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The Trade the Boston Celtics Need to Make Today

The Boston Celtics may be sitting atop the Atlantic Division with a pretty 26-10 record (and a prime spot HERE), but all is not right in Beantown. Obviously, they’re dealing with some injuries right now – the KG situation is particularly concerning – but one would assume that for the most part, those injuries will pass. At times the Celtics have also looked slow, old (Paul Pierce at times) and out of shape (Rasheed Wallace all the time), but these guys are vets and former champs. Boston fans have faith that they’ll find ways to win when it counts.

But none of those issues are what concerns me most about the Celtics. There’s a move they need to make that would immediately solve multiple issues for them, would give them a boost on offense and defense, and would make them the clear favorites in the East again.

They need to go get Kirk Hinrich.

On the surface it might seem crazy that a guy who doesn’t even regularly start for the 16-20 Chicago Bulls, who technically plays the same position as Rajon Rondo, and who has three years and $9.5 million left on his current contract would be the Celtics’ missing piece, but it’s true.

Let’s start with Rondo. He’s been nothing short of spectacular this season (14 points, 4 boards and almost 10 assists per game) and has been arguably the best point guard in the entire NBA. No way the Celtics are where they are right now without him playing the way he has all season. That being said, as great of an athlete as he is, it’s asking a lot of Rondo to play almost 40 minutes a night, every single night, while also carrying his team on both ends of the floor. He’s young and he’s a superior athlete, but those minutes are only going to get heavier as the season goes on and Doc Rivers looks to get his vets more rest. Inserting a combo guard like Hinrich would help keep Rondo fresh while still keeping somebody on the floor who can ably run the offense and act as a threat on the perimeter.

Kirk would instantly also become the Celtics second-best perimeter defender after Rondo. The only reason Tony Allen sees as much tick as he does is because, in theory at least, he can defend other teams’ perimeter scorers. Hinrich is a better defender than Allen and could play with or without Rondo on the floor. Doc would have the luxury of running Rajon and Kirk out there at the same time to clamp down on opponents’ guards, making the Celtics’ already great defensive team even better.

So how does Boston get him? To start, the Bulls reportedly want to move Hinrich and his salary before the trade deadline, so they know he’s available for the right price. The price for Chicago, a team in disarray once again, would logically seem to be expiring contracts. The Celtics are not going to include any young core players (Rondo, Kendrick Perkins), and they’re going to need their vets for the Finals run (KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, and presumably ‘Sheed). So that leaves the rest of the guys on their bench with expiring deals. For example, a trade that includes Brain Scalabrine, Tony Allen and Eddie House would work according to ESPN.com’s Trade Machine.

Moving those chips to take back a multi-year, expensive salary like Hinrich’s would be a tough pill for Boston management to swallow, but they clearly have to play for the present. This feels like the last year they’re going to have the Big 3 playing at anything resembling an elite level, so their window might be completely shut once this season ends.

To me, adding Hinrich into the mix would make Boston the clear favorites in the East (assuming the Cavs don’t pull off a huge deal). Short of really shaking things up and trading one of their Big 3 or Perkins, a Hinrich deal makes perfect sense.

Do you think Hinrich would be a good fit in Boston? Who else should the Celtics pursue?

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  • Keith

    I think Chicago would still want more than is offered.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Hinrich would be nice for this squad and fit in perfectly but it would be hard to part with Eddie House. I see him in that Fisher role for the Celts. Aging veteran who hits clutch shots when they need it most. IN fact if they hang on to him I can see him being the difference in a couple wins come playoff time.

    AS far as who else I would add…I’m thinking another shooter like Mike Miller. They are really thin when it comes to the 2 and 3 spot.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    What the hell? Scal, Allen, and House, they’d all be cut as soon as the trade was done.
    Plus if Chicago does that, then that Derrick would be playing 45min a night! Lindsy and Pargo aren’t NBA level PG’s.
    And you must forget that Rondo threw Kirk into the scorers table last year in a heated playoff series vs Chicago. No way does Kirk go to the Celts and play well. He doesn’t fit in with the “punk” attitude that KG infused into everyone of them.

    If this were NBA2k, it would work and be a great deal, but in real life no chance. No chance at all. Kirk isn’t the one Chicago wants to trade BTW, it’s Tyrus they are trying to cut ties with.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I agree with keith. The expiring deals are nice but we need at least some players who can contribute. The only reason any of those guys see any playing time in Boston is because they play for a good team in the Celtics. On a team as inconsistent as the Bulls are this year they’d be worthless.

