Smack / Jan 12, 2010 / 6:33 am

You Talk Too Much

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Remember when everybody looked at the Celtics’ roster last summer and realized that between KG, ‘Sheed, Pierce, Perk, Eddie House, Scalabrine and Rondo, this could be the most unlikeable NBA team of all-time? As it turns out, those guys have been fine; if anything, the main reason Boston is hard to root for remains good ol’ Tommy Heinsohn … If you turned to NBA TV last night hoping to catch a simple Celtics/Hawks game between two of the best teams in the League, we’re sorry you had to be subjected to Heinsohn’s act. Late in the third, after Doc Rivers had been ejected (stemming from an admittedly weak flagrant call on Big Baby) and the Hawks had cut a double-digit lead down to three, Heinsohn growled, “The officials have officially given this Atlanta team the game.” Never mind that Boston kept leaving Jamal Crawford wide open, they couldn’t do a thing with Joe Johnson (36 pts, 5 threes), and they couldn’t stop turning the ball over. A minute later Tommy shouted, “The Celtics are getting JOBBED!” after a foul where the replay showed Pierce clearly got a lot of Josh Smith‘s wrist. If you began the game as a neutral fan, by the end it was impossible not to root for the Hawks just to deny Tommy the satisfaction … It looked like the Celtics were gonna roll early on, as Rondo (26 pts, 7 asts) was just throwing stuff up at the rim that went in, and Scalabrine was shooting like a broke-down Larry Bird. (If 53-year-old Bird played Scal right now, who would win?) After Atlanta grabbed the lead midway through the fourth, Crawford (17 pts, 6 asts) took over down the stretch and destroyed Rondo on a series of pick-and-rolls with Al Horford to close it out … Sometimes you wonder why Warriors fans think their coach has gone senile, and then you see what happened at the end of Monday’s loss to the Cavs. Doing the orange shoe/blue shoe thing again, LeBron (37 pts, 8 rebs, 11 asts, 4 blks) had Cleveland up 10 with two minutes to go before G-State put together a blink-and-you-missed-it comeback. Stephen Curry (21 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts) cut the lead to three with 30 seconds left when he buckled Mo Williams‘ knees on a crossover and went in for a layup. After LeBron milked the clock and bricked what would have been a dagger three from almost the same exact spot where he hit his memorable game-winner at Oracle Arena last year, Monta Ellis (30 pts, 5 asts, 5 stls) got the rebound with five seconds left. He started to call timeout, but Nellie waved it off; so a hesitant Monta went downcourt and didn’t really know what to do, handing it off to Curry who launched a 30-footer that missed. Why not call a timeout and set something up? Nellie probably would have had Andris Biedrins run a clear-out or something, but still … Early in the second quarter of Bulls/Pistons, the Detroit broadcast showed an interview where Joe Dumars talked frankly about this never-ending losing streak. At that point, the Pistons were down by one. Next thing you know, they’re down 15 and Derrick Rose and Tyrus Thomas are hooking up for alley-oops like Sik Wid It and Main Event. From there it was just a matter of time — Chicago pulled away and won by 33, extending Detroit’s streak to 13 L’s … It didn’t take Sundiata Gaines long to make “SportsCenter” after his D-League call-up to the Jazz, only it wasn’t for the reason he’d envisioned. ‘Yatta just happened to be the guy Dwyane Wade ran into when he sprained his right wrist in the first quarter of Jazz/Heat, which slowed Wade down (13 pts) the rest of the way and paved the way for Utah to rout Miami easily … Other stat lines from Monday: Carmelo Anthony scored 24 points (9-17 FG) in his return to the lineup as the Nuggets knocked off the Wolves; Steve Nash had 30 and 11 dimes to beat the Bucks; Kevin Durant dropped 30 points (13-16 FT) to beat the Knicks; Troy Murphy posted 20 points and 16 boards as the Pacers edged the Raptors; and Chris Paul put up 13 points and 13 dimes, but N.O. lost to the Sixers … A few notes from college ball: Texas is the new #1 following Kansas’ loss to Tennessee over the weekend; Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds dropped 36 on Louisville in a huge comeback win; and DePaul fired coach Jerry Wainwright. We kinda saw that last one coming. A few weeks ago DePaul played Mississippi State, and ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes spent the entire game trying to find nice ways to say “DePaul is tragically awful” without actually saying it. Since hiring ex-Pistons is the thing to do these days, how about bringing in Mark Aguirre to lead the Blue Demons? … We’re out like Doc …

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  • Patrick

    I have a request for all people in the media. Talk to the play by play guys and let them know that in the NBA your feet don’t have to be set to take a charge anymore. I am not a fan of the new charge rules, but they are the new rules. I hate listening to two guys arguing whether or not the guys feet were set because it doesn’t matter.


