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Breaking News: T-Mac To New York, K-Mart To Houston, Landry To Sacramento (Updated)

Tracy McGrady (photo. Marc Morrison)

So much for the Knicks not being able to land Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract, according to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, the Rockets, Kings and Knicks have agreed to terms that will expand the Houston-Sacramento deal into a three-way trade that lands Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez in New York, Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and Hilton Armstrong in Houston and Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes in Sacramento.

The Rockets will also have the right to swap first-round picks with New York in 2011 as well as take on New York’s 2012 first-round pick.

Also, as pointed out by ProBasketballTalk, Kenny Thomas is not included in this new deal, meaning Sacramento retains his $8.9 million expiring contract which is a fairly large chunk for the Kings to save.

UPDATE: According to ESPN.com’s Chad Ford, the Rockets can swap their 2011 pick with the Knicks unless the Knicks’ pick is the No. 1 overall, and they will send their 2012 pick to Houston unless it is a Top 5 pick.

Come back later for in-depth analysis on what this means for all parties involved.

What do you think about this deal?

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  • rangerjohn

    jordan hill makes this a LITTLE bit better for the rockets but not much. hills potential MIGHT off set what landry gave them.

    it looks more like treading water for the rockets to me.

  • rell

    I didn’t think the Knicks could find someone to take Jeffries contract. Now they will be able to afford to max players now. I bet Knicks are celebrating like they just on a championship. I guess the Lebron/Wade or Lebron/Bosh is a huge possibility now.

  • rell

    I didn’t think the Knicks could find someone to take Jeffries contract. Now they will be able to afford two max players now. I bet Knicks fans are celebrating like they just on a championship. I guess the Lebron/Wade or Lebron/Bosh is a huge possibility now.

  • Mike Honcho

    I like this look for all teams….The Kings can continue to rebuild, the Knicks get to free up money and depending on T-Mac’s game, stay competitive and the Rockets actually get better…..Way to trade…way to trade

  • mememememe

    i like this for houston…i have no know nothing about jordan hill, but he from what i have read he has high potential and plays the 4, which could do well for what they lost in landry.

    how long is jeffries contract for?

  • hahns

    gayest picture of tmac ever.

    but holy…….im actually really excited. get a pg too! niceeeee

  • mememememe

    i know nothing*

  • isotope

    I give the Knicks the slight edge. They lose picks but if they do sign a huge All Star in the summer that pick might be pretty low. They finally get rid of Jeffries contract and they get Sergio for a year to fill in the guard void.

    The Kings get Hughes (expiring contract) and Landry (for really cheap).

    Rockets get Martin and Hill but lose Landry and that TMac contract. They would have been runaway winners if not for picking up Jeffries contract. If the Knicks’ picks end up being high then this is a good deal.

  • fiyaman

    yea all u haters aint talking now… now u see the Knicks mean business every keeping quiet.. Wade and Bosh in NY nxt yr

  • drew in the LBC

    As a life long Rockets fan, this is totally awesome! We get rid of that slouchbag Tracy, and NEW YORK of all people get to suffer with his BShit game. And to think you numbnutz think he would attract K-Bron and the likes to that overrated city. ptttthhhh!

  • SwedishMoose

    Not sure the Kings could’ve done better with Martin… Landry immediately provides what JT and Hawes couldn’t… balls.

    By my count the Kings are down to 29m in contracts (Knicks like 20m) next year with young and exciting talent to build upon… surprising give the albatross contracts of Udrih, Garcia and Nocioni soaking up 18m next year… if the Kings would relocate to Brooklyn, wouldn’t LBJ and CB prefer the likes of Tyreke, Hawes, JT, Landry, Casspi around them rather than the scraps the Knicks will have to fill around their roster next year? Pipedream… Sacramento is where it is, but they could eventually get a couple tier 2 FAs like Ray Felton and a big like David Lee, Brendan Haywood or Nazr Mohammad… not putting them in the elite, but with few years of improvement and growth they could be tough.

  • Alpha Goat

    I’m glad T-mac went to the Knicks over Sacramento at least with Dantoni he’ll have a chance to prove he still got game, that’s if they don’t butt heads and Dantoni puts him on ice.D wade aint leaving SouthBeach and Lebron aint leaving the his kingdom in Cleaveland and you could put the other 3 Amare Bosh and Johnson on the same team with a automatic advance to the finals and they wouldn’t win it!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I’ll talk now. Lebron and Wade ain’t going to NY. Keep dreaming.

  • http://dime eyes

    Now all Mustache has to do is let Sergio start. Send Duhon to the D-League to practice or something. At least play Douglas and get him some experience. I’ve never seen a coach teacher pet a bum like this. The worse guard NY has ever had. He makes Charlie Ward look like a H.O.F. player. John Starks would run the point better. LOL. The Knicks still stink. BRANDON JENNINGS GUYS(It will haunt for a while don’t worry) Rickey Rubio & Stephen Curry blinded you guys that much.