  • Danny

    I see the dumbest basketball ideas on this site as far as trade ideas. I mean, seriously….

    And no, Rondo is not arguably the best point guard in the league. You’d have a pretty tough argument on your hands to get him into the top-5.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    Yeah, not saying that those pieces from the Celtics would be seen as anything other than expiring deals for Chicago. Those guys would most likely never see the court.

  • Reddi Red

    wow Chicagorilla………. didn’t see that coming from you. (The KG comment).

    KG = punk?????

    What exactly do you look for in a Bball player?

    Maybe someone like your center, Gray? nice’n soft! lol

    I’m being funny, but, no way would i call KG a punk. I call him a high intensity player that does what he needs to do to win and keeps his team emotionally charged….

  • Reddi Red

    Rondo actually is a top 5 point and I really don’t like the guy, but he cannot be denied.
    He is active, his shot has gotten alot better, he’s tough, he gets boards and he’s loooong and uses that in his defense.
    Yeah, he’s top 5 or at least top 7……

  • http://dime eyes

    @2…Mike Miller was a very good player at one point. His knees & body have given up on him. Only Phx,Den or Grover could repair him to game shape. He’s another Peja,Szcerbiak,Harpring. Really solid players who would consistently hit the open jumper. Harpring was the blue collar Battier/Bruiser type. Loved him in GT.

    Pops Mensu/S.Williams are 2 very active & high energy guys who could help teams contending in spot minutes.

  • Shakers

    This trade could realistically happen if the Celtics include the expiring contracts of Tony Allen, Scalabrine, and a 2011 1st rounder. This deal is 100% about money for Chicago. They could make a real run at Wade.

  • Brown

    I see where Pat’s coming from. Some people just don’t understand the business side of basketball.

    Hinrich is overpaid for his role on the Bulls. With the amount of money and years left on his contract, there aren’t too many teams who would be willing to trade for him. With the 2010 free agent class coming, the Bulls, along with every other non-playoff team, will be looking to shed as much salary as possible. Getting expiring contracts back for Kirk would get rid of an additional $9 million in salary, which would give them almost $30 million in cap space.

  • Michorizo

    Celts Fan….your thoughts?

  • Detroit Dave

    I really thought Portland should have went after Hinrich instead of Andre Miller.

    Somehow I see him being packaged in the off season and going to LA to run the show show.

  • steve

    I kinda like this idea for the Bulls who lack three point shooting.

  • jt

    the same rondo who threw hinrich into the scorer’s table last year in the playoffs? not gonnaaaaaaa happen

  • Thype

    I don’t see Chicago helping out the Celts if they can help it.

    Plenty of teams looking for a 1/2 with range and defense, he ain’t going to Chi-Town, that’s for sure.

  • Bizz

    If Ron Artest can get tossed twice for elbow fights with Kobe and then sign with LA (meaning he voluntarily wanted to play there), then Kirk can play on the Celts (forced by trade)….let’s not be dumb here, despite that one play, you guys act like you’d never ever ever play on the same team as a guy who you had a spat against. Maybe when you’re making the current money you are now, I can understand that, but when you play in the NBA and make millions, you suck it up, suit up and play.

  • sh!tfaced

    It would be an awesome trade for Boston if it happens. But isn’t trading Tony Allen to Chicago a death sentence for him? If I remember last year’s playoffs…

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    didn’t kirk hinrich and rajon rondo wanna square off with each other last year? i think twice…

    practice would def be something to watch….


  • Royal

    Lakers need him more than the celtics do

  • srb

    that sound was control’s head exploding

    I’ve always liked Hinrich Maneuver, but is he worth it at the expense of Eddie House? Eddie has been kind of quiet this season but he came up big a few times in the last two playoff runs.

  • Reddi Red

    @ #16

    good point. that’s why we do not see too many same conference trades.
    this is one that would come back and bite CHI in the a$$!!
    There’s a good possibility that CHI could end up seeing the Celts in the playoffs and wouldn’t it be a smack in the face for Heinrich to have a 24-8-8 game in a blowout!

  • Mike Mihalow

    For a minute there, I thought I was ready some lame Celtics Nation, fanboy blog site.

  • deeds

    First of all…who in their right mind is going to argue that Rondo has been the best pg in the nba?!? Secondly, there is no freaking way that the Bulls make this trade.

