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Amazing Find: Lost Letter From Latrell Sprewell

If you’ve never visited the blog, Rocking The Suburbs, then you’re missing out. Chris & Graham met when they were both working for the Memphis Grizzlies, bonded over a shared love for George Costanza‘s “Jerk Store” line and the rest is history. Yesterday, the guys posted an amazing find: a lost letter from Latrell Sprewell. Check it out larger after the jump.

Their thoughts…

Was I a big Latrell Sprewell fan at some point?
No, not even remotely.

Why would I ever write him?
I was a huge sports card dork (recovering) and basically sent out cards to about 500 players over the course of several years trying to get them to autograph them and send them back. (Yes, I still have an autographed Rodney Rodgers rookie card and no, I didn’t have a girlfriend for quite some time).

Why would I keep this?
I have no clue, it’s beyond me.

Is there a funnier player to have a letter from knowing what we know now?
This has to rank up there. A Sprewell letter on Warriors letterhead ranks right next to owning a Rae Carruth promise ring or a O.J. Simpson autographed bloody gloove. I could probably sell this letter on eBay if it had some of P.J. Carlesimo‘s neck hair on it. Priceless.

Lastly, what’s even better, is some of Sprewell’s words. He claims he couldn’t sign my card because he receives far too many requests like this. Really, Latrell was getting hundreds of requests a day? Hardly. Also, it says he sent me some Warriors items. I have no clue what they were. I kept the letter, but not the Warriors memorabilia. Baffling. Last, I love the closing, “yours in basketball.” Right back at you Spree.


What are the best basketball treasures that you’re still holding on to?

Source: Rocking The Suburbs

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  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    old game tapes of me and my fam balling in middle school, high school and the playgrounds

  • me

    I did that back when I was a pre-teen. My stepbrother destroyed my david robinson autographed card. I still have my dominique wilkins autographed card.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i think i still have the tapes of me balling against bobby sura and terrell brandon

  • isotope

    lol @ yours in basketball

  • life-p

    Just memories of classic 1 on 1 games with my boys. Ahhhh….those were the days.

  • thedoc

    @Heckler… Bobby Sura?! What was he like in school? Did he give you guys the business?

  • JBaller

    I once was at a shwanky beach and tennis club (workin, not tanning) where Bobby Hurley was putting on a clinic for kids. After the clinic he got super drunk and passed out on the beach. When he woke up he had the craziest sunburn I’ve ever seen. He stumbled up to the snack bar where I was turnin out hot dogs for rich kids and asked for a free one. I gave it to him and he staggered off somewhere to eat and recover. That was the reddest white boy I ever saw! It was hillarious!

    Seaton Hall Baby!

  • JBaller

    up yours in basketball,


  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    First off, I’m going to sign all of my e-mails, Yours In Basketball. As for artifacts, probably one of the coolest things I have is the full bag from Larry Bird Night at the Garden with all the gear. Thanks Dad!

  • Mike Mihalow

    David Robinson signed my card I had mailed him also. I remember mailing out a few others, and never getting them back.

  • LakeShow84

    I still got my beat up pair of AI Answers i used to hoop RELIGIOUSLY in..

    Dont know how many i slipped turning the corner before i swapped them out..

  • Kermit The Washington

    Yo for real…the best part of the whole thing is “Yours In Basketball”!! I’m so using that.

    On a second note, I’m sooo angry at my childhood self, for not thinking of writing to players and trying the same thing. Forget players, I should’ve done this with EVERYTHING. Another Bad Creation signed cassette tape. Jaleel White autographed knee socks. Fresh Prince autographed Tatyana Ali and so on and so forth.

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    Hahah, I have a Shammond Williams headband while he was on the Celtics…

  • Tbone

    I got an autograph from Chauncey back when he first made it to the league. I was in Boulder (Colorado) and saw him at the Crossroads mall. It was cool because he had played for CU, but it’s even more meaningful to me now that he’s brought the Nuggets to where they are. Lots of sentimental value for me, the autograph is in pencil so it’s not ever going to be worth anything to anyone besides me.


  • Royal

    For some reason Kobe gave me duck tape, a pack of used condoms and horse tranquilizers……..

  • snook

    I got a BJ armstrong and a Sam Perkins letter. i’ll look for it and email it to yall

  • kevin

    a pair of kicks worn by Jalen Rose

  • The Journeyman

    @ Royal…

    WOOOOOOOWWWW lol had me laughin on that one

  • SWAT

    LMAO @ royal!!! pure comedy!!

  • http://www.rockingsuburbs.blogspot.com Chris

    I’m glad to see everyone enjoyed the Spree letter. I found a few more things that I’ll post this weekend. Over at our website, we’ve also decided to email a few current players some sarcastic autograph requests as well. This is going to take off my friends. Thanks for the shoutout Aron and Dime.

    Yours in Basketball,

    Chris from Rocking The Suburbs

  • Latrell

    Dear Aron,

    I appreciate the fact that you liked my personally typed letter so much that you have posted it on a website. Seeing how you are getting internet hits of my letter I think you owe me money. Stamps aren’t free and neither is taking care of my kids. Don’t make me come over to your house and choke it out of you.

    Yours in basketball and retirement,