    Sacramento Kings Game Announcers — Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds are the worse. They are the best dick-riders of all time.

    You guys complain about Dime riding on Lebron compared to those two guys, it ain’t nothing.

    Grant Napear signature quote — If you don’t like that, you don’t like NBA basketball. Annoying little Mother-FOOKER!

  • mules

    The funniest sequence Heinsohn had last night was when he spent 5 minutes blasting the refs for a foul call when Rondo clearly grabbed Crawford to prevent an easy layup and then, on the other end, Maurice Evans shook his head a little bit after getting called for a hand-check foul and Tommy came with, “Evans doesn’t think he’s committed a foul all year”…just classic

  • HeadkickerB

    Did anyone catch the game on Sunday (Cavs vs. Blazers)? Doris Burke had a such a fixation with Lebron you would have thought he was the only player on the court. Every time he touched the ball it was a slobberfest and when he didn’t have it she was asking why it wasn’t in his hands.

  • AdvancedMind

    No bullshit, on everything i LOVE, i actually muted this game. He actually was making them show Al Horford highlights of him setting screens and complaining that they were moving screens. At one point i actually heard him say “Scals is a better defender then teams give him credit for” lol, NBA TV should never play a Boston game again unless there away. The whole game he complained about how Boston gets no calls, as im watching Rondo molest Bibby and Crawford while there bringing the ball up court.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    I agree, I think the rule changed slipped their minds. Stacy King and Neil Funk (The Bulls Announcers) don’t seem to know about the change at all.

    Steph Curry was giving the CAVS the Beeee Kneeees last night. You have to spotlight this kid. Had he gone to NY he’d be up for ROTY easily. He’d be averaging 20-8. He is the most talented rookie (outside of maybe Blake Griffin) but he’s playing for Nellie.

  • KBY

    “If 53-year-old Bird played Scal right now, who would win?”

    Bird of course, no doubt about it. Bird however would feel pain all over for the next month at least while Scal would be ready to play again immediately. Youth does matter.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    funny part is in the 4th quarter when the game was close and Jamal Crawford was sealing it on every play; Tommy Heinsohn said the refs gave the game to Atlanta.


  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN


    He took 6 Js at least 15 ft out. M = miss, S = swish
    M S S M M M
    Made 2. Missed 4. That’s why cats leave him open, and they know if the 3-ball goes in, it’s luck. Can you say, LAY UPS ALL DAY.

    That’s how you explain 12/20. He was basically 10/14 on ez joints.

    Case Study : Cavaliers vs Warriors

    Big lead dwindles down to 5 for Cleveland, a guy named Monta Ellis – whom was giving a guy named Delonte West problems ALL NIGHT, steals the ball from said guy who wanted to breakdown other said guy and nets a 3 –} 2pt game.

    Reason : Don’t let pride get in the way of playing smart bball. Delonte was successful dishing out ALL NIGHT. Delonte was unsuccessful breaking Ellis down ALL NIGHT.
    Please get the damn ball out of your hands in crunch time Mr. West — especially if Mr. Ellis has been disrupting your handling aka giving you problems ALL NIGHT.


    Case Study : Suns vs Bucks

    Big lead totally evaporates to 98-96 Suns. Jennings picks off Nash, Bogut gets the easy layup. However, he misses this easy layup for the tie. Suns build on lead to win by 4.

    Reason: Make the damn layup! Nash had 7 TOs last night. Bogut picked him off like a gazillion times. Then Young KIDnPLAY got in on the action in crunch time and got one himself. Make your opponent pay for their damn mistakes. How you miss the layup Andrew???? Make the damn thing.

    Case Study : Knicks vs Thunder

    Certain players just didn’t come to play, that’s the only way to explain the Knicks. See Detroit too. Danilo and Duhon combined went 0 for 15. 0 for 9 on 3s. They combined for 3 points, 3 assists and 4 turnovers. And I say “So What” to the Italian’s activity on the defensive boards.

    Reason : Some players should not suit up on some nights.

  • Chitown 23/33

    So is it officially time to say that spending 90 mil on two backups that are tragically one dimensional was a bad idea. Good job Joe Dumars. I see another Executive of the year trophy in your future.

