Smack / Feb 11, 2010 / 4:39 am

Curry G.O.A.T.

Stephen Curry (photo. Nicky Woo)

Depending on who you ask, Stephen Curry passed Brandon Jennings for second place in the Rookie of the Year race weeks ago. (Tyreke Evans is still in the lead, while Hasheem Thabeet is in a close battle for 47th.) Then last night, Curry might have jacked the “Best Single-Game Performance, Rookie” trophy from Jennings’ mantle, posting a 36-point, 10-board, 13-dime triple-double as the Warriors 30-pieced the Clippers, adding three steals and seven triples for good measure. Even more impressive was that Golden State didn’t have Monta Ellis (knee) or Corey Maggette (finger), so L.A. had no reason not to game plan defensively for Curry. But apparently interim coach Kim Hughes is using Mike Dunleavy‘s old notes, which read something like, “Give him six feet of open space in the halfcourt; in transition, just wave your arms at him and hope he trips over his shoelaces.” … It’s kind of pointless to ask why the Lakers sans-Kobe can’t play with that same balanced efficiency and effectiveness when Kobe is on the court, because Kobe’s game doesn’t allow for that kind of performance from his teammates. And that’s not a knock on Kobe: He’s just in that Jordan area code where his teammates get stuck watching him and waiting for him to save the day so often that only when he’s not around does the sense of urgency rise … The Jazz got a first-hand look, as Pau Gasol (22 pts, 19 rebs, 5 blks) and Lamar Odom (25 pts, 11 rebs, 3 stls) led the Lakers in snapping Utah’s nine-game win streak with an all-around dominant effort. Missing their best perimeter and post defenders (Kobe and Andrew Bynum), the Lakers still held the Jazz to 81 points and didn’t let them get within single-digits in the second half … Not gonna lie, we didn’t think we’d ever mention Dante Cunningham‘s name more than three times after he left Villanova, but thanks to Portland’s parade of injuries, the kid is getting a lot of PT. Cunningham was all over the Blazers/Suns highlight: First he sent a Jason Richardson layup over to the Gorilla in the stands; then Amar’e (24 pts) unfortunately handed him a Lipton Special; but Cunningham got him back later by almost hurdling STAT for a nasty dunk. The Blazers got the win … Late in the fourth quarter of Hawks/Heat, Miami was up nine and trying to hold off an ATL rally. On a crucial possession, Marvin Williams went for a layup and got denied by Dwyane Wade — or as the Hawks’ play-by-play guy screamed, “Oh, Wade fouled him! HE GRABBED HIM ON THE ARM!” No whistle, though, and Wade (18 pts, 11 asts) took the rock coast-to-coast for a bucket. The Hawks seemed to lose their heart after that, and lost by almost 20 … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Kevin Martin scored 26 to lead Sacramento past Detroit; Chris Bosh put up 23 points and 12 rebounds in Toronto’s win over the Sixers; Andrew Bogut went for 22 points, nine boards and four blocks in Milwaukee’s blowout of the Nets; Darren Collison dumped 25 points, nine dimes and four steals on the Celtics in a Hornets win; Nazr Mohammed put up 21 points and 20 rebounds (like, in one game) as the Bobcats edged the Wolves; and Dwight Howard posted 18 points and 14 boards to beat the Bulls, plus he knocked Derrick Rose out of the game in the first quarter when he fouled Rose going for a layup and Rose landed on his hip … North Carolina played hard, but as expected, Duke’s experience and guard play was just too much down the stretch and the Evil Empire won by 10 at the Dean Dome. Jon Scheyer dropped 24 points and five threes in the win … We’re out like D-Rose …

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  • H3

    Curry for ROY!!!

  • gmoney


    Get out of my way Saturn!!

  • gmoney


    Curry is the goods.

  • Coop

    Key to success: Go to G.S. Attain inflated stats due to lack of system. Get paid. Attempt to leave G.S.

