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The Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

I was hesitant to post about this topic today because it clearly falls into the “That’s Exactly the Type of Attention They Want” bin, but it’s so absurd on so many levels that I couldn’t help it. If you haven’t seen any of the reports in the last day or so, a press release went out on Sunday night announcing the launch of an all-white professional basketball league based in Georgia that would allow only players born in the United States with both parents of Caucasian race to play in the league.

Now I’m trying to figure out what’s worse, the league itself or the media outlets giving it coverage. Sadly, and predictably, the media has jumped right on board to give these clowns exactly what they want. A quick Google search of the league’s name turns up coverage on everything from the Huffington Post and nbcsports.com to small basketball blogs and everything in between. Why? Other than page views and some back and forth in comments sections, what good does it do for any outlet to shine a light on this nonsense, bringing attention to the situation and running the commissioner’s absurd defense of his league? I’m not going to reproduce his quotes here and I’m not even going to mention the league’s name in this post – if you really want to read what the commissioner has to say, you can check out the Augusta Chronicle‘s coverage.

I’m also not going to turn this post into some rant on the media, the media’s responsibility to report the news, and the role media plays in today’s society. The topic is too broad and has way too many levels to even begin to be covered soundly in this space. You can argue all day long about what qualifies as “news” in our ever-changing media landscape of citizen journalism, social media and the steady dissipation of “traditional” media. Is every single detail of what Tiger Woods does behind closed doors qualify as news? You could find plenty of people who would make impassioned arguments for either side of the debate.

But can we all agree that this basketball league – and things like it – shouldn’t qualify as anything that deserves our attention? Covering their launch and running their ignorant press release quotes is like giving a bullhorn to a crazy person on the corner so that everyone can hear his nonsense.

Obviously, for the vast majority of web sites out there, the name of the game is site traffic and the money that comes with it. And that’s fine – I get it. Dime is a business too. But if page views are that important to you, run a photo gallery of Tiger Woods from his “rehab” stint in Mississippi instead of dressing up the inconsequential ignorance of a basketball league that will never get off the ground and calling it news coverage.

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  • thenatural

    I love this quote:

    “Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?” he said. “That’s the culture today, and in a free country we should have the right to move ourselves in a better direction.”

    Didn’t Jason Williams flip out on some asian guy a few years back when he was with the Kings? Oh wait, he’s white CHOCOLATE so he doesn’t count

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    gotta love where this place is headed…

  • fallinup

    It was the dumbest thing I saw all day too. Figuring it was basketball related… I sent the link to you guys. Now I feel all bad for bringing unwanted exposure to this knucklehead.

    See if you get this link about the Women’s All Naked Basketball now, Dime! Pfft.

    But yeah… I saw it at HuffPo… they are suckers for any type of news to grab your attention.

  • Detroit Dave

    Damn its sad that this type of shit is going on in 2010.

  • Michorizo

    Interesting … kinda like the MBA…Mexican Basketball League

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah that guys so racist it’s almost comical. The sad part is he probably believes he’s not racist at all.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    And we just celebrated MLK Day too. Crazy. I don’t reall like all (insert color or race) here anything.

    Dang and it would be in the south too. SMH! Many people still have a long way to go in so many different areas.


  • Drink the Haterade

    Most racists dont even know they are racist

  • ballin

    This is pathetic more than it is sad.

    lmao about the quote regarding “FUNDAMENTAL basketball”

    Yeah black dudes like Tim Duncan and Kobe really don’t have their fundamentals down. Maybe they should go work on that stuff.

    And yeah, lord knows that it’s an inherent trait of white players such as Manu Ginobili to do everything on the court without any flair or style.

    This guy makes a lot of sense!

  • Jer Boi

    all day? more like the dumbest thing ive ever heard in my life.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @ Jer Boi:

    Great Point.

  • Royal

    Who cares let them do wtf they wanna do (as long as its not hurting my family mentally or physically)

    PS: Our “Leader” Al Sharpton is gonna jump all over this lol

  • Drink the Haterade

    OK, I know this will prob start some BS and some hate mail, but I gotta say it.

