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Closer Look: Kentucky’s New Basketball Jersey

Earlier this week before the Kentucky/Mississippi State game, we showed you a short clip put together by the Nike design team that produced Kentucky’s new Nike HyperElite basketball uniforms this season. Explaining every nuance and bit of inspiration that went into the creation of the Wildcats’ new look, we thought we’d come back today with a picture of the back of the jersey, just to show you how detailed it is.

Here are some of the design inspirations:

– Checkered “pattern of excellence” inspiration from racing silks worn by Secretariat; contains Wildcats national championship years.
– Roses symbolize Kentucky Derby
– Illustration represents Lexington campus’s historical Memorial Hall.
– The wildcat school mascot is a design focal point

What do you think?

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  • ENEW

    What year does it say to the right of his spin below the neck?

    Can’t make it out

  • rockets

    These are the years they won the NCAA Championship.

    1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996, 1998

  • AirGordon

    Why the crush on UK around here dime? A lot of college teams have been wearing the HyperElite jerseys…maybe all of the Nike teams (definitely UConn and Syracuse)

  • SaggyWheels

    lots of teams have um
    texas, cuse, st. johns, Gtown, duke, etc.

    but uk’s just came out and may be the only ones with the new tech stuff in there. or at least maybe they were the first that they publicly released with the new materials.

  • SaggyWheels

    they are sick, though. lots of ppl in KY hate the ed hardy look, but the images depicted are nice and rep the state well.

  • PN
  • PN

    …and it looks like 8 schools will unveil their HyperElite uniforms this year.

  • SaggyWheels

    the number 120 that is inside the image of the state represents all of the counties in the commonwealth.

  • JJ

    These look an awful lot like what they’re wearing in tournament play. (or at least their away version).

    MSU is wearing similar jerseys