  • alf (from melmak)

    As always, never let the Jazz get your hopes too high. I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt here either, just because they played the Lakers on the tail end of a back-to-back. And the free throw shooting was atrocious.

    My meal allowance is still looking for the best Valentine gift for my girlfriend. Any suggestions?

  • shiptar

    @alf few roses and sexy lingerie, so you have some benefit from that gift.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Shiptar, I like the lingerie part. And the roses combined with a nice dinner and movie would make it romantic, I guess.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Coop: I like that model. Very similar to “collect underwear” + “?” = “profit”.

    Scheyer looked prtty great for a soon to be draft bust…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    What are everyone’s thought on Singler as a Pro? What, 25th pick surprise or 2nd round and playing with Luke Jackson for the next decade?

  • the cynic

    Odom is the lakers best post-defender, not sure if Bynum is even second


    Lunar New Year this weekend, Sunday officially.

    Gotta drink with my fellow rice-eaters!

  • bsteezy3

    I saw the Orlando game, and Rose was just the victim of running into a big man. It’s not like Dwight HURT him. Rose went into Dwight hoping to get contact/a foul, and he got contact and just had a nasty fall. Remember last year when people were questioning whether Curry would be effective in the league or not? HA!

  • jimmhumm

    Curry had a legit game BUT_____
    His team is missing ball hogs and jackers. When Ellis and Corry Mags get back he won’t be able to play such good basketball. Plus dude still looks 14.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @Dwight Howard,

    YOU SON OF A B!TCH! I swear I was on my way down to the stadium, I just didn’t have enough gas. If Derrick Rose is seriously injured in any kind of a way, I will hate your guts from here on out. I hate you Dwight Howard. You clumsy f^ker.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m glad Curry is silencing his doubters. Most DIME commentors didn’t think he would cut it in the League. However, he did get lucky that one of the three teams whose style actually suits his game happened to draft him. The others would’ve been NY and Phoenix.

    Scheyer will be like Chris Quinn. Basically he’s there on a team and might put up a decent stat line once in a great while but not somebody who will make any type of impact in the League.

  • Ian

    another win and another monster game from gasol as the man on his team. portland , spurs , jazz three playoffs teams in a row. imo gasol can be the best man on a contender.

    chicagorilla you ok there buddy?

  • Dagger

    This “sense of urgency” stuff is a little annoying. The bottom line is that playing with a guy who passes as a last resort and insists on taking a ton of shots every game just wears on you. Gasol has had a ton of games this year where he gets 10 shots or less. Is it any surprise that he’s annihilating great teams when Kobe’s out?

  • Ian


    but you know how laker fans think kobe is carryin scrubs and down play everyone else on that team

  • s.bucketz

    is it jus me or is kyle singler THE creepiest lookin white kid any of you has ever seen in their life too…i wouldn’t be surprised if it comes up that hes been accused of molesting and slaughtering innocent puppies

  • S I 44


    Long time browser of the site, deciding to get my feet wet with posting. Lakers fan here, I must comment that it doesnt surprise me that Pau and LO can carry the team for a short time while Kobe is out. While he still bitches up when confronted with physical play in the post sometimes, Pau’s skill set cant be denied. He damn near is a 5 tool player per se. Honestly with LO I think the grade of chron that he smokes earlier in the day will determine his effectiveness. We beat three good teams on the way into the break, and all were convincing. Glad to see the boys on a on a lil streak b4 the break, hopefully KB sits out the All star game as well so that we can come out blazing afterwards.

  • Dave

    I love that Curry is stepping up, kid is nails.

    Jazz have no chance of beating the Lakers, dammit. Lakers are too good defensively and you have to hit three’s to beat them, most of the time you can’t. Then you have to double too many of their players when you’re on defense, someone is always open, and if one of their booger-eaters are hitting three’s it’s all over.

    If the Lakers play their best and anyone else in the league plays their best, Lakers win. Dammit.

