Smack / Jan 23, 2010 / 6:47 am

Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Son

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

Three straight L’s at home. Scalabrine calling himself a starter. Big Baby assuming the role of crowd-antagonizing Bad Guy. Yeah, it was definitely time for Kevin Garnett to get back on the court. The day after being named an All-Star starter to surprisingly little objection (so-so stats and 11 DNP’s), KG returned for Celtics/Blazers with plenty of pent-up anger to unleash … First half, Garnett (13 pts, 2 blks) was receiving an entry pass when he shoved Rudy Fernandez to the floor and got whistled for a foul. While KG was arguing with the ref, Andre Miller casually poked the ball out of his hands, so KG gave ‘Dre a forearm shot to the chest without taking his eyes off the ref or even breaking his sentence. We believe doctors call that the Bully Reflex … Boston was up two with under a minute to go in the fourth and looking for a dagger when Rajon Rondo darted past Martell Webster but somehow blew an open layup. After Webster hit a jumper to tie it, Paul Pierce (24 pts) had a chance to win it. But instead of taking his trademark pull-up, Pierce went all the way to the rack and ran over Miller (28 pts, 8 rebs, 8 asts). Offensive foul. Portland then tried an inbound lob to LaMarcus Aldridge, but that didn’t work … In overtime, Ray Allen‘s only three of the game put the Celts ahead with 40 seconds left, and after Aldridge bricked a jumper, Tony Allen got a breakaway dunk to push the lead to three. With no Brandon Roy (hamstring), the Blazers went to Fernandez, who missed one three, then missed an unnecessarily wild trey where he must have not realized how much time was left … There was no historic performance for Kobe at MSG this time, just your standard 27-point effort with a little questionable shot selection down the stretch. Dime’s Gerald Narciso was in the building and recapped most of the Lakers’ win HERE … The best game of the night was actually Hornets/Timberwolves. Kurt Rambis made some risky moves — twice in the last 10 seconds Minnesota was down by three but he had them go for two — and it almost worked. The first time Al Jefferson (25 pts, 13 rebs) scored on a quick post-up, then after Peja‘s free throws made it a three-point game again, Jonny Flynn got a layup plus-one. Tied up, Hornets ball with three seconds left: Chris Paul (23 pts, 9 asts) inbounded to James Posey, and when Posey showed handoff, everybody followed CP and gave Posey a clear path for a layup at the buzzer … We know the Wolves don’t have much experience in close games, but who decided to play Banarama’s “I’m Your Venus” during a crucial juncture in the fourth quarter? That’s when you’re supposed to play something from the 300 soundtrack … Grizzlies/Thunder also went down to the wire. It was tied with about 20 seconds left when O.J. Mayo missed a jumper and Kevin Durant (30 pts) got the rebound, but Marc Gasol ripped it out of KD’s hands to give Memphis another shot. Rudy Gay (25 pts) got an iso on Durant and drained a jumper in his eye for the game-winner … Derrick Rose (32 pts, 5 asts, 3 stls) dominated Steve Nash (8 pts, 7 asts, 5 turnovers) last night, and when the Suns tried to play zone, he tore that up too. But the play everybody will be talking about is what D-Rose did to Goran Dragic: Rose got out in transition and took a long lead pass from Tyrus Thomas. Dragic got the idea to jump with him, and Rose hammered a vintage Latrell Sprewell cocked-back two-hander on his dome. NASTY. Usually guys get dunked on when the offensive player is on the run. Rose stopped, gathered, jumped and still crammed (with two hands!) over a guy who’s taller than him … The ESPN announcers were doing an on-camera segment and you could see this douche-tastic Bulls fan getting in the camera shot and acting like a tool. Then to the surprise of no one, the guy pulls up his jersey to reveal Joakim Noah‘s number. We wish we were making that up … Other stat lines from Friday: Dwyane Wade had 32 points and 10 assists to beat the Wizards; Danny Granger put up 25 points to lead the Pacers past the Pistons; Jarrett Jack dropped 27 points in Toronto’s win over Milwaukee; Thad Young scored 22 off the bench as Philly upset the Mavs; Jamal Crawford scored 24 off the bench as Atlanta knocked off Charlotte; Kyle Lowry posted 23 and nine assists off the bench in Houston’s win at San Antonio; Stephen Curry gave the Nets 32 points in a blowout; and Dwight Howard posted 19 points and 15 boards to beat the Kings … After that game, Orlando’s sideline reporter asked Dwight about “dusting off” Anthony Johnson before AJ went into the game one time. “We call (Johnson) ‘Tyrone Biggums‘, so that’s why we did that,” Dwight said. So they were dusting pretend-crack off his shoulder? … We’re out like Bananarama …

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  • Jah

    If D-Wade hadn’t stolen Anderson Varejao’s soul earlier this year, Derrick Rose’s dunk would be DUNK OF THE YEAR.