    After reading the story I agree that “we” as americans should not have an all white basketball league, in fact we shouldnt have all white, all black anything. “WE” are a country of diversity and it should always be that way. Its a free country and as such you can do as you please, but dont discriminate.

    Now here’s where I will make it interesting, back in the early 90’s going to HS in So Cal we had all this diversity, but one thing sttod out, they had all these clubs that anyone could join, European Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, etc. But the black people whom I went to school with wanted thier own student union, they wanted a black student union. And they were granted thier won BSU (Brothers and Sisters United)That was the politically correct term. To me this made no sense, us white kids couldnt have a white student union cause it was deemed racist,but the black people could. I wanted an answer not cause I’m racist, but you can’t do for one what you will not do for another esp in HS. The admin didnt see it this way.

    In a way this is the same scenario just reversed, heres this dumb ass white dude who’s racist and doesn’t see it, just like the kids who started the BSU. It was complaete bullshit to discriminate against us, just like its complkete BS this guy is discriminating. I guess my point is that if we allow this to take place, its only a matter of time before the other races start doing the same thing and then we are no longer united, but divided. Are we not divided enough already?

  • sunni

    nice to see dime readers finally agree on something..retarded league…especially in georgia where so many great colored athletes have put atlanta on the map…

  • buffalo balla

    well this will at least guarantee some white americans on the all-star team unlike the NBA…

    Last time…Brad Miller 2004
    David Lee this year

  • http://dime eyes

    Haterade you seriously can’t compare BSU to this league. You just can’t. Hopefully a friend of yours can enlighten you more. You kind of answered your own question in a way. There would be a unite of equality if a certain race as a whole accepted. I don’t see that happening. Catholic & Public School don’t sound like discriminating words. Trust me. Black Neighborhoods/White Neighborhoods- Extreme environment differences

    You do seem to mean well. Though with your opening comments. Kind of left some doubt as to the point you’re trying to make. Some aren’t a whole & it seems as if we’ll always be kept in the minority. When it comes to evening out the playing field. People don’t call it that or use that word. I see it everyday in the pyscholigical which may actually be worse. Nothing worse than a dead person mentality in a living being.

    Coporate America/Government/Lawyers/Politicians/Police
    Fire Dept. N.B.A./Hip Hop/Media/TV/News- Who actually runs it. Please don’t be one of those overly smart people. The little things seem to fly above purposely

  • JoeCozi

    who wants to see set shots and bounce passes and up and under granny shots??…lol..

  • Chocohazed

    White people are sooooo arrogant…

  • Drink the Haterade

    @ Eyes–
    “Haterade you seriously can’t compare BSU to this league. You just can’t. Hopefully a friend of yours can enlighten you more”.

    That was like 17 years ago and no one has enlightend me on that. Maybe you could.

  • Dagomar

    The most hilarious part of this article criticizing the media attention given to this racist league is that the article, itself, is obviously giving even more media attention to the league. Gotta love hypocrisy.

  • Name (required)

    are there not laws against this sort of thing. what they are doing, employing people based on their race and nationality, wouldn’t be allowed if it was a tooth paste factory so i cant see how its allowed as a basketball league.
    Also, who’s gonna play in it? i cant imagine there are too many racist hoops players

    what it reminds me of….. is when u were kids an the lil dude whos ball it is takes it home cos everyone else is better than him, so he goes back to his house and plays with other crappy kids.

  • Celts Fan

    Best dunk contest ever…

  • Dan

    “Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?” he said. “That’s the culture today, and in a free country we should have the right to move ourselves in a better direction.”

    This sounds pretty bad , his reasoning makes no sense. I dont know. Although he stating about the proffesionalism of the NBA, but it kind of sounds like he is insinuating that an all white team wouldn’t do anything or the sort.