  • Dave

    you could tell Fisher had these guys out to prove that the Lakers are legit without Mamba, they were pissed off from the get go and you could see in their eyes they knew they were better and going to win. pompous asses.

  • control


    Did I read in yesterday’s smack that you “appreciate” Valgina’s “game”?

  • Dave

    The Jazz traded Dell Curry many moons ago, it was one of the worst decisions the Jazz management ever made, too bad they didn’t make up by getting his kid.

  • Dave

    I appreciate his valgina’s haircut, he was freakin the kids out.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @S I 44,

    a rational Laker fan. Other than Lakeshow you don’t see that too often around here.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Dubs in the House….Let the Hating Begin…Curry only rookie since Mike Jordan and Jerry West to have 35, 10 and 10!!!!

  • Roman

    Ronnie Price- just stfu- make no excuses for the Jazz. Back to back or not- they got handled lastnight.

  • http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/basketball/nba/02/09/spurs.hill.ap/index.html K Dizzle

    @ Ian – I would love to hear how Gasol doesn’t deserve to be an all-star this season cuz there was a lotta smack being posted when he got voted.

    I don’t remember but did Kaman get an all-star spot cuz he been playin like ass since and now, they got to Golden State and got 30’ed by 3 NBA players and 3 other dudes, lettin Tolliver get 29….Weak. Dude is lucky nobody else in the west deserves to go, but if Kobe had let Lamar get his shine like he is now, he’d have a spot.
    Lamar Odom – Most. Frustratin. Player. Ever.

    @ Chicagorilla – we only rational when we killin playoff teams out west without 2 starters lol
    Here’s a question for you: D Rose got that hip smacked. Does he sit out the all-star game and get healthy for the second half?
    And if he can’t go, who’s in? Lee or JSmoove?

    Final observation – ATL ain’t shit without Jamal. They looked lost out there without dude. Maybe he should be an allstar cuz he makes that team go…

    @ Dime – good wordplay on smack title today. Clever

    I’m out like any chance of beatin the Lakers 4 times in a series

  • Ian

    add k dizzle to the list

    like i said i had no probs with people sayin kaman is better (which imo isnt even debatable but maybe they see something i dont in kaman) my only prob was when there were posts about gasols playoffs in memphis to make a case in favor of a clipper thats kinda fucked up. when has kaman been the man on a team the only season they hit the playoffs it was because of brand. i do agree he did get his spot because no one else was deserving imo you cant be an allstar with that record.

  • wifey


  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    If I’m running the bulls, I let Rose Play the all-star game then I would actually find an excuse to rest him the next few games after that. He is the only Bull that’s been going hard every game this year. He may have missed one i think. I don’t really care about making the playoffs this year as a fan it would be nice, but I would rather the team set themselves up with a nice trade or FA signing this off season. Joe Johnson, Caron Butler, Wade, Kaman, Bogut, Or even a sleeper big man. Maybe Bosh if he leaves T-dot.

    Give me Kaman still, lol. But I was one to point out that the Lakers team will play better team ball without Kobe. He senseless jacking of bad shots (yes they go in half the time) throws off his teammates. but they know better than to complain about Kobe. So when he checks out of the game, they all start taking dumb shots trying to get their attempts up before Kobe checks back in. Almost like when the teacher leaves the room and it becomes pure Chaos til they walk back in. That’s what Kobe does when he is jacking up shots.

    Now with Kobe out for an entire game(s), they run that triangle beautifully the way Tex Winter designed it to work. This is what seperates them from the other superstars “supporting players”. These Lakers could probably get to the 2nd round without Kobe. Kinda like Boston without KG or Denver without Melo. Hopefully Kobe comes back and tries to blend in instead of dominate the ball…well hopefully not then Lakers wouldn’t win!

  • Claw

    Tough to gauge Curry, he has done better than I thought but GS is playing guys 48 minutes and only suited up 8 guys yesterday. Anthony Morrow had 26 and 10, so please keep the hype low.

