Smack / Feb 1, 2010 / 5:39 am

Dat Boi Cold

In a lot of ways, Lakers/Celtics shouldn’t have even come down to Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce looking to trade daggers in the final seconds. The Lake Show dominated the first quarter as Andrew Bynum (19 pts, 11 rebs) took ownership of the paint and Kobe (19 pts) hit his typical array of tough shots that he made look easy. Then, after Boston recovered to make it a ballgame, L.A. found themselves down by double-digits in the fourth thanks to Rajon Rondo (21 pts, 12 asts) carving up the defense and Eddie House throwing in some big threes. So the Lakers rallied, and with 45 seconds left, Ron Artest made an awkward runner — yes, you could say all of Ron-Ron’s buckets are awkward — to cut the lead to one. Artest got the ball back when he flopped as Pierce went for his patented pull-up jumper, selling a slight push-off like he’d been punched in the chest by Bas Rutten and drawing the offensive foul. (Doc Rivers after the game: “I know Kobe pushes off a lot.”) … With 27 seconds left, Kobe of course gets the rock, goes to his spot near the free-throw line, gives Ray Allen a pump-fake, fades and sticks the go-ahead bucket with seven seconds left. Watching it unfold, you could predict everything that was going to happen before it happened. That’s when you know somebody’s an assassin in the clutch. On Boston’s possession, Pierce (15 pts) was looking for that same pull-up and had the space he needed, but decided to pass it to Ray, who missed a three at the buzzer … “Chippy” was a popular word with the announcers in this one. Pierce and Artest got into it before tip-off over who was going to stand where, and Pau Gasol and Rasheed almost had a slap fight, among other confrontations … FYI, the Celtics haven’t beaten the Lakers since the last game of the ’08 Finals … Forget the 36 points Amar’e Stoudemire dumped on the Rockets in an overtime win; if you’re a Phoenix fan, you’re more excited about the 11 rebounds. Houston didn’t have anybody that could physically hang with STAT — few teams do, which is why he can be so frustrating — but at least they got to see Yao Ming on the court before the game getting some shots up … Wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago when the Clippers seemed ready to make a playoff run? But it’s like ever since they got the news that Blake Griffin won’t be coming back this season, the Clips threw up their hands and began their annual falling-apart process. Within the last week they’ve lost to the Wolves AND the Nets, Chris Kaman got snubbed for the All-Star Game, and yesterday L.A. found another creative way to lose, giving up almost 50 points in the first quarter to the Cavs. It was all bad. The transition D was bad, the halfcourt D was bad, the interior D was bad, the perimeter D was bad, the rotations were bad, and it didn’t help that LeBron (32 pts, 11 asts) was pulling up from 27-28 feet and knocking down threes like layups … But at least the Clippers are used to despair. The Hornets will have to get used to it. Yesterday they found out Chris Paul will miss the next two months or so following surgery on his left knee, which he hurt against the Bulls the other day. (David West must feel awful, seeing as he threw the bad pass that CP had to chase down and led to the injury.) Paul is also out for All-Star, meaning somebody — Chauncey Billups, Monta Ellis or Aaron Brooks — is getting an alternate shot …

One of our boys’ boys was recently in China as part of his MBA program. He sent us this shot (right) next to the Great Wall … Anthony Tolliver had one of those nights where you just want to turn your phone on silent and not look at it until the next day. Golden State’s recent D-League call-up spent most of the Warriors/Thunder game guarding Kevin Durant and getting his eyes shot out like Ralphie, as KD scored 45 points (16-21 FG, 11-11 FT). And on one of few times where Tolliver got a break and guarded Jeff Green, Green went baseline and banged on his head … Other stat lines from Sunday: Chauncey put up 25 points and 11 dimes, while Kenyon Martin added 27 and 11 boards in Denver’s win at San Antonio; Dwight Howard went for 16 points, 15 rebounds and five blocks to get Orlando past Detroit; Chris Bosh put up 26 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists as the Raptors beat Indiana, their fifth straight win; Kevin Love posted 25 points and 11 boards as Minnesota beat the Knicks; and Brook Lopez had 18 points, nine boards and three blocks in Jersey’s loss to Philly … We’re out like Bas Rutten …

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  • M Intellect

    Pau Gasol and Rasheed Wallace got into an altercation?! I don’t know about anyone else but with Pau being labelled soft and Rasheed looking like an extra from The Wire, I expected to read ‘Tina beat Ike back’ before I read that.

    I can’t believe the Irony and Sarcasm department at Dime didn’t have something smart to say about that…

  • YW

    right after the sports guy said he’d take dirk over kobe, dirk misses a shootout with juwon howard, and kobe nails the super tough fade away in ray ray’s face, talking about jinx

  • ab_40

    damn lakers haha. and the cavs killing the clips in the first two quartes was kinda borring. Shaq’s body is fallin appart and hte know it kinda sad to see. San antonio denver was ok. but man the spurs need a trade… if they can get amare do it.

  • Josh Tha roc

    What about hedo getting KOed the first minute. Ball.

  • BC

    Did anyone else notice the double-dribble before Kobe hit his game-winner?


