NBA / Feb 17, 2010 / 9:11 pm

Breaking News: John Salmons Traded To The Bucks

Earlier tonight, we reported that the Bulls were holding John Salmons out of tonight’s game against the Knicks in anticipation of a trade. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, that trade has now consummated in the form of Salmons being shipped to Milwaukee in return for Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson.

We knew that the Bucks were up to something, with the most likely player being shipped out to a playoff team being Thomas. This trade definitely helps sure up the Bulls in the front court, and makes you think that they might be parting ways with either Tyrus Thomas and/or Brad Miller in the next 18 hours. It also brings in another scorer at the guard position for the Bucks, something that they’ve been missing in Michael Redd‘s absence.

What are your thoughts on this trade?

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  • jdstorm

    Possibly tyrus, Miller and jefferies. for t mac?

  • Wake

    Salmons is playing well. Damn. Bad trade for the Bulls.

  • http://bdiddit ben

    good trade for the bulls…. bosh & wade/joe johnson to chicago next year…

  • sh!tfaced

    We also Darko for Cardinal. Bad move for both teams, trade or no trade…

  • http://dime eyes

    The Bucks can they release Jennings to a basketball team. Worse team on paper in the league. Who’s next Bruce Bowen or Trevor Ariza. Hawks need Jennings. Bibby,Teague,& Marvin for Bj & Delfino. Bj save yourself. I found a team worse than the Knicks.

  • beachfront blades

    hey i’ll trade you a bag of shit for a bowl of piss. deal?

  • cesar

    @beachfront blades:


  • dapro

    If the Bulls can get Mcgrady then they become more attractive to Dwade. They could package Tyrus in a deal to get a low post player for next year

    It’s a solid move on the Bulls end because they have enough wing players with Deng stepping up. They basically got two solid veterans who won’t hurt the locker room while waiting for the 20 million dollar sweepstakes

  • cesar




  • high release

    Salmons needs to fumigate that nasty shrub before he crosses the border.

  • darkdefender

    ^ hehe good one. Will definitely need to declare it to customs.

  • darkdefender

    @ beachfront blades

    I’ll take your bowl of piss if you throw in a conditional first round felch

  • quest???

    those espn college analysts commercials suck, are they supposed to b serious, are they supposed to be funnY?? they are fcking gay

  • soccerkimchi

    Just In: Kevin Martin to Houston Rockets

  • Nick

    No shit! That’ll fuck up my league @soccerkimchi.

    Where did you hear that?

  • quest???

    @ nick its all over the place ESPN RealGM

  • bakedbeing

    Yeh get out of bed and give us some of that K-Mart news!

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719

    tmac traded for kmart
    carl landry also included in the deal


    I don’t know if the link will work or not cus I’m doing this all thru my phone.

  • vince

    “shore up”. not “sure”.

  • Colton

    step ur game up dime! yall should be up on the night before the trade deadline. c’mon guys!