    Anyway I think if he wants to run an all white team let him do it. I personally am tired of this whole thing about black people having the primarily black colleges and the NAACP and whatever else, it just brings about more seperation everyone should be entitled to everything. We as black people should get over this whole idea of us “being owed something”.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Here’s my question: Will this league hire “people of color” for non-playing positions? Or is this all-White refs, scorekeepers, trainers, PR staff, etc.? That’s how you’ll know the extent of the racism.

    @Dagomar — I don’t think it’s hypocritical for Pat to post this and then criticize the media attention. He did what he could to not give the league itself name exposure but focus on the bigger-picture issues at hand.

  • ballin


    When people are in the minority somewhere, they tend to want to bond together. That’s why there are so many ethnic clubs at colleges and stuff like that. And it makes sense… because there are fewer of them, they want to bond together so they can make their voices heard.

    But white people don’t need to bond together to make their voices heard, since they’re a majority. In fact, if they were to make a club it would look like they were doing it to shut down opposing viewpoints, not to promote any valid ideas of their own, since those ideas are (presumably) already heard.

    It’s like lobbyists and the government. Relatively few people in this country actually own guns, so the ones that do support the NRA, who in turns provides a unified voice for them, and it has worked extremely well. I can still go down to a hunting store and get an M-16. If the NRA didn’t exist, the limits placed on guns would probably be ridiculous, even though there isn’t a powerful “anti-NRA” lobbyist group. There doesn’t need to be an opposition group to gun ownership, since the majority of people don’t own guns. See what I mean?

  • ballin

    ps I’m sure they’d love these players on one of their all-white teams…

    Jason Williams
    Zaza Pachulia

    So instead of crotch-grabbing they can have heroin shooting, asian-hating, and senseless fight-starting players

  • sh!tfaced

    Sad to see bullshit like this happening in 2010.

    I bet Adam Morrison and Brian Scalabrine would dominate the shit out of that league.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Money is Green – would you only allow pure-bred Whites to attend your games? That’s turning down a lot of money.

    Anyway – I’ve got enough names for a 6 team league.

    The Augusta Anglos
    The Houston Honkys
    The Washington (Grand) Wizards
    The Peoria Peckerwoods
    The Gainesville Gringos
    The Kalamazoo Krackers

    PLAY BALL !!!!

  • tecneek

    @sh!tfaced funniest thing I read all day

  • alf (from melmak)


    Cannot wait for David Letterman’s Top 10 list on this.

  • tbone

    let white people do whatever the hell they want. who gives a rats ass. here in LA, there are japanese only leagues, *insert minority* leages everywhere. whites are the minority in a lot of places.

    go white boy go white boy go!

  • tbone


    washington GRAND wizards is by far the best one.

    made me lol like a little girl. :)

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help



    I can see it now, 1/2 price off tickets if you wear a bed sheet, complimentary season tickets to vip klan wizards, shave your head before the game and get a complimentary hotdog and pop. That’s just plain ridiculous.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    I’m sure it won’t even be watchable basketball, just some racist dudes trying to make a “stance”.

  • Curtis G

    For all my DIME peeps, I apologize for this long post but DIME (and a few of the posters) hit on a pet peeve of mine. If you don’t want to be enlightened, skip this, but if you want to hear some (long) truth, read on:

    Here’s the funny part about all of this hoopla about the all whte basketball team: I am not mad at them. And, truth be told, I think they are trying to make a point (I hope). That point? Well, another reader already pointed it out; black people in this country are allowed to do things that white people can’t do. Now, that’s not to say that some of it isn’t deserved. For instance, blacks having professional groups isn’t bad considering 1) there aren’t as many of us black professionals as there are white ones, 2) there is definitely a glass ceiling for anyone in the corporate world that isn’t of the Caucasian persuasion (and more so if you’re black or a woman) and, 3) regarding the animal that is corporate America, we need to have those kind of groups to lean on and provide resources. For this reason, the NAACP and the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) are okay too since there are still some civil (although more discreetly hidden discriminations in America) issues and, barring crazy athletic skills, most inner city black youth can only dream of college… things those two organizations help address. But to illustrate my point of how we have become what we despise, I use my recollection of the day that brought most of this country closer together than any of us have ever been before; September 11, 2001.
    I still remember where I was and what I was doing. I had just gotten enough money saved to take some classes in respiratory therapy at Houston Community College. I had to be at school for 9:30 and I was running late. I was driving a red 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix; it was stick shift. I was listening to the radio (Majic 102 for all my Houston peeps in the know) when the DJ interrupted the station to say that the World Trade Center had been attacked and was on fire. At first I didn’t believe him because the DJ in question often plays a lot and I found it hard that someone would attack the US with missiles (which is what I thought he was saying). However, as I looked around at other drivers, many of them had stunned looks on their faces. People on the street were yelling frantically into phones and in the few restaurants I could see into from the street, people were all standing huddled around TV’s. That when it dawned on me that it was true. I immediately called my wife to see if she was okay because, hey, if terrorist could shoot missiles at New York, they could shot at Houston too. (Again, this is what I thought was going on because no one knew at first what had happened) By this time I was at the school and I ended up turning around getting back in my car as students flooding out of the building…. eyes wide. Some were crying, some even screaming, but all of them afraid. By the time I finished talking to my wife (who was watching the live telecast) I was calmer as she explained how it happened. But as many of you know, it is hard as hell to drive a stick shift and talk and I’d already done it once that day. So after getting back in my car, I needed more information because I just couldn’t believe someone had pulled off the unthinkable. And it was then that my view of America’s race relations changed dramatically… for the worst. It was the same show and DJ I’d been listening to earlier except now he had a guest that was a regular on his show. And as they discussed the tragedy, one of the guys suggested that they start a fund to accept donations for the families of those killed, and without missing a beat, the other guy added “For the black families of course”!. As a black man listening to that, my heart immediately sank; we had become what we had despised. As the days wore on, there was no outcry. No special interest groups crying foul. No white people complaining of the preferential treatment. There was nothing. And after a while, I realized no one would say anything. This is the way of America. You see, I couldn’t imagine that a white DJ could have said what I’d heard the two DJ’s say and still be working let alone alive afterwards. In the face of tragedy, I could not believe that my own people could only think of themselves. As it turns out, Jews were the largest demographic that died that fateful day and blacks were among the fewest. So what about the families of those non-blacks that died? What about the families we still hear about today where a loved one died that day and they still can’t buy a memorial for them because of no money? That day, as I watched all of the students pour out of the student center, each one afraid that terrorist had trained missiles right on the spot where they were, they were united in fear. No one was mad that someone brushed them, or pushed them or anything… they all understood that death was a non-discriminatory entity and that the terrorist classified us all as “infidel Americans”.
    I suppose that DJ and his buddy collected and distributed that money to the black families of those affected and I am sure they brought a lot of joy and happiness to those that received it. It doesn’t change the fact that they were dead wrong about what they did, and had the table been reversed, they (and we as black people) most assuredly would not have stood for it. And therein lies the problem; in America’s effort to alleviate the effects of racism, they have unknowingly (or maybe knowingly) perpetuated the very problem by allowing one group of people (all minorities, not just blacks) to benefit from one-sided laws. I firmly believe that when they law is not applied equally, it helps to contribute to social problems. In America’s case, it is racism. Think about it, slave owners could have tried to keep, beat, and sell slaves all they wanted and not succeeded had the law disallowed it. Fast forward to today and you can get into school based on race, get a job based on race, or even get laws passed based on race. Really now folks, how far have we come from slave days. True, blacks aren’t dealing and selling white people but we do have the one thing on our side that made it possible for it to happen to us; biased laws. And before I get the racist in here “amen’ing” my thoughts, I am not a stupid man, so I understand why America has given us (and other minorities) this advantage; because we deserve it. In the history of the world and of black slavery, no other country comes close to the atrocities carried out by white America against black slaves. A fact that becomes even more appalling when you consider that only 250,000 of the 3.5 million slaves involved in the slave trade landed in America; a paltry 7%. Note too that America (one of the first industrialized nations) was among the last (but actually was the largest) to outlaw slavery. We, as Americans, were also among the last of the world powers to grant civil equalities to blacks, coming in second to last to South Africa. South Africa people! White people in this country complain about how much they’ve embraced black people but the one county we beat to formally granting equality is a country where the its racist leader was almost tried in a world tribunal… less than 20 years from the time America signed the Civil Rights Act. So you see white people, that sense of entitlement that most black people exhibit and those accusations of hypocrisy by us are well founded and well deserved. America is not as advanced race wise as it thinks. Things like the all white basketball team prove it. Unfortunately, until we as American wake up and understand that, outside of these borders, we are all Americans. Other countries either hate us collectively, love us collectively, or don’t give jack shit about us collectively. The rest of the world understands this so why, for the love of God, can’t the people in this great country that is the United States of America understand it. For my children’s sake, I hope we do.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dagomar