  • yoda

    wiat, KG just hit another guard and then he elbowed a point guard? something is wrong there, he doesn’t behave like a b*** who hits smaller people then him. he usually goes for shaq’s, dwight’s and… oh wait, i might be wrong here..

  • Atom

    He was probably just dusting off Anthony Johnson because he is so old. They have to do the same thing in Portland with Juwan Howard.


    Andre Miller should have pulled an Anthony Peeler on KG.

    Anthony – Beetlejuice — Johnson!

  • Atom

    Actually, I think Howard is confusing Biggums with Ashy Larry, who does look pretty similar to Johnson. Dusting off the ash?

  • http://www.basketsim.com/ BNZA

    i like the Bully Reflex a lot

  • ab_40

    ashy larry… marcy projects son WHAT.

    a lot of games were over early last night. and why don’t other players use the shot fake more often like rashard did to caspi. every player in the nba thinks they can block you shot. ask luis scola how effective shot fakes can be

  • RC

    KG is doing his antics again. Fierce competitor but no class at all. He does usually go for guards only.

  • That’s what’s up

    RIP Spurs Defense

    You are sorely missed

  • dragonyeuw

    Was Garnett always like that? I miss the ole KG from the early 2000’s. This one just seems to get crankier as he gets older.

  • jonny taise

    WHY is KG an all-star starter??!!
    Bosh? Lee? Anyone?!!!

  • Celticsdada

    Keep hating on KG and the Celtics, haters. KG didnt even know n didnt gjve a darn it was andre miller, he was too intense becuase it was a bogus call. You know u at the top when people start hating. Look at those mr nice guys ( Lebrick, Melo, Dirk….) what did they accomplish? Do they have rings?
    And when the hell did Scalabrine claimed he is a starter? Totally made up, unacceptable Dime.

  • Celticsdada

    However i do agree that KG doesnt deserve to be an All Star this year, he didnt play many games and was kind of inconsistent on offensive when he plays. That spot should be Bosh’s. The only two All stars this year on the Celtics is Rondo and Pierce. You can blame them chinese n filipinos people for voting for AI too

  • Think

    Kobe went 8-24. Another atrocious shooting night.

  • Rafa23

    @ celticsdada

    LMAO… melo and lebron have accomplished A TON more than garnett at the same age. and dirk did at least lead his team deep into the playoffs every year and to the finals, something garnett never did until he got to boston. where other players could cover his choking in crunch time.

  • Celticsdada

    What did Carmella and Lebrick accomplished so far other than being all stars? Tell me!!! Like LeBrick dont choke at yhe end of game?? FYI, KG was an MVP before he got to Boston, and had been an all star every year in his career( except maybe 1 yr). Dont start the nonsense debate that he only won a ring becuz of Boston…bla bla. Name me any star who won the champjonship by himself!!!! Im clueless, yall

  • d

    kobe looks sluggish

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    If KG is so soft why doesn’t even one big man go after him? And its a fucking fan vote retards, Over his career he has more fans than Bosh or Lee. And for all his TWolve woes he NEVER bitched,moaned or jumped ship.

  • JM

    @celticsdada – I can name you one superstar who didn’t have another star with him when he won a title…Hakeem Olajuwon. He obviously had good role players but no one even remotely close to a star. Don’t think of calling Vernon Maxwell and Kenny Smith stars either.

    But, like many others – I like the old KG better.

  • Rafa23

    maybe you didn’t understand me. i just said that lebron has accompished more at age 25 than kg at 25. melo has accomplished more than kg at 25. dirk has accomnplished more than kg at 31.he had 1!!! deep playoff run. thats all.
    saying what have they accomplished compared to him when he has been in the league longer is easy.
    and comparing lebron and kg in the fourth quarter is just wow. james may not be at kobes level on game winner, but if you watch some cavs games, you see him take over on the clutch. kg has disappeared a lot in crunch time.

  • Chaos

    Whether or not dragic is taller than rose or not….he had no business jumping with him

  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    That Derrick Rose dunk was pure disrespectful!!!!

  • Kyle

    KG has never been a clutch player, ever… but what I love is how tough he is against 6’1 point guards. Legitimate badass! I think he’s gay honestly… so many times he’s gotten torched by other players and blamed his teammates.