  • control


    I am an avid hater of the Knicks and I am still talking. This is what I’m saying: Fuck the Knicks, they ain’t going to get shit. Ain’t no big free agent going to sign there because they have absolute garbage on the roster. They want to buy a championship, instead of (as someone mentioned here before) building a championship. The players on NY are losers, the owner and management of the Knicks are group of rich losers, and the fans of the Knicks are the biggest losers of all. So, fuck the Knicks, and if you are a fan of the Knicks, fuck you too.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/tain Bobby

    Another fab post, thanks, I love coming again to browse your blog via your twitter updates.

  • Guitar Hero

    My bet is Bosh+JJ in NY 2010/2011.
    Add Gallo, Chandler and a PG (hopefully) and you have a top 5 team in the East. That would be nice.

  • fiyaman

    @spliff …been dreaming for the past 10 yrs… time for dream to become reality


    u sound like some knick player fucked ur girl n skeeted in her face.. calm dow man im sure knicks fans hate u more than u hate them.. but its good to know that for a team that u HATE SOME much u know a lot about em.. sounds more like jealousy than hate

    its all good .we love hate.. u gonna hate us even more come nxt yr

  • Soul Brova 1

    @ control,

    don’t all teams try to “buy” a championship team by recruiting free agents and making trades to help their team win it all. nowadays alot of teams stockpile draft picks no tto draft players but to use as bargaining chips because after three years when drafted players start to mature and come into their own they hit the free agent market for other teams to take a shot at, so when the knicks are raising more banners to the Garden rafters don’t hate the playa hate the game

  • fiyaman

    n 4 all u assholes that say ‘NO BIG FREE AGENT WILL GO TO THE KNICKS’.. Yall definetly dont know anything about the NBA and need to stop listening to Kenny Smith. For the past 10 yrs every free agent big or small have considered playing for the KNICKS (chk ur records) n we havent been gd in 10yrs so obviously the record is not keeping anyone away… the only time when there ws issues playing for us was that 1 yr when we had Isiah n Larry going at it.

    Its simple common sense if u might end up being on a team that sucks wouldnt u take the team with that gives u the best chance to be a star

  • Maynard

    control — But what I’m really wondering is, how do you REALLY feel about the Knicks?

    Seriously though, how do you “buy a championship” with a salary cap?

    They’re rhetorical questions, no need to stammer a response.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I think somebody big will sign with the Knicks just not Lebron and Wade. Maybe Bosh and Johnson.

    If the Knicks is the best place to become a star then why haven’t they had any stars the last decade?

    Bron and Wade are already stars. They don’t need a losing franchise to become one. In the slim possibility that one or both decide to go to NY then they will make the Knicks relevant not the other way around.

  • control

    Soul Brova 1

    That is one long ass sentence. What year do you think the Knicks are going to be raising banners up to the rafters?


    I was keeping my feelings for the Knicks pretty clean and tame, just in case there are any fucking kids reading this shit.

    For buying a championship, look at the actions the Knicks have taken in the last few years. The management has been one of the, if not THE worst in the NBA. They have spent more money and received less return on that money spent than any franchise in recent history. What they are doing is spending Ferrari money on a Kia, and then their fans are talking shit like it’s part of a master plan. The fans should be the ones who are the most pissed off about the actions of the Knicks management, since Knick fans are the ones spending their own money to see it pissed down the drain and wasted.

    By BUILDING a championship team, instead of BUYING it, I am referring to a team that makes solid draft choices, invests in good long term players and develops them. What is NY doing right now? HOPING to buy two maxed out players and throw a bunch of shit around them and luck their way into a championship. Does that ever work?

    It won’t work, because there are teams out there who have developed their personal, or made intelligent trades to improve and they will always be more successful than the teams that just throw money at the problem and hope it works out.


    If ‘my girl’ fucked a Knicks player, then she wouldn’t be ‘my girl’ so I wouldn’t be upset about it that much. I can find another woman easily enough because I have several good traits that women find attractive (good looking, intelligent, wealthy, etc).

    Judging by your comment, your mentality is that ‘your girl’ could fuck around on you, get skeeted on in the face, then come home and kiss you on your lips and you wouldn’t have the balls to kick the bitch out on her ass. You would just get angry and type shit on a message board.

    I know a lot about the Knicks because I read about basketball, because I am a fan of the sport. I know a lot about most of the players in the league and a lot of the good players outside of the league. You seem surprised that I can remember that information, but even though my memory is exceptional, it really isn’t that hard to remember a few facts about every team in the league…you should try it sometime, but if your head starts hurting, go lay down and take a nap.

  • fiyaman

    question… would anyone know who NATe Robinson David Lee CHris Duhon EDDY CURRY JARED JEFFRIES.. they may not be stars but everyone knows who they r even if they dont live in NY.. n dont come with some BS argument the Lee was at Gators curry came out of highshool blah blah blah.. we all knwo if they were on other teams they would be nobodies (Lee is probably the only exception and it has yet to be proven) Nate wouldnt have even had a chance to win 3 dunk titles had he not been playing in the Big Apple.. He knows it and everyone else does..y u think he dont wanna leave.. cmon people lets keep it real

  • Big V

    NYK making some moves, son!

