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Dime #55: The Book of Kobe

This much is a given: Our annual All-Star issue means we have to — scratch that, we get to — put Dime’s best foot forward and come with a A1 top-level star on the cover of the magazine. The complicated part? Every other mag is thinking the same thing.

So while we knew there would be a good chance Dime wouldn’t be the only mag to have Kobe Bryant grace its cover this month, we do have one advantage over the competition as the entire basketball world descends on Dallas this weekend with their brand-new issues in tow: Ours is just better.

Forgive our cockiness, but isn’t it appropriate considering our cover guy? Just as the unfailingly confident Mr. Bryant has been on top of his game this season, Dime #55 represents some of our best collective work to date.

For the cover shoot and story, we got up with Kobe in L.A. back in December, at the launch of the Nike Zoom Kobe V. At a particularly hectic time in Kobe’s life (when isn’t his life hectic?), Dime’s Austin Burton penned the best Kobe cover story and interview you’ll read this year; providing a look into the mindset that forces Kobe to push his body beyond its limits — hence the recent injuries — in defense of his fourth NBA championship and his spot as the game’s pound-for-pound Alpha Dog.

But this isn’t a one-man show. The rest of the issue is packed with goodies, All-Star related and otherwise. The notoriously guarded Josh Smith lets his defenses down in a feature interview with Dime’s Gerald Narciso; Syracuse freshman PG Brandon Triche is profiled as potentially the X-factor in this year’s national championship race; Dwyane Wade, Michael Beasley and the Miami Heat pose for a fashion spread; and we caught up with St. John’s icon Marcus Hatten across the water to see where in the world he’s been.

Plus Shannon Brown and Channing Frye share the secrets that have them in the running to be crowned the NBA’s best dunker and long-distance shooter, respectively, later this weekend; Grant Hill takes you through his game day routine; one of the most successful high school programs in the country details their training regimen drill-by-drill; and President Obama shows off his backyard court, to name a few items.

With some of the Dime crew already in Dallas for All-Star Weekend, the response to this issue has already been great from the players and industry folks who have gotten a look. Look for it on newsstands nationwide, and check for the digital edition on DimeMag.com any day now.

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  • Beach Muscles

    Dope cover, guys. Can’t wait to read the Kobe article.

  • 12 Days

    I am a married man, with a kid on the way… but damn…

    I dont know who I got a Man Crush on more… KB24 or GSP.

    I know… sad… really sad.

  • Marco

    Why aren’t you guys being more creative with your covers?

    This is a good cover because Kobe’s on it, but come on basketball lifestyle is just a guy standing up and palming two basketballs?

    C’mon DIME!

  • geoluhread

    ….Kobe is out the All Star Game. Along with AI. i know this is aboot Kobe….but flippin spit. AI’s out the game.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ARON

    What shoes is Kobe rockin on that cover??

  • MBE18

    Congratulations to David Lee on making the All Star team!!!

  • geoluhread

    on a side note, Chamillionaire, Paul wall, Slim thug, and Dourouh to debut, “Main event” at the all star game.


  • WTF!!!

    Which Josh Smith???? HS or NBA????

  • WTF!!!

    Which Josh Smith???? HS or NBA????

  • http://www.innoutnba.com In-N-Out Lucas

    Yesss cannot wait to read this one.

  • okshajia

    Oh no,SLAM also have a kobe cover

  • jay

    what cw are the zkv is kb rockin?? are those the aston martin..those are hot…i want those…bad if so..they look like a very clean home cw!!! nice!!!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    SLAM > dime.
    Kobe is gay.

  • royal bloodline

    KOBE IS GREAT! however, stop throwing him on covers! and let me define his greatness; cause the media has a slight misunderstanding.

    I would like to start off by saying, he’s no MJ or lebron. MJ and lebron are complete players, not just a scorers. some people say: kobe has become a better passer later on in his career. really? better passing is measured by better asts numbers and his has been around the 4-5 mark his entire career. KOBE IS A GREAT SCORER. 81pts, like 5 straight 40+ pt games, and every scoring record that begins with the words “youngest/quickest player ever…”. Also, when talking about individual greatness, rings have no place in the argument. this isn’t tennis, where roger federer is the greatest because he has more championships than anybody who ever played. this is a team sport where titles are a measure of a great team. saying kobe is great because of his championships is pure folly.

    PS, 12 Days, are you serious about your man-crush?

  • royal bloodline

    side note: do any females blog here? maybe we can hook up or something.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    LMAO@royal, you reaching (about the female bloggers)son but nice try.

    But if you are right about Kobe, it won’t matter cause they’ll label you a hater.

  • Jay


    Saying that assist numbers are how we measure passing just makes you look foolish. Look at Iverson vs. MJ. Iverson averages more APG than Jordan does. You want to tell me Iverson is a better passer than MJ?
    Second off assists measure more how much you have the ball and what your teammates do with it, not how good your passing is. Look at the current Laker team. When you pass to Gasol or Bynum, you rarely get assists because they usually wait for a clearout even if they have a mismatch. Plus, the primary ball-handler/creator on the Lakers doesn’t always get the assist; the reason triangle teams work is because they usually make the extra pass. Meaning that most of the time the guy who actually made the play happen gets no stat credit at all. As further proof of that, the year Kobe had the highest APG of his career was 04-05. The year he played without the triangle and without a real iso man in the post.

    Stats will never tell the story of who Kobe Bryant is or why he’s great and statheads like the Wages of Wins guys or John Hollinger simply can’t understand Kobe at all. You have to get your mind past numbers to see what Kobe does.

  • LakeShow84

    @ royal bloodline

    Then Wilt is the greatest player to ever to play.. Right?? Followed by Kareem?? if we going by stats that is..

    Championships dont define greatness?? tell that to everyone hustlin and bustlin to secure their legacies.. The intelligence some possess is astounding sometimes..

  • kudos

    LOL royal: This has gotta be the only arguement about lebron being the best eva, going on stats. But if you looked at a.i., at that dude playing at your local y dropping 40 and only doing the home-run passes, lebron, all these people have one thing in common. They are THE pg, sg, and coach of their team. Just like every other cleveland player that ever played with lebron, your stats WILL DROP, so he can ‘get his.’

    What the cavs players have done, surprisingly, is buckle down and make up lebron’s huge deficiency at defense by focusing.