  • John

    1- The D-Rose dunk was a Back to the 80’s Dominique jam. Amazing.

    2- Garnett is an espetacular player but Bosh deserves more than him. The East should be :


  • Randomized


    because KG doesnt instigate on bigger guys and because most other players, like 95% of the leauge doesnt ‘go after’ other guys. 95% of tge leauge isnt a douchebag like KG is now.

  • E$


    Aaron Brooks crossover on Parker was sweet!

  • dragonyeuw

    “What did Carmella and Lebrick accomplished so far other than being all stars?”

    Can’t give you much of an argument regarding Melo.

    Lebron on the other hand, by the age of 25, has an MVP, a scoring title, and a finals appearance under his belt. And 5 of his 7 years in the league, has resulted in a trip AT least to the conference semi-finals every year. Garnett was a first round casualty for 6-7 years straight, untill he was joined by Sprewell and Cassell, who handled the last shot taking duties, while Garnett did his customary statsheet stuffing. Leading to his lone MVP award, at 28 years old. He then went on to have a series of playoff-less seasons, before landing in Boston. Garnett in no way, shape of form, accomplished more in his first 7 years, than Lebron did.

  • Raj S

    I love reading the responses to the articles posted on Dime. They are a true insight into the depths of human stupidity.
    For instance, a PLAYER is given credit for a TEAM’S success, and a PLAYER is blamed for a TEAM’S failure. Both of these ideas are intuitively flawed, and the history of basketball reinforces the fact that they just don’t hold true.
    Also, the GREATNESS of a player is judged on his STATISTICS. Frankly, why do we even have MVP or DPOYs? Those are both subjective awards based on many factors, not just objective statistics. The same goes for the selections to the All-Star game. It makes sense if you want to base awards and selections solely on statistics (i.e. socring champion, steals champion, rebounding champion; even if the statistics don’t tell the whole story of a season or they are kind of boring or lacking, at least you are being consistent). But you can’t say that one player is more deserving than another of a subjective award/selection based on his objective statistics without sounding like a moron.
    The worst part: a lot the responders here are consistent in regards to their statements and stances, but they are only so when it comes to certain players. But, regarding other specific players, consistency goes out the window and biases come out in full force. Where I’m from, people call that hating or d–k-riding, depending on what you are saying. And no, I’m not only talking about KG. Many of you do the same thing to LeBron and Kobe. LeBron will do X, and a person will somehow hate on him about or despite it. Kobe will do X, and that same person will saddle up and ride him like his special someone in Colorado.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    so let me ask you guys something dime,
    when dirk got 20,000 you damn near had an entire article dedicated to him. not even so much as a mention of tim duncan, the greatest power forward of all time? i mean no mention of the refs fucking him at 19999 and now nothing on breaking that? i mean he is one of 3 active with 20,000 and 10,000 and one of 7 all time with 20,000, 10,000 and 2000 blocks and nothing, sip, zilch, nada?

    ohhhhhhh yeah i forgot, kobe played and so did garnett, my bad i guess i forgot the pecking order around this place.

  • BC

    You can make an entire team of all-star players (either through fan voting or coach voting) who have appeared in less than 80% of their team’s games:

    CP3 (just over 80% of the games)


    KG just has a lot of frustration because he’s on the down low.

  • KCL

    Gotta Love the Douche-tastic Bulls fans haha. I do believe Juwan Howard had 8 points and twelve rebounds while holding down the middle for the Blazers so please dont make ridiculous comments comparing him to anthony johnson. Roses dunk was sick, up high with Cock-Back

  • wifey

    Stephen Mother fucking CURRY.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    AI says he would be disrespecting the fans if he didnt play, if i was the east coach i would play him long enough for me to call a time out after the opening tip and sit his ass on the bench for the rest of the game.

  • Blazermark

    KG is a skinny little p*ssy who acts tough when there are refs to save his ass from getting punched in the grill. Any one of the Blazers could tear his scrawny butt in a million pieces. He is an over rated dip $hit.

  • Ace-One

    1. If you want to knock KG for needlessly getting in people’s grill, fine. But the whole “KG only picks on small guys” is myth perpetuated by ignorant fans and writers. Go to youtube and search “KG vs Amare.” And then people said that KG was “picking on” poor Jerryd Bayless for crawling on all fours on defense against him–except they don’t seem to remember he already did the exact same to David West and others. KG is an equal opportunity asshole, but it’s fun to pretend he only picks on smaller players.