  • fiyaman


    They have spent more money and received less return on that money spent than any franchise in recent history.

    Actually we are 1 of the most valuable franchises around so obviously they r making $$$.. look it up

    The fans should be the ones who are the most pissed off about the actions of the Knicks management, since Knick fans are the ones spending their own money to see it pissed down the drain and wasted.

    U are 100% correct on this but WFT when do we get a chance to get excited.. if we keep doggin them 4 everything they try to do then they might as well just fuck us all n keep making the $$.. But no I see them trying to turn things around n I am happy ..(Am wrong for that?) People who get upset when their teams try to improve are called losers you sound like u might be a Loser..

    What is NY doing right now? HOPING to buy two maxed out players and throw a bunch of shit around them and luck their way into a championship. Does that ever work?

    It worked for Boston, Chicago, San Anotnio, Lakers, etc… but thats besides the pt…


  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    All I know how to do is keep it real.

    Being known and being a star is different shit. Lee was the first all-star in a decade for NY. I’m not saying there’s no talent in NY. There just hasn’t been any bonafide stars.

    Nate Robinson won 3 dunk titles because he’s 5’8″. He’s a novelty act. And he only won one legit dunk title. And yup he don’t mind leaving cause if he did he wouldn’t of okayed the trade.

  • control


    Did YOU personally make any money off of the Knicks being one of the most valuable franchises out there? You are a fan, what you should care about is your team being exciting, winning, etc. Not how much the owner is lining his pockets off of your support. By return on investment I am referring to the Knicks spending more money than any other team and having nothing but a shitty and pathetic team.

    As a fan, you are making an investment in that team anytime you spend even one cent on them. I don’t know about you, but if I am investing money that I work hard for into something, I want to make sure that the people who receive that money are using it to entertain me to a certain extent. Over the last few years do you think the Knicks have done you, a loyal fan, justice? I sure as fuck know if I were a fan of the Knicks, I’d be calling for the management team’s heads, because I’d have been pissing my money away.

  • fiyaman


    I agree 100% n I have been pissed for the past 10yrs this is the happiest been in 10yrs yeah they gave me some optimism .. if i understand u correctly, if ur team did to u what the knicks have done to there fans there is nothing they would be able to do to get u back as afan. if thats the case u might as well stop watchin.. at some pt u have to get over it .. cant complain forever

  • control


    I’m a Toronto fan. It ain’t like we haven’t had our share of rough times (drafts, Vince trade, whole Bobcock era, etc) and I ain’t bailed out on my team. I ain’t a “fair weather” fan if that is what you are saying.

    All I’m saying is that the Knicks have fucked their fans around with their bad management so bad that the franchise deserves the hate they get (and I give what they deserve, and enjoy it ;)). You as a fan have more reason to hate than I do, I don’t know why you aren’t jumping on the hatewagon in hopes that you can get through to management of the Knicks and cause some positive changes.

  • fiyaman
  • Maynard

    @control: Isiah Thomas saddled them with all those horrible salaries they’ve been paying the past two years with Walsh there, and Walsh certainly wasn’t the one that traded their first-rounder this year. How would you have suggested Walsh not pay those salaries, or recoup that pick?

    You’re saying the Knicks aren’t building their team the right way. I’m saying they’re 30 million under the cap going into the best free-agent year in recent memory. How is that not “building your team?” Walsh set out to get under the cap enough to bid on two max players if the opportunity arose. And that’s exactly what he did. He has a one-time shot at the greatest player of our generation, and he’s taking it — and you’re against that. Were you against the Lakers signing Shaquille in a similar fashion? Because that worked out pretty well.

    And if THE LEBRON PLAN falls through, isn’t it a pretty good idea to get under the cap anyway so as to give yourself flexibility to sign/trade other players? I consider it an accomplishment that Walsh has made the deals to put them in this position, which nobody thought possible.

    And if they sign, say, LeBron and Bosh, and add them to Gallinari, Chandler, a point guard and Toney Douglas, and then attempt to fill in the gaps (using Curry’s soon-to-expire deal as a trade chip, or just letting him expire for the cap room) — you really think that won’t result in a good team?

    I’m not sure what you’d rather have Walsh do in the past two years rather than what he did, but I’m guessing whatever it is, you would have attempted to find something wrong with it anyway. You say you know basketball, and maybe you do, but you’re not showing it.

  • wanabballer

    where are the PHX deals?!?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    ok much better but got some picks and more players and T-Mac is in New York. I can live with that and the Rockets probably won’t see playoffs which they deserve for how they handle the T-Mac situation this long and ill in the first place.

    Aight that is cool.

  • fallinup

    Gee, I think Houston, (Morey).. made out like a bandit. He got Martiny. TMac’s bones turned into draft picks. And Landry turned into Martin. All Houston had to do was take on a little more money… they have an instant scorer… plus picks for the future. When the dust clears, I got Houston getting the best out of this trade deadline.