High School, Video / Feb 23, 2010 / 11:00 am

Deuce Bello: Future NBA dunk champion

Well, maybe that’s too much pressure to put on a high school junior. On the other hand, have you seen Deuce Bello dunk? In the video below, the Westchester Academy (High Point, N.C.) wing pulls off a between-the-legs dunk in a game earlier this season. Over on HighSchoolHoop.com, Jason Jordan interviews Bello, a rising star who is getting offers from a bunch of ACC and Big 12 schools.

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  • ToAn

    haha…the 2 “defenders” wouldn’t have a chance to block that one even if one would stand on the shoulders of the other..they look like some 8-years old boys. the dunk was sick

  • ballin

    omg that was nasty

  • xot

    please tell me thats a nickname and his momma didnt name him douche

  • Kevin

    Why does his high school play middle school teams? Those two tiny dudes have to be in middle school, no way that was a high school team

  • Jordi

    Deuce Bello, Male….
    Anyway sick dunk.

  • Mike

    And here’s how you do it:

    “The Top 3 Secrets of Vertical Jump Training”:


  • Balla

    They don’t make high school kids like they used too. For a junior in high school, this is nasty. For a vet in the NBA, this would have still been nasty. He does it with ease too.

  • jzsmoove

    the white dude on the left should have teamed up with the white dude on the right and double clotheslined deuce.

  • darkdefender

    That white boy just had a between-the-legs Deuce dropped on him