NBA / Feb 5, 2010 / 7:30 pm

Brandon Jennings About To Make His Pro Debut At MSG

The last time Brandon Jennings played at Madison Square Garden, the then Arizona-bound senior from Oak Hill Academy earned co-MVP honors (along with Tyreke Evans) as he finished with 10 points and an event record 14 assists to lead his team to victory at the 2008 Jordan Brand Classic. Tonight, on basketball’s biggest stage, a couple things have changed. First, Jennings is killing it in his rookie season after spending the season in Italy. Second, he’ll be playing against a team – and in front of a crowd – that he could’ve called his own if the Knicks didn’t sleep on him in this summers NBA Draft.

But unlike when the Lakers or Cavs come to town, there really couldn’t have been less interest in the locker room. To tell you the truth, there were more journalists in the media room grabbing dinner than trying to talk to the Bucks.

Jennings had a small line of people waiting to talk to him, but it was nothing like when NBA All-Stars come to town. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even let the rook head to the back room to avoid the media.

Another way you know that it’s not another playoff team in the house, the Knicks staff forgot to even label the lockers. But no one could mistake Carlos Delfino‘s Gucci kicks – that just happen to match the Bucks colorway.

Other observations from the Bucks locker room:
Luke Ridnour is wearing the the Nike Cradle Rock Low. I told him those are some exclusive kicks, and that you can only buy them in China. He had know idea.
Andrew Bogut (@AndrewMBogut) is hilarious. Talked with him about his impressive Twitter game, and he said that he just loves to retweet the haters. “It’s probably just some kid in his basement,” he said.
– Before the game, he said that he and his teammates were talking about a trade rumor between the Raptors, Mavericks and Heat. I love it when NBA players talk about this stuff.

Throughout the game, I’ll be tweeting updates and observations. Be sure to check ‘em all out (my Twitter info is below).

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  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I have a feeling Jennings is gonna go off tonight

    *kanye shrug*

  • http://dime eyes

    Why did Skiles sub Jennings out in the 1st qtr wth 4mins. Probably because he took 1 ill advised shot. Who misses the old BJ I know I do. Calm down young fella play like me. I hold the assist rec. The knicks were dumb for not picking him. He isn’t talking trash he’s just repeating what Walsh said about his scouts blunder. There are too many old school/old fashioned coaches in the L. It’s a new school/age type of game. Too many players are held back or not understood. What has Skiles accomplished/ or won in the league. That BJ should respect his every opinion. I want to mush Skiles from my home tv. Oh and from strange reason I don’t think Bogut really had a migraine. They want to shut the supposed loud mouth up. I’m really starting to hate & dislike the direction of the league. If the Bucks ever get a better coach or Jennings plays for someone else. I guarantee you’ll see Bj blossom. He can’t thrive with this control,fiesty,angry,Ridnour father of a coach. Skiles go coach college. Free Jennings Pleaseeee. He’s still leading his team in scoring & assists. He really couldn’t have went to a worse franchise. Also why is there such a negative perception around the league on bj. While all of a sudden Steph Curry is the new Blake Griffin. I wouldn’t be suprised if he wins the R.O.Y. know the fix was & is being prepped from now. The suits do not want Jennings to have to much success. For his overseas decision & ties to Sonny Vaccaro. David vs DAVID.

  • http://dime eyes

    Bucks win no bogut. 22 8 & 8. While playing subpar. Skiles cannot coach. This was a perfect game to utilize Luke & Bj. Another observation the Knicks need a pg & bj needs a basketball team & coach who rides wth him & could manage its players.

    You know how much better the Knicks would be wth him. Lee & Jennings pick & roll would have been unguardable. Throw in Chandler catching lobs wth Nate. Gallo spotting up. All my basketball players can you vision it. Brandon Jennings is NYC basketball. Substance & flair. We needed a pg and drafted Jordan Hill & Toney Douglas. Then u don’t play them so their worthless for trades. Atlanta suffered from missing on Paul & Williams.

    Also is it possible that anybody could actually say what they want or mean w/o fining them? Everyone employed by the league must say & act in compliance with the man. If he say Jump u know the rest.

    Mustache man blew this one. What’s crazy is Nash is. Close wth BJ. I’m from NY & laughed at the sorry Knicks
    the WHOLE GAME. They deserve to be bad. Gallinari & Chandler aren’t worthy 1st round picks. Terrance Williams & Chase B & Ilyasova are better than the rooster. Duhon & roos have to be 2 of the most undeserving starters ever. Thank god for friends & nice guys.

    Derrick Rose just caught a lob from Salmons on ATL oh my GOD.

  • http://dime eyes

    Everyone from Mike Breen, D antoni, & David lee was hating on Bj. They said Ilyasova was the reason they lost. They harped the whole night on his volume shooting. He was 1-7 1st half 8-16 2nd half. They missed the big pic u got beat & the kid could have had 20 asst. Concentrate on his positives.

    Also Nate Robinson is not a pg don’t blame him. See what happens when the great tries to be a coaches pet & play to his weakness. U guys suck won’t make the playoffs & I wish u all mire success on ant team aside from this circus of a organization. They ruin everyone.

    How do you turn the World’s Most famous arena into every others player home court. LMAO. Lolololololol hahahahahah. Dummies. Rich,Smart & Dumb. All. The supposed experts,scouts can’t get right.

  • fLaVa

    @ eyes..

    as of right now, the ROY trophy is Tyreke Evans to lose.. Curry is comiog on strong with the last couple of games cuz monta was hurt now that monta is back.. curry is back to shooting 1-7 last game and 11-34 the last 3… hes not consistant like evans..

    Evans for ROY!!1

  • machineflesh


    “I’m really starting to hate & dislike the direction of the league.”

    Haha bro you are everything that’s wrong with the league, and ur not even in it.

    “Free Jennings Pleaseeee” Free BJ for what? He’s the POINT GUARD. It’s his job to run the offense for the whole team. “He’s still leading his team in points.” Yeah, at 37% from the floor…

    ROY is Tyreke Evans hands down. Where’ve you been?

    I love BJ but the kid has a truck load to learn. His game needs a lot of work and Skiles is the authoritarian figure perfect for the job. He holds ppl accountable.

    Nash/Kidd/CP3/DWill are all legit scoring threats, but the reason they’re the best is cos they make their team mates better. They play tight efficent offense, force the defense into making decisions, make the pass to open man, or take the high percentage (notice the ‘high’ bit) shot if the D drops off.

    It’s not rocket science, but nor is it playground ball.

  • Coop

    The only thing Jennings has been killing is my fantasy team with his ugly shooting. Watch your face!

  • swisha

    He had “know idea?” You have NO idea, son. This is funny, dude. And you want me to follow you on twitter so I can read more of your misspelled insights? Hahahah, Keep your head up man, but no way.

  • Sacto_J

    Jennings – *Yawn*….