  • dank

    I learned this last night from watchin the celtics-hawks:

    one day, I could wake up and start off on the wrong foot, I could lose my girlfriend, my family, my job, my brand new car, my closest friends, my career. I could have a horrible day at the gym and be told i suck repeatedly, I could be homeless, I could go broke, be diagnosed with a horrible, disease …and on top of it all the lakers could lose all in one day…

    but if the celtics lose, then that day is one of the best days of my life. I swear, hearing the boston broadcast w/ Tommy Heinsohn made me want to fly to boston and set fires randomly around the city, and when they lost, even though he kept talking about the “worst officiating I’ve seen”, it seriously made me feel like I beat boston by myself. right now is a great time to hate on anything boston. 2010 signifies the beginning of a new era, a new dry spell for boston-based sports, 50 plus years each…

    what up Aron?

  • Celts Fan

    @Everyone – yes, Tommy’s a HUUUUUUUUUUGE homer. This is the same guy that once compared Perk to “a young Moses Malone” and Rondo as, “Cousy with D.” This is nothing new but is damn funny to listen to.

    about the game, I was there last night so I didn’t get to see Tommy’s reaction to this, but I’m guessing it must’ve been classic. No one’s mentioned this, but the refs didn’t give the game to the Hawks, Doc and the other assistant that got T’d up did. We were up about 10 late in the 3rd when they call that TERRIBLE flagrant on Baby (though, in this sissy-fied league, they call it like that.) So Doc quickly wracks up 2 T’s and gets tossed THEN the assistant coach gets another T too. So instead of them getting 2 FTs + the ball, they got 5 + the ball. They made 4 of them (the miss was Marvin Williams taking his flagrant FTs) then scored on their extra possession so instead of giving up 3 points and still having a 7 point lead, they gave up 6 and were clutching a 4 pt lead without any momentum (which we’d had at that point.) There’s a time for statement Ts from a coach, but that wasn’t it. I thought that lost us all momentum (and a solid lead) and we never got it back. The Hawks played damn well and deserved to win, but I wonder how much closer it woulda been if Doc had kept his head and we hadn’t given away 3 points of our lead…

  • Celts Fan

    and, based on this headline, I definitely thought that was about Perk. Dude needs to stop mean-mugging and just play. He’s the calmest, nicest guy off the court, but damn, between the lines he becomes a jack@ss.

  • http://dime eyes

    Has anyone had a Mike Bibby sighting? Steph curry should have went to the knicks but not over BJ. What is it with this Blake Griffin fascination. He hasn’t played a game yet? Hey mabye you guys know something I dont.

    How long is Corey Fisher going to have tendinitis? He’s been suffering that for 3 yrs straight. Blame it on the staff staff. Sad people don’t get to see him healthy. Scottie Reynolds SUCKS like Xavier Henry. 2 of the most overhyped &rated players I’ve seen to date.

    Jay Bilas,Digger Phelps & crew could have you believe anything they say. I thought Scottie Reynolds was Kobe Bryant last night. They were picking his pickets clean & the refs must have saved him at least several times. Either the refs are still mad at the alleged incident Pitino had over the summer. Secondly I’m guessing they didn’t like his Miami Vice get up. SEXY MOTHER. I was hoping he had white shoes. What is Scottie’s position in the N.B.A. If a GM drafts him he should be fired. He’s worse than Meeks & Redick just a heads up from someone who knows just a little more than the average

    Jay Wright & Pitino both overcoach & are superstar coaches. Hence how it’s hard to outshine the coach. Edgar Sosa couldn’t have made a bigger mistake. How does a coach entice one of the better players to transfer? Who does that? JERK. Dominic Cheek looks lost in Jay’s system. Also the same thing that was done with Malcolm Grant is being done to Malik Wayans. Inconsistent minutes. Helter Skelter substitutions Villanova needs to start recruiting big men. Every rebound they got last night was an accident? Preston Silva is pretty good but being held back. Russel Smith take notice. Hopefully it isn’t to late. Go to Texas where you’re allowed to play your game. A players coach even Pitt or Kansas would better suit your game. Look out for this kid out of South Kent RUSSELL SMITH.

    The Knicks suck. So does Chris Duhon & Rambo. Throw Chalmers, Bibby, & Mike Conley on that list. Players for whatever reason. High expectations,injuries,age,game
    are just terrible to watch. From a players perspective you could just see they’ve peaked.

    @Celts Fan you know friends are saved for off the court. If how he looks doesn’t affect how he plays lets leave it alone already. The way Garnett acts is what gave you guys a ring in the 1st place. When he was the league darling he didnt win anything & still got crucified. You just can’t satisfy people. The funny part of it is the players/fans who still allow Boston & there supposed act to bother them. Any edge counts.

  • Diego

    @ Celts Fan: Yeah, definitely poor time for Doc to lose his head–those techs were the turning point, and Doc is the goat of that game, no doubt.

    But wasn’t a weak flagrant foul called on the Hawks too earlier in the game? It goes both ways.

