NBA / Feb 1, 2010 / 3:29 pm

Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, Cavs: Never complain about the refs again

Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

The funniest moments of Rasheed Wallace‘s unintentional “Mike’d Up” segment during last Friday’s Hawks/Celtics game — when his voice carried to every court mic and provided color commentary from the Dolemite Broadcast School — weren’t any of his creative curses or when he screamed “BALL DON’T LIE!” after Atlanta missed a free throw following a questionable call. It was every time ‘Sheed acted like there was some conspiracy against the Celtics by the referees.

Of all the people with whom I thought ‘Sheed would develop a kinship in Boston — KG, Pierce, Doc, his Mini-Me Eddie House, maybe even The Gooch on a mentor/apprentice level — I didn’t know Tommy Heinsohn would be on that list. A conspiracy against Boston? So that the wildly popular Atlanta Hawks can have their way? That’s what we’re going with?

But then ‘Sheed wasn’t the only one associated with the Celtics complaining about the refs following yesterday’s loss to the Lakers. In the aftermath of Boston’s third straight L, it’s been: Pierce didn’t push off (or even if he did, Kobe does it all the time); Kobe double-dribbled on the game-winner; the Lakers shot 22 free throws while Boston “only” shot 19 at the stripe.

But I’m not going to single out the Celtics. Players, coaches, fans and even some media for every team initially look to blame the refs after a tough loss. It’s like a sports reflex. I remember in Little League football, our rare losses were inevitably because “The refs was cheatin’!” to about half of my crying teammates. And in my hometown Seattle, people still fly into a rage if you bring up the ref job during the Seahawks’ 2005 Super Bowl loss to the Steelers.

Sometimes it’s comical, sometimes it’s utterly annoying. Either way, it’s time to enact a new rule for the NBA: Until further notice, anybody associated with the Lakers, Celtics, Cavs and Spurs cannot complain about the refs. Your teams are the main culprits of “getting all the calls” more often than not; the only time it’s not the case is if you’re matched up against one another and it’s impossible for both teams to “get all the calls.” Kobe, LeBron, the Big Three, and Tim Duncan will always get superstar treatment. Always. You can throw D-Wade, Steve Nash and Chris Paul in there, too, although for whatever reason their influence on refs doesn’t necessarily extend to the rest of their team.

You want to chalk up a loss to injuries, to coaching, to condensation on the court? Fine. But leave the refs out of it. It’s like Lady Gaga blaming the gay community for lack of support if she loses out on a Grammy.

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  • ryanzgunz

    Celts are full of a bunch of whiny b*tches

  • GDawg

    ^^^ tru, maybe they need to starting playing with some heart instead of complaining about some conspiracy against one of the most storied franchises in NBA history.

  • mules

    I’m not so sure Nash belongs in that group. Other than getting away with a bit of a carry every now and then it just doesn’t seem like he gets the superstar treatment from the refs…and who in the NBA doesn’t get away with a carry every now and then?

  • Matt

    Well, there might be a “conspiracy” against the Celtics. The problem is what came first? The constant bitching after every call or the bad calls? Just on a human level, if one team is constantly yelling at you every time you make a call, wouldn’t you at least subconsciously want to advantage the opposing team?

    I’m a diehard crazy celtic fan living in Boston, so I admit to many of the same biases that Tommy has, but there very well could be a conspiracy against the celtics. That’s a problem. At the same time, if such a conspiracy exists, it’s more than likely self-inflicted.

  • ballin

    As a Celtics fan, I can’t really say that it was the refs.

    the refs had some TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE calls, but there were terrible calls in both directions.

    Even if Artest acted like crazy (there’s no way a man his size would fly back the way he did from the way he got pushed) Pierce did lightly shove off. It’s still a foul, even if it wasn’t quite as dramatic as Artest made it seem.

    The only thing that pisses me off is when the refs call ticky tack calls throughout a game so there are like 40+ free throws for one team. 19 and 22 free throws for the Lakers and Celtics? fine by me.