  • Colin Blair

    There’s some merit to the deal, but I don’t think Ainge or I would do it. Hinrich played very well in the playoffs last year, but as a backup combo guard he’s simply overpaid. He’d be the best player in the trade, but the 3 players the Cs give up offer them more versatility. House is a streaky 3 point shooter, Scal is a actually a good defensive player to throw at stretch 4s (as Josh Smith found out Monday night), and Tony Allen is a good defender and athletic slasher who has been inconsistent during his career, but is playing well this year. On the whole they’re 3 reasonably priced role players who give Boston more flexibility than they’d get with Hinrich.

    Secondly, Boston believes it can win the title as presently constituted when reasonably healthy and they expect to have KG and Daniels back soon. They’ve beaten the Cavs, Magic, and Spurs on the road while not at full strength and despite the usual hype, the Lakers don’t look unbeatable either. In fact, the Cavs worry me more. The Cs are looking for a very limited role playing backup PG who can handle ball pressure and distribute. They have such a guy in Ty Lue who is already on the coaching staff that fits that bill. They’d do a deal I believe that would be an upgrade over Lue, but they’re not going to reach.

    In the end, Hinrich’s overpaid for a backup player. Chicago still has a very good shot at the playoffs so I’m not sure that the Bulls are under much pressure to move KH and besides, Thomas is the guy they really want out of town. For Bulls fans, they need to remember it’s a buyer’s market.

  • AdvancedMind

    Nobody has clearly watched Hinrich play, to say Rondo is a better defender is garbage, Rondo is a good system defender who is allowed to gamble for steals because his team plays a MAN ZONE and makes other teams beat you with the jump shot. They bunch up in the paint, making little room for opponents to drive to the basket.

    Hinrich play soild ON THE BALL Defense, and is able to guard shooting guards as well as point guards. Rondo is a better help/passing lane defender but not a better on ball defender. STATS LIE

  • AdvancedMind

    By the way, Hinrich shoots better with his left hand, in a tornado, then Rondo does in a open gym shoot around.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Hinrich will show up in Boston, but his game won’t. Kirk is a true, bred to play basketball, coaches son. Playing along side a team full of guys who talk unecessary amounts of $h!t when they are winning, but ain’t got a d@mn thing to say when they lose. And they also have a sense of entitlement like they are a dynasty when they only have ONE chip(that’s why they are punks, yes my boy KG included). Ron Artest is out his f%king mind. Dennis Rodman came to play with the Bulls after tourmenting Pippen for years, but he also was out his mind. It’s a different situation.

    He is also the Captin of the Bulls team and makes Derrick Rose’s job 10X’s easier. The Bulls do not want to part ways with him until they get another option to help Rose(the star) out. DRose needs Kirk to play along side him and to back him up. Kirk takes those defensive assignments that Rose can’t handle.

    Also, on the business side, Kirk’s contract is a DESCENDING contract. $9mill this year, and even less the next year. The contract that the Bulls want out is Loul Dengs. It seems as though Deng and John Salmons are playing to not be traded.

  • AdvancedMind

    @ Colin Blair

    Dam i need to holla at your weed man cause you have to be smoking that good ish..
    lol@ Scals being a good defender… lol@scals being a good anything, aside from being a great Jakie Moon look alike…

    If this is a trade its a MONEY trade not a talent trade.
    One soild starter for a scrub (Tony Allen)and two (Icant believe there in the NBA) players (Scals & House).
    lol @ ask JOSH SMITH, ask the refs why they allowed Scals to molest a grown man without having a foul called on him every trip down court..

  • Three Stacks’ll

    I’ve been telling my friends for awhile the Lakers need to get Hinrich. Lakers also have a few expiring deals to work with, and we can throw in Farmar as a decent replacement for Kirk.

    I was also thinking about Nate as maybe firepower off the bench, which the Lakers are sorely missing right now.

    F*ck the Celtics.

  • AdvancedMind

    Whats next? Is Shelton Williams the new Alonzo Morning?

  • got beef?

    u people are trippin if u think rondo’s not one of the best point guards in the league… name 5 that are better than him right now

  • AdvancedMind

    1.Chris Paul
    2.Deron Williams
    3.Steve Nash
    4.Chansey Billups
    5.Tony Parker
    6.Jason Kidd
    Balling without Hall of famers surrounding them.

