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Jared Sullinger & Harrison Barnes Headline 2010 McDonald’s All American Game

I told you yesterday that the McDonald’s All American Game Selection Show was happening tonight, as the top 24 high school basketball seniors in the country would be selected to play in the prestigious 2010 Games set to tip off in Columbus, Ohio on March 31. Well the ballots are in, so check out the rosters for both teams.


Reggie Bullock, G, 6-7, Kinston H.S., NC – North Carolina
Tobias Harris, F, 6-8, Half Hollow Hills West H.S., NY Tennessee
Kyrie Irving, G, 6-3, St. Patrick H.S., NJ – Duke
Joe Jackson, G, 6-0, White Station H.S., TN – Memphis
Perry Jones, C, 6-11, Duncanville H.S., TX – Baylor
Jelan Kendrick, G, 6-7, Wheeler H.S., GA – Memphis
C.J. Leslie, F, 6-9, Word of God Christian Academy, NC – Undecided
Kendall Marshall, G, 6-4, Bishop O’Connell H.S., VA – North Carolina
Jayvaughn Pinkston, F, 6-7, Bishop Loughlin H.S., NY – Villanova
Josh Selby, G, 6-3, Lake Clifton H.S., MD – Undecided
Jared Sullinger, C, 6-9, Northland H.S., OH – Ohio State
Deshaun Thomas, F, 6-7, Bishop Luers H.S., IN – Ohio State


Keith Appling, G, 6-3, Detroit Pershing H.S., MI – Michigan State
Harrison Barnes, F, 6-8, Ames H.S., IA – North Carolina
Terrence Jones, F, 6-9, Jefferson H.S., OR – Undecided
Cory Joseph, G, 6-3, Findlay College Prep, NV – Undecided
Brandon Knight, G, 6-4, Pine Crest School, FL – Undecided
Doron Lamb, G, 6-4, Oak Hill Academy, VA – Undecided
Ray McCallum, G, 6-1, Detroit Country Day School, MI – Undecided
Fab Melo, C, 7-0, Sagemont School, FL – Syracuse
Jereme Richmond, F, 6-8, Waukegan H.S., IL – Illinois
Josh Smith, C, 6-10, Kentwood H.S., WA – UCLA
Tristan Thompson, F, 6-10, Findlay College Prep, NV – Texas
Patric Young, F, 6-9, Providence School, FL – Florida

Couple thoughts:

1. I’ve seen every kid on this list play other than Kendrick and Young.

2. I had the privilege of going to France with Sullinger, Selby, Joseph, McCallum and Thompson this summer, and an so glad to see that they all made the game. Great group of kids.

3. Surprising to see seven players – Leslie, Selby, T. Jones, Joseph, Knight, Lamb and McCallum – still undecided at this point. While there’s always a couple that play in the game without having made a decision, this seems like a lot for this time of year. Expect a couple of them to finally commit once their high school season is over.

4. With the game in Columbus, you have to believe that Sullinger will be taking home the MVP honors. The same thing happened when I went to the McD’s game in San Diego, and Chase Budinger put on a shot in front of the home crowd.

5. From this group, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Terrence Jones could be the best pro player in 10 years. Just a gut feeling.

6. Off the top of my head, the biggest snubs are Ryan Harrow, Will Barton and Dion Waiters. Also, Roscoe Smith and Phil Pressey definitely could have made it.

What do you think? Did your favorite prep stars make it? Who is the biggest snub?

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  • Raj S

    Memphis is STILL recruiting top flight talent despite Calipari’s departure.

    Where is UConn? I hope Calhoun’s health isn’t affecting recruiting.

  • E-money

    Perry jones? Wich jones

  • E-money

    Perry jones? Wich jones

  • G-Money

    WOW, no players from cali…..

  • MAg

    Wwoowww no Harrow! He would’ve put on a show!!

  • Big Hook

    why are players from Florida and Virginia on the west squad?

  • http://myspace.com/anoepheckz PHECKZ!?

    ****Ryan Harrow didn’t make it??? Come on now… Harrow got the smoothest game right now, just prolly didn’t drop enough buckets to make an imprint on the roster. Jordan game guarantee he’ll be comin thru like a champ!

    ** What about C.J. Leslie’s high flying team mate?? uh i forgot his name, but he’s explosive for his size n he play’s the 3 i believe. I said this before, Leslie n dude, **dam i please help me out** are definitely signing with the Coach Cal

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Jerme Richmond is nice with it. Glad to see someone repping IL. For some reason our talent level isn’t getting the respect it used to. I’ve seen several of those McDs kids, and some are highly overrated.

    Saw Ray McCallum this past summer when my AAU program faced off against him, and he is NICE with it. Kid is super quick and i think will catch a few people off guard at how good he is at controlling the game.

    Tobias Harris is another one who is nice, but i don’t know if he’ll live up to the NY hype.

    Sullinger is a monster and will probably bring home MVP. Which is unusal for a big man in these settings, but he’ll bully his way for offensive rebounds off all the missed shots because thats just how he plays.

    Harrison Barnes reminds me of Joe Johnson. Not flashy, but a killer anyway you look at it. He could possibly win MVP just to prove that he is #1 overall even though he’s from Ames. Small town kids always have that chip on their shoulders.

  • Jo Jo

    Wow!!! Houston Yates can’t get one player in the game? Out of control….

  • justice

    North Carolina is gonna be sick next year!!

    Terrance Jones is sick!

    I hope brandon knight plays the point in college and they dont force that combo guard label bs on him, he does reming me of d.wagner but i think he can be a solid nba pg hopefully he stays 2-3 years in college to develop.

  • Raj S

    Yeah, this roster breakdown doesn’t make sense geographically. There are kids from Texas playing for the East, and there are kids from Florida playing on the West. And there are kids from Virginia playing on both teams.

  • http://jameljames.com Jamel

    What about Austin Rivers? I believe he was deserving of serious consideration. I watched him as he held his own against the guards in the Elite 24. Congrats to Doron Lamb. We’re from the same neighborhood.

  • Florida

    I know you have not seen Pat Young play yet, so I will help out. Probably the toughest interior defender in 2010. He played for Lee Bulls and that is what they bread – toughness. Think Jamon Gordon from V Tech a couple of years ago – relentless on defense. He gets several power dunks a game. Offensively, he is still improving but has a solid jump hook. He is also extremely smart and very articulate. He is a legit 6’9″(and growing) and probably nearing 230lbs. He is a beast! He does not want to be 6’9″ and smooth and linger on the perimeter. He goes home to the paint and makes life down there hell.