    Your problem is your thinking like a follower.. And hopefully when somebody reads something like this it would <> enlighten them to realize how media brings attention to certain things and trys to put it in your mind.. imagine your typically troubled caucasian kid in Georgia who might try to find peace and bonding in some kind of HATE like this.. Dudes reasoning for it is purely based on ur basic stereotypical “nigger” shit.. i doubt most the people those biggots are trying to influence are out here bloggin with us @ DIMEMAG.com

    You say hypocrisy i say ignorance.. Dont ruin a good article..

    i hate having to use that word..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Haterade

    I know exactly what you mean and I’m african american myself.. so dont trip just be above it.. you seem like you are..

    Its sad because racism is such a chain in so many means, its in everyone..

  • boombastic

    jesus, whos actually gonna read that novel? anyways, the leagues just gonna be the white version of and1

  • LakeShow84

    @ Thats Whats Up & Sh!tfaced

    You know.. i love you 2 lol

  • LakeShow84

    Now Shut The Fuck Up


  • Mike Regan

    When Augusta mayor, Duke Copenhaver, begins a campaign toward opening the doors of the many “Black Only” institutions (Universities, TV Networks, Pageants, etc., etc.) to “White Americans”, then, and only then, will this guy admonish Don Lewis regarding his efforts to establish an “All White Basketball League”…

    Not likely, though, that Copenhaver would take up such a challenge, so kinda’ hope the dip-shite goes to hell…

    And I wish Don Lewis both all the luck in the world and hope that he succeeds.

    Catch ya’ later,

  • RC

    I bet they’ll have a pretty good 3 point shooting contest in their all star game LOL. Racism shouldn’t be tolerated.

  • Sweet English

    Not trying to invoke any reaction here or anything, but heres a question that i hope someone can answer in a civilised manner…

    ‘Would anyone make half as much of a fuss about this if it was a strictly African-American league in which only black players were aloud?’

    Same as if someone commisioned a channel called ‘White Entertainment Television’ I think there is a lot of black guys out there who be up in arms. A hell of a lot.

  • nycballa

    Good! I’m sick of white people, if we can get them out of the league that’s one step closer to black rule. We’ve been discriminated against too long, it’s our turn.

    Obama is gonna fix this country and it will be done by the intelect of blacks.

  • nycballa

    Oh, and I agree with the dunk contest in the white league comment…..bet everybody wants to watch white dudes dunk! LOL!

  • Mike Regan

    Dear All,

    Rather than ramble on about the rights versus the wrongs of having an “All White Basketball league”, would just like to say that for close to five decades the blacks have pretty much been running the show… Sadly, they’ve never been content with our elected leadership and seem to thrive on dips like Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Marty King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., etc., to do their bullying for them. “Including” bullying their way into the Nation Sports Arenas. And can someone tell me why we American tax payers have to pay for the existence of a “Congressional Black Caucus”…???

