D-League, NBA, Video / Jan 7, 2010 / 12:30 pm

The Greatest Moment In The Life Of Sundiata Gaines

While it may have come as a surprise to Sundiata Gaines, Gerald had him on the list of players to fill the Jazz’s point guard vacancy. Watch the moment every kid dreams of, as the D-League’s best point guard prospect is told for the first time he was to be an NBA player.

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  • Tom

    I’m getting sentimental with old age, but that really made me smile.

  • fallinup

    Now they gotta show a vid of him opening that first NBA paycheck. Congrats on the call up. Make it worth while.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    So new he wasn’t even included in the jazz boxscore on yahoo, even though he played 21 minutes.


  • Itsakademiks

    I kno him thru a mutual friend good for him arch bishop Molly standup! Lol

  • CTP

    he went 1 of 7 last night in his 21 minutes… surely he had the jitters. He played pretty damn tight D. He also dropped 5 dimes. Not bad at all considering 2 days ago he was in the d-league, running another teams offense.. I was quite impressed. He wasn’t trying to force anything, just facilitating.

  • Mike

    That was an awesome video. He seems like a good kid. I hope he does well.

  • http://nba.com anh

    look at all those jealous niggas in the background. if that was my nigga id a been jumping all over him and shit.

  • yeahokayguy

    thanks dime for posting this…this kinda brings back one of the main reasons why we like sports, thats like getting a promotion in a career you love thats well deserved for us corp peeps…hope he does really well…this is why i love basketball

  • alf (from melmak)

    That was very uplifting. He seems to be a nice kid. Hope it works for him.

    I still hate the Jazz move to let Eric Maynor go for nothing. Salary dump. Argh!

  • Ric Hardwood


    whoa… really happy for this dude…