    Stop letting Espn hype your mind up to think stupid shit.

  • Shakers

    Talking only this season, Rondo slides nicely into No. 4 on that list.

  • D.Head

    The Celtics already have their backup PG they gonna use the second half of the season. Its Tyron Lue, he and KG are real close that is why he is supposedly on the coaching staff. And then after the all star break he is set to join the active roster.

  • Celts Fan

    @Advanced Mind: Nash has Amare (who looked a lot more likely to end up in the Hall 3 years ago than he does today, but still…) Tony Parker has TD and Manu around him (2 surefire, locks for the Hall,) Chauncey has Melo next to him (well on his way to reserving space in Springfield,) and JKidd has Dirk (another lock) next to him. The only guy I think is clearly worse than Rondo right now on that list is JKidd, but acting like these guys all play with scrubs and Rondo is playing with all HOFers (like he hasn’t been starting next to Tony Allen and/or Scal more than half the season due to injuries) is BS. The best PGs in the NBA right now:
    1. CP3
    2. Deron
    3. Chauncey (I’m probably higher on him than most, but dude can shoot and play D and just knows how to run an offense…)
    4. Tony Parker (I’d rather have Rondo on the Celtics cuz of his D and he’s a better playmaking point, but in a vacuum, I’d take Parker.)
    5. Nash (I’d also take Rondo over him for the Celtics – we don’t need Nash’s shooting as much as we need Rondo’s D compared to Nash’s lack thereof. Also, while Nash is clearly the better passer, the gap’s not thaaaaaat wide)
    6. Rondo

    Also, the same people here that wanna say Rondo’s only good cuz he plays w/ great players will be the same people who call Paul Pierce “Only good once he got KG and Ray Allen” and conveniently forget that they went deep into the Playoffs with ‘Toine and Kenny Anderson being the other 2 best players on the team or that Kobe didn’t get anywhere without Pau or Shaq either.

    @Michorizo – I’d LOVE this trade. You’re telling me we basically only lose Eddie House AND get the gift of throwing in 2 of the worst players in the history of organized sports and bring back a guy that does EXACTLY what we need (backup PG that’s actually a PG, can shoot and defend both guard spots well.) It’d suck losing Eddie, but you make that trade in a second, even if you gotta throw in a #1 to make it happen.

  • Celts Fan

    *for this season I’d put Nash in the top 2 or 3

  • Celts Fan

    OK, so I started thinking about it and here we go. The PG rankings JUST FOR SO FAR THIS YEAR. (these are clearly bound to change and not how you’d rank who’s actually the best player but this is how I’d rank them based only on the first 2 months of the season and nothing else.)

    1. CP3
    2. Nash
    3. Chauncey
    4. Rondo
    5. Parker
    6. Deron

  • Shakers

    That would make Rondo the best PG in the East.

  • Bully555242

    Personally I would like this trade. Hirinch does fit with Boston, but I don’t know if he would like it there since Rondo pulled him to the scores table.

    Hinrich is our best defender. And I would think that we would want at least a 2015 1st round draft pick unprotected. Boston is getting old!!!

    This is coming from a BULLS fan. GO BULLS!!!

  • Guitar Hero

    Kirk is a great player. He’d be a fit with all 29 teams, Boston is no exception.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @Chicagorilla –

    That’s a great point about Kirk’s contract. It’s one of the few contracts in the League that gets cheaper as it goes along.

  • srb

    Tony Allen has actually been playing very well the last month, and if you count missing open shots and dribbling the ball of your foot, so has Scalabrine.

  • me

    3 years and 9 million? is that right? is that 19 million? or is it 9 million a year? I don’t think hinrich is making 3.3/year. if he is that’s a steal and he won’t be going anywhere.

  • Colin Blair

    Last I saw, Hinrich’s shooting under 40% from the field and he’s in his prime. Hinrich’s a $9 million backup PG now for a reason.


    This trade would not make Boston any better!If Allen is completely healthy he could gives Boston just as much as Hinrich,he’s more athletic has more size and I think Allen is a better defender.Hinrich doesn’t have the speed to defend quick pgs and he doesn’t have enough size & strength to defend 2 guards like Roy or Bryant.

    Offensively Allen is good at scoring at the basket off backdoor cuts, screens & fastbreaks.Hinrich was much better offensively a few seasons ago but now he’s downgraded to a being worthy of coming off the bench and maybe knock down some wide open jumpers and Eddie House fills this role for Boston although his 3pp is down this season.