    Kaman has fizzled and Gasol has GONE OFF! Now with Bynum having hip problems and might be taking some time off I’ll get some serious stats from Pau for my Fantasy Basketball playoffs.

    They should have still taken Boozer over Kaman, the Kaman vote just doesn’t seem right anymore, if records didn’t count why not Monta?

  • LakeShow84

    @ EYES

    YES Curry is better than Jennings.. Quote it.. system or not peeps that J is too smooth for a rook.. you can plug a shooter into any system.. especially one who can board and drop dimes AND get up and down with sweet handles.. dont hate, congratulate..

    @ Control

    YES i would take Varejao in a hot minute.. lol cant deny dude is a good role player.. come on, it aint all offense and he’ll still give you 1-3 surprise buckets a game while frustrating a whole team.. good enough for me..

    @ Kdizz

    Yeah that Odom mofo is frutrating isnt he lol funny how once that security blanket is off everyone plays so hard.. the main thing to me has been our D.. 3 straight opponents held under a hunded.. SWARMING baby.. it helps when the opposing team cant shoot FT’s though lol backtoback my ass.. we play the most backtobacks all season and no one mentioned that.. if anything i hear its a cakewalk schedule..

    They messing up tho.. best believe Kobe gonna get in someones ass if they dont play as hard when he comes back.. there were games he was the only one TRYING to play in (christmas day, Memphis, etc)..

  • http://dime eyes

    Why reach again for the best game performance with Curry? He’s very talented & will be for years. 55 is 55. He didn’t score in the 1st qtr. I’m suprised there wasn’t a Lebron reference in there. It was the Clippers but I know we’re trying to pump one of the good guys. Who on the Dime staff hates Jennings like that. Do you watch games or go off stats & fantasy.

    It’s funny all the slack BJ’s been getting for damn near playing 500 ball. Starting & putting up better #’s than most starters in the league at the PG position. He’s given the team a direction & looks to be a gem in the making. Yet there is so much hate & disregard for his talent. Had he been in Curry’s situation no excuses would have been made. As bad as Don Nelson I wouldn’t put Robo Skiles to far behind. Skiles is the same guy who has a no headband rule. Why because he never wore one. He didn’t get along with Ben Wallace. Chicago fired him because players just don’t relate. I have never seen a unhappier person in my life. Does he have kids or is he married? The Bucks are going to be a losing organization for ever.

    CJ Watson is better than Charlie Bell. Lets compare both teams roster. We have Kurt Thomas & Stackhouse playing minutes expected to contribute. I back up is Luke Ridnour. We have no bench & our Assistant Coaches look scared of Skiles. Monta has the green light from the organization & coach. Brandon shoots because he has to. Watch basketball guys or know the sport somewhat before you brainwash others into believing your nonsense. Most of the views & comments on this site show you the knowledge of most on the game.

    Being that it’s Steph Curry 6 T.O.’s don’t mean anything. Had it been A.I.,Nate,or BJ they’re careless with the ball. Funny Funny. Perception people. Is opinion not fact. If you switch the players which team has a better record. I have no problem highlighting this guy. I think he’s a stud. Who has the better record. If he went to the Knicks would they be a better team. Which player make their respective team better & Why? Jennings Asst to T.O. ratio is crazy for the talent he has around him & the way Skiles wants him to play.

    I’m up agaisnt the majority here. It’s your site guys but I don’t agree nor believe everything I read & see. Sometimes it’s just a little biased. I know Curry is the best Rookie & Jennings is overhyped & got lucky out the gate. Teams have only figured him out & he’s ran smack into the wall. He holds the Bucks back from being a good team & Ridnour should start. Bogut is going to be All NBA.

    Can’t they all just get along. This whole rookie class is pretty dope. Which most if not all of you picked to be a weak class. What does that say for the experts & experienced writers?

