..

    And WTF was Odom doing out there acting like a top 50 alltime playing with youngsters?? he drew 2 fouls on Amir Johnson and tried to CONTINUE to mess with him.. and i even noticed it before the Rap announcer noticed it.. First time was coo enough in my opinion.. Odom can be such a frickin dip.. i swear between Odom and Vujacic i dont know who plays the worst D on our team.. Vujacic hacks all day but ESPECIALLY when someones going UP FOR A SHOT and Odom is just all around moronic on D..

  • control


    Odom’s new name is “Scarecrow”…if only he had a brain. Guy has the size, length, quickness, handles and shot to be a top 50 alltime, but he’s one of those guys who were happy he got an 80 “percent” on his IQ test because apparently that means he passed!

  • Brown

    @ ab_40

    Bynum probably isn’t lifting weights because he needs to lessen the pressure on his surgically repaired knees.

    The Lakers played down to their opponents. It happens to teams in every sport. Raps got a good win, but won’t be taken seriously until they can beat the teams they’re supposed to beat, which hasn’t happened all season.

  • Joe Buddy

    I believe Gasol fouled Hedo at the end, not Odom. He pushed Hedo in the back, it’s a foul, don’t say otherwise. And when will Dime start giving the Raptors some credit?

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    I’ve been saying that about Odom for years. He has the tools to be a legend, yet his content with being just another player. Derrick Coleman all over again. And next up…Miiiiiiiikkkkkeee Beasly!

  • rangerjohn

    where is GEE and austin

    your boy mayweather is ducking AGAIN!


    the man doesnt want to fight anybody but cans and keeps trying to put it off on “the other guy”. now mosley cant bring in the money he wants LMAO. just retire and move on to your wwe life style

  • Dan

    and the knicks are the team Im worried about Dwade going to…. lets be serious.

  • LakeShow84

    “he’s one of those guys who were happy he got an 80 “percent” on his IQ test because apparently that means he passed!”


    Dude is content being a mind job and inconsistent.. gotta luv em.. ive always been torn about the man because he’ll have a good game where he drops some absurd #’s but DAMN hes been playing like ass all season..

  • wifey

    Few notes from last night’s game

    – Bargnani’s legit
    – Jack is the better PG by far, Calderon always sucked
    – Derozan has a nice game, he could single handidly bring back alotta hype for Raptorland if he wins the dunk contest
    – Kobe’s the only Laker with heart and determination
    – Bynum sucks

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.


    probably because he’s been gettin to much . . . ass, that is.

  • Drapsfan

    @ LakeShow84

    Dude maybe you have to re-read my shit or my other others posts on here…I NEVER said Dime beats down the city, Dime isn’t a travel magazine last time I checked. I think my point has gotten across numerous times about the lack of respect the TEAM gets show no matter what they do.

    And as far as that foul that you think shouldn’t have been called? Give me a fucking break bro, if this was at Staples center and a Laker is going up like that ONE HUNDRED percent that foul call gets made and up to the line someone goes. Lakers have gotten tons of calls like that…Just ask a Milwaukee fan. So get over that, it was a foul and Hedo sold it just like he should have and just like any player should.

    As far as Odom…really really good player…but just doesn’t use his head. No wonder Kobe is pissed.

    And Laker fans have nothing to bitch about, Kobe can wreck an opposing team anytime he gets going….It’s not even fair he’s THAT good….so be thankful

  • LakeShow84

    What is this talk about the Bucks game??

    Some of you peoples SWEAR that foul won the game.. NAH the Bucks BRICKING Ft’s won the game.. no wait how about the BUZZER BEATER that won the game..

    That aint directed at you Drapsfan thats @ everyone referring to that game like it was a fluke..

    It was a blocking foul which Kobes made the and1 FT.. i’ve seen much worst.. in much BIGGER games.. Damn with all horrible calls i’ve seen Dwade and Lebron get with NO time left on the clock and they shooting FT’s i’d swear Kobe cheated..

    Name me the last time in a close game Kobe got a phantom call and won the game at the line.. dude is a stonecold FT shooter at crunch time so it shouldnt be that hard right peeps?? and not to ice it but to actually WIN the game.. ANYONE??

  • http://womensfleecehoodie.info AllMacMan

    This is killing me I can’t wait until Sunday’s show down!

  • the game

    put bassy on a decent team and he will go ham