    Almost forget Boston has Marquis Daniels,not sure if he’s out for the season but he’s a combo guard and he’s a better all round player than Hinrich

  • scotsman

    hinrich could work in boston. its not like they are trying to conserve cap space anyway so i dont think the acquiring his contract would be a big deal to them. as previously mentioned, this is probably their last legit year as contenders with their big three. picking up a solid back up guard which right now i personally dont think they have, would probably be worth it for the chance of winning this year.

    for those saying they want hinrich on the lakers…id much rather see them find a way to pick up calderon. they are a good enough defensive team to absorb his awful defense and playing the triangle offense he would fit in fine with his shooting abilities which are much better than fishers…plus its not like fisher can defend most guards in the league anymore anyway

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    They’re winning, why disrupt the chemistry. If these old guys need some time to heal why not call up some 10 day contractors, don’t trade half your bench for one guy, never seen hinrich in the defensive poy award list.

  • got beef

    @ advanced mind #33
    wow ur list is mad whack we talkin about this season alone, i’d go
    1. CP3
    2. Nash
    3. D-will
    4. T-park
    5. Rondo
    btw, except Nash, Rondo has owned all the point guards on that list ahead of him this year, and i watch every celtics game, not just sportscenter ur the one that only watches sportcenter

  • AdvancedMind

    Rondo = OverFuckingRated

  • http://yahoo Celtic Shire

    As a Celtic’s fan I hope they wouldn’t do this. Too much money + way too long of a contract plus he is not that good. Rondo is presently a top 5 PG and still has upside.

  • weng santos

    I like it but I don’t think Hinrich could be had for what Boston could afford.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Something’s make since, but three for one does not. the players involved whom have chemistry with this team would not be consistent contributors on the bulls. But are they looking for that? No their goal is cap space so they would do this deal just not with Boston. I agree that Scal and (Celts fans please forgive me)house need to go TA should stay till the end of the year then see if we can do a sign and trade. House has been too streaky this year and will not be back next year TA youth and athleticism is needed way more than house’s streaky shot. For all the scal haters he’s in the right spot 9 times out of ten and great teammate with no ego, some things are invaluable to a championship team.
    The Celtics got a bargain for Rondo because right now! This Season! He’s a top 5 (#1 in the east) point! I wish we could have got Alston. I’ve tried several trades (big 2K fan)but the chemistry was not right. believe it or not NJ Harris fit the bill, with john wall balling there next year they don’t need him, throw in lee and they can have all three players (even Giddens) without missing a beat.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Oh yeah CJ watson and Marrow would help plus scal could play nellie ball.

  • got beef?

    # advanced mind
    CP3- 19.0 ppg 4.4 rbs 11.2 ast 2.3 stls 49.9%
    D-Will- 19.6 ppg 3.9 rbs 9.7 ast 1.1 stls 49.7%
    Nash- 18.2 ppg 3.0 rbs 11.2 ast 0.4 stls 54.5%
    Billups- 17.9 ppg 2.5 rbs 5.7 ast 1.3 stls 41.2%
    Parker- 17.1 ppg 2.4 rbs 5.7 ast 0.4 stls 49%
    Kidd- 8.7 ppg 5.3 rbs 8.8 ast 1.6 stls 42%
    Rondo- 14.8 ppg 4.1 rbs 9.7 ast 2.5 stls 53.4%

    Points 1st D-WIll 2nd CP3 3rd Nash
    Rebounds 1st Kidd 2nd CP3 3rd Rondo
    Assists 1st CP3&Nash 2nd Rondo&Williams 3rd Kidd
    Steals 1st Rondo 2nd CP3 3rd Kidd
    Shooting% 1st Nash 2nd Rondo 3rd CP3
    Top 3 finishes CP3(5) Rondo(4) Kidd & Nash(3) D-will(2)
    now do you see my point?

  • ben lansing

    for all you rondo haters out there….name one pointguard in the nba who is better defensively? you see that my friends is what seperates him from everybody else…he has that spiderman ability that makes him the best pointguard in the league…and what’s really frightening is that he is still getting better!

  • imungloloupaw

    don’t all of the contenders need hinrich? the lakers need a pg to replace fisher, the cavs need a sg to pair with mo, the magic need a sg to replace redick, dallas needs a tough starting 2-guard.. it seems like he’s wasting away his prime years in chi-town