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    Try to be me, be a BULLS fan now, and watch “THE SLASHING” Derrick Rose shoot ONLY 3.7 ft’s per game.
    The reffs are, have, and will always be terrible and byist, the NBA is a company and your not gonna take your best product of the court and if your marketing your new product your going to make sure you give it advantages. Lebron’s 270lb frame only averages around 1.8 fouls per game, and i dont think hes ever fouled out, EVER.. he should get two offensively alone per game.

  • conspiracy

    It’s funny how only Boston and Cleveland are in the top FTA per game, L.A. and the Spurs rank out of the top 10….conspiracy against Cleveland/Boston? No. Lakers won’t ever have the league against them. San Antonio has a legit beef. Manu gets no respect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Agreed. I wish every ball player would treat the refs like Shane Battier.


  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ the lady gaga line….that was clever

  • LakeShow84

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA The CELTICS COMPLAINING ABOUT CALLS?!!? try getting a ticky tack blocking foul called in the last minute of a Finals game and then hollar at mistreatment.. Straight Pu55y..

    Like i said that team acts like they entitled to something.. Doc’s front runner ass always quick to complain but say another coach SHOULDNT complain.. GTFOH.. somebody should tell them to read the memo.. You guys bought your championship with a fluke ass trade and a bunch of thrown togethers and they think they should get away with MORE?? More?? More Big Babies retarded fouls?? More of Rondo hacking?? More of Perkins and his CONSTANT contact near the rim?? More of Pierce and his blocking fouls, oops i mean “great hustling D”?? Yeah.. i think they get away with enough.. Great D my ass.. Cleveland plays GREAT D.. San Antonio and Detroit USED to play GREAT D.. Celtics abuse the zone and get away with murder.. PERIOD..

    And how about this for pushing off.. Use the FOREARM, NOT THE HAND lmao.. dude LITERALLY pushed Artest lol but yeah that was a HORRIBLE call :/

    Yeah im sure the refs are why Boston aint touched us since them and the NBA STOLE that last championship.. keep whining bitches and pray we dont get that ass in the Finals..

  • LakeShow84

    And dont get me wrong im not saying Boston isnt a good defensive team but like i said they get away with a lot of shit all because they are KNOWN as a great “defensive” team..

  • Drink the Haterade

    @ Austin—“And in my hometown Seattle, people still fly into a rage if you bring up the ref job during the Seahawks’ 2005 Super Bowl loss to the Steelers”.

    I went to a HS game here last week and I got home to tell my roomate that I could’ve sworn the refs had been paid,But i knew that wasnt the case. it was that bad and he brings up the seahawks superbowl loss and how its the refs fault and how they screwed the seahwaks. I was like damn, dude calm down.

  • tp


    im not a seahawks fan by any means, but that reffing job in the super bowl was up there with the heat/mavericks series… same year washington got abused by the refs in the ncaa tournament against uconn. the northwest had it rough that year haha..

  • Ian

    i dont know about the spurs and lakers getting every call
    and of course you have to add wade to the group.

  • dank

    great point Austin. but lets not be hypocrites here. you cant leave out your Seattle SuperSonics, just because they’re your hometown team, that doesn’t mean…errr. oops. my bad.

  • dank

    lets make a rule…if you dont have a hometown team…shut the fuck up and do not exercise your right to speak. seriously im tired of people hating on LA. kobe gets called for slapping away Tony Allen’s hand, so Pierce gets called for lightly shoving Artest. Kobe traveled? ok…the refs dont call out of bounds after the ball hits the camera.

    its not superstar treatment. every game I’ve seen this year in the NBA has been poorly officiated at some point. every single game from every single team. funny, as a public forum, it surprises me Dime would blame the referees of favoring superstars…definetely read up alot on Tim Donaghy huh?

  • heavy d

    Amen. That is all.

  • Mike Mihalow

    Tim Duncan doesn’t get the superstar treatment when Joey Crawford is working.