    It’s been suggested that the blacks are superior to whites when it comes to sports, but the truth is that white kids, who have honed their talents (Yes, very much including basketball) through Grammar School, High School and College, only to find themselves weeded out of the “System” (Read the 3rd paragraph) in their Junior or Senior years of those Colleges. To satisfy the vicious underground “Black Agenda” that rules the show… Bugs me because I enjoy it when the “Hoop It Up” tournaments come to town. The kids come from all over, and it’s a pleasure to watch the “White” kids run absolute rings around the best that the “Blacks” have to offer. “White” kids who could put Michael Jordon to shame. So Please…! Don’t anyone give me that “Uppity Black Superior Crap”…

    Though I remain confused as to why so many blacks put up with these self-proclaimed black leaders, with their Rolex watches, Limos, hugh expense accounts that they’ve bilked from their own people and other millions they’ve bilked out of intimidated Corporations who would rather anti-up on huge settlements then drag their Companies through long, drawn our trials to answer to “Trumped Up Discrimination Charges” by the likes of Jesse Jackson and other “Black Leaders”…

    For the life of me, I do not understand why this “Silent Majority” of the African American community does’nt stand up to these bullies. I’ve no doubt that if I were to drive over to Massachusetts, stand atop a soap box at “Boston Commons”, and then rant and rave for an hour or two on whatever injustices befell the Irish during their history, I would last just that… About two hours before I’d be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. And those carrying that rail would bear such names as , O’Malley, McCourt, Plimpton and Reardon… And I’m sure most, if not all, other ethic groups in this awesome US of A would act in similar fashion if one of their member’s also took to a soap box….

    It’s quite difficult to explain to some of you younger one’s out there what it has has been like for those of us Americans who experienced our lives both during the wonderful & peaceful decades prior to the assassination of President Kennedy and the turbulent, violent and despicable decades old behavior to follow. Behavior attributed, primarily, to blacks, beginning with their murder of JFK (Do an “MSN” or BING” search with “James Jarman, Jr., Assassin” being the key words), and for the 45 years to follow that malevolent and malicious act… What was JFK’s crime…? He had the audacity of offering an olive branch to the blacks in the form of a Civil Rights Bill and was rewarded by having the back of his head blown out… In front of his wife.

    It is equally difficult to explain the frustration (And, yes, even the hurt…), especially with regard to those of us who had relatives who served in the American Civil War, but also to many generations of American whites for the absolute, total and complete lack of appreciation extended to this fine Nation by the blacks for the sacrifices made to right a devious wrong… Slavery… A wrong perpetuated by the collaboration of both the Tribal leaders of Africa and Jewish merchants of an era beginning prior to the American Revolution.

    Allowing ourselves to give credit to a young and fledging Nation we now know of as the United States of America, and it’s difficult years following the win over Britain, the fact that it took us only about a decade less than 100 years to gather (From scratch) the resources’ to tackle this wrong is testament to an incredible Nation that, without any doubt, had it’s wonderful heart in the right place…

    And the additional fact that, in the close to 15 decades (145 years…) since the end of the American Civil War, not one single black (Including the Liberal’s precious Barack Obama) has ever acknowledged, “Thanked” or even come close to showing any level of appreciation or respect toward the “359,528” Union soldiers who died on so many battlefields to insure a better life for the black man… Sacrifices which caused much suffering to family members of those incredible Union Soldiers… Family members that, surely, must have amounted in the millions… It’s appropriate to add here that “275,175” Union Soldiers were wounded… Most severely.

    It was a time in American History for the black man to embrace the love, the support and the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” provided to them by the awesome people of the United States. Not only to express it, but to pass that expression onto succeeding generations… In this, their failure has been complete…

    The only reward received by those Union soldiers, their families and this great Nation is “Contempt” by the black psyche that continues to ferment within their own family lives and, much to the woe of the predominantly European American populace here in the USA, propagate itself into the American mainstream…

    Sincerest regards,
    Mike Regan

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Y’all are better than me Dime. Several people asked me to write about this bullshit league for my blog and I refused, for the same reasons you mentioned.

    But for you guys to do an entry on it, isn’t that contradictory?