    That’s just the way the league has become too touchy-feely–flagrantness is based much more on end result (i.e., degree to which guy tumbles after foul (and Marvin tumbles and loses his feet if the breeze is a bit too strong) or happens to hit head), than on actual foul itself. Doc really blew it by overreacting.

  • QQ

    ‘If you began the game as a neutral fan, by the end it was impossible not to root for the Hawks just to deny Tommy the satisfaction.’

    Perfect description when watching a Celts game. Happens ALL the time. ALL the time.

  • QQ

    PS: If the city of Boston has an ass, you’ll see that Tommy’s lips are actually grafted in it.

  • mosduff

    “Remember when everybody looked at the Celtics’ roster last summer and realized that between KG, ‘Sheed, Pierce, Perk, Eddie House, Scalabrine and Rondo, this could be the most unlikeable NBA team of all-time?”

    seriously. fuck off Dime. Get Kobe’s dick out of your mouth.

    Remember that Kobe raped someone?!?!?! Apparently that’s not enough to make someone “unlikeable” though. Lame.

    pull your collective heads out of your assess.

  • Celts Fan

    @Diego – that last paragraph was exactly what I meant when I said that the terrible call was actually exactly hwow they call it in this sissyfied league nowadays… Let ‘em play!

  • Celts Fan

    @ eyes – I hear ya, but Perk isn’t KG so people hate him w/out really knowing anything about him (cuz again, he wasn’t a HUGE star like KG when he started mean-mugging all the time.) Dude does way too much off the court and not enough on it (and, while I love his game and he gets an A+ for doing his role, it’s a very limited role, he’s a foxhole guy, not a star.) to have that rep and talk so much, but he’s got it. That’s all I meant. If mean-mugging, talking ish, and being punks wins us a ring, then let’s do it. I just wish Perk wouldn’t do it all the time so people could see/hear all the good stuff he does without assuming he’s screaming at children and intimidating handicapped kids when they do community stuff!

  • sh!tfaced

    Hope the C’s pick up the Nets’ Sean Williams off waivers so they can really live up to the name of the league’s most annoying team ever.

    And well, at least Tommy Heinson is old and senile, hence the big time homerism. Can’t say that about Sean Elliot though (another big time homer).

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    If you can’t see what Blake Griffin is able to bring to the table then I don’t know how much I can help you. Have you seen the kid play in college or the summer league? Sure those are lower levels of comp, but as someone who claims to be a pure basketball mind like you do, game recognize game. This cat can shoot and handle like a 3, has the passing ability of pass bigs like Chris Webber and Vlade’da’de, has the rebounding ability of D12, has young Shawn Kemp/Amare athletic ability and coordination, with a very good b-ball IQ as a 20yr old. This kid has the tools to be dominant, as long as he stays injury free and can keep his head in the game.

  • mules

    ^ “…as long as he stays injury free and can keep his head in the game.”

    A little late for that…well one out of two ain’t bad.

  • the cynic

    is Heinsohn drunk when he does celtics games?

  • Boston Sucks


    Kobe didnt rape nobody, he just smashed and she tried to get paid, I thought that was established.

    Onto the Celtics, they are easily the most unlikeable team out, by a longshot. These dudes were a bunch of losers on their own and then Ainge went on a spending spree and put together a Yankees type squad just buying up some big names. Now these fools strut around like they have been doing this for years. News flash, they are not the Bill Russel Celtics, or the Larry Bird Celtics.

    You Boston heads got spoiled here these last few years. Your teams were a joke for years. The Patriots grab a few rings, that was respectable. The Sox finally won one, then they did again, thats cool. Finally the Celtics got in there again and did it too. But now every Boston fan acts like the players, like your perennial winners. Be humble, you were perennial losers, and judging by the Sox looking weak, Pats just flat out gettin worked in the playoffs in your own house, and Garnetts old man knees, Im picturing another 10 years of being losers in your future again.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed all the talking haha. This may be on of the most biased announced games I ever watched. Dude just didn’t want the Hawks to win at all. I’m surprised he didn’t just say it flat out lol. It’s all good the better team that 48 minutes won. I’m proud of my Hawks goin 3-0 on the C’s so far this season. And how can you hate Jesus Shuttlesworth? haha

  • LakeShow84

    I think i love you Boston sucks..

    Please be a female..

  • Boston Sucks


    so according to a sports illustrated poll of current NBA players, the Celitcs are home to 3 of the top 5 sh*t talkers in the NBA.

    I think we have reached fact status that they are, in fact, the most disliked team in the NBA. Plus, Rondo is def at the top of the list for “most annoying player that resembles an alien life form” poll, adding to their legacy of being pricks.