    2. Like the writer said, he didn’t even look or turn his attention away from the ref when he popped Dre Miller for poking the ball from him. As in, he didn’t care who it was. As in, how is that bullying on little guys when you don’t even know/care who it is?

    3. People also keep perpetuating this idea that KG “has never been a clutch player ever” or disappears in crunch time (post #20, 23, 27). I agree that his game isn’t made for a “one possesion, have to make it” situations. He can’t create his own shot like Paul Pierce, nor does he have the pure shot of Ray Allen, where you can draw up a last second play to get him open for a jumper. So with the Celtics it does not make sense for him to the last shot, but he still has on many occasions, and did even more in Minnesota. KG does not shrink in crunch time. Remember, during the 2008 championship run, KG outscored Paul Pierce in the 4th quarter in every playoff series. Every. Series.

  • Rick Nelson

    I can’t wait for the day when Craig Smith knocks the SHIT out of cry baby & KG. Two douche bags that don’t respect the game & the way it should be played.

    Red is rolling over in his grave so they can kiss his ass.

  • Rick Nelson

    You forgot about baby Nash, fools.
    Luke Ridnour had almost same stats as Jarret Jack.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    lol rangerjohn how bout that win last night. Yeaaaa! lol you know I had to say something.

    Anyway as a AI supporter I hope he does play more than a minute and with this being for the fans, apparently it’s more that want to see him than the haters or either the haters need to combine their efforts on another so A.I. gets outnumbered lol.

    Go A.I.

    Glad to see KG back! Also remember KG doesn’t have to just go out and score 20 and 30 now but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have that ability. Plus he is doing more along the lines of overall play on both sides.

    For haters talking bad on K.G. you are just scared of him lol. hahaha.

  • Snook

    No mention of 20k for Duncan? KG forearm instead?

  • gmoney

    Is it me or does anyone else think that jamal crawford is an allstar? he’s played out of his mind this year as a 6th man. I think hes worthy of an allstar spot.

  • Timur
  • Double R

    KG is so tough now……what happen when you was with the timberpuppy……and u never got out of the first round not so tough then……you also need help….you are a big bum

  • the cynic

    all these people complaining about KG being in the all-star when there is a good chance he won’t even play

  • Mike Honcho

    LOL @ Tyrone Biggums!

  • dragonyeuw

    “People also keep perpetuating this idea that KG “has never been a clutch player ever” or disappears in crunch time (post #20, 23, 27)”

    I never said Garnett wasn’t a clutch player. I said Sprewell and Cassell were the ones who took the last shots on that Wolves team that went to the WCFs. Garnett has always been a player who deferred alot to his teammates in situations where a last second shot was required. That’s not hating on him, that’s just how it was. And there is an expectation, that when you have a 100+ million contract, that the team lives and dies on your ability to come through when it matters most.

  • darkdefender

    i just watched Rose’s dunk

    He was still elevating AFTER putting the ball down. Ouch!

  • vince

    I’ll tell you why I’m mad. I’m mad because Dime posts crap like this:


  • http://NBA.com Momo

    D-Rose’s dunk is the type I usually see myself doing in my dreams…finally a disgusting two handed cock back sledgehammer right ontop of someones head and all up in thier face with the gruesome disregard for respect that only a man rising above the rim can show to his opposition who decides to meet him at the rim for all the glory.

    Peace unto him who throws down the rock with such ardent fervor . Peace, for suffice is to say that your counterpart will surely think twice lest he decide to meet you up there should the future call upon him to do so.

  • arisloco

    KG will never be in the HOF list. Even a consideration. He SUCKS!

  • arisloco

    He is very ugly on the above picture.lol ugly mean-face.eeeewwww

  • specialguydurr!


    One thing that Lebron and Carmello have accomplished that Garnett hadn’t at their age?

    Getting past the first round of a playoff series.
    Don’t take it so hard that almost everyone outside of Boston doesn’t respect KG. It’s too bad he is a talented player, maybe one of the best PF’s to play the game. But that doesn’t mean he’s not also one of the biggest douchebags. And if he wants to act tough he should try it with someone his own size. He’s like that dude in the neighborhood who got held back two grades, and beats up everyone in his class (even though he’s twice their size), he might think he’s a badass but everyone else knows he’s a clown.

  • Kyle

    Remember when Dirk torched KG in the 2001 playoffs? I almost felt sorry for him. He blamed it on his teammates who all outplayed him(Billups and Wally-World.)

    Look up the stats, it’s absurd. And he was 2 1/2 years older then Dirk with 4 more seasons as a pro.