    He dribbles once as he fumbles the initial pass from Fisher, then picks up the ball with 2 hands, and then dribbles over to the other side of the court to pass to Bynum.

    That’s ok though – any Celtics loss is a good loss.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I can’t stand the Celtics but even I can admit Pierce didn’t push off on that late charge call. Artest sells charges better than anybody in the League. And yes I also saw Kobe’s doube dribble on that last go ahead bucket. I bet Tommy Heinsohn nearly had a heart attack. Would’ve loved to hear him calling the last 2 minutes of that game.

  • Rafa23

    “He dribbles once as he FUMBLES the initial pass from Fisher”

    I think the key here is kobe not having real control of the ball, so so it doesn’t count as a dribble before he picks the ball up. probably close, but I guess thats what the refs thought.
    as a question to all the lakers fans: are you concerned with kobe having trouble turning the corner on his drives? i know he is injured right now, but you saw it earlier in the season and also last year, where he couldn’d get past turkoglu for example.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Pacers are 5-9 with Granger back in the line up. (Not like I’m keeping score or anything.)


  • srb

    They should have revoked that offensive foul call when Ron went running into the stands.

  • MIke Honcho

    Man, Garnett has Gasol’s heart, I haven’t seen Gasol play big against Garnett in a few seasons. Last night it looked like he was afraid to go hard against him, but for some reason, he decides to go hard against Wallace

  • http://nba.com momo

    Why does it seem like everybody else is getting “ripped in four weeks” except me?

  • Kermit The Washington

    You know what I’d love to see more often? Highlight reels of players’ Go Ahead buckets. You usually only see the “buzzer beaters”, which is cool, but what about the go-ahead bucket that happened before the other team missed their buzzer-beater? Those are just as heartbreaking.

  • BC

    Since none of d1 / d2 / d3 occurred, Kobe double-dribbled.

    “Section III-Dribble
    a. A player shall not run with the ball without dribbling it.
    b. A player in control of a dribble who steps on or outside a boundary line, even though not touching the ball while on or outside that boundary line, shall not be allowed to return inbounds and continue his dribble. He may not even be the first player to touch the ball after he has re-established a position inbounds.
    c. A player may not dribble a second time after he has voluntarily ended his first dribble.
    d. A player may dribble a second time if he lost control of the ball because of:
    (1) A field goal attempt at his basket, provided the ball touches the backboard or basket ring
    (2) An opponent touching the ball
    (3) A pass or fumble which has then touched another player
    PENALTY: Loss of ball. Ball is awarded to the opposing team at the sideline nearest the spot of the violation but no nearer the baseline than the foul line extended.”


  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    I would like to give a special shot out to David Stern and his madgical ways of keeping games close..
    That game was horrible in every single way, but i have to give Kobe credit, he hit the clutch shot.

    Jeff Van and Mark Jackson are fucking horrible, there “Kendrick Perkins is so underratted” rants and my favorite “Kendrick Perkins is a all defensive first team” as Bynum dicks Kendrick down everytime down court..
    The best has to be Mark Jacksons ability to cuff and cuddle Kobe’s balls with such tenderness, take those clowns off the air please. I dont need to hear how ROLL PLAYERS from winning teams could be STARS on other teams…..

  • Smitty313

    Paul Pierce pushed off and stepped on Artest foot, but he still didnt knock him off balanced. I think it was a offensive foul, but Ron Ron didnt have to run in the stands. Kobe probably did double dribble, but this is the NBA they 9 times out of 10 they would never call that on Kobe, Lebron, or D-Wade.

  • Royal

    you can’t extend your arm that far when you push off and expect the refs to let it go. All NBA players push off….the jus don’t make it look so obvious

  • http://dime eyes

    A players reaction to a breath of air doesn’t equate to a whistle being blown. That is the case way to many times. Kobe does the same thing agaisnt a top defensive player no whistle. We all know this. The shot on Ray was cold & he got bumped as well. Bottom line if Ray’s arm is that strong. I’d love to see him stiff arm in football. I thought Ron was going to fly in the air feet up. Most of fisher charges are flops rewarded. Refs know what calls to manufacture or miss. To keep doing this on a nationally televised game. Means one thing. Who cares. They don’t.

    Lastly there was no push off. What Pierce did was perfectly legal. Ron just sold it very well to a discounted ref. SALE.. There should be awards given out to officials. There’s something about the hand motion of a charge. All officials love to make that call.

  • Sweet English

    lmao @ #11 Momo

    Maybe you aren’t obeying the one simple rule…

    Its only one simple rule Momo, why cant you follow it?



  • Sweet English

    do excuse my ‘roid rage.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Love the “A Christmas Story” reference. Kobe, and the Lakers, get more calls than a good hooker in Miami next weekend. Oh yea, my Raps have won 5 in a row . . . getting on a bit of a roll.

  • QQ

    Another Celtics loss!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

    Best Sequence in the Game:

    KG talking to Bynum all the way down the court, Bynum gets the ball in the post, drives, and dunks the ball on KG’s mug. Kg was like ‘my fault, my fault’ while Bynum gives him a nasty staredown. YEAH, IT’S YOUR FAULT, ASSHOLE, BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN JAWING THE WHOLE TIME INSTEAD OF PLAYING DEFENSE.

