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2010 NBA All-Star Jerseys

Aside from the shoes, the NBA All-Star Game means all-new uniforms for the East and West. And this year, adidas comes correct with some all new threads that completely change the game.

This year’s jerseys were inspired by the city of Dallas and the symbolic Texas state flag. The star on the front of the jersey unites opposing East and West players, forming one star when standing next to each other. The single star is divided into five pieces joining as one, representing five players on each team coming together. The print on the back of the jersey mimics the distinct dimensional pattern characteristic of the Dallas skyline. And also, for the first time ever, both the East and West All-Star uniforms are featured in primary colors, with the East wearing blue and the West wearing red – the colors of the Texas state flag.

A full range of NBA All-Star apparel from adidas including shooting shirts, shorts, pants, track jackets and other collections is available for fans at the NBA Store at Jam Session, retailers across Dallas and NBA.com. For more information, visit www.adidasbasketball.com.

What do you think?

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  • haslem

    am i the only one who found it cooler when players wore there team jerseys…just me.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Haha. I kind of thought that was just cutting corners. I personally like the vintage All-Star jerseys, but these are kinda hot. Weird that there’e no “home” team in white.

  • http://www.yoooouuuknooooww.net Chicagorilla

    Yeah these are cool.

    that wearing your own jersy shit was lame. looked like a pick up game with losers wearing their fav players jersy. then whoever played for the Lakers would never match because it was always yellow(at home). moving on

  • swisha

    Bet Aron got a free one for hiself.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    change the game? nah

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    wasnt this the same jersey the west team wore for the game in las vegas?

    seems very similar

  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    damm…real nice, I say this every year for the jerseys cause its true every time I see what the players are going to wear during the all star game

  • jzsmoove

    I think these are the nicest team jersey (ASG and Olympics)since the ’00 Olympics.

  • Jazz Man

    The Jerseys Were Better In The 90’s…Back When Champion & Nike Designed Them. Adidas Design Team Needs To Step It Up!!

  • Flipisatrip

    bball unis are more and more getting that subtle soccer uni flare to them.

  • hahns

    they look like women’s jerseys to me.

  • quest???

    the lakers do have white home jerseys….

  • Mark

    The stars look like snowflakes, of which we get none in Dallas.

    I’d like to see more personal touches on the jerseys/paraphernalia, like with each player getting patches for every all star they’ve been on, team logo somewhere, etc. I recall the Houston jackets with patches of all star appearances mimicking NASA. Ugly jackets, cool concept.

  • dJ


    the stars look like…stars, not snowflakes. How would you know what snowflakes look like?

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    They look good. I MIGHT cop one

  • DCB

    word what Jazz man said…adidas whoring they logo out is a bad look in my book

  • dvs

    last years had a small team logo on the back which i liked. these overall look nicer than last years. I’ll have a Bosh one thanks..

  • Coop

    “And this year, adidas comes correct with some all new threads that completely change the game”.

    Speak English for the love of god.

  • bakedbeing

    West uni looks kinda Cavsy with the gold piping.

  • jay

    fav all star jerseys were the san antonio white and teal joints in 96 when mj rocked the colum xi’s..those jerseys were hot. if i am not mistaken the white and purple joints in phx in 94 were pretty dope too! we aint baseball. no need to rock their own jerseys…i like the all star unis but the retros were dope from 03. i do prefer the themed joints so in dallas. west should be home with blue to represent the maves..maybe a white/carolina theme and east is road so they can rock the road blue jerseys to match the mavs colors..just a thought!

  • b

    what no space jam theme this year?

    they look like soccer jerseys no doubt

  • QQ

    @ 1:

    Yeah I kinda miss that too, but as long as they keep making dope threads like this one, I’m good.

  • haslem

    about my “keep there own jersey” reasoning:

    What I liked about it was that it kinda encapsulated what the All star game was about for me. Each player reped his team along with reping himself and it showed which teams had an all star that year (and how many).
    Yea maybe it seemed kinda bush league but then again…the all star game hasn’t been a remake of “battle of the titans” most years. Lets call a spade a spade, this is the worlds best players going out there and messing around for most of the game. They are not a team, and if they are we should reserve a few spots for “all star role players, hustle and locker room guys.” (my Pick Mark Madsen…I’m joking by the way)

    A few years ago when there were 4 pistons on the East and they all went in together I think that would have been pretty cool to see them all in Piston’s jerseys (we certainly got hammered with enough articles about it that they may as well have been). Personally I feel it would have made it all the more surreal and interesting to watch.

    The best all star games (like 01) they wore there own jerseys. I’m not saying its correlated or anything but I definitely didn’t feel like the Sixers jersey took away anything from AI’s 01 performance. If anything chalk it up to yet another breath taking performance AI performed in a Sixers jersey.

    As far as reminiscing goes or watching old all star games you can immediately say “oh that’s when Shaq was in Orlando, or Grant Hill was a Piston.” Which personally I enjoy.

    Mostly though maybe it’s because I’m a Twolves fan. We don’t win much and we don’t even have an all star but if we ever do (possible maybe Al jef or one day K-love, Flynn, Rubio, or…John Wall?) We may not have an amazing record but it will be cool to see a Twolves jersey playing in a game that gets some recognition. Just me though.

  • haslem

    although, maybe I just at least found the retro ones cooler.

  • God Father

    Design insight was cool, but why not mention the tech aspects of these jerseys? No love for their moisture wicking capabilities? What about the revolutionary mesh numbers? They are the lightest NBA jerseys ever made! Please give me more than what happens when two halves of a star connect!