  • Ian

    the 95 bulls without jordan??? hehehe and yeah i agree on everything you said about kobe i think they can beat every team not based in denver out west in the playoffs without him. gasols only flaw (soft) would be exposed badly vs martin and birdman. btw never said you said you were wrong sayin kaman is better and i admit i have never seen more than 5 mns of a kaman game.

  • Ian

    did you pick up the ps3??? let me know if you are getting splinter cell in april for the coop mode.

  • QQ


    give dat b*tch d*ck till her head BURSTTT!!

    QQ da BOSS!

  • LakeShow84

    @ EYES

    Ill give you that.. There might 3 ELITE PG’s taken in this round alone.. crazy.. we usually get 1 every 2-3 years.. And John Wall coming out next year?? Damn..

    @ Ian

    Havent got it yet my friend.. i cant get over my 360 lol it popped my internet gaming cherry.. Aye are you Dkrinsky??

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Come on, we need some of those classic heated discussions. Lets compare the 96’Bulls to the Lakers ’09 or 10′ again. That was bringing out some harsh words.

    Or better yet, hit us with another one of those “Numbers don’t lie” joints, but compare some dudes from different Era’s. Make sure not to post what year, ht, wght, and team it’s too easy to wiki that stuff. people always spoil it.

    some suggestions:
    Derrick Coleman
    Billy Owens
    Otis Thorpe
    Mitch richmond
    Mark Jackson
    Rod Strickland
    Tiny Archibald
    Walk Frazier
    Michael Adams
    Ralph Sampson
    Hershy Hawkins
    Latrell Sprewell
    Earl the Pearl Monroe
    Scottie pippen
    Grant Hill(like 97 version though)
    Jack Sickma<–my homeslice
    Mark Price
    Brad Dauherty

    So many options

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME–and T-Dot fans

    Did anyone mention Demar Derozens meeting at the rim with Samuel Dalembert? Yeah, he got his $h!t thrown back in his face. I’m not hating on the kid, I just don’t like the hype he gets. People saying disrespectful ish like he’s got “Vince-Like” hops and he’s a “great” dunker. No he’s not, he may be on the level with Richard Jefferson at best. Eric Gordon probably will beat him in that dunk-off too. Sorry Control, I’m just not feeling this guy.

  • Ian

    theprofessa82 add me it used to be dark plizken but my xbox got banned had to get a new one and forgot the email i used on that account so started a new one

    i need my ps3 mlb the show and god of war 3 are must play.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    MLB the show has to be the greatest sports game ever made. IMO it surpassed College Hoops 2k8 (which I thought was the greatest before that) and NFL 2k5(2k4?).

  • Ian

    agree if you play it online let me know so my cards can have a go at your cubbies. for me it was mvp 05 and tiger woods 04 before the show. i hate nba games no idea why and i really try to get into them i bought back in nov 2k10 and live10 i played twice 2k and live is still unopened.

  • K Dizzle

    @ dime:

    Might be time to update the all-star rosters.
    Just heard D Lee for AI and JKidd for Kobe…

  • LakeShow84

    Im kind of happy Kobe is skipping the AllStar game.. rest up Mamba.. i have a feeling we bought to set the league on fire after the AllStar break..

    @ Ian

    I gotcha.. but i traded in my SF4.. bout to get the SupaSF4 tho forsurely.. Madden10?? Mordern Warfare?? I dont really play baseball games..

    Try playing the 2K10 though.. my boy is ADDICTED to that one lol u get it ill get.. id love to run the Spurs out the building lol

    @ ChiTown

    Man NFL 2K3 was so nasty.. that was when 2K was whoopin Madden.. i used to break it open with the ATrain all day, and then throw picks with Miller lol..

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Do you mean “A-Train” Anthony Thomas? On Madden 2004 the Bears were my team for some reason; I never lost with A-Train and Kordell Stewart.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Curry is the best player from the draft Pause….