Latest News, NBA / Feb 4, 2010 / 6:43 pm

Breaking News: Mike Dunleavy Relieved As Head Coach

Although you thought this day may have never come, it has. According to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein and J.A. Adande, the Clippers have decided to relieve Mike Dunleavy of his coaching duties with just 32 games left in the season. Sources told ESPN.com that the Clippers intend to name Clippers assistant Kim Hughes as interim coach.

It is believed that Dunleavy – who has been serving as the Clippers’ coach/general manager since Elgin Baylor left the club early last season – will retain his front-office title.

This season, Hughes began his sixth campaign on the Clippers’ bench after serving the previous five seasons with the Denver Nuggets.

What’s your initial reaction?

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  • darkdefender

    Initial reaction: Clips get more exciting in a hurry

    Forget the playbook… give the ball to B Diddy & get outta the way

  • darkdefender

    Initial reaction: Clips get more exciting in a hurry

    Forget the playbook that Dunleavy holds so close to his chest… give the ball to B Diddy & get outta the way

  • LakeShow84


    But is there really anything to salvage?? im apart of the “should fire a head coach during the regular season” crowd..

    And given Dunleavy been there a wee bit TOO long he shouldve at least had a stay of execution..

  • LakeShow84

    Shit you should NEVER fire a head coach during the season lol

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @darkdefender — I thought that was already Dunleavy’s playbook?

  • darkdefender

    Shit. After clicking “submit”, i tried to stop the browser to amend my comment.

    Now they’re both on there. Damn thats embarassing.

  • darkdefender

    @ Austin

    I read he was too constrictive with the plays. There’s that story about he and Magic met in 1991 to discuss set plays. He wanted the number 1 play to be to go to Kareem every time down the floow. Apparently Magic took his playbook, threw it into the ocean and said “there’s your number 1 play”.

    I don’t know if thats actually true. Maybe he just threw the book into the bin, but along the way, the story was exaggerated and become ‘the ocean’, but yeah.

  • Pablo

    As a Clipper fan, I have NEVER liked Dunleavy as a coach. About freeking time. Bring in Byron Scott!!!!

  • Rizwan

    That only leaves Don Nelson. Lets hope the Suns trade Amare to them before he gets fired because you know the incoming coach is using Anthony Randolph properly.

  • Rafa23


    problem about your story is that kareem retired in 89. and dunleavy came in 1990. so…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @darkdefender — Dunleavy is a mix, but it’s all the wrong mix. Sometimes he just lets Baron (or whoever) do whatever they want, but it’s at the times when he should be running plays. Then in times where he probably should just let them run, he gets constrictive like you said. And his late-game play-calling was just bad, at least during his Clippers tenure.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Maybe the “ocean” story happened under Paul Westhead, the coach everybody says Magic got fired.

  • darkdefender

    @ Rafa & Austin

    Okay, so the story didnt involve Dunleavy or Kareem. But it seems we can all agree, it was definitely about a playbook and an ocean may or may not have been involved.

  • fallinup

    You all got it wrong. It was Vlade Divac, with the wrench, in the master bedroom.

  • fallinup

    That aside… The Clippers weren’t horrible this season. But it’s been a long time coming anywhoo.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i dunno what the point of this firing is.
    what difference is it supposed to make now?
    ..and the guy still remains with the organization. as the GM. so whats the point?

    its NOT really moving in another direction if the man you fire remains in the front office as the final decision maker, or is it?

    and to boot….he didnt have use of the #1 overall draft pick.

    i aint no big mike dunleavy sr fan, but i dont see how this helps the Clips in anyway.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    mike dunleavy aint coaching.
    sam mitchell aint coaching.
    jeff van gundy aint coaching.
    hubie brown aint coaching.
    doug collins aint coaching.
    del harris aint coaching.
    byron scott aint coaching.
    avery johnson aint coaching.
    mark jackson (still) aint coaching.
    lawrence frank aint coaching.
    (Next Year) Phil Jackson wont be coaching.

    who IS actually coaching in the NBA right now?!!?

    I guess you all need to do a story on this. coaches are as much a part of the game as players. what the hell is going on in the league where so many (established) coaches are getting fired and/or can’t get re-hired and find new jobs as head coaches.

    Seriously….LOOK AT THE LIST

  • the cynic

    I guess this means no more Dunleavy classics; like the Novak special, or the scream like a madman at Thorton on every defensive rotation without teaching, and of course my fav insert Ricky Davis for the first time to guard Lebron on the last shot of the game……ah memories

  • That’s What’s Up

    I hope this Kim bitch knows how to coach.

    …is she the first female HC in League history?

  • the cynic

    ^ I heard she slept with Dunleavy to get the job; not sure what play from the playbook she used though

  • baron

    BOUT TIME, Dunleavy stifled the hell outta that team.

  • darkdefender

    @ cynic

    That IS the number 1 play. No wonder Magic was so upset.

  • Harris11

    Hughes is a man

  • Derrick

    agreed wit number 2

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    It’s about motha f-ing time!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    Lmao @ Fallinup

  • D Double

    All I know is that Bill Simmons is excited as hell right now!

  • guti

    @ heckler

    in the current financial climate you dont pay big for a coach unless you are gonna win. today.

    if you are rebuilding you might aswell pay a muppet half the price until you have a squad that a good coach can then inherit to get you over the hump

  • heavy d

    Damn, Kim Hughes is 6’11”. At least the Clippers can say that their coach can post up your coach.

  • Geoluhread

    msnbc reports “Team says move was voluntary and mutual; assistant Hughes takes over”

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the ideal time for me to direct my efforts toward the many personnel opportunities that lie before us, such as the trade market, the draft and the free agent process,” said Dunleavy, who added GM duties to his coaching responsibilities in 2008. “We fully expect to be active and productive on all those fronts.”

    and Kim’s a “he” not a “she”

    Hughes, a former ABA and NBA player who has never been a head coach, has been Dunleavy’s assistant since the start in Los Angeles. He spent several years on the Nuggets’ bench before joining the Clippers, and has been a scout in Denver and Milwaukee.

  • fLaVa

    its about damn time he quit cuz there was no way in hell he’d get fired cuz hes the fu*king GM…

    How does a guy have a 215-325 record in 6.5 seasons.. thats a 0.398% winning percentage… 39.8% thats just unheard of for 6.5 years… any coach with that awful record would be booted after 2 yrs MAX… Clippers arent that bad with the talent (or lack of) they had.

    whats worse hes the WINNINGEST COACH IN FRANCHISE HISTORY at 39.8% and allowed him to coach for 540 games… thats just retarded… hes prob one of the worse coaches ever in the history of the nba… even chris ford is better than him…

    glad hes finally gone… go hughes! clippers making a playoff push after the all star break IF they stay healthy…

  • weng santos

    Dunleavy? Got fired by the Clippers?



  • sh!tfaced

    Gonna miss ‘em Dumbleavy jokes…

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    it’s about time. Hopefully they get Byron Scott… maybe he can work with that group…oh wait, didn’t he clash with Baron before? Scratch Byron off the list then.

  • spswange


  • bsteezy3

    Na Na Na-Na, Na Na Na-Na, Hey Hey Hey…

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Mark Jackson (still) ain’t coaching??? lol, that’s because Mark never coached in the first f^king place. you’d have to be an idiot to hire an inexperienced coach like Jackson to take over the team with the #1 pick on it…wait….Bulls sign Vinny Del with Rose as the #1 pick… my point exactly!