  • Celts Fan

    @QQ – I’m not thrilled about this past week, but I still like my team waaaaay more than yours. Step back guy.

    the Pierce play WAS a push-off. Sucks but it’s true.

    This didn’t go specifically one way or another, but I would’ve killed for the refs to keep the whistles in their pockets. Bennet Salvatore really thought we were there to see him yesterday. If you watched the Bos/LA game and then PHX vs. Hou later on, you know which one was clearly better to watch. Come on refs, LET ‘EM PLAY!!!

  • Chitown 23/33

    Anyone else notice that the Lakers were guarding Rondo in the 4th like he was a young Avery Johnson. His defender never came above the ft line. They were basically daring him to shoot the ball down the stretch and he just refused. It really helps your defense when you can play 5 on 4.

  • kudos

    Pierce’s pushoff was one of the most balatant offensive fouls i’ve ever seeen. He straight pushes him in the chest with a Full Arm Extention. Whats funny though, and probably why Pierce was yelling “BULLSHIT!!” 5x down the court, is that he did that move throughout the 08 finals on the way to the championship, without it ever being called on him.

    And you loser’s who actually say the LAKERS get all the calls?? You must’ve never seen a cavs game, because any cleveland player that’s so much as touched, is gonna go to the free throw line. I’m not a fan of either team, but i know a good reffed game when i see one.

  • FallODaLdr

    All theses Celtic fans bitching about the refs. This was the first time in a long time that the refs didn’t allow the Celtics to grab/hold and move on their picks. Once the officals let them know that they weren’t going to be able to get away with their usual bullshit, the C’s mentally were taken out of their game.
    Pierce clearly pushed off, a move he does all the time, but rarely gets called for. Kobe had 4 FTA the entire game. Lets not talk about the Lakers getting all the calls. For a superstar franchise, the Lakers get the least amount of calls compared to the CAVS or the Nuggets.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Bynums dunk on KG. That was my favorite play of the game. I love when somebody talks shit and then gets owned. Beautiful.



  • Big Island

    Advanced mind – Role players…

    I missed the end of the game but I figured Kobe did something because I could hear my neighbor flipping out in his living room. Then my buddy texted about Ray Allen sucking, I asked him what happened and he replied “he left his mouth open, and Kobe pee’d in it”. That about sums it up.

  • Joe

    Big Island

    That’s fucked, but funniest shit I have read today.

  • Arno

    Hadn’t seen the Spurs play for a while and I must say nobody in this team no longer knows what he has to do. They lost their precision, patience, concentration on D. What’s going on with this ball club ?

  • Paul Wall

    Weak! A sentence mention about the Nuggets beating the Spurs on the road without Melo? Fix your damn page Dime, your page is jacked up again with the black grey line on the left hand side.

  • LakeShow84

    Man for a regular season game there sure is a lot of fallout from yesterdays loss.. And its comedy how everyone breaks out their rule books when Kobe hits a dagger on that ass..

    Maybe you guys should try ur hand at officiating.. oh wait u only have eyes for Kobes right guys?? so is that subliminal DICK RIDING?? considering we have guys who take 8 steps and lift pivots all day i think u guys should fall back and eat a dick.. Complain about Corey Maggette, hes a walking rule violation..

    Gotta luv the class the Celtics showed yesterday..

    Aye Doc, Kobes got called for a way worst offensive foul on Tony Allen.. Announcers even called it phantom.. Didnt hear no complaining there.. Shit i think ur moronic ass even clapped..

    Aye Pierce, next time u try to SLICKLY push off, use the forearm.. i think FULLY EXTENDING YOUR ARM AND USING WITH THE PALM OF UR HAND = PUSHOFF.. i dunno some of the idiots up here seem to know different rules tho..

    Aye KG, next time u hit a J, check who ur yapping too.. word to the wise, dont motivate unmotivate peoples..

  • tomizi

    and nobody is talking about that celtics shot that hit the instant replay cam late in the 4th to give them a fresh 24 right in the middle of the lakers rally?

    Pierce fully extended his arm on the push off, the ref was right there– and ron ron still had to sell it to the guy to get the call

    in spite of the refs the lakers made a late rally, had only one shot at winning the game, and kobe hit it– celtics had their chances, refs were helping them out, but sometimes you got to take care of the game for yourself– celts couldnt do it

  • Adam_416

    So where are the Bosh trade rumours? Why have those suddenly disappeared?

    If I may paraphrase the esteemed and highly renowned Aron Philips, “Bosh is out of Toronto, guaranteed.”


  • Roman

    KG getting banged on by Bynum pretty much summed it up for me. KG running back sayin’ my fault was funny. Everybody is blowing by dude. Just shut your mouth and play your game. Bynum is 22 homeboy!!!!!!!!

  • Sunny

    Monta Ellis was on Durantula for most of that game, and was just getting 3’s sunk in his face. I watched the game, and KD scored most of his points on Ellis it seemed.